World’s Most Expensive Car!

These are the most expensive cars on the planet, and we react to our favorites.

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    • Corvette better that all of those cars

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  • 10 paper towel is for 10,000 💴

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  • "Lamborghini is the Walmart of cars" I feel tricked,betrayed,and backstabbed

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  • *Chris* that is beautiful *Me* stop the cap

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  • You know for a fact they didn’t want to do this video

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  • As a car guy, this video hurt to watch 🥲

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    • The 4.5million car I have a RC car

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  • I got a $1 can i have that mcClaren

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  • ok very important question Lamborghini or McLaren

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  • Hearing Chris mispronounse 'Senna' is mildly infuriating

    AKA_Austin 🗹AKA_Austin 🗹7 timer siden
  • I thought you will buy the expensive car

    BiscuitMen HenBiscuitMen Hen9 timer siden

    Super Cars MOSuper Cars MO10 timer siden
  • NGL my fav car was that second bugatti

    Jacob hargrovesJacob hargroves10 timer siden
  • Sideswipe is a autobot

    JohnyBoyJohnyBoy11 timer siden
  • Kinda triggered he pronounced it mclaren seena instead of senna as it is a tribute to the f1 driver ayrton senna

    Louie BradshawLouie Bradshaw11 timer siden
  • I own a pink lambo

    Khyleigh SymonetteKhyleigh Symonette12 timer siden
  • messi has that 70,000,000 car

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  • McClaren better then lambo

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  • The first Bugatti in the video is the second fastest car

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  • The 4.5million car I have a RC car

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  • The most expensive car I know of is a Bugatti

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  • I looove the R-8

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  • Wooooooow

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  • Images if mr beast became presiden

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  • If Jimmy had a car brand, he would sell his car for 100 dollars.

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    • If he sold his cars, the first day everyone will get em for free

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  • Mr.Beast: METAL..... Car Guys: HOLY SHIT IS THAT A TWIN TURBO CHARGED V8 !!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  • I’m a classic car guy

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  • I am a true car guy

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  • 7:30 I own that car In asphalt 8

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  • McLaren is ethereal best Lamborghini is ugly so much

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  • ျမန္မာ

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  • Messi owns the 70 000 000 million doller car

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  • Someone asks Chris what he does for a lifestyle Chris. I’m Jimmy’s friend

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  • Cool bro 😎

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  • I bought a Mercedes EQA

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  • who else here is a jdm car fanboy

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  • messi hte football player owns the most expensive car#

    ShadowLegendRobloxShadowLegendRoblox20 timer siden
  • U get 9 minlon

    ayoub is meayoub is me20 timer siden
  • Wait... Seems like I'm late to this but does Chris sold his Lamborghini?

    Arthur GrandeArthur Grande20 timer siden
    • I think that he owns a Tesla

      Just a random userJust a random user15 timer siden
  • Sorry jimmy

    Double D GodDouble D God20 timer siden
  • I agree with Chris McLaren look nicer

    Double D GodDouble D God20 timer siden
  • Mclaren are better than lambo

    Kyrie Enzo SalamatKyrie Enzo Salamat20 timer siden
  • The transformer sideswipe is a corvette

    mommylookicanflymommylookicanfly20 timer siden
  • did u know that jimmy said thats looks like that decetacon Optimus prime watching be like:dudeeeeeeursoooostupidddddd

    shrithi alvashrithi alva20 timer siden
  • When HE thinks something is really expensive I recommend no looking at the price cuz it'll probably put u to shock 😂

    Samik DasguptaSamik Dasgupta22 timer siden
  • “The Tesla’s are fine” me in my Camry 😐

    Isaac EscobarIsaac Escobar23 timer siden
    • Camrys are great tho

      Just a random userJust a random user15 timer siden
  • Dude McLarens are sick

    Hk FtyuHk FtyuDag siden
  • I saw a Honda Civic for 15£

    Christian RolfeChristian RolfeDag siden
  • 7:30 That is Neymars car

    Aariz WaniAariz WaniDag siden
  • Lol over priced piles of metal/ fiberglass anyone who buys these are fools that love being fu#ked.

    Michael EacretMichael EacretDag siden
  • McLaren

    Karan PandyaKaran PandyaDag siden
  • did u know that in india tricars are known as rickshaws?

    Khyaan VanaraKhyaan VanaraDag siden
  • I agree with Chris Lamborghini is ugly

    finch_188finch_188Dag siden
  • Jimmy: The Bugatti isn't even 4M!? Chris: Thats Cheap! Me: I feel poor..

    ItzzKqnddItzzKqnddDag siden
  • Are we gonna ignore the shirt which Chris is wearing sukuna

    Space StuffSpace StuffDag siden
  • 7:31 that's sideswipe the autobot What you mean is Lockdown the bount hunter smhh

    BrenBrenDag siden
  • I’ll just stick to my 2007 F-150

    Ryan DesselleRyan DesselleDag siden
    • Fax tho

      Just a random userJust a random user15 timer siden
  • Mr beast is the best🇵🇭

    Nanz ParungaoNanz ParungaoDag siden
  • you have a gf

    TEGAN jonesTEGAN jonesDag siden
  • sorry jimmy but mc larens are so much cooler than lambos

    Astro BTDAstro BTDDag siden
  • as a car lover im offended

    jackhen 71jackhen 71Dag siden
  • You should do a Gran Tour special on your channel.

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  • Can I be pinned???

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  • whene you put music fnf and he starts dance :) he is so funny

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  • That was crzyyyyyy

    Knox YoungKnox YoungDag siden
  • The awkward moment when the Teen drives it and carshes it 🤣🤣🤣 7:58

    Gurmeet DhillonGurmeet DhillonDag siden
  • The most expensive car in the world - officially - is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. With a price tag of $18.7 million after taxes, the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire is officially the priciest new car ever.

    ken boyleken boyleDag siden
    • 69 mil

      Leo GlasspoolLeo Glasspool10 timer siden
    • Nah Ferrari 250 gto

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  • E

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  • I love all your videos

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  • Mr beast. I seen 21000000000. Race. cars

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    • GG. Mr beast 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖🤩🤩💖🤩 I will have the opportunity to decide what the best on this video

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  • I would have loved to see them trying to pronounce Koenigsegg

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  • I meant 45,000 grand

    Zo BTWZo BTWDag siden
  • The Lamborghini Veneno is the sexiest car ever in my opinion...

    Bomba Tô DentroBomba Tô DentroDag siden
  • 3:15 The McLaren is way smoother than the Lamborghini and that's why I think the McLaren looks better.

    Jan ZumsteinJan ZumsteinDag siden
  • Jimmy you should say yes to to gig for 24 hours lol

    Evil RaptorEvil RaptorDag siden

    Hayat AhmadHayat AhmadDag siden
  • The most expensive Vat is the Bugatti Type 57 Sc atlantic and cost 100Million Dollars ok Jimmy

    Ishak AvdovicIshak AvdovicDag siden
    • The most expensive sold is also a Bugatti

      Just a random userJust a random user15 timer siden
  • after i saw the slingshot i searched it up and found one for like 79 dollars XD

    BroKrawler PlayzBroKrawler PlayzDag siden
  • Plot twist all of these are his 😂

    Itz_MxangoItz_MxangoDag siden
    • yes

      BroKrawler PlayzBroKrawler PlayzDag siden
  • I will always comment on every mr Beast video i come across. @BeastReacts mark this

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  • What that is?

    Nathan FordNathan FordDag siden
  • 9:08

    Michael McBrideMichael McBrideDag siden
    • 0:00

      Michael McBrideMichael McBrideDag siden
  • 7:32, did he just call sideswipe a decepticon?

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  • Ok

    Maya AduliMaya AduliDag siden
  • Car 🚘

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  • When my mom has money she going to buy a Tesla

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