Willem Dafoe Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Boondock Saints' to 'Spider-Man' | Vanity Fair

Willem Dafoe discusses the roles that make up his film career, including "The Wooster Group," "Heaven's Gate," "The Loveless," "Platoon," "The Last Temptation of Christ," "Wild at Heart," "The Boondock Saints," "Shadow of the Vampire," "Spider-Man," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," "Antichrist," "The Florida Project," "At Eternity's Gate," "The Lighthouse" and "Motherless Brooklyn."

You can see Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse and Motherless Brooklyn in theaters now!

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Willem Dafoe Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Boondock Saints' to 'Spider-Man' | Vanity Fair




  • can't believe this man is over 60 years old

    BlaCK MaGeBlaCK MaGe2 timer siden
  • You know I’m somewhat of and actir myself.

    1Mrsweetness1Mrsweetness3 timer siden
  • Loved him in The Lighthouse

    Dragon DrewDragon Drew8 timer siden
  • What about Roadhouse 66, To Live And Die In LA, Mississippi Burning ????????????

    Arun PhillipsArun Phillips12 timer siden
  • Willem Dafoe for Joker!!!

    Cody NortonCody NortonDag siden
  • Legend. All that needs to be said.

    SegericSegericDag siden
  • Where is streets of fire!???

    Álvaro Moreno GutierrezÁlvaro Moreno GutierrezDag siden
  • I’ll always call him daddy dafoe bc of pewdiepie

    Nkha92Nkha922 dager siden
  • Dude i need to see this guy play the joker cmon!!!

    Jean U DuffJean U Duff2 dager siden
  • Platoon is still my favorite.

    joey Levertonjoey Leverton2 dager siden
  • Platoon was created in The Philippines!!?? wow.

    Evelyn MenilEvelyn Menil2 dager siden
  • Dude, what about "To Live and Die in LA"? 1985, one of the best..

    The Food AbidesThe Food Abides3 dager siden
  • My favorite was his character in Mr. Bean's Holiday, Carson Clay.

    Oliver JuriaOliver Juria3 dager siden
  • To Live and Die in L.A. was a very good performance.

    Brad McDorfheadBrad McDorfhead3 dager siden
  • This dude looks like my dad. I never got scared by the green goblin cause I always thought of that scene with him in the test tube thingy and just thought of “wow, that looks like my dad when he’s mad lol”

    BBBB4 dager siden
  • Always liked Willem, a great talent and versatile actor. He also seems like a really down to earth genuine guy, the type if you were to meet him in a public setting he would be happy to have a conversation with you and take a pic. Respect.

    Jason TyreJason Tyre4 dager siden
  • Where was nemo?

    Sergio GonzalezSergio Gonzalez5 dager siden
  • Apparently Willem was too nice of a guy to say…”Hey, you guys forgot about To Live and Die in L.A.”

    Frank CoversFrank Covers5 dager siden
  • I’m contemplating becoming a voice actor. I’ve got an adaptable voice and I could act a little bit. Not greatly like this man here.

    Cyborg—fizz 12Cyborg—fizz 125 dager siden
  • The lighthouse is my favorite movie

    WilliamTheGunNutWilliamTheGunNut5 dager siden
  • i'm really sad that he never get to play joker, he would have been perfect

    VibotxVibotx6 dager siden
  • It seems that when I'm perusing Netflix, a lotta the time , it's "Oh , hey... Willem Dafoe is in this........ crank it up!""

    Otto KrieteOtto Kriete6 dager siden
  • Such a great guy

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz6 dager siden
  • There’s this guy who works at my local foods co and he looks like him and when u was little I said hey u look like green goblin

    Sub2NachoSub2Nacho6 dager siden
  • 9:49 you are welcome

    † Masterhp †† Masterhp †7 dager siden
  • Such a awesome person

    lavishlavish7 dager siden
  • David Goggins was so inspired by Willem's role in the Platoon. Goggins always give credit to that powerful scene. Both Goggins and Willem amazing gents!

    Uriah DowellUriah Dowell7 dager siden
  • God i love his voice

    RoachDoggJRRoachDoggJR8 dager siden
  • Why didn't they mention John Wick 2? He's such an amazing actor. What a free spirit he has. The way he describes things is so beautiful, " like a color on a canvas." He seems like the kind of guy you wanna have drink with and just listen to him talk about anything. Fascinating.

    Pris KillaPris Killa8 dager siden
  • Where tf is mister beans holiday

    Ryan McSwainRyan McSwain8 dager siden
  • one of my favorite actors

    Kurt MittelbergerKurt Mittelberger8 dager siden
  • No mr bean movie ? Tragic

    Jake MortonJake Morton8 dager siden
  • I am Willem Dafoe and my face looks like Gorillaz animated music clip character

  • neace???

    masqoffmasqoff8 dager siden
  • He's great, but never became a huge star.

    S. Adam BernsteinS. Adam Bernstein8 dager siden
  • How was speed not on this list lol...

    SämSäm8 dager siden
  • I Seriously Believe Willem Is Not Dafoe. Willem Is Dafriend.

    Vic AlonVic Alon8 dager siden
  • I'm mad coz I loved his role in Mr.bean... Carson clay

    Vince TroyVince Troy8 dager siden
  • I'd like to see him in a film with Frances McDormand...brother and sister. They fight alot but love wins. Brilliant actor- love his attitude and the variety of colorful characters he can play. Willem doesn't play one type of role and always surprises us. Unpredictable. I would like to be that type of actor!😊💜

    Sharon SpeerSharon Speer9 dager siden
  • I friggin love this guy

    MJ TraceMJ Trace9 dager siden
  • Streets of Fire!

    klskinklskin9 dager siden
  • Such s nice guy!

    Orlando Di CiccioOrlando Di Ciccio9 dager siden
  • He had a bit part in “ the hunger”

    Todd WelshTodd Welsh9 dager siden
  • Cool

    HuggHugg9 dager siden
  • 00:30 Don't associate the holiest place on earth with an unclean place like New York , do not you dare.

    GilgameshGilgamesh9 dager siden
  • "The chicken is in the pot, over."

    Dominic CampbellDominic Campbell10 dager siden
  • Boondock Saints amazing

    sorrowhill9sorrowhill910 dager siden
  • The one movie he starred in you didn't mention and is my favorite....Streets of Fire. The first movie I feel in love with Diane Lane!!! Such a beauty

    Mark BordelonMark Bordelon10 dager siden
  • 10:03 Hearing Willem Dafoe say “Spider Man” took me back to my childhood

    Cold_brothCold_broth10 dager siden
  • This interview gave me such a new found appreciation of and respect for Mr. Dafoe.

    Arthur DjahaniArthur Djahani10 dager siden
  • Streets of fire.

    hotstixxhotstixx10 dager siden

    100 ms100 ms10 dager siden
  • His acting/role in The Last of the Mohicans is a masterpiece

    JamTriniJamTrini11 dager siden
  • I thought he was Dutch because his name is Willem

    -Gemberkoekje--Gemberkoekje-11 dager siden
  • Where is "Mississippi Burning"?

    Matt KnightMatt Knight11 dager siden
  • Everytime this man speaks I always picture Green Goblin.

    x Sinisterx Sinister11 dager siden
  • Some clown makeup would be would interesting. I mean he's always got a smile on his face🤡

    M NewM New12 dager siden
  • I realize he's such a boring actor.

    Touchy bananaTouchy banana12 dager siden
  • "I am a colour on the canvas, and I love that." Well said.

    John SpenceJohn Spence12 dager siden
  • Anyone else think this guy would make a great Joker?

    Konner DentKonner Dent12 dager siden
  • I can't help it, he is norman

    Ender RockEnder Rock12 dager siden
  • God Speed Spiderman!

    Green DholiaGreen Dholia13 dager siden
  • i love him so much

    double darkdouble dark13 dager siden
  • someone explains to me why he said i went to mecca 0:32

    dead girl in the pooldead girl in the pool14 dager siden
  • It's fascinating how when I looked at his face, the only thing that changed was his hair color

    Random_gamesytRandom_gamesyt14 dager siden
  • William asked about a Circus movie? What about Mirror Mask? Also why didn’t he talk about his roll in “Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant?”

    Eevee Nation Gaming!Eevee Nation Gaming!15 dager siden
  • "You weren't even there maaaaan".

    Visions of MadnessVisions of Madness15 dager siden
  • Loved watching this. I thought Dafoe would be a typical narcissist in Hollywood, but he's so down to Earth and approachable here. He's has such a long career. He knows why he took certain roles and remembers detailed experiences he had in each role. I wish he would have covered 'Streets of Fire' too. He should write a memoir. He's very good at describing his experiences, and they are very interesting.

    Sunday PikachuSunday Pikachu16 dager siden
  • Love him in lighthouse omg wow what a film

    SWIG GIGOLOSWIG GIGOLO16 dager siden
  • I will create a story just to have Willem Defoe play in it

    MysticMystic16 dager siden
  • Legend.

    CoastfogCoastfog16 dager siden
  • Deaad

    My MindMy Mind17 dager siden
  • I always loved him as John Clark. One of my favorite characters in Tom Clancy novels. He did a great job

    RhinoRhino17 dager siden
  • He is one of my favorite childhood actors! Very talented and charismatic!

    Noah CookNoah Cook18 dager siden
  • What a legend

    LexxalLexxal18 dager siden
  • Backk

    RaikhanRaikhan19 dager siden
  • Cool, cool dude.

    Daniel LindyDaniel Lindy19 dager siden
  • "The hunter" was also a great movie.

    Frank LehmannFrank Lehmann19 dager siden
  • I love William even more now

    Kelby HenryKelby Henry20 dager siden
  • After seeing his thought process about his career really gives you a different opinion about him and he seems to respects everyone he works with. Would love to see how he feels about people he doesn’t respect

    CaxtuxxCaxtuxx20 dager siden
  • dafoe is 1 of the great actors. he's distinct. and genuine. and isnt afraid to take on different types of movie roles. he was a great bad guy in to live and die in l.a. .

    lenni weelozzlenni weelozz21 dag siden
  • What about mississippi burning.......?

    Brett DoughtyBrett Doughty21 dag siden
  • Got much Love for this guy

  • I know the deathnote movie was like bad but he seemed like the perfect casting choice for ryuk

    T Y M ET Y M E21 dag siden
  • How can you leave out Streets of Fire? Epic cult classic.

    Brett SatzBrett Satz21 dag siden
  • Great video!

    D. DiazD. Diaz22 dager siden
  • Willem dafoe presented a clear and present danger here.

    BobbytheBongoPlayaBobbytheBongoPlaya22 dager siden
  • He is my favorite actor.

    Hausline PerezHausline Perez22 dager siden
  • Idk why but I loved him The Hunter.

    SporkySporky22 dager siden
  • This Man Made my Childhood

    SSJ4GAWDSSJ4GAWD23 dager siden
  • Was William Dafoe good-looking in the loveless? Lmfao weird

    Tom KavanaughTom Kavanaugh23 dager siden
  • the boondock saints ... oscar job! thx for that!

    Mi BMi B23 dager siden
  • No To Live and Die in LA? No Streets of Fire? Tsk tsk tsk

    Rob WRob W23 dager siden
  • Mississippi burning and platoon.. 💯

    don't worry about itdon't worry about it24 dager siden
  • Boondock saints gave me chills when I first watched it.

    brettjaronbrettjaron24 dager siden
  • So you’re just not going to mention Mississippi burning? That was my favorite

    Isaiah DixonIsaiah Dixon24 dager siden
  • Great Actor, Great Person.

    FilmJunkieFilmJunkie25 dager siden
  • Willem Dafoe is my favorite actor.

    Fish MixFish Mix25 dager siden
  • What? I thought he was a scientist.

    Tomás GomesTomás Gomes25 dager siden
  • Godspeed Spi-Da-Mann!

    tawon1984tawon198425 dager siden