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  • someone might want to tell the writer of the description it's not a BMW 18

    GannohGannoh4 timer siden
  • tiananmen 1989

    lIIlllIIIllIIllIIlllIIIllIIl4 timer siden
  • I just picked up the game again and I might cop this

    EzbibEzbib4 timer siden
  • We need more ltms to return I don’t even care about the cosmetics returning

    EzbibEzbib4 timer siden
  • Joseph seed inspired me I’m taking jimsonweed and starting a commune

    John HondoJohn Hondo4 timer siden
  • when is this mode will come back ? date pls

    Mesut SarıkanMesut Sarıkan4 timer siden
  • Its so nice

    Mercedes - Benz 2.0Mercedes - Benz 2.04 timer siden
  • Que bellesa el r.s.01

    Cesar de BarrioCesar de Barrio4 timer siden
  • I want to see defenders win next time

    Cmelacek 20Cmelacek 204 timer siden

    くたばれTerraanくたばれTerraan4 timer siden
  • Honestly just tried it on my new console, it’s amazing but it also kicks up the heat. Recorded 120 degrees Fahrenheit near the top of the unit

    Awesome FanAwesome Fan4 timer siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    RlreiRlrei4 timer siden
  • cool but India would be way cooler

    bird of the abyssbird of the abyss4 timer siden
  • AC in China when?

    X WX W4 timer siden
  • I just want that bmw i8 🔥🔥

    Tiger HoodsTiger Hoods5 timer siden
  • How ubisot aloow them?

    אברהם תום קורנפלדאברהם תום קורנפלד5 timer siden
  • this was uploaded a while ago on europe channel

    sIJper just playsIJper just play5 timer siden
  • Really hoping to see the SSC Tuatara soon

    fmblasterfmblaster5 timer siden
  • When I saw an i8 I can only remember one person or you can say is a rapper Xxxtentaction Rip 🙏🏾

    Thomas LThomas L5 timer siden
  • Upgrade the crew 2 to next gen

    Memphis RellMemphis Rell5 timer siden
  • Lindos carros 🚗...🏆💥👌🏻👏🏻😍

    Fabio LuizFabio Luiz5 timer siden
  • please remets t'es nous le summit so french slvp

    Pascal EL'visPascal EL'vis5 timer siden
  • Ad cars we actually want

    Nathan ThomsonNathan Thomson5 timer siden
  • Yo this is actually a great idea for all mythology think about it Norse Egyptian Celtic native American old enter any you would like to see and know off as dlc hope ubi sees this

    Sgt razzySgt razzy5 timer siden
  • 2nd time AC lost its Path 😭

    Mufas MohammedMufas Mohammed5 timer siden
  • The Corvette is a HyperCar

    De'Rico TurnerDe'Rico Turner5 timer siden
  • 2 dream cars in here

    Caleb RaganCaleb Ragan5 timer siden
  • Man this still gives me mad goosebumps. I hope the next Viking hero will have one of those epic Intros again and keep the pronunciation! Nothing worse than americanized old norse words. Skål! 🍻

    PVT WhitePVT White5 timer siden
  • I've been waiting so long for the C7 ZR1! 😍

    Sammy SmashSammy Smash5 timer siden
  • Да ладно! I8😃😃😃

    AnDruLLlik K.SAnDruLLlik K.S5 timer siden
  • 😜

  • Coool cars!

    Loke VretmanLoke Vretman5 timer siden
  • So yeah... *I'm getting this.*

    IJ HarrisIJ Harris5 timer siden
  • Open world is such a mixed bag. Honestly linear in depth campaigns and coop storylines from 2005 through 2010 were more enjoyable in my book. They are the lesser of the evils. Open world will get boring so fast.

    Caleb TiemanCaleb Tieman5 timer siden
  • I wish this could be a standalone expansion.

    subject_17subject_175 timer siden
  • Did we ask?

    ArinoArino5 timer siden
  • I really do want this masterpiece

    Daniel JosephDaniel Joseph5 timer siden
  • DAYUMMM!!!😍 The representation of the cars was on point too......😋

    Tire SlayerTire Slayer5 timer siden
  • I might get immortals Fenyx rosin just so I can get this!

    Father SkullFather Skull5 timer siden
  • What is the theme song for this trailer? I really wanna know

    SabarimanianSabarimanian5 timer siden
  • That is a very nice line up of cars

    ThatLazGuyThatLazGuy5 timer siden
  • Please add the Supra!!!!

    Wonder WRLDWonder WRLD5 timer siden
    • They can’t add the supra

      Mr OversteerMr Oversteer5 timer siden
    • Mk.IV or V?

      IJ HarrisIJ Harris5 timer siden
  • Today I learned Ubisoft has a China branch

    Matthew EvansMatthew Evans5 timer siden
  • Zzzzzzzz...

    TrollTroll5 timer siden
    • G'night and sweet dreams!

      IJ HarrisIJ Harris5 timer siden
  • This is like a real-life car advertisement

    Rishith ReddyRishith Reddy5 timer siden
  • E

    MazlxMazlx5 timer siden
  • I wish we could get the crew 3

    ActivisionActivision5 timer siden
    • One day man. One day. I'm sure it's in the works in secret y'know?

      IJ HarrisIJ Harris5 timer siden
    • Imagine it taking place in Australia or japan

      Mackenzie GliddenMackenzie Glidden5 timer siden
  • I'm second

    Marisa Rianti SutantoMarisa Rianti Sutanto5 timer siden
  • First?

    WILD S0LDIERWILD S0LDIER5 timer siden
  • Wow!

    Matthew HainesMatthew Haines5 timer siden
  • I'm first

    autistic trolleyautistic trolley5 timer siden

    Valentin LupuValentin Lupu5 timer siden

    Valentin LupuValentin Lupu6 timer siden
  • Anyone think there will be an announcement for a new South Park game at e3 this year?

    Noah BallNoah Ball6 timer siden
  • Thanks and all Ubisoft. Nice work and awesome ideas. But I'll miss origins and Odyssey ... Maybe retake app sagas and expand them? Take revelations as well maybe and just maybe assassin's creed the first

    Iordan MIordan M7 timer siden
  • I hope you can change the current layout to this one in the script thing coming to pc

    Atun RandomAtun Random8 timer siden
  • To think all three protagonists of this documentary have retired from Rainbow Six Pro League. So sad. 😔😔

    RazzaRazza8 timer siden
  • I realize now how different it looks! Still awesome and all but wow, aslo Ian had no hp, they set my boy up😪

    Atun RandomAtun Random8 timer siden
  • cane here from mrbeast

    KingKing9 timer siden
  • I can already get a glimpse of the history behind Yara through the scenes. Yara was originally a Spanish colony. It became very promising for the fertile soil and location. The natives were enslaved as well as the Africans that were brought there. After centuries of oppression and injustice. The slaves broke free and began the first revolution. They entered a post revolution Yara. Enjoying an era of prosperity and luxury. But the cost of this luxury was too high. Eventually the citizens who didn’t want to work now labored like slaves to keep up with the growing demand for tobacco, rum, and cars. Just like the slaves before they began their revolt only this time, they’re not finished. The fight is still raging

    Cooper MooreCooper Moore10 timer siden
  • bring us Survival back, love this gamemode

    Brain A-KusticBrain A-Kustic10 timer siden
  • The bliss should be green

    HiBlitzHiBlitz11 timer siden
  • He is Odin

    PopCornGuyPopCornGuy11 timer siden
  • Ja jsem L

    WarenWaren12 timer siden
  • It's now april 2021. I wish it wasn't just open multiplayer world. I really would like to have had a new single player pirate game. I don't want another sea of thieves game.

    GrimCatnipGrimCatnip13 timer siden
  • Give dokkaebi and finka back their frag grenades!!!! Gonne6 is useless!!!

    Ninjastar1019Ninjastar101914 timer siden
  • Darknesssssssss

    David N.David N.15 timer siden
  • Stoked to know that you can actually do everything Ezio does in the trailer

    Mitternacht TKMitternacht TK17 timer siden
  • Imagine if it were open world

    SIR snipesSIR snipes18 timer siden
  • I cried after finishing the game realizing I can't do missions anymore. Best game for me better than Ezio story👌 (Opinion)

    Mario AuditoreMario Auditore19 timer siden
  • 1:35 helicopter rabbid (R-67)

    Leena -SenpaiLeena -Senpai19 timer siden
  • 1:35

    Leena -SenpaiLeena -Senpai19 timer siden
  • 3:36

    Leena -SenpaiLeena -Senpai19 timer siden
  • I cried so much when the girl said what the fu and alexios just yells

    jonfogjonfog20 timer siden
  • That thermite did exactly everything wrong

    Tina :3Tina :321 time siden
  • so offline mode when

    GooseManGooseMan21 time siden
  • Couldn't be more ready.

    David AlexandrouDavid Alexandrou21 time siden
  • Love the new direction AssCreed has taken keep it up Vahalla is superb

    KryptKrypt22 timer siden
  • To bad the game had nothing to do with title... ASSASSINS CREED!!!

    Asil MussaAsil Mussa22 timer siden