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  • funfact: my uncle looks like Vsauce actually

    Jim PickensJim Pickens49 minutter siden
  • Infinity divided in 2 is now 2 infinitys and since infinity is infinite then the now 2 infinitys are each equal to the original infinity. This however requires that these infinitys are uncountable. If they are countable than infinity then the two halves of countable infinity are always going to be less than that of countable infinity.

    Music BruhMusic Bruh50 minutter siden
  • Bill Gates new book lmfao 🤡🤣🤌 this guys hilarious!

    John AppletonJohn Appleton55 minutter siden
  • also they should send a lot of conversations in multiple languages so the aliens can make their offspring listen to it and they can hopefully learn human languages like human offspring learn from observation and listening (unless its heavily flawed)

    yoshionaboatyoshionaboat57 minutter siden
  • At the outset, Zipf was a downward curve facing up--but then declining graphs represented by straight lines also started being "Zipf." That's not very persuasive.

    Kurtiss JacobsKurtiss Jacobs57 minutter siden
  • No evidence of intelligent life. Hahaha “great filter” 🤣

    John AppletonJohn Appleton59 minutter siden
  • That damn music lol

    M 4 R D O OM 4 R D O OTime siden
  • why didnt they just send a record with voyager 1 lmao it cant be THAT heavy

    yoshionaboatyoshionaboatTime siden
  • That's the kind of question I get at 3am when I'm on the toilet sh!t!ng

    G A M E S T I A N 2 8G A M E S T I A N 2 8Time siden
  • All I’ve gotten out of this video is that Michael must be an extremely social person.

    Fenrix15Fenrix15Time siden
  • Promised Neverland be like:

    KujouKujouTime siden
  • This video has more views than there are people in Canada

    Tablet UserTablet UserTime siden
  • 0:08 Gravity falls fans unite

    ❤️❤️Time siden
  • 6:32 why do I feel like I’m watching DHMIS?

    ❤️❤️Time siden
  • ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

    ThePinguin 23ThePinguin 23Time siden
  • They must have done this on the ISS right? Zero G would hold the lines in place! 🤩

    RaRaTime siden
  • Him turning the R. Me knowing Russian as my second language. Я

    Arthur KhachatryanArthur KhachatryanTime siden
  • Pluto is a planet and I will fight you to the death to prove it.

    kevin ᚠreykevin ᚠreyTime siden
  • So in the future we will have a 25 hour day or seconds will be longer?

    Matthew AnsellMatthew AnsellTime siden
  • 8 years later. Covid.

    Ludwig Van BeethovenLudwig Van BeethovenTime siden
  • this is my favorite video on youtube probably, at least from your channel

    Luna PontaLuna PontaTime siden
  • Vsause is like who you think you are when you smoke some good weed. But in reality we just sound dumb af.

    tfreshlytfreshlyTime siden
  • This whole time I’ve been thinking death is inevitable and it happens to everyone. Except now I know there’s a possibility not to. Honestly that’s more scary then knowing everyone just dies

    aaTime siden
  • and i thought my brain hurt when i got that concussion.

    ThatGreyHatThatGreyHat2 timer siden
  • mind=blown

    GolbezGolbez2 timer siden
  • Who else is getting this in there recommended 8 years later ?

    Cronos The EternalCronos The Eternal2 timer siden
  • So outgassing isn’t farting…

    JustiZ [GD]JustiZ [GD]2 timer siden
  • I made sure the science kids knew what would happen if they fucked up

    Duane 427427Duane 4274272 timer siden
  • Whyd I think he was deadass aboutta just cut earth down to size

    Anthony AriasAnthony Arias2 timer siden
  • dood you're a freekin idiot, good grief he says "so how far away do you need to be to see the entire planet"? then goes on about atoms and never gets back on track... clickbait 101

    Dean DeeDean Dee2 timer siden
  • Put it in water lmao

    MrImalandsharkMrImalandshark2 timer siden
  • That one guy is like the most genius man to ever live

    jacob cohenjacob cohen2 timer siden
  • 1:03 Clever, a splitted Chorma and Luma signal

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda2 timer siden
  • i wonder if people will still see and relate to this video a thousand years from now... or one million years...

    GolbezGolbez2 timer siden
  • All I needed to hear was not all hole are equal

    Thomas PhillipsThomas Phillips2 timer siden
  • That moment I heard a JV-1080 Sitar instead of Gamers' habitual heavy metal thing...

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda2 timer siden
  • 1:38 amogus

    zykzzykz2 timer siden
  • Come on, it's too easy. Humans are gonna miss out whatever happens after they die.

    SaGaSaGa2 timer siden
  • How does the molecule speed up when being hit by another molecule if the transfer of energy always wants to flow from a more energetic item to a less energetic item?

    SpunkyPixelSpunkyPixel2 timer siden

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda2 timer siden
  • 31:02

    Kyler KolichKyler Kolich2 timer siden
  • 31:2

    Kyler KolichKyler Kolich2 timer siden
  • That's not Jake Chudnow, ha? WHOSE MUSIC IS THIS?

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda2 timer siden
  • So, Danielle, Do you have a new idea on Education like the things which Michael is used to do nowadays?

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda2 timer siden
  • Quite elegant and informative.

    bbunk22bbunk222 timer siden
  • I just realized Michael said he usually watches people sleep I think maybe he meant because some people like me sometimes put vsauce vids on to sleep so he kinda does watch people sleep

    Tychaun RobinsonTychaun Robinson2 timer siden
  • what is infinite - infinite is it 0 or ink or is it infinite

    Braeden O'BrienBraeden O'Brien2 timer siden
  • This game legit chills

    ImagiNationImagiNation3 timer siden
  • I think it's funny that he's standing in front of a green screen but not using it

    Mr.personMr.person3 timer siden
  • gus

    cocomancocoman3 timer siden
  • Oh God vsauce no what have you done

    AvilaAvila3 timer siden
  • How long do whales live in the past?

    BrandonthewiseBrandonthewise3 timer siden
  • What if NOcds wanted to give me this video for no reason

    GG ChulanGG Chulan3 timer siden
  • Looks like the caption creator took liberties…

    AcidArmy GamingAcidArmy Gaming3 timer siden
  • I feel like this would be a great explainer for all the "Humanity Fuck Yeah" sci-fi writers to hypothetically show to aliens about why humans are the way they are

    meestafeeshmeestafeesh3 timer siden
  • Do this in a vacuum chamber please?

    Robert pierceRobert pierce3 timer siden
  • LOL guy from Lost was a last person I expected to see here :D :D :D 12:49 that's soo fucked up!!! Private-prison-industrial-complex, they have no stake to reform prisoners, in-fact they have actually stake in them relapsing... Wait why would you do that, if you knew it can lead to brain damage? Less than 3 days, that's actually crazy!

    jiri veselyjiri vesely3 timer siden
  • 1:37 amogus

    DAT BOIDAT BOI3 timer siden
  • There's a period in time where a samurai could've sent a fax to Abraham Lincoln...

    stephan drobotstephan drobot3 timer siden
  • do you ever wonder why we're here?

    xXBlackKZoruaXxxXBlackKZoruaXx3 timer siden
  • 1:30 you make a good point, but that wouldn't work since your finger is just cutting off where the light will reach the moon, the light that was past your finger will still reach. Your shadow will lag behind your finger.

    StrugleMufinStrugleMufin3 timer siden
  • Request: Please explain static friction as “the force of friction which comes into play between two bodies before one body actually starts moving over the other” for the rest of the people to take out of context I’ll show myself out, thanks

    AstérisqueAstérisque3 timer siden
  • one word used in every vsauce video Or Is It?

    Noah KimNoah Kim3 timer siden
  • That opening was terrifying

    The KodexThe Kodex3 timer siden
  • I usually love all vsauce content, but I'm gonna be honest and say I don't know what the fuck just watched. I feel like I just watching a Rubik's cube tutorial in 4D....

    Spacecadet94Spacecadet943 timer siden
  • How does micheal sit like that without having it go *pop*

    BigBoi CheesyBigBoi Cheesy4 timer siden
  • Fuck this was good

    Santiago GuerraSantiago Guerra4 timer siden
  • Me: Sips tea in the heaven

    Ong WannableOng Wannable4 timer siden
  • Me reading the title five years after this is posted: yeeeeeeees?

    Ryan MetskerRyan Metsker4 timer siden
  • What I noticed is that it was always the girls who initiates the ringing of the bell.

    Erik JohnErik John4 timer siden
  • Hey Vsauce, Michel here. I am currently in white space, and I’ve been here as long as I can remember. In this episode of mind field, I’m going to talk about dissasociative amnesia, or, more specifically, why I completely forget pushing my sister down the stairs.

    That Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts FlamewarsThat Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts Flamewars4 timer siden
  • i-i don't know. i swear my fingers were here a second ago.

    fuzzensteinfuzzenstein4 timer siden
  • Me: see's title Also me: 𝗜 𝗔𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗘

    demon gamer yeetdemon gamer yeet4 timer siden
  • No one: Me after watching the whole 24 minutes: ...So how do I dupe my chocolate?

    Ryan MetskerRyan Metsker4 timer siden
  • Thank you Michael

    John BarrJohn Barr4 timer siden
  • "I'm running away from you at an ever-changing velocity " sounds like something Sheldon Cooper would say.

    Vusi MatimbeVusi Matimbe4 timer siden
  • My gut tells me to try a decaying exponential curve. Ke^-x/T. I'd like to see how that compares. It shows up so often in systems. Damped oscillations, capacitor discharge, etc.

    Bill HBill H4 timer siden