Top Gear - Funniest Moments from Series 20

Funniest moments from the 20th series of Top Gear UK.




  • I’m sure we all did this in computer rooms at 0:20

    Jamezzz 003Jamezzz 003Dag siden
  • Nothing wrong with weapons

    latex glovelatex glove2 dager siden
  • so funny when Richard says I havn't gotta passport just some weapons and James lets him through

    Skibble DazzleSkibble Dazzle2 dager siden
  • nice steely dan- rikki dont lose that number at the end

    Maxy PantsMaxy Pants2 dager siden
  • That 'Chuffart' segment. Pure, immature, schoolboy degeneracy. And I fucking love it.

    Su-SanoSu-Sano5 dager siden
  • "Hammond more lift!" Hammond was completely under water

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment5 dager siden
  • The amount of money they spend to Not be safe on this show due to legal fees triumphs any shows spendings on safety features by far.

    Benji WayneBenji Wayne6 dager siden
  • What was me memories that stood with them?

    Marklanchvar32Marklanchvar327 dager siden
  • That's enough NOcds for today I'm off to go watch some Top Gear.

    BlackateerBlackateer8 dager siden
  • Jisthink kids nowa days will have no idea the memories of belly laughing on a Sunday night watching these 3 good days

    Scott ByrneScott Byrne8 dager siden
  • Kids when the school vacation is over: 5:21

    SupersonicbroSupersonicbro9 dager siden
  • Hello lads welcome to bottom gear

    Guha AmudhanGuha Amudhan10 dager siden
  • The expression on May's face as he laughs, while Geremy's van disintegrates is priceless.🤣👍

    Darryl JentzDarryl Jentz10 dager siden
  • We've got to save it save it. We've got a bit of flooding back here

    Rosanna WongRosanna Wong11 dager siden
  • I love how nobody in the comments seems to have caught on to what was going on in the scene where they are in a park at night flashing their lights lmfaoooo

    Zack MatulisZack Matulis15 dager siden
  • Anyone know where I can get a mail-order stig?

    Tom HaywardTom Hayward15 dager siden
  • Can someone give me a timestamp for the thumbnail?

    627283 8383627283 838315 dager siden
  • 5:17 I need to see some context

    Bruh modeBruh mode18 dager siden
  • 0:40

    SpencySpency21 dag siden
  • 0:13 What did James get so starteled by?

    Chef EggChef Egg26 dager siden
  • I did not expect to ever hear Hammond say Darth Vader.

    TibisTibis26 dager siden
  • the doggin carpark bit always makes me laugh (squeek squeek squeek, this is so dirty)

    Jesse BellaJesse Bella26 dager siden
  • 0:40 Jeremy: “Uhh right, James is in the wrong car…” James: “cOCK” 😂😂😂

    AspectF1AspectF127 dager siden
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    chrono triggerchrono trigger28 dager siden
  • “A very big catastrophe has befallen me” -Jeremy Clarkson, Caravan challenge

    XanderRoccoXanderRoccoMåned siden
  • 8:34 how calmy james says 'I've spun!"

    No sorryNo sorryMåned siden
  • 05:20

    Lucas WilsonLucas WilsonMåned siden
  • I'm gonna use the youtube algorithm in my favor It works, ya know?

    King IfritKing IfritMåned siden
  • What is this new Monty Python film called?

    Mr. TomcoreMr. TomcoreMåned siden
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    Mato FeroMato FeroMåned siden
  • Anyone more annoying than the fella of smaller stature 7:31. He'd still be annoying at 6ft.

    Ally BammaAlly BammaMåned siden
  • "Uhh, right. James is in the wrong car." "cock"

    Mindy BindyMindy BindyMåned siden
  • I hope they cleaned all that trash up

    Matty CMatty CMåned siden
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    Erica MurphyErica MurphyMåned siden
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    Maral AlidoostiMaral AlidoostiMåned siden
  • 5:24 my new screensaver

    Eve PaylerEve PaylerMåned siden
  • 5:21 I CANT

    Luis Tomás OrozcoLuis Tomás OrozcoMåned siden
  • Warwick.. bit of a prick really.

    Benja hagaBenja hagaMåned siden
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    Picard DobbinsPicard DobbinsMåned siden
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    matthew Waldmanmatthew WaldmanMåned siden
  • „I’m Lufthansa. The gates are closed.“ „Can you open them?“ „Nein“

    Alexander ZippelAlexander ZippelMåned siden
  • Love the Steely Dan outro. Any Major Dude

    microdotmicrodotMåned siden
  • Years ago, Top Gear used to be good.

    Cool VideosCool VideosMåned siden
  • My father is a former caravanner and he almost passed out laughing at the caravan scene in the end :D

    Wille KorhonenWille KorhonenMåned siden
  • "Oh! A very big catastrophe has befallen me!"

    SpookyAnalysisSpookyAnalysisMåned siden
  • Does anyone know what happens to james hand at 0:14 ?

    bob robertsbob robertsMåned siden
    • who is jimmy

      AkiaraAkiara24 dager siden
  • If Jimmy said that know he'd get canceled on Twitter

    D1nesh._22D1nesh._22Måned siden
    • whos that

      AkiaraAkiara24 dager siden
  • what episode is the clip at 5:23 from?

    GramerDimGramerDimMåned siden
  • Her: He’s probably hanging out with others girls. Me and the boys:

    506 YT506 YTMåned siden
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    Evan OukEvan OukMåned siden
  • You are acting like a f****** kit

    Brenden MalzardBrenden MalzardMåned siden
  • You moved

    Brenden MalzardBrenden MalzardMåned siden
  • 4:04 now i know why his olways acting like this....this man can shoot out his arse..

    Amos LalrpaAmos LalrpaMåned siden
  • "The memories were still with us." No thoughts. Heads empty.

    MikestionMikestionMåned siden
  • More powah

    Insert NameInsert NameMåned siden
  • "Uhh, right James is in the wrong car..... COCK!!"

    Fred SchriksFred SchriksMåned siden

    Melena SarikovMelena SarikovMåned siden
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    Renee DRenee DMåned siden
  • 0:55

    Dylan BlackDylan BlackMåned siden
  • 7:50 ist the best scene ever, i swear😂

    TobyTobyMåned siden
  • Recorded horizontally:)

    Dave EllisDave EllisMåned siden
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    chrono triggerchrono triggerMåned siden
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    Jim SnyderJim SnyderMåned siden
  • 4:01 Perfect timing

    RedRedMåned siden
  • Funny how obama and Darth Vader are comparable...both are evil

    Phat-motoXerPhat-motoXerMåned siden
  • nob-ends... specially the one with the big floppy beer-gut

    Simon PainterSimon PainterMåned siden
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    Tomkin PartenTomkin PartenMåned siden
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    Demeter NeuzilDemeter NeuzilMåned siden
  • from top gear

    Ni Putu ChristinaNi Putu ChristinaMåned siden
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    Jinx IttyJinx IttyMåned siden
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    Jinx IttyJinx IttyMåned siden
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    Evan OukEvan OukMåned siden
  • 10:50 🤣🤣🤣

    SkoolSkull66SkoolSkull662 måneder siden
  • Modern day air port

    Lucky LucyLucky Lucy2 måneder siden
  • Jimmy is a legend

    Joshua WarbyJoshua Warby2 måneder siden
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    vfg nhjvfg nhj2 måneder siden
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    vfg nhjvfg nhj2 måneder siden
  • how could they left top gear! since they gone i nevee watchd any episode of top gear miss them a lot!

    TopMotorsTopMotors2 måneder siden
  • Cock.

    China ManChina Man2 måneder siden
  • so i assume they went to a dogging car park

    STAR ee KnightSTAR ee Knight2 måneder siden
  • Great show. Need to revisit some of the later Top Gear they did. Can't remember hardly any of this with the exception of the Hover Van.

    Craig TaylorCraig Taylor2 måneder siden
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    Joshua RuleJoshua Rule2 måneder siden
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    Joshua RuleJoshua Rule2 måneder siden
  • 8:06 girls when you show them your bionicle collection

    SRtheBOXSRtheBOX2 måneder siden
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    Emma SpanswickEmma Spanswick2 måneder siden
  • It was released on my birthday

    SCP5007DESCP5007DE2 måneder siden
  • Hat penis XDD

    -Omega Zero--Omega Zero-2 måneder siden
  • Less than three minutes in & 4 adverts, thanks for ruining the experience

    matt smedleymatt smedley2 måneder siden
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    Brian KozlowskiBrian Kozlowski2 måneder siden
  • Is nobody going to point out a pair of fur-lined handcuffs in James caravan right in the end of the video? That's... kinky.

    Аня ШакалАня Шакал2 måneder siden
  • can someone explain to me the Phil Mitchell thing at 5:15?

    Yi Yang LiuYi Yang Liu2 måneder siden
  • Jimmy Car to Warwick Davis "I don't know what powers you people have" had me dying. In 2013 ok but imagine if someone said that in 2021 Cancelled real quick 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    ClippedClipped2 måneder siden
  • These guys are crazy.

    William BurroughsWilliam Burroughs2 måneder siden
  • TSA: "You got a passport?" Him: "I haven't got a passport. I just some weapons and some concealed drugs." TSA: "Alright, you're good."

    William BurroughsWilliam Burroughs2 måneder siden
  • From 9:53 is hilarious. Belly laughs allround.

    SubjectRandomSubjectRandom2 måneder siden
  • 7:20. If the little fkr can't drive a normal car. Then he obviously shouldn't.

    Barry BurkaBarry Burka2 måneder siden
  • Nein

    Schrayy 05Schrayy 052 måneder siden
  • 3:09 Jeremy Clarkson invented Kaylew, I guess.

    Brian HebertBrian Hebert2 måneder siden