This Fish Can Stick to Anything!

A Remora has a special feature that allows it to stick to virtually anything. Watch how well this remora sticks to Austin's face

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  • Wait is that thing alive I thought that was some kind of toy

    Deez nutz MDeez nutz M3 minutter siden
  • Suckerfish!!!! From animal croosing😂

    MH_ ALBI23MH_ ALBI2328 minutter siden
  • 日本の、テレビで。! 見た事ある。!!!

    片山大聖片山大聖Time siden
  • And that my fellow kids is a sucker fish 👏👏👏(really it is)

    Jaydah WoodhouseJaydah WoodhouseTime siden
  • My brother caught one yesterday when we when fish in the oceon

    GamerGirl ZoGamerGirl ZoTime siden
  • Its so uncomfartable to watch

    Himangsu D SonowalHimangsu D SonowalTime siden
  • Just kill it why don't ya

    thestu059thestu059Time siden
  • People : haha fish goes stickin' The Ramora : *water.. i need water..*

    Icy BUNツIcy BUNツTime siden
  • Fisherman: “sir! sir!” Me:*sweating* get me that fish Fisherman: “but sir we are all out of bait” Me: GET ME THAT FISH!

    Jose _Jose _Time siden
  • If we can’t see air but we can see water can fuss not see water but are able to see air?

    Luke SoutherlandLuke SoutherlandTime siden
  • Hell yea ima put one on my gooch

    Ho PatrolHo Patrol2 timer siden
  • This is the inspiration for the Pokémon remoraid

    Richards TV TVRichards TV TV2 timer siden
  • Samsung: let’s introduce the magfish accessory

    Alex MamedyAlex Mamedy2 timer siden
  • They just chilling while he dying

    Tanara HowardTanara Howard2 timer siden
  • I learned about that fish from the wild kratts

  • Marcilenes phone

    Rouge Painguin45Rouge Painguin452 timer siden

    Oofoof MaTtheWOofoof MaTtheW3 timer siden
  • 빨판상어인가

    Hos YosyosHos Yosyos3 timer siden
  • Everyone talking about the fish dying Me: "how am i going to cook that one broiled fried or pan seared?

    urfavgingaurfavginga3 timer siden
  • I caught one on animal crossing

    bubble lemonbubble lemon3 timer siden
  • I must be a baby because I absolutely can't stand touching fish. It's one of the few things that make me feel truly gross.

    _itsSlippy_itsSlippy4 timer siden
  • I thought that that was a rubber stick toy for a brief moment

    Trying to Reach 10k With no VideosTrying to Reach 10k With no Videos4 timer siden
  • How did you even catch one of them??

    The_Wandering_VikingThe_Wandering_Viking4 timer siden
  • Dude with fish on cheek: okay how do we get it off Him: *i dont think we can..*

    tsuyu asuitsuyu asui4 timer siden
  • Fun facts Remora is actually a fish which can stick to any surface. It usually sticks to the sharks to eat the remnants which will be left behinb by the sharks.

    charbell raucharbell rau4 timer siden
  • *animal crossing flash back*

    Karmen :3Karmen :35 timer siden
  • Is how to surprise so be careful then

    Eang TivEang Tiv5 timer siden
  • I thought that was plastic for a second 😂

  • It believe it’s a Remora

    Jo DemJo Dem6 timer siden
  • Anyone else though the fish was a rubber toy or was it just me?

    Idiotic RedundancyIdiotic Redundancy6 timer siden
  • 😟🤢🤮

    Christian leeChristian lee6 timer siden
  • OH that's an actual fish, thought it was some sort of rubber toy

    Im a Cow Moo Moo No More im a Pancake Squish SquishIm a Cow Moo Moo No More im a Pancake Squish Squish7 timer siden
  • I know its a remora bcuz of the pokemon: Remoraid

    《It's Joycelyn》《It's Joycelyn》7 timer siden
  • That's a sharksucker...

    EntwicklungEntwicklung7 timer siden
  • Kkk

  • Le fishé

    vinke sovinke so7 timer siden
  • remora fish

    Fritzzy LetsoinFritzzy Letsoin7 timer siden
  • Hola

    José Manuel Martinez AranaJosé Manuel Martinez Arana7 timer siden
  • Sirrr sirrrrrrrr!!!

    Almighty_ SNKRSAlmighty_ SNKRS7 timer siden
  • Gastura!

    Músicas safadas legender 😏❤Músicas safadas legender 😏❤7 timer siden

    Juan ValladolidJuan Valladolid8 timer siden
  • Why it

    Juan ValladolidJuan Valladolid8 timer siden
  • This man: sawcon fish Me: yeah, I think we have a new trend

    Toofast 4 UToofast 4 U8 timer siden
  • Don't remora have spikes or spines that are poisonous or something

    VenomVenom8 timer siden
  • I always wondered how they stayed so close with larger fish , now I know

    Betzy BrethourBetzy Brethour8 timer siden
  • Put him back in water

    enbygremlinenbygremlin8 timer siden
  • His wife later: WHO GAVE YOU THAT HICKEY!? Him: It's nothing, just that a fish sucked on my face.

    MAXMAX8 timer siden
  • Unik

    CAH NdesoCAH Ndeso9 timer siden
  • Wild krats showed me this 😞

    vverewolvezvverewolvez9 timer siden
  • He 's no chillin he's dying

    Lookass VeganLookass Vegan9 timer siden
  • A

    Opeoir VegasOpeoir Vegas9 timer siden
  • شو فائدة منها ممكن حدا يرد

    Ahmad Tallaa 2Ahmad Tallaa 29 timer siden
  • The animal crossing trauma these have brought LOL YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GETTING A SHARK!? NAH!

    M a S ¡  ツM a S ¡ ツ9 timer siden
  • 0:02

  • Se puede ser más pendejo, solo por diversión dejando morir un pobre animal.

    MMMM10 timer siden
  • Suction cup of the sea

    melina conrowmelina conrow10 timer siden
  • Fish: dying Hime: look at that chat

    DoggoPHDoggoPH10 timer siden
  • What if Tom Brady did that but that may make it cool making a fashionable thing lol

    Justin IngramJustin Ingram10 timer siden
  • The fish desperately trying to suck whatever water is on that mans face just to live a little longer.

    Abel AAbel A10 timer siden
  • Kinda cute

    Lk GaggieroLk Gaggiero10 timer siden
  • These are called sucker fish, I found that out in animal crossing. I’m awesome

    chris mazurchris mazur10 timer siden
  • Woooo

    Lester LoubetLester Loubet10 timer siden
  • This fish is the shark best friend

    Naeem RezkNaeem Rezk10 timer siden
  • Fish: **dying asking the Humans to put him back in** Humans: **nae nae for 3 min straight and says the Fish is Chilling**

    BaligongBaligong10 timer siden
  • Josuke fish.

    Manuel OcoroManuel Ocoro11 timer siden
  • It’s not a toy. Put him back in the ocean. He’s suffocating.

    William SmithWilliam Smith11 timer siden
  • Jesus was crucified , bore our sins in his body, he rose from the dead in 3 days, trust in him and gain eternal life. Without him we are lost.

    iLoveJesuschristiLoveJesuschrist11 timer siden
  • Revora?

    Tamás Martin TóthTamás Martin Tóth11 timer siden
  • Oh, it's spiderfihs

    Каролевский ВладимирКаролевский Владимир11 timer siden
  • Maybe you should put him back in the water so he can breath, how about we hold you under the water and play with you until where done, think about how the fish feels guys, be smarter

    Live Love LifeLive Love Life11 timer siden
  • I got it in animal crossing

    Not Today SatanNot Today Satan12 timer siden
  • Its dying

    Honey ThakurHoney Thakur12 timer siden
  • *Dies in animal crossing*

    ♤RiverTea♧♤RiverTea♧12 timer siden
  • Hey guys, Billy Mays here to talk to you about an unbelievable new product called fish stick!

    Ryan RandallRyan Randall12 timer siden
  • The fish: I NEED ḀͦI̥ͦR̥ͦ 🅗︎🅔︎🅛︎🅟︎ Also the fish: Oh, you want a kiss?

    Ichi NiIchi Ni12 timer siden
  • He saved the fish from drowning 😍

    Neli LemonNeli Lemon13 timer siden
  • I hate these because of animal crossing

    Somya JacobsSomya Jacobs13 timer siden
  • Dear lord I thought he was holding a baby dolphins xD

    Delxis { Enchantment of Nightmares }Delxis { Enchantment of Nightmares }13 timer siden
  • Dislike!!!!!!

    claudio meytalclaudio meytal13 timer siden
  • I'm getting flashbacks to that woman who tried to eat a live octupos

    russell tanrussell tan14 timer siden
  • if drake was a fish

    WhitecqrWhitecqr14 timer siden
  • sure hes "chilling"

    Matox U.Matox U.14 timer siden
  • Can we stop killing ocean life for content?

    PeterPeter14 timer siden
  • Fun fact: these fish swim with sharks the Sharks don't mind because they know they're just doing their job to clean the body

    《Dark Bloom》《Dark Bloom》14 timer siden
  • Small fishes: what happens if a human catches us You get crucified to a human's cheek

    Steel_cowSteel_cow14 timer siden
  • Anything aye 😉

    William ChristianWilliam Christian15 timer siden
  • 0:02

    lordshogun11lordshogun1115 timer siden
  • Beautiful 💚

  • I still wait for the sir siiir

    Kaan DenizKaan Deniz15 timer siden
  • You killed it for a NOcds video.

    Dan Joseph CamongolDan Joseph Camongol15 timer siden
  • I like how he holds the fish and equips him on his inventory

    Zeph [Orca Two Argo] SSB2Zeph [Orca Two Argo] SSB215 timer siden
  • Me knowing that fish from animal crossing new horizons

    Noa JoneaNoa Jonea15 timer siden
  • djfhv

    Chinh Phuc MaiChinh Phuc Mai15 timer siden
  • Don’t mind the suffocating fish because you need the video 😠

    I Just Changed My NameI Just Changed My Name16 timer siden
  • He:" Right side, right side." Another he:"HEHE FISH GO BRRRR."

    Your MomYour Mom16 timer siden
  • I know what this fish is because of that wild kratts game I played so many years ago

    SkrelemorSkrelemor16 timer siden