Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    Cold OnesCold OnesMåned siden
    • He stepped gingerly onto the bridge knowing that enchantment awaited on the other side.

      jjammmeesjjammmeesDag siden
    • Sam n Max gettin' drunk as hell... Me: Australian dollars exist...?

      Sprint WyvernSprint Wyvern9 dager siden
    • Well done cobbers and I love the Stroh I’ve gone out and got it a couple of times.

      Luke ZarzLuke Zarz10 dager siden
    • @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

      nay macnay mac12 dager siden
    • Sellout intensifys

      toasty boitoasty boi13 dager siden
  • In college, we used to drink shit like that like water all of the time

    Zech CarterZech Carter7 minutter siden
  • 12:58 that laugh KILLED me lmaooo

    honey badgerhoney badger27 minutter siden
  • Maxmoefoe remember them gta days 😂😂💯

    Anthony GuillenAnthony GuillenTime siden
  • I love how Max came up with a plan to pour that into the punch, got bored of the idea, and then immediately went to the simplest option of just murdering a house full of people with guns.

    Christian DiPaolaChristian DiPaolaTime siden
  • What did Chad said when Ukrainian flag showed? Що він сказав? Я не зрозумів, і субтитри не працюють ._. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    Арсен МикитюкАрсен Микитюк2 timer siden
  • Finish it with fucking rubbing alcohol

    FlamingWaffleFlamingWaffle2 timer siden
  • Buddy deez got smacked by that tequila, he was gone after taking that shot

    Tony GuzmanTony Guzman3 timer siden
  • im the new deez

    Silva ShredsSilva Shreds3 timer siden
  • Looks like Post Malone

    ARISEARISE3 timer siden
  • mans straight tested out diesel and petrol 😂

  • your livers

    Alex MartinAlex Martin4 timer siden
  • 4:23 “my name is deez” *yeets box*

    Josue GonzalezJosue Gonzalez4 timer siden
  • I think his name might be Deez

    • Scrithen •• Scrithen •5 timer siden
  • Oih Highland Park, noiceru.

    forest_hoboforest_hobo5 timer siden
  • where did ya get the hinata japanese gin bottle from

    Isaiah SheppardIsaiah Sheppard6 timer siden
  • The title is a bit of a misfact as the World's Strongest drinkable ethanol is actually 100% that you can get in 1 gallon jugs. There are plenty of lab supply companies that sell non-denatured alcohol

    Optical BeastOptical Beast6 timer siden
  • Thats like drinking hand sanitizer

    MatthewMatthew7 timer siden
  • I’m so fucking happy I stumbled across this Chanel 😂💞

    Kayla CorreaKayla Correa9 timer siden
  • The shiny banker unequivocally tire because measure intialy frame but a pricey waterfall. wry, tiresome puffin

    Jillian KallieJillian Kallie9 timer siden
  • Me: *Drinks the bottle Me: *Passes out Me: *Wakes up in a carriage "Hey you your finally awake"

    Kaedyn VincentKaedyn Vincent9 timer siden
    • My name deez

      Kyle CopeKyle Cope7 timer siden
  • Bottle from 2005 Scott: "Its a 13 year old bottle"

    Switcha RooSwitcha Roo10 timer siden
  • He said that’ll make anyone immortal 😂😂

    Gina McClendonGina McClendon10 timer siden

    cyrsedcyrsed12 timer siden
  • 1 gelas setiap 1 botol At the end video nya teler dong bosss 🤣

    NyXNyX12 timer siden
  • Come out here in India and try roxy as well as mc rum 😖😂

    Hiboto AchumiHiboto Achumi13 timer siden
  • its melting the ice ?????

    Evan TanEvan Tan14 timer siden
  • Дайте им попробовать дедова самогона, вот тогда они офигеют

    Кирилл КирсаКирилл Кирса14 timer siden
  • My uncle make 150 proof

    OG_EDITZOG_EDITZ14 timer siden
  • Try imperador, gin and lambanog from Philippines

    Gian Paulo De CastroGian Paulo De Castro15 timer siden
  • We used to shot OJtiki fire in the cocktail bar I worked in, in north England. I’ve never seen it sold anywhere else. Mix it with lemonade and it tastes like cream soda 😋

    Alex WilmotAlex Wilmot15 timer siden
  • Stroh 80 costs like 15€ in germany which is like 18 dollar instead of 90 ^^

    LO 43LO 4316 timer siden
  • *Liver has left the chat*

    LorghanLorghan16 timer siden
  • i guess UK motherfuckers built different :')

    Alexander RewijkAlexander Rewijk16 timer siden
  • “Rum drinkers beat their wives” let’s end that narrative quickly!! Hella offensive to us rum drinkers, vodka and whiskey now? I agree 😂😂

    WAZZAAAP!!WAZZAAAP!!16 timer siden
  • Women live longer than men. *Yeah, I can see why*

    AVAF 02AVAF 0216 timer siden
  • Deez

    LIAM EFFORDLIAM EFFORD17 timer siden
  • they spent 111.11 a minute to drink grog

    LEVELZEROLEVELZERO18 timer siden
  • Love how they just casually set the table on fire for like 10 seconds

    Donate HilltopDonate Hilltop19 timer siden
    • Twice

      Donate HilltopDonate Hilltop18 timer siden
  • I can't believe they didn't have everclear for the last one, 99%. I took 5 pulls out of that bottle and chased it with monster at 5am during my fraternity days

    Bloo57999Bloo5799920 timer siden

    Etsah HarrisEtsah Harris20 timer siden
  • "Fuck, that will make anyone a model"

    MichaelMichael20 timer siden
  • Ya might aswell have drunk metho 😂😂

    Josh GJosh G20 timer siden
  • I am surprised that none of them explosively vomited all around the place

    Flammable OrangeFlammable Orange21 time siden
  • Vodka rn is like $20 in my country😅😝

    William TosieWilliam Tosie21 time siden
  • when I saw them bring out brown liquor with all that...... the SHIT that they're gonna have to take is gonna be BADDDD

    Camille CastleCamille Castle21 time siden
  • Y'all hilarious! Subscribed!

    Wendolly CortezWendolly Cortez21 time siden
  • God gin tastes like ass lol

    Zzzz LZzzz L22 timer siden
  • These gents are pretty freaking entertaining.

    William PlainWilliam Plain22 timer siden
  • Chad just casually took a shot of 96% alcohol

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama23 timer siden
  • “Where’d the bottle go?” “It’s right in front of you.”

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama23 timer siden
  • 1:03 Who’s Deez?

    MuskratLunchMuskratLunchDag siden
  • deez

    Critacail AcclaimCritacail AcclaimDag siden
  • it's boozing time

    Santiago BSantiago BDag siden
  • that was the worst thing I've ever seen. you guys should quit while you are ahead.

    Kelly BowenKelly BowenDag siden
  • They got soooooo drunk

    McDonald'sMcDonald'sDag siden
  • I live near highland park lol, like a couple minute walk😂

    Nicol DavidsonNicol DavidsonDag siden
  • I like both of them

    Knox The FoxKnox The FoxDag siden
  • Love it u made me a subscriber

    jimmy llorcajimmy llorcaDag siden
  • SMH the strongest alcohol is found in the caribbean only blablabla

    Rashawne ReynoldsRashawne ReynoldsDag siden
  • Guys i found a 96 volumes vodka

    Fede KreisauFede KreisauDag siden
  • lisping 4 in and destroyed after 6. keep going though

    ExtraneusExtraneusDag siden
  • الكلية حاليا: ooooooh lord

    Murtada TalipMurtada TalipDag siden
  • I tried 90% cuz I was a dumb kid thinking I was cool and that was the only alcohol my Mexican parents had... it felt like acid 😂

    Jennifer RamosJennifer RamosDag siden
  • This is just the fucked up version of hot ones! Me personally, I would be very concerned drinking all those high alcohol content bottles at once! This is dangerous and stupid! I can’t imagine the hangovers they had!

    M.H ReelsM.H ReelsDag siden
  • Every drink you guys had I’ve taken a shot myself. Not I’m drunk off my ass. Side note it’s been only vodka

    Light Nation Gaming -Light Nation Gaming -Dag siden
  • Stroh 80 costs 15 bucks in germany lol

    Joe MamaJoe MamaDag siden
  • Wait until they figure out how strong moonshine is 😳😳

    Halle ClaireHalle ClaireDag siden
  • This is melting my face off..WTF man!!!

    AmadexmilbyAmadexmilbyDag siden
  • ur that guy from filthy frank who got a tattoo on your ass

    mateo reidmateo reidDag siden
  • fucking stroh 80 costs 15 Euros in Germany

    Luca 22Luca 22Dag siden
  • He's name is Deez....Deez nuts 😂😂

    Big PeteBig PeteDag siden
  • He waited for the stop sign to turn to a go sign.

    jjammmeesjjammmeesDag siden
  • WOW alcohol in australia is really really expensive stroh in slovakia costs 25 dollars

    Daniel MroščákDaniel MroščákDag siden
  • Do they do a show about alcohol and not have a corkscrew lol?

    SweatervestQuartetSweatervestQuartetDag siden
  • You guys are insane bro 🙏🙏

    Manish SainiManish SainiDag siden
  • What's his last name?

    Ian BIan BDag siden
  • Welcome to video 😩😂

    atim ann maryatim ann maryDag siden
  • What the outro song ?

    DylanDylanDag siden
  • You are trying to embalm yourself,you are drinking those shots too fast

    Rashaun WalwynRashaun WalwynDag siden
  • That blue hundred proof Smirnoff is just the trash $1 nips that hobos and single moms drink here in Massachusetts.

    goonf!sh. beeetsgoonf!sh. beeetsDag siden
  • No don't break it my name is deez

    FinnGamesFinnGamesDag siden
  • 8:54 whats name the song???

    faza arif T . ganteng maksimalfaza arif T . ganteng maksimalDag siden
  • He’s screwed 😅😅😂

    Terri RobinsonTerri RobinsonDag siden
  • I am from siberia bottom text

    Kosher PigKosher PigDag siden
    • we got 4 dollar vodka here, it can power our submarines

      Kosher PigKosher PigDag siden
  • Nuts

    Neko sanNeko sanDag siden
  • Try alcool etilic from România, 96%alchool

    ARFYARFYDag siden
  • my boy with the mango whiteclaw

    OheOheDag siden
  • All that we’d drink in high school was smirinoff blue 100 proof...

    House VollmerHouse VollmerDag siden
  • High school students in Texas buy Everclear for their parties. 95% ABV/190 proof. I can’t tell you how many times I blacked out within an hour of the party. 😂

    Sarah RojoSarah RojoDag siden
  • “My name is deez” at the end had me CACKLING

    Michael DuranMichael DuranDag siden
  • How drunk was deez when he started this vid

    James TaylorJames TaylorDag siden
  • me, watching this as a 100% Pole i must say I am fucking shocked how long u guys standed up

    PAZURPAZURDag siden
  • Drunk as shit lmao

    ScaryRatesScaryRatesDag siden
  • blue bottle of 100 proof Smirnoff is like 11$ at my local costless market lmao

    Key HolerKey HolerDag siden
    • and only 6.99 for the blue label popov

      lord manshaftlord manshaft2 timer siden
  • You can tell they don’t drink to enjoy. 😂 just shooting every one.

    Michael HollandMichael HollandDag siden
    • Also its funny how the taste gets smoother and smoother as they take more drinks. Pretty much the reason wine taste experts spit out the drink or just take sips so they don't end up hammered. This content is funnier tho so i'd rather see the shots.

      Nolan PearsonNolan Pearson8 timer siden
  • RIP to thy liver.

  • That 100 proof smirnoff only 20 buck here in the states 🤣

    E .GE .G2 dager siden
  • By time u just see them get drunk😂😂

    Drippy CherishDrippy Cherish2 dager siden