viisaus #shorts




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  • the thing is you have wisdom so uh

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  • He is back on youtube? Please say yes

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  • Vsos

    wenregebwenregeb14 timer siden
  • Synchronization?

    Jose CorletoJose Corleto20 timer siden
  • V sus

    saltysalty22 timer siden
  • It just sounds like pewdiepie saying vsauce🤣

    Joey QuintileJoey QuintileDag siden
  • Try to translate “show us” into Swedish

    Felix LindellFelix LindellDag siden
  • Suomi mainittu. Tortillat avataan.

    PastoriPastoriDag siden
  • Search “English to Igbo” Type in “cat”

    magnus31magnus31Dag siden
  • Coincidence? I think NOT!

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  • Who Else is from finland? 🤔

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  • Ok. Whaaaaaattttttt!!!

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    • text

      Njzfnmzvpj UuxjpjgsceNjzfnmzvpj UuxjpjgsceDag siden

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  • Massive flex

    Ili Zamil AmzarIli Zamil AmzarDag siden
  • Ok, now this crosses the line... The Finnish line.

    Spinner891Spinner891Dag siden
  • No-one: People from Finland: "Hey, Wisdom Michael here..."

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  • I shall get the thousandth comment

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  • I’m getting 1000 weather you want me too or not

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    • It's whether

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  • I think I’m the 10000th comment

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  • Gonna be me

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  • I’m gonna be the ten thousandth

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  • I’m gonna be the 10000th comment

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  • 10,000th! Screw being first, I’ll take 10’000

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    • No one cares

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  • 😳

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  • this is proof that Vsauce dispenses wisdom

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  • Hard bars like not knowing how far the stars are

    Ryan WhoRyan WhoDag siden
  • That’s dope

    Aden OwensAden Owens2 dager siden
  • Torilla tavataan :D

    VuhkaisuVuhkaisu2 dager siden
  • Theres a Finnish song that has this in it: Viisaus ei asu meissä (Wisdom doesnt live in us) And funny meme man animated it as Vsauce peeking out of overwatch Mei So now the entire comment section is full of that lmao (Funny meme man = Pupupuuro)

    Meemi MiesMeemi Mies2 dager siden
  • That ultra satisfying "say waaaaaaat" tho ✨

    Vaibhav AgarwalVaibhav Agarwal2 dager siden
  • veesouws

    ElijahBlueFishElijahBlueFish2 dager siden
  • saay whAAAAAAt

    GreenStrqfeGreenStrqfe2 dager siden
  • i’m so tired that I read it as the Finnish confidence.. how’s your morning going

    Spidercam818Spidercam8182 dager siden
  • A Finnish Vsauce is called wisdom!

    Bread From the Dimension of Frosted PlantsBread From the Dimension of Frosted Plants2 dager siden
  • haha

    CarloCarlo2 dager siden

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  • Why isn't it '#Vshorts'

    Mr KMr K2 dager siden
  • I hear Vsaus Wisdom

    [темнота]-[#NightOwl][темнота]-[#NightOwl]2 dager siden
  • Torille!

    Kasper JoonatanKasper Joonatan2 dager siden
    • With age comes viisaus

      dolita windodolita windo2 dager siden
  • Speaking of Finland, Bordertown is an excellent show

    yongeWokyongeWok2 dager siden
  • Such a coincidence

    UnderGround CYco2000UnderGround CYco20002 dager siden
    • As a French person, i can comment that Sauce is great anyway.

      dolita windodolita windo2 dager siden
  • cant wait for this to get recommended to my grand sons

    Eisa AburobEisa Aburob2 dager siden
  • wow

    BashTFBashTF2 dager siden
  • Memers in my country calling Jesus as Gsauce...

    Yūjīn'āru KunnnYūjīn'āru Kunnn2 dager siden
  • V sus

    Bruh Moment-umBruh Moment-um2 dager siden
  • v sus!!!!11!

    1992EfiniRX71992EfiniRX72 dager siden
  • Nice clone high reference at the end

    FukitsuFukitsu2 dager siden
  • Welllll fucking hell! I'm Finnish so how I didn't realize this way before!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    FullemonXFullemonX2 dager siden
  • Vsus

    Ice NoseIce Nose2 dager siden
  • That's it?

    Konrad GajewskiKonrad Gajewski2 dager siden
  • *I have been summoned*

    Token Finnish GuyToken Finnish Guy2 dager siden
  • Lol cool

    Finnley -Finnley -3 dager siden
  • As a French person, i can comment that Sauce is great anyway.

    LeDocteurGonzoLeDocteurGonzo3 dager siden
  • With age comes viisaus

    Luke StatenLuke Staten3 dager siden
  • Im finn and never made this connection but now my mind is blown lmao

    Sonja RaSonja Ra3 dager siden
  • Ah yes, Vee Sus

    Gay Actor Joaquín PhoenixGay Actor Joaquín Phoenix3 dager siden
  • Nice

    Dvs 14Dvs 143 dager siden
  • perkele!

    Jacek Blach SiewierskiJacek Blach Siewierski3 dager siden
  • Captain Vsauce: Finland ... Assemble!

    dolita windodolita windo3 dager siden
    • BE GONE!

      Muffin manMuffin man2 dager siden
  • Wise would work even better Wise = viisas and that soulds even more like vsauce to me.

    petteri homopetteri homo3 dager siden
  • There are no such things as coincidences

    Talk NERDY To Me ASMRTalk NERDY To Me ASMR3 dager siden
  • Im finnish

    EemiEemi3 dager siden
  • Torille!!!!

    Patrik FilanderPatrik Filander3 dager siden
    • he is the all knowing

      dolita windodolita windo3 dager siden
  • Im not finnish

    SneakydaddymanSneakydaddyman3 dager siden
  • Coincidence?! I think... *NOT*

    rusiru Sathkalanarusiru Sathkalana3 dager siden
  • So apparently michael is better at finnish than finnish people are themselves

    RayyanRayyan3 dager siden
  • Dam he is has so much wisdom that the computer Bot named him wisdom

    ًً3 dager siden
  • As a non Finnish person, I agree with the Finnish people.

    JDJD3 dager siden
  • im funny and this is finnish

    makemekekmakemekek3 dager siden
  • Coincidence? I think not.

    Tarun RainaTarun Raina3 dager siden
  • The description: viisaus #shorts

    VehicleGamesVehicleGames3 dager siden
  • Omg!!! Thats amazing!!! You should start pronouncing Vsauce like like, hi I'm Michael welcome to Viisouse lmao

    Meme Lord DavidMeme Lord David3 dager siden
  • when the bee us sauce !1!1!1😳😳😳

    HeavyHeavy3 dager siden
  • The domain name is claimed now. Check it out

    Dawson BoesDawson Boes3 dager siden
  • Vee SUS 😳

    How To HitHow To Hit3 dager siden
  • This man is a genius

    VicheaGaming XVicheaGaming X3 dager siden
  • he is the all knowing

    Platinum PAMPlatinum PAM3 dager siden
  • Vsauce morelike Vsus

    No Brand YT UserNo Brand YT User3 dager siden
  • How come she doesn't say "Michael here"!!!! 🤔

    Nilay MajumderNilay Majumder3 dager siden
  • wowwww thats

    Tanay GangulyTanay Ganguly3 dager siden
  • V sus

    XcNdDavidXcNdDavid3 dager siden
  • languages for which one looks cool

    doliio volaydoliio volay3 dager siden
  • I love how Finnish people have kept quiet about this for so long. Or have they?

    Peeks'n'PokesPeeks'n'Pokes3 dager siden
  • Why were you translating to arabic

    Kiwi da parrotKiwi da parrot3 dager siden
  • vsus

    KarakaraKarakara3 dager siden
  • Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.

    Matias RomppainenMatias Romppainen4 dager siden
    • Vinesauce wannabe

      doliio volaydoliio volay3 dager siden
  • I have been summoned in this comment box. To say *TORILLE* !

    j kj k4 dager siden
  • Dude I know a similar one! Try the word "late" in French!

    JK DahanJK Dahan4 dager siden
  • V sus

    BorritoBorrito4 dager siden
  • V sus 😱😱😱😱 amogus😳😳😳

    Mohamad AurafaMohamad Aurafa4 dager siden
  • Literally wisdom himself

    Thron LPThron LP4 dager siden
  • People in cold regions: *Adapt to withstand the cold climate* People in hot regions: *Adapt to withstand the hot climate* Finnish people: Both. Both is good.

    PaperFoxcraft 27PaperFoxcraft 274 dager siden