Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.




  • “We’ve got movies, and doctors, and fantasy sports” “and a bunch of colored pencil drawings of all the different Harry Potter characters FUCKING each other” the switch from family friendly to nsfw there is hilarious to me

    A Random Youtube GremlinA Random Youtube Gremlin5 minutter siden
  • The internet in a nutshell

    WickedcoolgamerWickedcoolgamer12 minutter siden
  • This sounds like a song a Disney villain would sing shortly after being introduced into the plot.👁👄👁

    Azanga MambotAzanga Mambot19 minutter siden
  • When I first listened to this song, I had the feeling someone was holding my hearth and tried to pull it out if my chest while laughing and screaming/singing this song in my face. I was kinda scared, but now it’s my favorite song.

    Julia KeuterJulia Keuter21 minutt siden
  • This is the best song i had ever heard and my bro is jelly of his hair lol

    ♚ Aloha   Bri ♚ ♚ Aloha Bri ♚ 23 minutter siden
  • 00:01 - love this song so good innit

    tHe MaD hAtTeRtHe MaD hAtTeR24 minutter siden
  • “Do a zoomer, find a tumor in your-“ Find a in your

    ShadowStormx13ShadowStormx1326 minutter siden
  • Internet is the best and the worst invention ever.

    Ranjit SarkarRanjit Sarkar45 minutter siden

    TaylorTaylor51 minutt siden
  • You forgot about the furrys

    Gage JohnsonGage JohnsonTime siden
  • Soo, can anyone tell me what star projector he is most likely to use?

    NelisNelisTime siden
  • Thankful Tt made this a audio

    trendbrehtrendbrehTime siden
  • I think truly wonderful things would arise if FriendlyJordies and Bo collaborated

    Harvey MartinezHarvey MartinezTime siden
  • 3:52 Don't lie to me. You came for this

    9A 22 Dhruvjyoti Deb9A 22 Dhruvjyoti DebTime siden
  • I remember watching Burnham's old tv show back in the day, but after not seeing him for a while I never knew what he was up to. Good to see it was this!

    McHitlerMcHitlerTime siden
  • I love that he's wearing slippers for this...

    J CJ CTime siden
  • i want to learn how to build a bomb

    Noah TenantNoah Tenant2 timer siden
  • dude i remember 'welcome to youtube'

    AgotiAgoti2 timer siden
  • When I look at this man I see Jonny silverhand from syberpunk.

    gamer vengamer ven2 timer siden
  • this reminds me of the Tommyinnit video of Tommy singing that one Bruno Mars song-

    《》small °•° peanut 《》《》small °•° peanut 《》2 timer siden
  • All of it is so true. Lmao

    dit todit to2 timer siden
  • Someone please make a villain based off this song

    Theoddson207Theoddson2072 timer siden
  • 1:26 lol

    jordan BERMjordan BERM3 timer siden
  • id spit in his coffee

    agag3 timer siden
  • God, I love it. It's perfect. A really accurate, musical summary of the wild internet.

    DieselDog403DieselDog4033 timer siden
  • accurate

    GarbageCanGarbageCan3 timer siden
  • This song: Exists Me: 10,000 plays

    Robin LordRobin Lord3 timer siden
  • If boredom is a crime than I’m a terrorist

    Ty DoanTy Doan3 timer siden
  • Can’t wait for the remix with Zuck!

    Alternate VictorsAlternate Victors3 timer siden
  • This song is so good and true

    sitting and chillingsitting and chilling3 timer siden
  • This feels like the song of a generation.

    Vorpal VulpesVorpal Vulpes3 timer siden
  • and i can't grow a beard. that's not ironic, that's just sad

    ElisenthElisenth4 timer siden
  • This is beautiful, I’ve watched you grow for a bit now and I’m proud of you Bo. We love ya you goof!! Also, love the beard!!

    KingKing4 timer siden
  • The way he turned to the camera at “you should kill your mom” made me laugh- im sorry 😂

    Ashe ThompsonAshe Thompson4 timer siden
  • I didn't know you were the writer of this and I found this on a discord server a long time ago so I've had this as a file for so long and I was tempted to post it so I can copyrighted to know the original artist. Glad I got this recommended

    ArctikArctik4 timer siden
  • For some reason, I smelled the New York subway while listening to this.

    MarkMark4 timer siden
  • At some point his smile seems more out of rage than fun, absolutely perfect.

    emanuel stornelloemanuel stornello4 timer siden
  • This made me laugh so so hard 😂😂

    Sophia MoneySophia Money4 timer siden
  • So true!

    Филантий ФёдоровФилантий Фёдоров4 timer siden
  • This is a very humorous representation of what the internet has become. And the song is very greatly produced. Loved it!

    Aasim WassanAasim Wassan4 timer siden
  • Petition to have Bo Burnham play "The Internet" in a movie looking exactly like this

    RoyalGeckoRoyalGecko4 timer siden
  • This song is really something. Being born in 1998 makes everything hit different. I really feel like my consumption of social media is killing me sometimes! :)

    MarkMark4 timer siden

    Bushra BashirBushra Bashir4 timer siden
  • !!!Fucking brilliance!!!

    AZ09AZ094 timer siden
  • Bo Burnham for President 2024

    F13NDFATH3RF13NDFATH3R4 timer siden
  • This is an amazing song! And definetly explains the internet. But that laugh. Jeez that gave me shivers. 10/10😁😁😁👍

    Isabel RutterIsabel Rutter5 timer siden
  • I just finished watching the movie not gonna lie I got pretty attached

  • This could’ve easily been a “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” song.

    Saturn GalacticSaturn Galactic5 timer siden
    • Actually, yeah.

      Reilly G2Reilly G23 timer siden
    • 'don't hug me I'm scared episode 4' could never.

      Eventide-OwlEventide-Owl4 timer siden
  • true

    Dannie AraujoDannie Araujo5 timer siden
  • mommy let you use her iPad hahahahahaha fucked song but I'm in love

    Minahil Jamil AhmadMinahil Jamil Ahmad5 timer siden
  • 1:26

    Lance WardenLance Warden5 timer siden
  • this is literally the best song yet to ever be released on the internet.

    Caleigh O’SullivanCaleigh O’Sullivan5 timer siden
  • Definitely shows you the darkness of the internet

    Paul RutiglianoPaul Rutigliano5 timer siden
  • He should've stopped before the song turned into a wack ass Disney princess rant song

    Vortex ZVortex Z5 timer siden
  • John Lennon?

    Dereck JensenDereck Jensen6 timer siden
  • “you should kill your mom” ok mr internet man :)

    Spaghetti MasterSpaghetti Master6 timer siden
  • The first 2 minutes sounds like the anthem of reddit

    Javier PerryJavier Perry6 timer siden
  • oooooooooO

    Trevor Vandeveld (Student)Trevor Vandeveld (Student)6 timer siden
  • I miss old internet. There was a time in my youth when my friends and I were surprised that sex dot com was a site that actually exists. How naive we were.

    funx24x7funx24x76 timer siden
  • 2:56 hit me like a truck. being too curious is my biggest regret

    hatakë kakashihatakë kakashi6 timer siden
  • 33 millions de vue !

    The electric kartThe electric kart6 timer siden
  • This is a genius of a song. In a lot of ways.

    Indeed InterestingIndeed Interesting7 timer siden
  • I just realize that he takes big breaths a lot

    RinkatatamoshifuRinkatatamoshifu7 timer siden
  • Well that escalated quickly

    unkind-deer 364unkind-deer 3647 timer siden
  • A true masterpiece.

    LilyNeedsANapLilyNeedsANap7 timer siden
  • Man this is so fire bruh and I don’t even really watch him

    Jack WoodworthJack Woodworth7 timer siden
  • This is how I imagine google would look like though, and the exact words they would use.

    OwOOwO7 timer siden
  • Everything from 0:01 - 2:04 should be played the first time you go on any social media or even google or whatever with all of the things he's saying appearing on screen, and from 2:04 - 4:41 should be played at the same time to everyone if some kind of reality where the internet was a trap to get info on everyone to make literally everyone their slaves or whatever, them being the government.

    OwOOwO7 timer siden
  • This is literally beautiful

    Miniclown The_roblox_playerMiniclown The_roblox_player7 timer siden
  • The greatest trick the Devil ever played etc...

    Alejandro HualdezAlejandro Hualdez7 timer siden
  • 1:38

    BR4CK3R 123BR4CK3R 1237 timer siden
  • "Boredom is a crime" Well we are here committing war crimes then.

    Nea PlaysNea Plays7 timer siden
  • this song would've been better if it ended halfway through imo

    spEAMspEAM7 timer siden
  • i love how aw shit foo here we go again

    SimplyFanaticSimplyFanatic8 timer siden
  • negus

    SimplyFanaticSimplyFanatic8 timer siden
  • ha

    Kieran SolKieran Sol8 timer siden
  • this is only 4 grains of salt of how much there is, there's too much to explain if you were to do it in a song anyways

    Fartmaster999Fartmaster9998 timer siden

    Impure_LightningImpure_Lightning8 timer siden
  • This song is immaculate **chefs kiss**

    Karissa WidnerKarissa Widner8 timer siden
  • E

    8 timer siden
  • Aaon

    8 timer siden
  • I come from a meme . Just saying

    el pajaronel pajaron9 timer siden
  • amazing music , the internet really is deep

    GahViniciusGahVinicius9 timer siden
  • "It did all the thing's we designed it to do."

    Jeremy LyonsJeremy Lyons9 timer siden
  • I like how that this song has two halves where the first half shows a fast paced and catchy tone which we may see it as a satirical description of this chaotic internet, and then the second half shows, in a slow paced fasion, a serious description on how peaceful the internet was before. I think this is the first song that I've heard that has a both a chaotic and peaceful tone which are in seperated parts of a song.

    Gabriel HeinzGabriel Heinz9 timer siden
  • 1:27 this is my favorite part

    Matt DreamSkyMatt DreamSky9 timer siden
  • When the final boss starts singing:

    Kyran Gamer ProKyran Gamer Pro9 timer siden
  • Wow, this is catchy and so freaking true lol

    Justin LooneyJustin Looney9 timer siden
  • TL:DR This song shows the evolution of the internet, how it started off innocent, and got twisted and it and us grew. In my opinion, this song shows the evolution of the internet along with how we ourselves grew with it. The first part shows the current state of the internet, the second shows what the internet used to be and how it was supposed to be a tool for humanity to further advance, as shown by the lyrics “it was catalogues, travel blogs, a chat room or two” and “it was always the plan to put the world in your hands” as the internet wasn’t meant to lure you in, it was a tool to change to world. The middle bit isn’t malicious, it’s innocent, like the old internet, and the phrases “mommy gave you your iPad your were barely two” and “honey how you grew” shows we grew up with the internet and changed with it. Then the end is how it was twisted into something far less innocent, like an eldritch god, luring you in and controlling every bit of you, as seen with the far more chaotic tone. Glad to know I’m using the essay writing skills I learned to make NOcds comments.

    Tim PaniTim Pani9 timer siden
  • 1:26

    SeriousJayySeriousJayy9 timer siden
  • Why does he look like he smells like whiskey and cigarettes but in a really comforting way

    A Big Fuckin SimpA Big Fuckin Simp9 timer siden
  • I love you ♥️

    MARI. SAMARI. SA10 timer siden
  • I really how the song isn’t just “internet bad”, it goes more in depth than that.

    Arella17Arella1710 timer siden
  • I love how true this song is

    yea broyea bro10 timer siden