What I'm Giving Up For Lent

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  • Why don't just give up taking showers? But it doesn't count for weebs, they have to do the contrary.

    Gianna TGianna T4 dager siden
  • just get a reusable water bottle 😭

    aly daileyaly dailey4 dager siden
  • cody: in the middle of his meat ramble sudden ad: QUORN!

    ♪ Ebony Rose ♪♪ Ebony Rose ♪4 dager siden
  • thought you said you make your own “grape meat” I was disturbed

    heather jheather j5 dager siden
  • i gave up “givin shit up for lent” 🤘🏻😂

    charlie_woodchipscharlie_woodchips5 dager siden
  • I dont think Christian people would sleep with prostitutes or crank him shmeat

    Max PUBG MOBILEMax PUBG MOBILE6 dager siden
  • Catholic orthodox

    Carter BellCarter Bell6 dager siden
  • He gave up uploading to this channel for lent

    RuickRuick8 dager siden
  • Just get a Brita water bottle and keep it in the fridge. It filers the water as u drink it so u can fill it straight from the tap

    Kamila WernikKamila Wernik8 dager siden
  • Me who drinks two cups of coffee twice a day...

    Mister DragzonMister Dragzon9 dager siden
  • This year I gave up tiktok and last year I gave up Disney+

    Emily GraceEmily Grace9 dager siden
  • Show us the lizard.

    Tommy WelchTommy Welch9 dager siden
  • the water hate is really hurting me

    Ben MillerBen Miller10 dager siden
  • Swag

    Archie EverettArchie Everett10 dager siden
  • PLEASE comment on 90 day fiance Cody we keep wishing u were here while watching

    Haley GermaineHaley Germaine10 dager siden
  • Yo wtf Cody eats Chick-fil-A?? IM TRIGGERED

    drewdrew11 dager siden
  • Cody was in defense mode for this video

    PurpleDirple !PurpleDirple !12 dager siden
  • So I'm not the only one who eats the extra cookies for breakfast🤔

    beans on a waterslidebeans on a waterslide12 dager siden
  • This video should just be called cognitive dissonance

    JackenapeJackenape13 dager siden
  • I gave up playing phone games.... I have 5 days left lmfao

    messibessi11messibessi1114 dager siden
  • I honestly just want this man to be happy

    Adriana WhitlockAdriana Whitlock14 dager siden
  • I’m obsessed with water I can’t drink anything else

    lesley alvarezlesley alvarez14 dager siden
  • Kody is always funnier when he’s drinking

    Wyatt NeebWyatt Neeb14 dager siden
  • Meat is not a creative thing to give up at all it's literally the one thing Catholics have to give up at lent wtf

    Maddie MaiMaddie Mai15 dager siden
  • Damn kinda feels like he’s just giving up this channel for lent

    Julius PerezJulius Perez15 dager siden
  • Give up added sugar

    TheSpikeyCantaloupeTheSpikeyCantaloupe15 dager siden
  • get a brita cody

    Fiona SharpeFiona Sharpe15 dager siden
  • when i was 13 i tried giving up beating off for lent and i lasted 6 hours

    spiciest speck of dustspiciest speck of dust15 dager siden
  • Liquid death has to be making a KILLING off Cody.

    Alan HafligerAlan Hafliger16 dager siden
  • Damn, he went hard on water... shame, I love that shit

    Thales PessoaThales Pessoa16 dager siden
  • Your hair looks great king. With a hairline like yours you pull it the fuck off. 10/10 would smash.

    Justin McDonaldJustin McDonald17 dager siden
  • You forgot Kelsey’s name😂😂

    Alex HastingsAlex Hastings17 dager siden
  • I saw the thumbnail and just started crackin up Cody you’re twisted lmaoooooo

    Leo HenryLeo Henry18 dager siden
  • Loved it but don’t diss water like that

    TheProGamerTheProGamer18 dager siden
  • NOcdsr mind: this could be a tier list

    Yousef MohammedYousef Mohammed18 dager siden

    Martha KenyonMartha Kenyon19 dager siden
  • Turns out for lent Cody gave up uploading to his second channel

    Arina MironovaArina Mironova19 dager siden
  • So it was the second channel? Thats what you gave up for lent?

    Spencer GrahamSpencer Graham19 dager siden
  • Cody is a water slander

    I DON'T KNOWI DON'T KNOW19 dager siden
  • Ok so...when we gonna get a Skincare routine reveal?

    I DON'T KNOWI DON'T KNOW19 dager siden
  • Damn bro, what water ever do to you. Lol straight hating on water.

    Bryan SchullerBryan Schuller19 dager siden
  • I no joke got a instagram ad after the no instagram filters one even tho I don't use filters

    RakoonRakoon20 dager siden
  • Sober bro's

    RakoonRakoon20 dager siden
  • Cody drink from a cup lol

    madison mackensiemadison mackensie21 dag siden
  • just keep reusing a plastic bottle ??? or is that not bougie enough for you

    belatedbday69belatedbday6921 dag siden
  • Negativity, KNOCK IT OFF

    handpickedhandpicked21 dag siden
  • I love you man. But lent is More of a catholic/Lutheran tradition😂☠️ but you definitely made me laugh😂😂☠️☠️

    Lauren CarterLauren Carter22 dager siden
  • Take my soul but don't take my coffee

    Avallac'hAvallac'h22 dager siden
  • Im christian and i have absolutely no clue what lent is lmao

    Karson CritchleyKarson Critchley22 dager siden
  • Let’s be honest. Lent is just the Girl Defined of holidays

    Clarissa CaseClarissa Case22 dager siden
  • 7:01 8pm??? I don't even pick my phone up before that time, I'm on the pc until 11 or 12

    MaxiMaxi22 dager siden
  • The goto think for lent for me was always lego... I don't think I came up with that, must've been my mom I think I actually went outside more during lent because of this, and like climb a tree or something, idk

    MaxiMaxi22 dager siden
  • 4:01 Over. My. Dead. Body.

    MaxiMaxi22 dager siden
  • 0:28 Hell yeah, testicular cancer!

    MaxiMaxi22 dager siden
  • He’s having mood swings over water

    ArkarionArkarion22 dager siden
  • “Swear words” *”F U C K O F F”*

    ArkarionArkarion22 dager siden
  • Cody where’d u go

    Karlee BKarlee B22 dager siden
  • in russia if you are on a lent you cannot have any foods that contain eggs, meats, fish and milk products. you cannot have fun at all, no alchohol, no swearing or any leisure activities, it's very strict. you go to church like every day and pray. like there's a day when you basically cannot eat, only drink water, pray and go to sauna. the more you know :D

    Daria AvferenokDaria Avferenok23 dager siden
  • Cody just learned the word "vice"

    Keagan FRIEDERSKeagan FRIEDERS23 dager siden
  • What happened to the the garden cult video? I saved it to show to my boyfriend after work. It was gone by the time he got home. I absolutely sucked trying to explain the video. And saying Cody's jokes. His jokes are only funny when he's telling them. That video was gold..

    **24 dager siden
    • Oh no did it get taken down?😭

      Layla PhatBeatz15Layla PhatBeatz1521 dag siden
  • guys i think cody stopped making videos for lent

    derooterskiderooterski24 dager siden
  • Isn't Lent a Catholic thing? You're not doing it for you, you're doing it for the lord, right?

    KukulkanKukulkan24 dager siden
  • I guess he gave up posting on this channel for lent

    Meghan C.Meghan C.24 dager siden
  • cut your hair

    Rowen ChapmanRowen Chapman24 dager siden
  • i really wish u would cut your hair x3

    big money swagbig money swag25 dager siden
  • "All Day" merch?

    Edward Sherman IIIEdward Sherman III25 dager siden
  • Cody legit looks 10 years younger in this vid... legally the old jokes have to cease now

    Carolynn StouderCarolynn Stouder25 dager siden
    • POV you see this comment after Cody admits he has a new skincare routine & it all makes sense

      Carolynn StouderCarolynn Stouder25 dager siden
  • felt the nicotine thing

    Devyn McCuenDevyn McCuen25 dager siden
  • I shook my head and laughed the whole time at this video. Cody is in denial 😂😅

    Jessica NovackJessica Novack26 dager siden
  • I definitely feel Cody on giving up alcohol. You have more fun during the day and it drops the constant anxiety I have to 0. But then you wake up late and you just feel like horse shit 🥴🥴

    Dietrick MannDietrick Mann26 dager siden
  • cody wya

    McKenna AllenMcKenna Allen26 dager siden
  • Drop your skin care routine!

    Bryce NelsonBryce Nelson26 dager siden
  • i said i was going to give up arguing with my step dad and then two days later he gave my siblings, my mom, and i trauma (long story short there was an argument) but i’m fine now😀

    noa_is_koolnoa_is_kool28 dager siden
  • only a matter of time before Cody makes his personality and jokes based off friends RIP

    Aaron RitterAaron Ritter28 dager siden
  • i like how it says "give up junk food" and the picture is a fucking bagel with cream cheese

    \\\\28 dager siden

    OLI FILMZOLI FILMZ28 dager siden
  • My favorite thing is the shield drinking sound for anytime Cody drinks something.

    AJ MartinezAJ Martinez29 dager siden
  • I thought lent was a catholic thing 😅

    leonskyleonsky29 dager siden
  • Checking in to make sure cody didn't cut his soon to be beautiful mane, can't wait to see it at 12+ inches so he's a fellow long hair. Luh ya dawg.

    Ed WoodEd WoodMåned siden

  • i got an ad for quitting cigarettes RIGHT after you said "nicotine, bc im a little bit addicted"

    zainazainaMåned siden
  • Cody, we all know you gave up haircuts for lent, so you can call it a day.

    Karen CKaren CMåned siden
  • Water is so good

    Madison JohnsonMadison JohnsonMåned siden
  • Cody Ko certified Christian King

    Faith EvolvingFaith EvolvingMåned siden
  • CODY!!!!! You gotta do a reaction video to the Snapchat show “phone swap”. It’s where a blind date gets set up and before they go on the date producers tell them they aren’t just gonna have an awkward, small talk dinner they get to see everything on the other persons phones (can look at absolutely anything) and who evers phone it is they sit behind a screen and watch as this persons basically finding all the nudes he/she has, one guy had a gf, it’s hilarious some of the stuff they find. GO CHECK IT OUT. Phone swap on Snapchat

    Courtney BroughtonCourtney BroughtonMåned siden
  • Oh you bake a lot more? 😏🤌

    Cian DunleavyCian DunleavyMåned siden
  • It's not exactly about cutting out a vice, it's more about making a sacrifice by giving up something difficult in like respect or remembrance of Jesus going without necessities for 40 days and 40 nights. Netflix is actually a pretty creative one. I don't do lent, but I just felt the need to explain it better apparently.

    Molly GoldmanMolly GoldmanMåned siden
  • seltzer water has been life changing for me tbh.

    Ruby RiveraRuby RiveraMåned siden
  • I just heard another coder use “frictionless“ naturally in one of his videos😹

    Isabel FlohrIsabel FlohrMåned siden
  • Lent is a catholic tradition not Christian

    Gerik MendezGerik MendezMåned siden
  • We need to stop watching Codys videos so he makes less money and he has to post more

    Troll DuckTroll DuckMåned siden
  • i bake on the reg

    Ricky McCoinRicky McCoinMåned siden
  • waddup code? im hoppin. lol ezpz lol.

    Ricky McCoinRicky McCoinMåned siden
  • Cody gave up his “Liquid Death” cap

    ZappyZappyMåned siden
  • not give up workouts, give up skipping workouts ya putz

    LIZ-O-RAMALIZ-O-RAMAMåned siden
  • Cody: "when I go to bed I go straight to sleep" Me: Ahhh that's what's wrong with kelsey

    vulpes lydiavulpes lydiaMåned siden
  • Hey Cody. It's pronounced pop...

    MemeArtist*clickbait*MemeArtist*clickbait*Måned siden
  • Me and my dad’s running joke is that we’re giving up lent for lent because we’re not religious. You’re welcome, Jesus

    divinecaro1inedivinecaro1ineMåned siden
  • As a cradled catholic that says fuck lent, fuck lent

    kallie stollkallie stollMåned siden
  • me when i get a five guys hot dog :)

    Peggy Sue BostwickPeggy Sue BostwickMåned siden