XM4 is Finally Top Tier Viable in Warzone after the Season 2 Fixes | Cold War Warzone Class Setups

Explaining where the XM4 fits into the meta and if it is Viable in Warzone after the Season 2 Fixes.
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The "Best Class Setup" Series is a series where I focus on all the on my favorite attachments for the weapon based on weapons stats and preference in Modern Warfare.
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0:00 Intro
0:53 Explain Where this Weapon Fits in Warzone
1:44 Ranking TTK vs Rifles
4:45 Recoil with Attachments
7:10 Bullet Velocities and Range Attachments
10:47 Class Setups for XM4 and Why
13:07 Outro
XM4 is Finally Top Tier Viable in Warzone after the Season 2 Fixes | Cold War Warzone Class Setups
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  • i know this videos old and there was some updates but which barrel is 13.7 extended? is that the ranger now?

    sup supsup supDag siden
  • I was making this class and noticed they switched the names to 13.7 ranger and 11.8 extended. Weird.

    Joseph CritchJoseph Critch2 dager siden
  • Jo @jgod when do you release another TTK chart with damage in distance? Realy loved those!

    The Bearded OneThe Bearded One3 dager siden
  • So ranger 13.7 is equivalent to extended 13.7 correct ?

    Joe RodJoe Rod3 dager siden
    • Yes, it's equivalent :)

      Matheus RochaMatheus Rocha18 timer siden
  • Xm4-agency suppressor, ranger barrel, susat multi zoom, field agent grip, 60 round mag

    Joeseph's SaladJoeseph's Salad5 dager siden
  • How do you get the black tide

    vDaGawd TVvDaGawd TV6 dager siden
  • I think that the max velocity build might be very very very good.

    oplixoplix12 dager siden
  • They changed the 13.7 extended to the 13.7 ranger

    Zxc RazorZxc Razor13 dager siden
  • 10:48 minuto de clase

    Diego Ademir Ruiz RodríguezDiego Ademir Ruiz Rodríguez13 dager siden
  • I really enjoy this gun. Spent a day leveling it up on plunder and I was beaming really hard with it.

    Michael Distorted RosenMichael Distorted Rosen15 dager siden
  • Would the susat multizoom optic work?

    Ezra PabrosEzra Pabros20 dager siden
  • One thing I learned about you is that you don’t shut up.

    rashid aldubailirashid aldubaili22 dager siden
  • He is Product Owner of the feature weapon Feature Weapon within Activision :)

    brahms008brahms00823 dager siden
  • make a video comparing aug vs. m16 wich one is better

    Ricc JamesRicc James23 dager siden
  • Cold war needs more attachments and more variety

    young skrubyoung skrub24 dager siden
  • Xm4 is still dog

    Sean CookSean Cook25 dager siden
  • Gun shreds but the recoil with any optic other than a dot is absolutely insane lolll.

    O.M.H_MusicO.M.H_Music26 dager siden
  • Hey guys I just wonder why more ppl do not use Groza ? TTK is pretty good and recoil really low?

    Adam BelovičAdam Belovič28 dager siden
  • When someone says broken i think overpowered so its kinder confusing when he says stuff is broken lol

    balmungkaibalmungkai28 dager siden
  • The ignorant macaroni parenthetically exist because banana centrally fix aside a berserk step-son. stereotyped, fuzzy bite

    WhiteAnqelWhiteAnqel28 dager siden
  • The speedgrip that you have shown in this video is the first grip?

    ErenEnderErenEnderMåned siden
  • I unlocked all attachments but the gun level is at 40...

    Jay-ar TeJay-ar TeMåned siden
  • OMG, I did'nt know u were JGod 😯 I've been watching ur tips for a while. RESPECT TRIPPLED.

    Noura Al-HazzaniNoura Al-HazzaniMåned siden
  • I dont have “reinforced heavy” for my xm4 barrel

    KraMzicKraMzicMåned siden
  • Jgod, can you test the Great Pacific blueprint for the xm4 in warzone. It feels like the fire rate on it is quicker than the normal xm4

    Yee Boi AaronYee Boi AaronMåned siden
  • krig v xm4?

    RockawaylifestyleRockawaylifestyleMåned siden
  • No thank you, bad recoil

    KeyboardheroKeyboardheroMåned siden
  • Could you do a LC-10 vs MAC-10 comparison plus your recommendation for both set ups? Would really appreciate this as I think LC-10 is top tier viable at least

    TerranceTerranceMåned siden
  • The kilo is still really good tho

    RYTH3M _YTRYTH3M _YTMåned siden
  • Is speedgrip the speed tape?

    Ekici EkiciEkici EkiciMåned siden
  • Been using it for a month y’all are late 😴

    StephenStephenMåned siden
  • Got 32 kills in plunder with this . It smacks. Use the susex 2x-4x scope. There zero recoil when in 3x zoom. Jgod did a vid on this as a matter of fact

    Jorge FordJorge FordMåned siden
  • I’ve already liked the xm4 that was the 1st cold war gun i lvled up and used for warzone

    Exzavier WilliamsExzavier WilliamsMåned siden
  • Currently my favourite ground loot AR

    fongfongyfongfongyMåned siden

    shlumptyshlumptyMåned siden
  • All I want is a G11🪦

    Ryan SuttonRyan SuttonMåned siden
  • Is it just me or I cannot accurately shoot at someone with this load out. PC player idk if that matters

    Adrian AnguianoAdrian AnguianoMåned siden
  • Ok so I don’t see anyone answering questions but I’m going to ask anyways Aug or XM4????

    Cody HowardCody HowardMåned siden
  • Jgod i love the way you explain things bro. Your a legend. Thanks

    Nicki BradbeerNicki BradbeerMåned siden
  • If using this at long range, is the extra mag size that important as you can just dip and reload?

    Karl HarkinKarl HarkinMåned siden
  • This gun shreds. JGOD can you do the LC10. Im loving this gun even at med range it shreds in plunder! Best SMG imo

    LunchboxLunchboxMåned siden
  • the laser does not give what in the description?

    JokerJokerMåned siden
  • What was the gun with the 2x in the first gameplay?

    Plain Bread 69Plain Bread 69Måned siden
  • ayo, yo name ain’t Steve???

    Marcus ClapMarcus ClapMåned siden
  • I have level 50 XM4. But which is better FFAR or XM4 ? and what attachment should I use, i have all

    shivam saxenashivam saxenaMåned siden
  • Is Xm4 better then M4A1?

    JakobeMyersJakobeMyersMåned siden
  • If it wasn’t for JGod this game would stay broken

    Am proAm proMåned siden
  • Fastest man ever

    Henry G .Henry G .Måned siden
  • Have u tried PKM? I've been killing it with all my mid-long range , quite sick

    Justin SeahJustin SeahMåned siden
  • You still get aim assist for teammates too

    Aaron MartinezAaron MartinezMåned siden
  • JGOD you a goat bro

    Jay MontanaJay MontanaMåned siden
  • Anyone know his brightness settings? I can actually see ppl on his screen.

    Dirk ReinartzDirk ReinartzMåned siden
  • In JGOD we trust💪🏽💪🏽

    OSO_ HoodzOSO_ HoodzMåned siden
  • WTF are my DoubleXP Tokens?!

    Michał BulaMichał BulaMåned siden
  • Love jgod but XM4 with 2x or 3x is not good on console (PS4 pro) recoil is very inconsistent people need to realise that jgod is testing on pc with fov settings so if you are on console and expect it to look the same as this you will be disappointed. As always great info though!

    David BrailsfordDavid BrailsfordMåned siden
  • jgod loosing weight

    Nico MoNico MoMåned siden
  • Thank you.

    Zoran SimićZoran SimićMåned siden
  • Thank you JGOD! You the man!

    Anthony NoceraAnthony NoceraMåned siden
  • Why was the DMR even dropped out of meta? I dont really use it so I dont know why

    Farming SimFarming SimMåned siden
  • WAYYYYY too much recoil on this weapon

    TereithTereithMåned siden
  • 0:35 Did he say meow?

    ChrisKanyonChrisKanyonMåned siden
  • u mentioned in the video its possible to run in verdansk without a suppressor - how would one do that?

    Goran PopeGoran PopeMåned siden
  • "But I don't think it'll ever be the meta" - JGOD Looks at related videos, see's Swagg's "after the buff, XM4 is META.." I love the analysis JGOD does!

    djradamdjradamMåned siden
  • wow everyones using an aimbot as sppn as everyone dies his true aim shows up and his cursor is 2 feet off the enemy....

    JustCallMeTDsJustCallMeTDsMåned siden
    • how do they find broken guns and attachments and ttk... aimbot... where all the bullets land cuz its programmed too and when it doesnt work its "broken"...

      JustCallMeTDsJustCallMeTDsMåned siden
  • I like your haircut :)

    Neil CampbellNeil CampbellMåned siden
  • Xm4 better than Amax?

    GetSlapped _GetSlapped _Måned siden
  • How do more people not comment how the CW diamond cammo looks straight out of N64...

    crpcrpcrpcrpMåned siden
  • Visual recoil has been an issue with CW guns

    Mike JorgensenMike JorgensenMåned siden
  • The XM4’s recoil pattern is very similar to the M4A1’s recoil pattern

    R N/AR N/AMåned siden
  • Diamond looks bad in warzone looks like a plastic gold camo

    KinGNukeKinGNukeMåned siden
  • PKM best gun in the game, end of story.

    CorrzCorrzMåned siden
  • I really really wish you would change your name, your not a GOD! Thank you

    HevymetalHevymetalMåned siden
  • Anyone know if zombie camos will ever be put into warzone???

    Fran LabitaFran LabitaMåned siden
  • Imagine thinking that ffar and mac 10 requires skill

    Attila KissAttila KissMåned siden
  • Wait? It never was? Its literally all I use and get Ws

    Bloodlust ParadoxBloodlust ParadoxMåned siden
  • why does no one use as-val? The ttk is crazy....

    Satvik SinghSatvik SinghMåned siden
  • Someone make a Bible for this man

    Wes cookWes cookMåned siden
  • This guy sounds like Kiwiz

    Krew HassellKrew HassellMåned siden
  • Let's be honest that diamond camo is horrendous

    Shawn ReiShawn ReiMåned siden
  • Funny how a m4 clone has been bad since launch unlike the MW m4 witch will always be good

    Alexander ZoubulAlexander ZoubulMåned siden
  • already used it lol now every ones using it

    Random Rick TofenRandom Rick TofenMåned siden
  • Game is full of hackers, its wrecked

    Tony KTony KMåned siden
  • There should be an analysis of the average distance of fights within certain locations in warzone

    Matthew CarrMatthew CarrMåned siden
  • Hey dude. If the AS VAL and FAL are the two fastest TTK's for rifles why are they not included in the META ????

    Jake FeltsJake FeltsMåned siden
  • Bro I’ve been picking up this gun off floor loot and ive been smacking with load outs so I’m liking it

    Cameron FillicettiCameron FillicettiMåned siden
  • ACTIVISION manipulated game, everyone knows the wepons doing sh.....!!!

    Oghma InfiniumOghma InfiniumMåned siden
  • I wish warzone color and brightness settings were like this vid so we can get rid of the sweaty roze skin

    Clayton RadabaughClayton RadabaughMåned siden
  • this man loves saying and using “viable” i love it

    Mister311Mister311Måned siden
  • Deleted warzone. Not fun anymore. Still love your vids regardless JGOD

    Sam Rickard GamingSam Rickard GamingMåned siden
  • hey JGOD, loving the content.. how did you get your game so colorfull and bright? i´ve seen the nvidia setting video but it doesnt look at all like on your screen

    Artur RubanArtur RubanMåned siden
  • 13.7 extended I don’t see in my class is it called something else now ???

    mike mmike mMåned siden
  • This game is bad and getting worse

    Leoj ZetrocLeoj ZetrocMåned siden
  • Wow jgod took you this long to look at this gun nah I'm not falling for it my guy tons if small channels already made xm4 builds and some of them are almost this build some even used it like the ffar this what happens when your yo big to look or did you look but gave no credit we'll never know right 🤷‍♂️

    Daboy ZAYYYDaboy ZAYYYMåned siden
  • Don't know if you'll see this comment JGOD but I'm a big fan love your connect what advice would u have as far as loadouts go to someone who wants to improve their game play or if anyone else has suggestions or some of JGODS vids I could watch i would appreciate it

    Mike DominguezMike DominguezMåned siden
  • JGOD is in fact, the META

    MANNOMANNOMåned siden
  • That satisfying feeling when you discover you're already running the attachments JGOD recommends ;-)

    SkiddinsSkiddinsMåned siden
  • Not me having this gub maxed cause I got level 1000 cause I got no life

    Aarav DesaiAarav DesaiMåned siden
  • Has anyone on console try these builds? I did and still got a substantial amount of visible recoil.

    Jacob BlackJacob BlackMåned siden
  • XM4 is still garbage. Nobody is going to use it

    DJC from NCDJC from NCMåned siden
  • I was using this gun before it was cool. It’s even better now?! I’m excited.

    remytron83remytron83Måned siden