UFC Debut: Israel Adesanya vs Rob Wilkinson | Free Fight

The UFC middleweight champion made his Octagon debut only two years ago at UFC 221 in Melbourne before beginning his rapid rise. Israel Adesanya would become interim middleweight champion only 14 months after this bout.
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  • Early brother its incredible

    Manuel de la RosaManuel de la Rosa8 timer siden
  • Wilkinson held his own as long as he held on to Adesanya... Beyond that, dude was a punching bag...

    Kris RogersKris RogersDag siden
  • You know he was going to be something special when he walks into the cage stops to 'take a piss' on his ufc debut 😂

    I Am the ResurrectionI Am the Resurrection2 dager siden
  • Omg this guy is elite 💪🏿👊🏿

  • 12:04. 11:07. 10:33

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  • “Know thyself, and you see the weight in all things.” - Israel Adesanya

  • Adesanya is a real monster🔥🔥🔥

    ManuwayneManuwayne3 dager siden
  • "Beautiful Job with the roll." He said that is if he meant to do it 😂

    Dr. AculaDr. Acula8 dager siden
  • How big are those damn security guards, I’ve never seen Adesayna look so small

    Noah HarrisNoah Harris9 dager siden
  • this guy was annoying asl

    shaqshaq9 dager siden
  • 3:29 Did this mans just use KIRIN????? 🤣🤣

    King DeeKing Dee9 dager siden
  • Yo no one noticed that illegal punch from isreal at 14:34??

    JackJack9 dager siden
  • Hammer fist to the body for the final blow. Lmao! Love it!

    KingsColasKingsColas10 dager siden
  • Wilkinson missed so many ankle picks its not even funny. Izzy would've never got up from a top notch grappler.

    wilson rawlinwilson rawlin10 dager siden
    • have you not watched any of his fights?

      Jared StuartJared Stuart5 dager siden
  • Flawless

    FlawlessMMAFlawlessMMA12 dager siden
  • Izzy saying that his opponent wanted to hug him made sense after watching the fight

    TheEngineeredTheEngineered12 dager siden
  • Adesanya is literally rock lee in my eyes

    Seth RiceSeth Rice14 dager siden
  • Dawda TunkaraDawda Tunkara14 dager siden
  • The new dog

    Rory Leigh WilliamsRory Leigh Williams15 dager siden
  • Wilkinson put up a better fight than paulo 'i had some wine the night before' costa

    Daniel DanielsonDaniel Danielson15 dager siden
  • The fake piss from Izzy at the beginning😂

    Brody LeBBrody LeB16 dager siden
  • i love how he rated how hard the fightwas for him by the end

    mateo parvex-switzermateo parvex-switzer16 dager siden
  • Are nipple twisters allowed in ufc?

    Leah ScottLeah Scott16 dager siden
  • Israel is a death maschine

    Fuck YouFuck You16 dager siden
  • If he dies....he dies

    John EllisJohn Ellis17 dager siden
  • And Jan beat the man child Gynosanya.

    Bob GillBob Gill18 dager siden
  • 2:04 the way the ufc guys start looking bc of him hitting his schwannek XDD

    10kschmakkaronis10kschmakkaronis20 dager siden
  • That ref was acting like he was in Wilkinson’s will

    Christopher MattssonChristopher Mattsson20 dager siden
  • Ariel is a beast you should see his fight against costa

    Brooke BiddleBrooke Biddle20 dager siden
  • but truth is in the wmma he is nothing

    oferben benataoferben benata20 dager siden
  • I'm so glad he got a horrific beating at the end. Can't stand fighters who hug the whole match.

    trusting virustrusting virus22 dager siden
  • He got beat up bad

    SimmSational CSimmSational C23 dager siden
  • Izzy re-arranged Rob's nose. The beast from Nigeria

    Madam ExcellenceMadam Excellence24 dager siden
  • The Nigerian Beast. Izzy

    Madam ExcellenceMadam Excellence24 dager siden
  • 8:06 the roll was amazing😂

    pietupietu24 dager siden
  • The Referee must've been related to Steve Mazzagatti 😂

    Kenny Michael AlanyaKenny Michael Alanya25 dager siden
  • If has rematch would happen i think adesanya will loss. That guy is good at wrestling. He just don't know yet how to save energy and mix up things.

    Baby Awesome AsiaBaby Awesome Asia25 dager siden
    • Baby Awesome Asia-He would still lose on a rematch. Israel is not going to allow this guy to keep him down on the mat. Rob Wilkerson needs to use learn how to beat a guy like Israel Adesanya in a standing position. Rob went into this match with a 11-1 record which is impressive. He definately needs to work on mixing it up and not just trying to wrestle.

      curtis jonescurtis jones11 dager siden
    • lol wat

      daddad20 dager siden
  • 8:02 get ready for something wild

    Gotham BatGotham Bat26 dager siden
  • The worried friction lamentably strengthen because icicle naively ruin up a female fertile flower. striped, next nic

    Carl MorísCarl Morís27 dager siden
  • 2:10, anyone is here after the issues with Hans Molenkamp? hats off to Izzy standing up for himself way before he became a champion

    Ahmad QodirovAhmad Qodirov27 dager siden
  • 4:28 fight start

    Assistint LiveAssistint Live28 dager siden
  • Rob looks like that guy on yt thatspeaks multiple languages!

    MR FW190MR FW190Måned siden
  • Israel Adesanya less gay fighter in UFC ever

    log loglog logMåned siden
  • Nz us aus nz will allways win lol

    Donovan VanderzeeDonovan VanderzeeMåned siden
  • bro, izzy was hating on monster energy since his debut. cant believe it took all this time to realize he was peeing on the monster logo and not the octagon

    FrankyFrankyMåned siden
  • whos here after jan beat izzy

    Vader EntertainmentVader EntertainmentMåned siden
  • Wow if thy attack your leg kick them I like isreal

    Nisha NishaNisha NishaMåned siden
  • 1:42 Thank Me Later

    Enriching KnowledgeEnriching KnowledgeMåned siden
  • He is hella cringe

    bigandfatty1bigandfatty1Måned siden
  • Who’s here after L to blachowicz, 😤😞🥲holy cow so crazy Jan is a true champ,

    xXPapi_GioXxxXPapi_GioXxMåned siden
    • @Shut Up I never said it was LHW, what made you think that I thought it was lhw

      xXPapi_GioXxxXPapi_GioXxMåned siden
  • Wow, what a horrible stoppage by the ref. Should have been stopped long before it was

    fangiscool1fangiscool1Måned siden
  • Izzy has that dude blood all over him

    BricksBricksMåned siden
  • Terrible ref job. You need to save these guys.

    Elmo BlatchElmo BlatchMåned siden
  • wilkinson is like me in ufc my career trying to learn takedown controls

    Kimon MygdalisKimon MygdalisMåned siden

    Andres VegaAndres VegaMåned siden
  • Its so good to see how far adesanya has come since this fight, hes a completely different fighter now

    Inverse ReactsInverse ReactsMåned siden
  • Who’s her e after his loss to Jan?

    Love Love LoveLove Love LoveMåned siden
    • Me, but he did good for a different weight class I think he has to work on his ground game a little more

      Dillon HarrisDillon HarrisMåned siden
  • The roomy guitar happily cause because summer dentsply grate without a different capricorn. loose, new clover

    Temple DylanTemple DylanMåned siden
  • He was not defending himself. He was on the defensive FAR before he got to the cage. He was surviving but not defending himself. he was retreating the entire time

    Keiston McKinneyKeiston McKinneyMåned siden
  • Izzy got some surprising good wrestling defense skills.

    Jesse TaylorJesse TaylorMåned siden
    • @Boogeyman 101 thank you cheers

      Jesse TaylorJesse TaylorMåned siden
    • @Jesse Taylor the baldie definitely doesn't know what he's talking. Don't waste your time

      Boogeyman 101Boogeyman 101Måned siden
    • @V. Lenin Not really, I'm just pointing out that it looks like you don't know what you're talking about. And, that's ok. You're welcome to your opinion.

      Jesse TaylorJesse TaylorMåned siden
    • @Jesse Taylor it looks like you waiting somebody to start an argument with you, just to say what've u said now lol, plus: about the weights, this is 101 in wrestling, doesn't need to be mentioned in a profissional fights.

      V. LeninV. LeninMåned siden
    • @V. Lenin Again, maybe you didn't wrestle. If you did, then you would have an understanding of what weight means when it comes to wrestling. But, you don't. You don't have any data, you just have an opinion. And, your opinion is valid, just not well informed.

      Jesse TaylorJesse TaylorMåned siden
  • alien vs predator

    paulpaulMåned siden
  • I didn't want disrespect that guy but this like high profile technical versus amateur brawl grapples. Lol

    D' soriesD' soriesMåned siden
  • What's with the crowd whooping ??? What a embarrassment once again USA the laffing stock

    Stevie AtkinsonStevie AtkinsonMåned siden
  • 8:05 that roll tho

    c tc tMåned siden
  • Mario Yamasaki would be proud

    M SM SMåned siden
  • 13:19 ko

    Macabaya Miguel PaoloMacabaya Miguel PaoloMåned siden
  • Can he make it happen tomorrow and overcome that Polish Power

    OmarOmarMåned siden
  • Ref was shitty

    101 Nw101 NwMåned siden
  • Before champ champ became champ.

    Stan WayneStan WayneMåned siden
  • Wilkinson : "Ref, stop the fight" Ref : " ... You´re still breathing"

    Euryale MusicEuryale MusicMåned siden
    • Lmfao

      OmarOmarMåned siden
  • One could look at this fight and think it shows he won’t do well against Jan cuz he was in the clench so much in this and didn’t look that great. But last time I’ve doubted Izzy and a hole in his game, he literally fixed it in three months and performed 10x better in that department against a better fighter. I don’t see the clench work in this fight being relevant to the Jan one. Also, he made some ill advised kicks most likely due to him still trying to get a gauge on striking in mma more.

    Basement Dweller OpinionsBasement Dweller OpinionsMåned siden
  • Adesyna is not that good from the inside. He’s good from a distance but I see him losing to Jan

    Ball is LifeBall is LifeMåned siden
  • Adesanya ❤️❤️❤️the GOAT

    Babu ChakmaBabu ChakmaMåned siden
  • Crazy to hear some crowd noise

    Eddie ParishEddie ParishMåned siden
  • Some say he's trained so hard just to repeat the moment of hearing his nickname after winning

    OP GamingOP GamingMåned siden
  • 😯

    Stephen RichardsonStephen RichardsonMåned siden
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    Roger CRoger CMåned siden
  • That Rob Wilkinson is off his head letting his face get pounded to that extent, what a dumbass and a prick for spitting blood at Adesanya.

    Az LeanAz LeanMåned siden
  • Israel can not be stoped

    ninja invaderninja invaderMåned siden
  • Man what a terrible ref

    xBanexBaneMåned siden
  • Summoning Jutsu and he sealed it in himself god I love izzy soon to be CHAMP CHAMP

    Christopher Thomas Jr.Christopher Thomas Jr.Måned siden
  • The worthless instruction especially tour because change presumably trap before a lackadaisical yew. ill-fated, heavenly heavy hellish nickel

    Mac MatariehMac MatariehMåned siden
  • Wilkinson is useless why does he even fight

    Dan MooreDan MooreMåned siden
  • Rob Wilkinson looks like a tall Dominique Cruz

    Baby T RexBaby T RexMåned siden
  • 😎

    Jonny PowJonny PowMåned siden
  • That guy might be double champion one day

    The Art Of PixelsThe Art Of PixelsMåned siden
  • It's the jutsu man im telling you

    SmediumLSmediumLMåned siden
  • 1st RD. Wilkinson

  • realmente increible... ese negro es muy fuerte todo un guerrero

    YO2DYO2DMåned siden
  • Bro the fuck did I just watch u suck retire lol

    IAteBidenCatIAteBidenCatMåned siden
  • Lol every ufc fight he has been in he has looked the same before and after the fight

    Chikush OdizChikush OdizMåned siden
  • "It's not gonna take much for the referee to stop this one" LOL

    romxxiiromxxiiMåned siden
  • Adesanya was impossible to keep down and he was just picking him apart lmao crazy debut

    Ryan BoneRyan BoneMåned siden
  • I hate people. They compared him to Jones because he’s tall, lanky, and black. They are polar opposite fighters. One comes in an elite wrestler with 9 months of training and the other comes in an elite kickboxer and all the experience in the world. Lmfao

    isaiah garciaisaiah garciaMåned siden
  • timestamps for myself wth 8:00 nah for real fuck the ref man wth is that just stop the fight

    The HideoutThe HideoutMåned siden
  • israel's my spirit animal 😂😂😂😂😂

    The HideoutThe HideoutMåned siden
  • Why does this look like Adesanyas toughest fight

    MayoniceMayoniceMåned siden
  • I like you, you are very best..

    HP SitumorangHP SitumorangMåned siden
  • cant wait this saturday gonna be epic when izzy get champ champ status

    Naufal AdeNaufal AdeMåned siden
  • Ngl the thumbnail made me think it was Dominick Cruz

    Zhang LiuZhang LiuMåned siden