Wilder vs Fury 2 FULL FIGHT: February 22, 2020

(February 22, 2020) Tyson "The Gypsy King" Fury defeated Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder by seventh-round stoppage to capture the WBC Heavyweight Championship Saturday night headlining a historic mega PPV event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
"A big shout out to Deontay Wilder," said Fury. "He came here tonight and he manned up and he really did show the heart of a champion.I hit him with a clean right that dropped him and he got back up. He is a warrior. He will be back. He will be champion again.But I will say, the king has returned to the top of the throne!"
"Things like this happen," said Wilder. "The best man won tonight, but my corner threw in the towel and I was ready to go out on my shield. I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight. I'm a warrior. He had a great performance and we will be back stronger."
The highly anticipated rematch was the most eagerly awaited heavyweight fight in decades after their controversial split draw in 2018. After an unprecedented promotion, the two heavyweight giants traded leather in the middle of the ring in front of a sold out crowd of 15,816.
While both men landed good shots in the first two rounds, Fury broke through in round three with a right hook that put Wilder down late in the round. While Wilder was able to make it through the round and continue fighting, his legs appeared weakened and in round five Fury scored another knockdown, this time with a body shot.
Referee Kenny Bayless deducted a point from Fury late in round five, but it didn't stop Fury from coming forward and continuing to use his height and weight advantage to push Wilder around the ring. In round seven, Fury had Wilder cornered and unloaded with a series of power punches that prompted Wilder's corner to stop the bout, which the referee officially did at 1:39 of the round.
According to CompuBox, Fury was the busier and more effective puncher, out throwing Wilder 267 to 141 and out landing him 82 to 34, including big fifth and sixth rounds where he landed 16 and 14 power punches respectively.
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  • Well if boxing doesn't work out for him id say Tyson has a promising career as a pop star.

    nickacelvnnickacelvn15 minutter siden
  • To his credit you can see something was up with his legs from round 1. Round 2 at 11:45 - 11:48, it is clear that the legs were rubbery. There may be truth to what he was saying about that stupid costume killing his legs for the bout.

    Jeremy TuckerJeremy TuckerTime siden
  • 43:25 Shelly Finkel pushing the camera down off Wilder 😂😂😂. They are such bitches

    Jamie BainbridgeJamie BainbridgeTime siden
  • Lol at this commentary. Crazy how it changes the perception of a fight

    Parmdeep PuriParmdeep Puri2 timer siden
  • Sulaiman's face after the fight was priceless

    Buffon DrughiBuffon Drughi8 timer siden
  • Don't fight with the man who wakes up from knockout and fights again.

    Mohawk1234 CollegeMohawk1234 College15 timer siden
  • I just love watching the referees Lol

    Bradley ScooperBradley Scooper16 timer siden
  • wtf is this girl narrator saying??? Girls talk too much nonsense, doesn't fit this kind of job

    Bradley ScooperBradley Scooper16 timer siden
  • đánh chán quá

    hehe17 timer siden
  • You can see his knuckle print though his gloves.

    The GlitchThe Glitch18 timer siden
  • wilder is so skinny tho

    Venom SnakeVenom Snake18 timer siden
  • I dont know why but wilder look like hes not feeling good befor the fight

    alans hārpersalans hārpers22 timer siden
  • I like deontays girl

    alans hārpersalans hārpers22 timer siden
  • fury is chingon 🇲🇽🌵🇬🇧

    Rafa MarquezRafa MarquezDag siden
  • 🍒Picking gone wrong this time for 💃🎵(Beyoncé) He thought Fury was finished... Should have continued to fight 56 years old journeymen..

    leon voulgarisleon voulgarisDag siden
  • Im surprised the ref could scream so loud with wilder’s sack packed in his mouth.

    Kool-Aid ManKool-Aid ManDag siden
  • To be fair, that punch that dropped Wilder in the third round was straight to the back of his head, come on now, and ever since he never got his equilibrium back.

  • Странная остановка боя,Деонотей был на ногах и всё видел,там не было стоячего ногдауна!

    Dim borDim borDag siden
  • What a wanker Wilder was to wear that stoopid costume! He needed to grow up....and Fury helped him do that!

    Chris BakerChris BakerDag siden
  • Kenny said, multiple times, if you keep punching after I say stop, I'm going to start deducting points. Then Wilder does it and Kenny does nothing. I don't wanna hear anything about how the ref was bias for Fury. You people are fucking idiots. Lol

    Cody ChasteenCody ChasteenDag siden
  • Watching this back, I just don't see how people can't see that Deontay got battered, bad.

    Cody ChasteenCody ChasteenDag siden
  • That 3rd round, Deontay knew he fucked up. Lmfao

    Cody ChasteenCody ChasteenDag siden
  • This was a rape live streamed. Lol

    Cody ChasteenCody ChasteenDag siden
  • Seeing deontay throwing hooks are just sad.

    Rick MartinRick MartinDag siden
  • BUM SQUAD!!!!!! 😂

    RyzenKurt RitchieRyzenKurt RitchieDag siden
  • Imagine booed at your own country 😂

    RyzenKurt RitchieRyzenKurt RitchieDag siden
  • When he threw The Right and it didn't hurt him, that was it for Wilder. He lost his confidence.

    TB HilliardTB HilliardDag siden
  • All the excuses in the world will not give Wilder that fight he got his ass beat plain and simple

    Robert RotondiRobert RotondiDag siden
  • 30:17

    InversionInversionDag siden
  • 28:10 👅

    InversionInversionDag siden
  • The commentators were nothing but a distraction to this fight. Instead of hearing "corner" strategy between rounds, we hear nothing but their benign banter. And their incessant talk of a "busted eardrum" was not only incorrect, it served to downplay a truly great performance by Fury. If there is a third fight between these two warriors, I hope anyone but these two do the broadcast.

    John HaugheyJohn HaugheyDag siden
  • Fury beating Klitschko is his biggest win, this is second and if he beats AJ which he will be favourite to do so, will overcome this.

    Satnam KhairaSatnam Khaira2 dager siden
  • Pero qué hombre más valinte, este Wilder. No tenía que esperar esta masacre. Con ese golpe al oído y luego ese derechazo al hígado era suficiente, teniendo en cuenta a ese tráiler de Fury. Ese oído y ese hígado podrían persentar problemas en el futuro.

    Pedro MedinaPedro Medina2 dager siden
  • Desde la entrada Wilder se veía con miedo.

    Marlen VicentiniMarlen Vicentini2 dager siden
  • wilder foot work is really bad!

    DiogoDiogo2 dager siden
  • Referee is really strange..

    Doping KarmaDoping Karma2 dager siden
  • That shot to the ear was the end. His corner did the right thing!!!!!

    Brad CochranBrad Cochran2 dager siden
  • king kong vs mechagodzillla

  • Fury es un loquillo

    Hen VeneHen Vene2 dager siden
  • Wilder is so useless I see nothing special about fury here , wilder just don’t know how to fight at all , rely on one punch 🤛 wilder he is the most overrated fighter in history of boxing smh

    King DiamondKing Diamond2 dager siden
  • Wilder showed a lot of heart, but upon reviewing this fight again, he's not throwing punches walking backwards. He's not displaying he can fight while walking backwards. From a technical standpoint, that's not good

    Alex DuranAlex Duran2 dager siden
  • Pure. Domination. Combat sports are the most humbling hobbys

    Alex PerezAlex Perez2 dager siden
  • Where is the justice in boxing.. those gloves 🥊🥊 needed checking!

    I-DON P-II-DON P-I2 dager siden
  • Tyson Fury reminds me of Ali the way he boxes...just so light on his feet and his jab is vicious.

    Super StraightSuper Straight2 dager siden
  • Respect to fury for winning regardless

    Jasonminto mintoJasonminto minto2 dager siden
  • Joshua can beat him he ain't overpowering joshua by leaning on him like fury done to wilder. He leaned on mike tyson to overpower him.

    Jasonminto mintoJasonminto minto2 dager siden
  • Why a female commentator???

    Mikey GregoriusMikey Gregorius2 dager siden
  • This commentary is awful. The lady said one good thing all night. "I'm not a doctor".

    John Smith.John Smith.2 dager siden
  • Don’t like watching this fight Fury got loaded gloves 🥊

    asunoimniceasunoimnice3 dager siden
    • 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

      Martha StubbsMartha Stubbs2 dager siden
  • These women commentators are so damn irritating......stay out of men's sports...

    IGRIGR3 dager siden
  • This refree need to suspend

    Ningsem Mashangva MahokheiNingsem Mashangva Mahokhei3 dager siden
  • Fury is such a class act. Praising Jesus and calling Wilder a champion after the fight.

    JIM87ificationJIM87ification3 dager siden
  • I just witnessed domestic abuse...again

    S PyroS Pyro3 dager siden
  • He must have fight again since that.. Come on Deontay u get robbed.. Come on fight again

    Johnny LoupJohnny Loup3 dager siden
  • 0:31 Khabib: You think whisky gonna help him! Conor: Ohhh! Yess! I mean Conor didnt lying about that....................

    Rohit AmbawadeRohit Ambawade3 dager siden
  • one thing I can say is that Fury is not a good defensive fighter, at least here, Wilder kept catching Fury with the 1-2 (right), its just that Fury was so much heavier WIlder couldnt Knock him out

    Ronin WillsRonin Wills3 dager siden
    • @Tony A still doesn’t negate the FACT that Wilder kept catching him with the straight 🤷🏾‍♂️

      Ronin WillsRonin Wills2 dager siden
    • @Ronin Wills and it didnt win him the fight

      Tony ATony A2 dager siden
    • @Tony A still doesn’t negate the FACT that Wilder kept catching fury with the straight 🤷🏾‍♂️

      Ronin WillsRonin Wills2 dager siden
    • He fought so scared

      Tony ATony A2 dager siden
    • Stop bro😂😂😂😂😂 furt was bleeding out his ears ahahahahaha

      Tony ATony A2 dager siden
  • Deontay's corner loves him. Period.

    Lorenzo BernardoLorenzo Bernardo3 dager siden
  • Her husband needs to take a good look at this.

    Patrick FolgertsPatrick Folgerts3 dager siden
  • Wilder continued to put himself in position to get hit on or behind the ear. Then Fury continue to find a way to lean on an already concussed man. Wilder's constant ducking exposed him to that behind the ear/head shot! Wow. Blame it in Wilder's subpar boxing IQ and suspect head movement. Has the man ever worked a slip line in his life?

    Axel FoleyAxel Foley3 dager siden
  • Tyson was tired because he had been fighting for 409 years before the fight even began.

    Shaylin MonkShaylin Monk3 dager siden
  • 진짜 복싱 ㅈㄴ 재미없네 계속 쳐 앵기노

    ᄋᄌᄋᄅᄋᄅᄋᄌᄋᄅᄋᄅ3 dager siden
  • Избиение Уайлдера. Жалко его.

    John McCLainJohn McCLain3 dager siden
  • Boxing isn't the same as it used to be for instance back in the Muhammad Ali era Joe Frazier George Foreman etc. It's like a clown show now with all these crazy suits and outfits especially the one Wilder is wearing tonight is hideous. No need for it it's just showboating bullshit. In my opinion boxing will never be the same as it used to be in the good old days. Sure we'll have some good fights after they take off their clown suits but all in all it's turning into an equivalent of WWE clown show. And I'm glad that Tyson fury isn't showing during this fight as he did the last fight, Tyson fury looks like he's here to finish the business and take the title which we all know he did. And he looked to be in much better shape this time round also. Nothing to take away from Wilder as he is a great boxer also. But you could see it in Tyson furious eyes that he wasn't going to leave it to the judges this time and Wilder was intimidated and actually looked scared in this fight like he knew he was going to get his ass kicked. Want to go back to the old days I want to also include in there Mike Tyson of course even though he has some showboating going on also and drama in his life that he brought into the ring he was definitely a unique fighter along with my favorite, evander holyfield and others back in that era that were great. Can't name them all off the top of my head right now going back to watching Wilder getting his ass kicked. Like I said much better fight than the first one as it was boring as hell not to mention the fact that there was only one commentator and no official scorecards which makes it boring with only one sports commentator and only one opinion and no unofficial scorecards and not really sure yet if this one has an official scorecards on it or not as it is the first time I'm watching it even though I knew fury won the fight.

    Mark RendeMark Rende3 dager siden
    • @Mark Rende everything I said was correct and you know it

      Tom MoloneyTom Moloney3 dager siden
    • @Tom Moloney not wasting my time on any more of your childish replies.

      Mark RendeMark Rende3 dager siden
    • @Mark Rende no you said boxing has become a show but Ali was the biggest showman of all he once came dress with a crown and a cape and on top that you clearly only watch heavyweights witch to me just shows your ignorance your not a boxing fan just a heavyweight fan

      Tom MoloneyTom Moloney3 dager siden
    • @Tom Moloney most definitely true. Muhammad Ali did it with his brilliant talent of putting fear into his opponents not putting stupid costumes onto his body. You might want to read my post again I was speaking about the Muhammad Ali era. You don't kiss your mother with that foul mouth of yours do you little boy.?

      Mark RendeMark Rende3 dager siden
    • And also this wasn’t the official commentary that’s why

      Tom MoloneyTom Moloney3 dager siden
  • Some biased commentary

    Andy جيتزAndy جيتز3 dager siden
  • Wilder does look like they spiked his water, look at his eyes when they took that mask off, he's not there

    mensah talk 2mensah talk 23 dager siden
  • Pbc cult memebers how are you

    John EdwardJohn Edward3 dager siden
  • Sooooo sweet!!!!!!!!

    barcaamorirbarcaamorir3 dager siden
  • The worst commentators ive ever heard - embarrassing

    Paul CookPaul Cook3 dager siden
  • Black lives matter paid for that point deduction

    Brice PetersBrice Peters3 dager siden
  • Never thought "Bum Fights" would make it to PPV, yet here we are on the grand world stage!

    Joel WilliamsJoel Williams3 dager siden

    Igra IgercaIgra Igerca3 dager siden
  • I think this is a business, an unusual fight, Wilder too easy to take down with a weak hit..😂

    BUDI ZK officialBUDI ZK official3 dager siden
  • How come wilder look tired already in the 3rd round? Didnt he know how to manage his stamina? Or is it because he was almost 10 kg heavier than usual?

    Orlando CarrilloOrlando Carrillo4 dager siden
  • I thought rocky was the only white guy beating black dudes.

    Orlando CarrilloOrlando Carrillo4 dager siden
    • Didn't you watch heavyweight boxing from about 2000 to 2015? Two Ukrainian brothers had all the belts in the heavyweight division

      Martha StubbsMartha Stubbs3 dager siden
    • wilder aint no apollo creed

      Ronin WillsRonin Wills3 dager siden
  • What has happened to this division???

    Haman DavidHaman David4 dager siden
  • Wilder should be ashamed of himself for how he handled (or didn't) the loss...having said that, he definitely looked weak from the very start of round 1. Half way through the first round I told my bro-in-law, "Wilder looks unsteady", and he agreed. Just look at legs when he bounces/moves, looked like a good shove and he would've fallen over. But regardless of what it was or wasn't, he got his ass WHOOPED!!

    Christopher BanuelosChristopher Banuelos4 dager siden
  • I don't like the way Wilder hasn't accepted the loss and made excuses. He may never be the same unless he comes to terms with it. He's the only one capable of beating Fury so it would be a bummer to see him go like that. Pillow hands or not one punch can change the fight. Fury won that fair and square.

    Ismail IlmiIsmail Ilmi4 dager siden
  • Wow

    Limar LumapayLimar Lumapay4 dager siden
  • Wilder got mauled. Pummeled by a bigger , stronger , better fighter. The idiot excuse of the costume being too heavy I just that. Idiotic. Wilder should use this as a lesson. Lose the ridiculous get ups, the stupid hip hop and entourage. Be humble. Come in quiet and cool with respect and do your job. Although I don’t think on his best day he’d beat Fury.

    Donny CavallacciDonny Cavallacci4 dager siden
  • deontay wilder is a child of the lie.

    T RT R4 dager siden
  • El trabajo de tu equipo cuenta mucho y Wilder no traía esquina esa noche

    Daniel ZaragozaDaniel Zaragoza4 dager siden

  • WILDER THE EXCUSE ARTIST??????? THE GIPPO💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪KING CROWN ME......😂😂😂

  • Оце справжня бойня!Офігенний супер бокс!!!

    Ігор ПопадюкІгор Попадюк5 dager siden
  • Ur Shield was busted

    Ice ManIce Man5 dager siden
  • Fues el traje

    Eddy PinalesEddy Pinales5 dager siden
  • threw the fight to make way for the 3rd fight I feel.

    KevmachineKevmachine5 dager siden
  • Commentator is a jerk

    mike .Dmike .D5 dager siden
  • Yeah Fury’s gloves were definitely tampered with, he’s not even jabbing Wilder with with his knuckles, he’s smacking him with an open glove on the left side, like tapping him, and it’s doing damage, that’s very unusual!!!

    Dominic LongDominic Long5 dager siden
    • 😑

      Martha StubbsMartha Stubbs3 dager siden
  • Wilder started the fight looking discombobulated 😕!! Won’t speculate on whether his claims of being spiked are true, as they’re very unlikely, but his balance and zeal seemed to be off from the jump. Think dude needs a good sports psychologist, he shouldn’t have been this anxious in the fight of his life, if that’s what he was.

    Dominic LongDominic Long5 dager siden
  • I think next fights should be ruis vs wilder and aj vs Fury. Winner of both those fights then meet and winner of that fight will indeed be the best of his era with no disputes but instead we will get all fighters fighting nobody's for years.

    BonnieBonnie5 dager siden
  • Watched this fight atleast 100 times not even joking 😂

    PampersPampers5 dager siden
  • Fight 3 would be good

    tigerward88tigerward885 dager siden
  • "I make no excuses" proceeds to make a tonne of em..

    Nath JNath J5 dager siden
  • Damn that girl commentator did not like Fury😂 “Wilder this, Wilder that”

    DR LaducDR Laduc5 dager siden
  • belle revanche

    Nn DO dodusNn DO dodus5 dager siden
  • Fury said in the end wilder will be the world champion again.....WHY......I'm not a fan of either one of these weirdos...but the heavyweight division is rigged

    Cold CrushCold Crush5 dager siden
  • The fix Was in on wilder everybody hated wilder cause of his cocky bully ways..they meaning the very highs even had fury's gloves filled and it still took him dam near 10 rounds..watch the difference if there's a tyson fury 3...save this post.....cause there is a rematch clause......the cats out the bag..they should strap him and have the belts open

    Cold CrushCold Crush5 dager siden