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  • The ELEMENTS in six dimensions, arranged by volume periods of nuclide mass averages

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  • POV your here because of ELA in remote lerning

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  • The Earth Is Flat.

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  • I don't know what you guys are pretending to control - you're not going anywhere, launching or landing anything. Get outta here with that. Nobody believes you but your parents!

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  • Nice prank guru ji

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  • No Good. Obsolete now. Air pressure drive huver Craft will utalize the Entire Payload, from the parachute,heat shield,landing rocket assembly. ALL THAT Combined into a multi purpose mars flying machine.

    JD RussellJD Russell14 timer siden
  • Nest of luck Nsa .You are best👍

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  • Respect the cameramen that film this.

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  • An associated division of the theater is labeled EM (Electromagnetic) Propulsion Laboratory that provides for hyper electronic propulsion. There are many programs underway in the revelationary power systems.

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  • Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks Corona is a non-communicable sensor disease spreading worldwide through misusing of processed radio frequency. So far higher authorities of health services are facing the undesirable escalating causes of coronavirus towards human beings as a very scientific puzzle comprehensive issue. The study shows the effect of processed sensor nodes among individual’s body organs to compare with the existing environments. The study illustrates all individuals suffer from sensor disease due to reflecting of wavered sensors at open eyes sights with high speed electromagnetic-radio tracking systems. The overweight and obesity patients are sick from corona disease at less sensor time in a dark environment than that of light conditions. These findings replicate the severe global one health security that the expert provides in active eyes within geographic locations. Systematic healthcare awareness is essential for treatment with medical technological devices but such consciousness is poorly recognized and medication supports are still below par. The study suggests upcoming healthcare paths of a new dynamic alternative approach to promote global public health security concerning Sensor Health Policy and Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Source: Regards, Dr. Md Rahimullah Miah Head, Department of IT in Health North East Medical College affiliated with Sylhet Medical University South Surma, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.

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  • Are yall gunna capture it like when you captured perseverance landing? Cuz that will be sick

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  • So silly its sad..

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  • space news, quality question sir

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  • more dumb reporter questions. this press conference was not great

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  • It is just a desert of Earth

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  • some dumb questions by reporters

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  • I fast forward to the 3rd speaker - sorry mimi

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  • That picture explains my feelings exactly. He will touch the stars one day. Little astronaut!!

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  • Here's hoping it works, but let's remember it took the Wrights four years of experiment and research, and hundreds of test glides in their first three full-sized prototypes before their airplane got off the ground.

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  • its devon island

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  • NASA is scam entity. Faking mars with Devon Island images. First rainbow is lens flare now its fake image. That image cant be faked. adobe photoshop shows rainbow not lens flare.

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  • we won't land there. mmm.. looks like it's entirely made of gold. mmm, maybe, we can land there . ok hold our beers.

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  • Why destroy it? That sucks.

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  • How do you explain the bird flying in the background... lol 🤣

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  • We have bases on Mars, moon, and moons of the outer planets, we have for decades! SSP 20 and back, Solar warden hack exposed non-terrestrial officers within NASA. All flying Triangles are ours, TR3B, TR6B, Aurora, etc.. The big secret is that we are on the inside, not the outside.. My uncle (high military rank) WW2 R.I.P, told me many “secrets” before he passed! SEEK THE TRUTH WITHIN YOURSELF, TO UNLOCK THE “SECRETS” OF THE UNIVERSE!

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  • You sheep will fall for anything. How can any free, critical thinking individual, still believe this ridiculous nonsense.

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  • Hay! Do something over there!

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  • Ridicule

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  • Well, this is actually not the first powered flight om another planet. What about the lunar landing and take off vessels ? Or the two Space Cranes that landed the latest Rovers. They did actually fly by their own power... Or what is the definition here?

    Harald HjelleHarald HjelleDag siden
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  • Yeah. Sure they did. Thanks, NASA 👍🏼👍🏼

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  • Strobe lights are used to time combustion engine

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  • Amazing beyond limit

  • I see people from all over the world commenting. It is great to see us all excited about something that all of us can enjoy and part of... Shows that no matter your religion or nationality, humans are the same everywhere.

    A DuboiA DuboiDag siden
    • Well, nothing new for this aspect, it's known to be so for humans, almost always, it has always been like this in the recent history.

      Claudio CosterniClaudio CosterniDag siden
  • I wanna give an applause to the camera man for filming this

    Daniel OrtizDaniel OrtizDag siden
  • Why is there no system to clean the solar panels from martian dust?

    Fabrizio TalloFabrizio TalloDag siden
    • @Claudio Costerni Thanks, I agree with you...

      Fabrizio TalloFabrizio Tallo16 timer siden
    • @Fabrizio Tallo yes, certainly, it would be worse, but here they had to make many compromises, with technology, with the time available for the design of this additional mission, opposed by someone, because it was considered dispersive and too far from having concrete scientific returns. It's not the priority mission, the main one is the rover with its research equipment. Consider that Ingenuity was given only 30 days for its flight attempts, then it will be left to itself. Quite unlikely that in this period of time the solar panel is covered with so much dust as to prevent the batteries from fully recharging. And I think, just in case, it could shake some dust off rotating the propellers, in time, before it begins to be too much.

      Claudio CosterniClaudio CosterniDag siden
    • @Claudio Costerni thanks for the answer, but would it not be worse to run out of power?

      Fabrizio TalloFabrizio TalloDag siden
    • Probably unecessary and more weight and complexity to add.

      Claudio CosterniClaudio CosterniDag siden
  • Amazing

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  • Yeah right......

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  • Vidim na Marsu ima oblaka, da li ima i žaba?

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  • U kadru 4:10 vide se oblaci. Kako je to moguće. Drugo, padobran u zemljinoj atvosveri razumem. Ne razumem kako to funkcioniše na Marsu koji nema atmosveru? Imam još nekoliko pitanja koja me upućuju na nelogičnost.

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  • So informative video. Great sharing mate.

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  • Masks???.....Lame,....cant even understand them!

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  • When is the first flight happening? I can't find a link and I want to be able to experience it when it happens, as I did the landing.

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  • if u can communicate millions of miles why do we have a problem with a few miles?

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  • how does the human body handle 3 G force for 8 1/2 minutes or 590 sec?

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  • have a question NASA do u have 1.9 G force or 3 G force escape velocity on the space shuttle?

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  • We live on a flat plane, nasa aint doing nothing other than dumping rockets into the sea. . Keep up the hoax guys.

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  • JPL is the most prominent unit of NASA historically but the news is about NASA. NASA has been given under the control of UNO (last year). Its new name is USA (United Space Agency). Verification and compliance of international treaties globally through satellite imagery. The same technology should be used for Indus Water Treaty by observing construction of dams/reservoirs, always on tributary rivers. The excuse of tributary river dam cant be used again and again. The commercial satellite launches have been taken over by SpaceX.

    Syed Imran SHAHSyed Imran SHAHDag siden
  • A somewhat provocative question: isn't the skycrane the first contolled flight on Mars?

    Eric VieiraEric VieiraDag siden
    • Correct, but Ingenuity is the first man-made **aerodynamic** flight on another planet.

      gkgkDag siden
  • Boring. We're already there and they don't go by rocket propulsion.

    MyBrothersKeeperMyBrothersKeeperDag siden
  • The flight was revealing, there was fear that it would not take off, but it did, that means that there is gravity and we can carry our atmosphere, there is no need to be afraid, there never was, because if thousands of years ago that lost it, the same could happen with ours then we would be in danger. We must calculate how much atmosphere we should take to be habitable. If building a replica to scale with its atmosphere simulating gravity with two amps is too much volume to transport it, we can plant it using thermodynamic principles then it will grow and be ready to receive humans.

    JR Victor SalasJR Victor SalasDag siden
  • The most awaited phase of the mission! ❤️⭐️💫

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  • The interview was so enjoyable! Seem such nice people very dedicated on what they do.

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  • Let’s just hope we don’t get hit my the astroid we have to pray

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  • To blurry. It sucks

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  • /cam 4

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  • NewYork Times( 8 December 1903): Man won't fly for a million years Humans( April 2021): Trying to fly a Helicopter on another planet. P.S.: After the 9 days of publication of that article, the Wright brothers flew the first aircraft.

    AaravAaravDag siden
  • Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh KumarDag siden
  • Disney world studios 💯🐰👈🤡

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  • Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh KumarDag siden
  • Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh KumarDag siden
  • Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh KumarDag siden
    • into space to explore how to leave the earth or something you saw terrible down there ?

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy17 timer siden
  • Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh KumarDag siden
  • All paid to lie to humanity.

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  • Why don't they use a hexacopter design? Way more stable, the test images in laboratory are not reassuring 😖

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  • Spirit and Opportunity lasted a long time hopefully the same for Ingenuity wish the skycrane could give some extra support hope you can get your shopping done on the mission hopefully like the Near Far asteroid landing good luck.

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  • is there a way to get the dirt off the solar panels before take off,is it dirt is it static dust does it cling ?

    MyDogWorriesALotMyDogWorriesALotDag siden
    • No way at the moment, waiting for some wind to add more dust, or to partially remove it... or a good shake off while attempting to fly.

      Claudio CosterniClaudio CosterniDag siden