After spending a few weeks making the huge new slopestyle dirt jumps for my compound, it was time to park that line for an episode to work on the airbag and trails line, because it's time for Ben to ride his BMX on at the compound which has traditionally always been for mountain bikes and dirt jump riding. So here's a build and ride episode where we build a sick new fly out for technical tricks, into a quarter pipe to then return into what I hope to be an epic trails line like the backyard trails.
Enjoy some build lapses and riding footage!
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Track: I Am OK - Vishmak [Audio Library Release]
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  • Name for this new section should be The 3 peaks!

    The Notoriu5The Notoriu53 dager siden
  • Do you have a link to that red bull hat?

    Dave VintDave Vint14 dager siden
  • Sick bro

    Lloyd MiskeyLloyd Miskey14 dager siden
  • you said to use the comments for ideas, why not watch life behind bars and get some inspiration from Brandons back yard :)

    CMCM14 dager siden
  • +>

    Kenny RobbertsKenny Robberts15 dager siden
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Kenny RobbertsKenny Robberts15 dager siden
  • Wth i never relised how good ben was at bmx !

    Harrison clarkeHarrison clarke16 dager siden
  • If u have enough speed and space u should build a loop-de-loop 😆

    Brayden BowmanBrayden Bowman16 dager siden
  • High altitude as a name for the whole compound ??

    ROSS VOGELROSS VOGEL16 dager siden
  • Is it Ben editing? Thought it was idk but I love how you faintly put in the buildlapse music and drop it perfectly it’s SO good

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni16 dager siden
  • Me seeing Ben for the first time in what seems like forever: just look at the specimen

    seeni gztyseeni gzty17 dager siden
  • Put a deck on top of the quater pipe have a drop of back side and to the left you could have a wall ride to transition into new line

    Alex ByneAlex Byne17 dager siden
  • I love Ben

    neffa101neffa10117 dager siden
  • honestly every time he does a trick(backflip, 360 whatever) it f**cking creeps me out!!!!

    Kat NaymanKat Nayman17 dager siden
  • What is the material he is using to cover the quarter pipe? (4x8 sheets of black rubber???)

    Nicolas ClementNicolas Clement17 dager siden
  • Who thinks he should add a wall ride connected to the new feature

    jay brazierjay brazier17 dager siden
  • What happened to the backyard trail?

    NatalityNatality17 dager siden
  • Call it Alps

    Marcel ZiółkowskiMarcel Ziółkowski17 dager siden
  • Call it the Gondola!

    VeloReconVeloRecon17 dager siden
  • Did he eat the part of the protein bar that fell on the ground though?

    Aaron ChicagoAaron Chicago17 dager siden
  • Unreal! Haha. How does that 'cut to explosion' never get old? 😂😂😂 gets me everytime! Hahaha

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu17 dager siden
  • Call the trail shack the death zone because the death zone is the highest section of Everest and the trail shack will be the one of the highest parts of the compound

    Nick BowmanNick Bowman18 dager siden
  • Call them the tri matts For the three jumps of matt

    Lielie JoosteLielie Jooste18 dager siden
  • And build then I filming tower and cool Big Ben

    Ben KuiperBen Kuiper18 dager siden
  • U should make the new jump into a spine

    Ben KuiperBen Kuiper18 dager siden
  • I’m waiting for another gnar wall like his lockdown backyard trails

    LST SwayzysLST Swayzys18 dager siden
  • Make it so you can jump from the quarter into that bank then make it so u can hip that jump ant the end

    Alex HughesAlex Hughes18 dager siden
  • Descender for the new line

    Ry RedpathRy Redpath18 dager siden
  • Hey man.. can you fit a 29 inch wheels on marin sanquentin 3?

    Eddy GonzalesEddy Gonzales18 dager siden
  • Surely the airbag-flyout-quarter has got to be named the 3 peaks

    willhindewillhinde18 dager siden
  • New line name: The Himalayas

    radsoysauceradsoysauce18 dager siden
  • Can u make a video and ride with Sam pilgrim

    Heck Yes.Heck Yes.18 dager siden
  • What's with all the measurements in feet? The UK went metric 50 years ago..

    minus 28minus 2818 dager siden
  • Please, get a new build-laps song

    Nick MeyringNick Meyring19 dager siden
  • Build a north shore skinny from the top of the quarter pipe to the top of k2

    lukas taylorlukas taylor19 dager siden

    lukas taylorlukas taylor19 dager siden
  • You should call it the ridge line because it keeps with the mountain theme and the line goes up and down just like a ridge line.

    Ace ScardignoAce Scardigno19 dager siden
  • For all of my Americans call it In an Out

    Dominic MorrisDominic Morris19 dager siden
  • Build mega spine, thanks

    hi80558hi8055819 dager siden
  • hey matt , got a challenge for you. i think would be cool if you went off your compound jumps and hit the jump straight but whiles your in mid air put your dropper seatpost up and land with it up to! thanks matt, keep up the good work.

    ZED MTBZED MTB19 dager siden
  • make the quarter into a spine

    endslayergamingendslayergaming19 dager siden
  • Maybe u mentioned this and I didn't hear it but...Turn the front of K2 into a curved wallride.

    XinrathionXinrathion19 dager siden
  • Go off the side of the quarter pipe into a landing that leads to a hip on K2

    Cj HendyCj Hendy19 dager siden
  • You should put the shack next to the quarter pipe and have the roof angled as a landing

    Issac WhitesideIssac Whiteside19 dager siden
    • Make sure the roof is sturdy

      Issac WhitesideIssac Whiteside19 dager siden
  • new bmx build should be called the "WALL" after the dawn wall

    Henry SummersideHenry Summerside19 dager siden
  • The SENDING zone! Like this so Matt sees it

    Robin NaymanRobin Nayman20 dager siden
  • Hey Matt, would love to know how wide your bars on your DJ are. Love the videos. Thanks

    The MOC GarageThe MOC Garage20 dager siden
  • @mattjones New section The escalator

    Dannysteve_0Dannysteve_020 dager siden
  • You could move the half pipe further back and lower. Providing more speed and then have a line going off each side.

    It's KitchIt's Kitch20 dager siden
  • mum: Son dinners ready... Matt: 10:00

    Crazy QucucmberCrazy Qucucmber20 dager siden
  • That horse on the background at 20:30 was not even convinced about those tricks, would like to see what kind of tricks he would pull out on those ramps :D

    MikeJMikeJ20 dager siden
  • More videos pleaase

    JinroJinro20 dager siden
  • Hoping to give me a use parts for my budget Mtb build.thank you very much 😊😊

    JinroJinro20 dager siden
  • Mount mulchmore.

    Daniel BaneDaniel Bane20 dager siden
  • Do a step up

    Oscars Veggie KitchenOscars Veggie Kitchen20 dager siden
  • Make a hip on the left side of k2 then another wooden kicker

    PJ RaczPJ Racz20 dager siden
  • Just got a sanquinten 2 would you want to hook me up with the usual upgrades lol ! Love the vids thanks matt

    aaron zaitzaaron zaitz20 dager siden
  • Mulcho Gracias

    safekrakasafekraka20 dager siden
  • I just had the best idea you should invite sam reynolds after you build the trails part because then Ben could ride the quarter the sam could ride the trails and Matt could ride the main line

    saraklyonssaraklyons20 dager siden
  • Do the rainbow on k2 cause then the quarter can go into a "spine" transfer on from out the quarter into k2

    GoobtubeGoobtube20 dager siden
  • Hey Matt please could you reply I’ve had a rough day and your vids make me smile so please reply 🥺😍

    Jamie ScottJamie Scott20 dager siden
  • the bunny garden or the launcher

    pi anomanpi anoman20 dager siden
  • Triple peaks cause three jumps in a row

    J BeezeeJ Beezee20 dager siden
  • Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania lmao - near Kenya tho

    KelseyDunnigan drangKelseyDunnigan drang20 dager siden
  • Do more backyard jumps

    Tarkyn BentonTarkyn Benton20 dager siden
  • Name the new zone "The Peak Bagger". That's someone who climbs many mtn peaks.

    The Captain's Cog - MTBMXThe Captain's Cog - MTBMX20 dager siden
  • You should review a polygon siskiu t7

    Jye WheatleyJye Wheatley20 dager siden
  • The new zone should be called the Masher!

    SquamexSquamex20 dager siden
  • You should add a bit of dirt to the end of the airbag to make it level with the ground and to make it smoother. And make a step down for the quarter.

    BIGEYEDBIRD OdsBIGEYEDBIRD Ods20 dager siden
  • How do you get your go pro angle right? I have that problem

    Sam FaulknerSam Faulkner20 dager siden
  • Dig a little pump strait after airbag and make it more flowy. Beacuse you have to jump off the air bag. :)

    Kacper WislaKacper Wisla20 dager siden
  • Red clay packs and builds better than anything I've seen but ik when I raced bmx ppl used to mix pine tar or elmer's glue with sand and surface the straights with it. Don't do this if it isn't permanent though, practically turns into concrete.

    zack bieglerzack biegler20 dager siden
  • You should make a pump track after that

    Luke RischmanLuke Rischman20 dager siden
  • Think Ben should try 360 bar tuck no on the bag then 180 bar fly out then wip round

    Alfie AllardAlfie Allard20 dager siden
  • When you build the trail shack call it base camp

    Oliver MalinOliver Malin20 dager siden
  • We may have lost the intro music but we still have the sacred build lapse music

    MTB_Angus_ 11MTB_Angus_ 1121 dag siden
  • To get to the trails to the left of the new mini table top you could gap transfer left off the new quarter pipe into another quarter pipe which could lead you back to the airbag

    Finn LewisFinn Lewis21 dag siden
  • Sick video bat jones 🦇

    EastAnglianBushcraftEastAnglianBushcraft21 dag siden
  • When you build a few new berms you will have to call them the Shralps. As in the Alps 🤣🤣

    Carl ConiumCarl Conium21 dag siden
  • i have the perfect mini bike for Ben its a mini bmx

    frankfurtfrankfurt21 dag siden
  • I'm 50 years old, and love this chanel

    Mike DrewettMike Drewett21 dag siden
  • Got to be a throwback to some UK Hills “The Three peaks” short and simple

    Josh LawrenceJosh Lawrence21 dag siden
  • build a hip out of the quarte maybe

    Lukas MayerLukas Mayer21 dag siden
  • after you land k2 use a wall ride to get to a table top with the landing being the quarter pipe.

    Cole SwarrCole Swarr21 dag siden
  • no one that horse in the background

    McShnyderMcShnyder21 dag siden
  • i think a good name for it would be the bobsled as they are based on mountis and its just a very fun mane for a feature like that

    ct monstrosityct monstrosity21 dag siden
  • Ive been binging your backyard lockdown videos this week and the change in hair length is shocking.

    Mathew AdamsMathew Adams21 dag siden
  • Mega spine on back of 2nd lander

    Thomas BennettThomas Bennett21 dag siden
  • Pyroclastic flow could be the name of some flowing trail line

    Merlin Evans-FrekeMerlin Evans-Freke21 dag siden
  • new book idea: where’s bens stem cap?

    Jackson WhittakerJackson Whittaker21 dag siden
  • Pull back jump from K2 take off to mega spine landing. You won't.

    Google AccountGoogle Account21 dag siden
  • 12 foot wide!? You can ride doubles on that!

    Daniel LangloisDaniel Langlois21 dag siden
  • Name the compound jones park

    thedudes1234 56thedudes1234 5621 dag siden
  • Random trick idea just came into my head (I don't have the skills or the airbag!) Lizard air - release left hand+right leg and swap for right hand+left leg and then land back on - ideally done with full neck extension - is this possible - could be a world first?!?!

    Christopher GregoryChristopher Gregory21 dag siden
  • Who else has seen the little sneak peak on his insta

    JI MTBJI MTB21 dag siden
  • Ben has become MWOAR powerful than you can possibly imagine #UnleashTheBen Actually a Ben take over vid would be LEGENDARY, make it happen lads. Keep being you lads :D

    Blowfeld20kBlowfeld20k21 dag siden
  • That doesn't look like treated timber they're using there

    blasphemyjgblasphemyjg21 dag siden
  • Name for the whole compound should be mountain range

    LewisPick101LewisPick10121 dag siden
  • It can only be named the tibetan plateau right?

    Tri CoreTri Core21 dag siden
  • Name for the new section: The Ridgeline! (ascending and descending)

    Andrè SkjeggestadAndrè Skjeggestad21 dag siden