The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Animator: Mike Ridolfi ( )
3D Animator: Eli (social handle: TwisterEli)
Sound: Graham Haerther ( )
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel

[6] .

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:


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  • The response to this video has been huge. One of our biggest videos ever. We worked our ass off on these animations. Big shout out to Mike and Eli, our stellar animators. Also big thanks to Curiosity Stream, without them we simple would not have the budget to make something this ambitious. If you liked this video, you will love that Armstrong documentary on CS. It gives me some serious goals to work towards. Packed with information and beautiful story telling.

    Real EngineeringReal Engineering4 måneder siden
    • it landed hahahahhahahah

    • I just signed up for Curiosity Stream and Nebula mostly for you and other youtuber content, but I also really wanted to watch the Armstrong biography and it says "not available in your country" :/ What kind of BS is that?!? I'm in Europe.. I thought it was an independent open platform

      Theodore NicolouliasTheodore NicolouliasMåned siden
    • Dont tell insane...its....omg

    • Basically when i watch your video i've really the impression that you've participated to the test and the add of feature on the rover .😁 Otherwise with you i learn a bunch of scientific terms in english and most of to understand what some complex concepts .🙂 Additionally i'm eager to other research on Perseverance rover because it such inspirating and full of surprise 😲

      HisokaHisokaMåned siden
    • I try to comprehend, but it's too much at one time to understand. There's too much! I would need to learn this material in parts, but thank you. I will keep trying

      Tom BurnsTom Burns2 måneder siden
  • This launch and landing was such an experience! Glad I watched it live!

    SevoSevo4 dager siden
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  • What the hell is “chube” ? And “Chuneable” 🥴🥴

    Abdul RafayAbdul Rafay9 dager siden
  • What's really neat is my name is aboard that rover. To know that my name is engraved on something 350 million miles away on another planet is pretty cool. How many of you guys took part in that?

    youandi06youandi0610 dager siden
  • Can you imagine if NASA left the keys to that thing here on earth by accident. 😂

    Salvatore CorleoneSalvatore Corleone10 dager siden
  • Time to play KSP again i guess...

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  • Wow I was so u aware the collective progression of manki d journey into the stars was all out you, well lesson learned then some youber that shows Nasa viseos it's about him not the achievements of thousands of people.

    liveukliveuk12 dager siden
  • 0:22 rocket launch 2:02 intro 2:40 wheels 3:18 landing 4:34 jezero crater 4:55 perseverance power 6:39 the perseverance rover uses 4.8 kg. Of plutonium dioxide 8:24 how iss make water??? 9:26 Scroll Compressor 10:08 how does moxie work??? 11:05 battery reserve

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  • All my school is showing us right now is a bunch of things of Disneyland so I just clicked on this video so I actually start learning online school sucks

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  • Our future life on Mars... a planet where with insane greenhouse gas filled atmosphere the temperature is about -80C ??? Well go there if you want... I like going outside without a space suit... also I wonder if the people who put lithium-ion batteries in the rover and the helicopter have considered what it would take to keep those at usable temperature... :D

    Zoltán KozmaZoltán Kozma17 dager siden
  • Super very interesting sir. Thanks for the video i learn today love it thanks

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  • 1:30 2:19

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  • U.s is way ahed of China

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  • Quality shit

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    • Idiot

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  • A realistic recreation of Perseverance and Skycrane in simplerockets 2!

    Simplerockets OrbitalSimplerockets Orbital19 dager siden
  • why are you saying NASA and JPL ? instead of NASA JPL

    Raghavendra SinghRaghavendra Singh23 dager siden
  • Nasa is brilliant..🙏🙏👍👍

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  • THE INSANITY CONTINUES ... Where NASA rovers continually let us down: No *ground penetrating radar* OR drone to do a *recce* *poor cameras* *appauling zoom* _et al_ resolution *Some scattered seeds would be nice to see if they sprouted.* _For the children_ What about a *spare battery for perseverence's to be replaced remotely?* Why not leave a *mirror* so we can *bounce a laser off it.* Finally, if it had its own mobile or YT Channel it could *randomly send photos to subs* so u feel u are taking part and children (who believe in this crap) could send *good luck messages* Come to think of it they don't spend much on tech do they a good mobile phone is *under $1000* OR do much *science* as they purport to do!

    john johnjohn john26 dager siden
    • 1. Processing these images is very energy intensive 2. Mars's soil lacks the compounds, elements, and vital nutrients that plants require like nitrogen and phosphorus. Plus, Mars has very toxic perchlorate salts, would you like to snort that? 3. Did you even watch the video? Perseverance has two lithium-ion batteries, a nuclear battery, and it has a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. 4. It does have ground penetrating radar . . . 5. A NASA rover NOcds channel . . . that's brilliant! Your ideas will never be forgotten by the world of science and engineering!

      Vincent PhanVincent Phan4 dager siden
    • Unless we know more about the Martian soil, we can't grow plants.

      Darth FlashDarth Flash10 dager siden
    • And perseverance has a good battery system already. It can't randomly keep sending images unless you have a powerful radar to pick it up. Light takes 10 min to reach perseverance. And the signal is weak. Thus, you need a very powerful radar.

      Darth FlashDarth Flash10 dager siden
    • It is not crap. It is a mind blowing piece of technology. High resolution pictures are energy intensive. Ground penetrating radar is 1. Not light 2. Not cheap. Of course NASA is working on going to Mars now that they've gotten more information. They'll then bring ground penetrating radar.

      Darth FlashDarth Flash10 dager siden
    • If you feel you can do a better job, Please send a rover that costs hundreds of millions of dollars and transport it more than hundreds of millions of miles away with only a 4 billion dollar budget.

      Darth FlashDarth Flash10 dager siden
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  • I just signed up to Curiosity Stream and Nebula mostly for you and other youtuber content, but I also really wanted to watch the Armstrong biography and it says "not available in your country" :/ What kind of BS is that?!? I'm in Europe.. I thought it was an independent open platform

    Theodore NicolouliasTheodore NicolouliasMåned siden
  • Can you do one on Zhurong/tianwen-1 too? I really want to know more about it :)

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  • I love this Irish Dialect, takes me back, but I cannot get used to the way you pronounce "Mars", where's the A? I can't hear it, sounds like "Merce" - haha

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  • what if the space station burnt the methane to make co2 to then recycle into o2 and c?

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  • The US should triple the Mars budget to fast track the Mars development.

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  • That's pretty amazing

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  • China too landed on Mars maybe without all these "insane" engineering. I mean if you have money you can manage all these technology and go to Mars. Looks like they make such videos to frighten or demotivate others.

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  • Perceverance pour chercher les maudit virus please. Ont sans fou de vos planète des millions pour quoi ,pour qui .mrd.

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  • How am I just seeing this video now!? This is the most amazing wheeled vehicle in human history, thank you for this amazing video Real Emgineering.

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  • After landing the rover, where did that flying mini drone that was attached to the rover go???

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  • NASA Team is the best 👍👍😊🙏

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  • actually, curiosity got a firmware update making it able to find its own path around obstacles

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  • Absolutely incredible. Truly enjoyed it. Plus perfect voice behind video.

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  • It a nuclear aircraft carrier

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  • If you think about it , perseverance is technically a nuclear aircraft carrier

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  • All I’m worried about when it comes to oxygenating mars’s atmosphere is wether or not Mars is able to keep its atmosphere. Isn’t there a theory that mars’s weak magnetosphere allowed the solar wind to blow away the atmosphere? Of course I could be wrong and then my only worry defaults to if the gravity could allow for an atmosphere dense enough to bother oxygenating it.

    Anton berkbiglerAnton berkbiglerMåned siden
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  • This will be useful for KSP

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  • 25 years ago renner Pathfinder? I remember being a kid that summer watching the take off on TV . Amazing how far we've come!

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  • Everything about ‘real engendering’s video’s is beautifully made and thoroughly made and presented.a true eye and mind candy

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  • Basically when i watch your video i've really the impression that you've participated to the test and the add of feature on the rover .😁 Otherwise with you i learn a bunch of scientific terms in english and most of to understand what some complex concepts .🙂 Additionally i'm eager to other research on Perseverance rover because it such inspirating and full of surprise 😲 .

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  • Awesome video, thank you.

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  • 9:33 "Scroll Compressor"? Nah, that's a Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf "G" compressor.

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  • 15:15 WE included...... who is WE???!!!

    Danton WittkowskiDanton Wittkowski2 måneder siden
    • We is JPL who made the rover and JPL is apart of NASA.

      RawallenRawallen15 dager siden
  • I love what is happening on Mars. Part of me thinks, though, before we spend all that money on a manned flight there, why don't we devote that money to terraforming the deserts on Earth lol.

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  • Interstellar with "MERS" Cooper : those aren't mountains that's hersh mershian atmosphere. Cooper : Mærf Dr Brand: rage rage against falling apart from hursh marshian atmosphere. Dr Mann: cooper I was feeling apert from hersh mershian atmosphere.

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    • Moxie is just a small scale device... Maybe in the future Nasa will send a bigger device to further studies...

      Fulvian Yudha ManggalaFulvian Yudha Manggala2 måneder siden
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    starcastle22 22 Lomitasstarcastle22 22 Lomitas2 måneder siden
    • They are not searching for life they are searching for past life but the possibility of there being microbial life on Mars is high.

      RawallenRawallen15 dager siden
  • Perseverance rover has already found signs of mOre intelligent life on Mars than a flat earth conference.

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