Tottenham 1-3 Man Utd - Jose Mourinho - Post-Match Press Conference

Post-match press conference with Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho after his side's 3-1 loss against Manchester United.
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  • Hahhaa..sack him😂ggmu

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu16 dager siden
  • Bye mourinho..."spurs

    Daniel Wids ElodieDaniel Wids Elodie16 dager siden
  • Jose can’t handle loosing.... 😂

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi17 dager siden
  • I can go and make a coffee and come back before he has made his point.

    Louis PayneLouis Payne17 dager siden

    AVFC Liam2011AVFC Liam201118 dager siden
  • He didn’t even answer the top 4

    Jai VardhanJai Vardhan19 dager siden
  • what I learned from this interview is the father needs to feed his son

    yasio boloyasio bolo20 dager siden
    • Maybe Rashfords game is off because Ole is not feeding kids🤔

      asioe kiouasioe kiou18 dager siden
  • I sink Manchester United will not buy Son because Ole will not give him food.

    Lovemore ZindogaLovemore Zindoga20 dager siden
  • Harry Kane needs to move to a Champions league Club someone like Westham...

    asioe kiouasioe kiou20 dager siden
  • He is such a sad man

    mohammad tashkandimohammad tashkandi21 dag siden
  • Bread is bread & Cheese is cheese - It is just a PT expression, which means "let us be clear" or "Frankly speaking".

    R BR B21 dag siden
  • I give credit to Mourinho for one thing only.He made more money for being fired than all my family back 400 years working 12 hrs a day.

    mike bamburmike bambur21 dag siden
  • Maureen is a Portuguese Tony Pulis..

    John CassidyJohn Cassidy22 dager siden
  • He doesnt want to say on tv that top4 is gooooooone!!!!! Jose is a douche!!!!! I dont care whos the greatest dad.....wich is the greatest PL team is something we want to hear!!!!!! Some people even dont have parents!!!!!!!

    jermyn ryanjermyn ryan22 dager siden
  • If i was son i would be away!!!!

    jermyn ryanjermyn ryan22 dager siden
  • The reason why Mourinho loses the dressing room is that the players want to play football and get involved in gamesmanship.

    nightattheoscarsnightattheoscars22 dager siden
  • What would you rather do? TRY to win trophies you know will be near impossible due to the DNA of a club, or talk nonsense for the £30m sack? He’s done this at every club 😊

    DJ ZediDJ Zedi22 dager siden
  • "My Dad is not having any job "And I have not job and money "NOcds not giving me views and subscribers "I want to handle my family "Yalm worse than others"...,....🙏

    A-PerFactA-PerFact22 dager siden
  • Shut it JOSE LOOOL we all knew where OLE was coming from with the point he was making! he tried to make an issue out of it when the questions was do you feel you can make top 4 lol..

    Sasha KumSasha Kum22 dager siden
  • Feel bad for him

    TheAlpha ManaTheAlpha Mana22 dager siden
  • From the special one to the sad one

    Simeon Ariga Ndung'uSimeon Ariga Ndung'u22 dager siden
  • Mou is like a crazy gf who remembers every wrong incident about u and brings it up when u critize her ..

    Jes AJes A22 dager siden
    • Proper big girls blouse is the Dino 🙋‍♂️

      yasio boloyasio bolo20 dager siden
  • Son has no dog for tea tonight

    craig boicraig boi22 dager siden
  • I hate utd As a cfc fan but credit where it's due regardless of silverwear jose won at utd... Ole had them in a better place as a squad and future building. Best manager since fergie regardless.

    craig boicraig boi22 dager siden
  • A clueless broken man has no real answer

    craig boicraig boi22 dager siden
  • Harry kane is loyal but he's give all he can for a midtable team If he had any ambition he would jump ship to chelsea or man utd.

    craig boicraig boi22 dager siden
  • Mourinho is the original goat if can’t win a trophy at Spurs nobody can

    Alex OhanAlex Ohan22 dager siden
  • When your best 11 includes Serge Aurier,Dier, Ndombele you are fucked

    Ezike DarlingtonEzike Darlington22 dager siden
  • The respect Jose needs is not given to him even after all he has done to football world . You will wait till he leaves the scene before good comments will come for him . shame on us all

    Edwin AddoEdwin Addo22 dager siden
    • LOL he's a dinosaur.

      Delman ProntoDelman Pronto21 dag siden
  • Supporters and those who pretend to like him get happier when they see him lose a match .

    Edwin AddoEdwin Addo22 dager siden
  • Jose out

    Callum BushCallum Bush23 dager siden
  • I thought son had taken out By a sniper . Holding his head on the floor . What a joke these prima dona drama queens . So funny listening without the crowds . The screams for a flick Mouriniho has lost me 20 seconds into his interview he goes off on a tangent. U should of fell off the chair jose holding yer head screaming

    Martin DugganMartin Duggan23 dager siden
  • "They gave what they could and in difficult situations" apparently .... let's conveniently forget the fact that Spurs had a full week to prepare while United were in Spain and got hardly a day.

    Graham AlphonsusGraham Alphonsus23 dager siden
  • This is gangsta!

    1termalus1termalus23 dager siden
  • Jose is finish he don't have football brains again why did he brought ssisoko

    mack Enochmack Enoch23 dager siden
  • he has not been able to sign players that he wants. Daniel levy aint giving him the funds, if you want jose as your manager make sure you got the funds for him to spend. Give him some money and watch his team then.

    zzz33343zzz3334323 dager siden
  • Pogba destroyed his midfield...... Mourinho as usual, never his fault.

    IlestunIlestun23 dager siden
  • Jose have to be strong! Just because he don't play a football they don't like, just because he suprise everyone with he style they don't like.🤷🏽 Whatever it's life!!! Jose just have to close every mouth win some title with Tottenham if they want continue with him, because he dont like do a season without trophy. That set💪🏽

    les vidéos de Niloles vidéos de Nilo23 dager siden
  • Jose is a noob in front of Ole

    Bat ManBat Man23 dager siden
  • Mourinho sinks with his football and his english

    Sam HamsterSam Hamster23 dager siden
  • Jose is an absolute asshole, the way he speaks about those spurs players is so disgraceful and unprofessional. He is an absolute joke and to bring up the Ole comment is so strange beyond anything ive seen him come out with. This guy needs gone from the prem, pathetic

    Karl StraussideKarl Strausside23 dager siden
  • Cop-out 🤣🤣 Speak about your tactics, you making these boys a bunch of sissy con artists

  • what I learned from this interview is the father needs to feed his son

    Uvais AnsariUvais Ansari23 dager siden
    • This is gangsta!

      asioe kiouasioe kiou20 dager siden
  • GGmu we love you

    Happy DaysHappy Days23 dager siden
  • Son shoulda got a BAFTA for his acting! He’s actually tried to grab McTominay first, who just responded by pushing him away, just brushing his face with a few fingers! VAR ref & on pitch ref don’t know what they’re doing, if I can see Son started the contact why can’t they??? Son following in the footsteps of Kane, the biggest diving cheat in spud land! 🤢😴

    AZ10644AZ1064423 dager siden
  • He is getting more delusional as time goes on, sad.

    Lee MatthewsLee Matthews23 dager siden
  • Wow Mourinhos deflection game has gone soo south that hes taking a joke/analogy as a complete and utter fact and a Satement

    kartik janikartik jani23 dager siden
  • This is not the first time he took a metaphor literally. And the arrogance in that ignorance...he is so repulsive, I never watched a single utd game under Mourinho...I just couldn't accept thst this uncultivated peasant was the coach...I guess we can say that now the stain has finally been washed and utd is clean again. Whst an abject and audacious comment.

    Dejan MarkovicDejan Markovic23 dager siden
  • He's past it. Simple as that.

    MAN_S__3344MAN_S__334423 dager siden
  • Put some respect on Jose, he had some good memories with United...please respect him..

    Elrio PurnomoElrio Purnomo23 dager siden
  • Well done journalists for not asking questions that Jose wants you to ask, it drives him insane, and I love it.

    frowning Jokerfrowning Joker23 dager siden
  • spurs sacked pochetino for this man ???? spurs will have regrets for the rest of their lives!!! kane and son should leave tottenham and go to big clubs like man utd,real madrid,juventus,ac milan,bayern munich and barcelona!!!

    Shehzad JanbocusShehzad Janbocus23 dager siden
  • This guy is just pure drama.

    alsunpilsutalsunpilsut23 dager siden
  • What is this moron on about mans lost his mind

    Regan DiffinRegan Diffin23 dager siden
  • The fat lady is warming up backstage....

    Larry VidinLarry Vidin23 dager siden
  • He ditched the Top 4 question using Ole’s comments as an excuse. So low of you Jose!

    Red DevilRed Devil23 dager siden
  • This salty guy needs to retire

    Harris BHarris B23 dager siden
  • I’m happy his father is a better person then ole🤣🤣 what the fuck

    TaylorJSTaylorJS23 dager siden
  • How in the world could you have gotten a different result that you would deserve different from losing??? Your team were sh** today!!! Not even average! Any result, besides a Man United victory, would’ve been undeserved for Tottenham!

    Red DevilRed Devil23 dager siden
  • I just came here to laugh.Hahahahahahaha

    David MoogarDavid Moogar23 dager siden
  • Bread is bread, Cheese is cheese, Shit football is shit football.

    huntingforwifihuntingforwifi23 dager siden
  • Mourinho stopped focusing and working on tactics, coaching, training and finding the right players on his last year in Real Madrid. From then on he started thinking and talking about ethics, psychology, luck, isolated mistakes even social problems. That was the death of that great manager...

    JokCharJokChar23 dager siden
  • Mourinho taking the moral high ground after sending players out to influence the referee in both the league games. Lamela, Son and all over the pitch.

    Rik MukherjeeRik Mukherjee23 dager siden
  • Lucky Ole didn't give you face towel to wipe your tears. Football saltbae

    NickNick23 dager siden
  • Done out here,bitter loser

    Dan KellmanDan Kellman23 dager siden
  • Professional drama actors ! Like we say in Asia Cat is cat and dog is dog ... hahaha and cheat IS cheat ! A father hate his son being a cheat 😎

    XO XOXO XO23 dager siden
  • Sounds like he said the stuff about ole not feeding his kids so he could ignore the question about son and top 4 and walk out

    George LoganGeorge Logan23 dager siden
  • He's R A T T L E D. 🤣

    SlavenSlaven23 dager siden
  • I think Manchester United will win the match.

    Oudom GamingOudom Gaming23 dager siden
  • Hope son is recovery from an incident hope his chin is ok hope he got a nice breakfast this morning.

    Babin ThapaBabin Thapa23 dager siden
  • José is on an edge of a cliff wobbling. The Everton game is huge.

    Kelso HuntKelso Hunt23 dager siden
  • Better person ? Ha ha ! He is like a spoiled brat 🤣

    ArneArne23 dager siden
  • This is why I would want Mourinho to stay at Tottenham. Whether we do well or not. No guarantee that replacing Mourinho will bring success. It could easily backfire. At least with Mourinho we get the drama, like this. Plus, he wins trophies.

    D FidD Fid23 dager siden
  • Bitter Jose

    Nava RajNava Raj23 dager siden
  • Jose destroys every team he touches

    Perpetual MorphoPerpetual Morpho23 dager siden
  • He should giving up on being manager

    Perpetual MorphoPerpetual Morpho23 dager siden
  • I'm not to blame for anything because I'm Jose the fraud on 15m a year.. Last week the players were to blame & this week they were good 🙄🙄 That's why no one believes a word he says anymore, washed up and finished

    Alan O FlynnAlan O Flynn23 dager siden
  • A living legend, this man.

    Michael PillayMichael Pillay23 dager siden
  • "Bread is bread n cheese is cheese" Yes Jose and salt is salt and boy does it flow 😂🤣

    Phix75Phix7523 dager siden
  • Mourinho was a good manager, was successful, was , its all past, I hope he was manager of Tottenham soon.

    official Vanilla Muffins sugar oi! channelofficial Vanilla Muffins sugar oi! channel23 dager siden
  • Jose in the mud

    R. AkhtemiichukR. Akhtemiichuk23 dager siden
  • 8:02

    T MoonT Moon23 dager siden
  • Because I sink a father, I'm a father. SINK ME.

    tanmoy baltanmoy bal23 dager siden
  • Son is a cheat your a has been you lost to a better team get over your self ....

    Joe DixonJoe Dixon23 dager siden
  • He is an absolutely shit...using ole comments as an excuse🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nirmal Kumar UPadhyaNirmal Kumar UPadhya23 dager siden
  • Jose pack the bus

    Omar IbrahimOmar Ibrahim23 dager siden
  • Mouriho team tried cheating like always and still got slapped up

    muhammad ossenbaccusmuhammad ossenbaccus23 dager siden
  • joke manager

    gaz elliottgaz elliott23 dager siden
  • Didnt know what he was trying to say his english is better than that lol

    Peter TuckwellPeter Tuckwell23 dager siden
  • Its a metaphor jose! It refers to attitude! Its not like no food for son literally! Oh by the way son and spurs attitude sucked!! Trying the con job again on united!!

    Prashant RamakrishnanPrashant Ramakrishnan23 dager siden
  • JM Players are cheaters Lamela at OT and today Son fell down as if he;s been hit by a truck. BTW Is Son ok or is he in the ICU.

    iqbal beeharryiqbal beeharry23 dager siden
  • angry jose

    Abdifetah I. OmarAbdifetah I. Omar23 dager siden

    Eli NaddEli Nadd23 dager siden
  • While I agree mourinho over reacted to Ole’s comment. What I don’t get is the hypocrisy of ole, he doesn’t say a word when his players start diving.

    Cee WhyCee Why23 dager siden
  • Spurs has the best attacking players and middle field. Benching deli Ali is wrong men very wrong. I guess his i jured...spurs is not different as when Poch last finishup. Poch started great but ended bad. José rebuilding on style and tactics is not really working out. He will lose Kane and probable Ali and maybe Son later and Spurs is done.

    Didi DadaDidi Dada23 dager siden
  • Guardiola is right . He says he is winning the league because of the money Man City had. It’s not too much difference with Man Utd. Man Utd won Tottenham because Man Utd had deeper pockets to get the quality players

    SkySky23 dager siden
    • No spurs were 2 bob

      Martin DugganMartin Duggan23 dager siden
    • CRY

      Ish 1993Ish 199323 dager siden
  • if i were one of the journalists... but who's the cheese you or ole ? 😂

  • This guy is finished. He was world class before, but not anymore honestly.

    Cee WhyCee Why23 dager siden
  • Ole has done a Fergie on him. Jose just needs the headphones and he's Kevin Keegan..heads gone!!

    James BaileyJames Bailey23 dager siden
    • The reason why Mourinho loses the dressing room is that the players want to play football and get involved in gamesmanship.

      yasio boloyasio bolo19 dager siden
  • F*ck your logic Mou, Ole meant something completely different. You just don't have any other excuse

    Shodilbek NiiazovShodilbek Niiazov23 dager siden