The Best NEW Animation Movies (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best NEW Animation Movies 2021
00:03 Rumble
01:44 Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon
03:39 Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania
05:35 Luca
06:57 Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
09:16 Space Jam 2: A New Legacy
11:47 Bigfoot Family
13:40 Raya and the Last Dragon
16:00 Dreambuilders
17:59 Master
19:18 Soul
21:36 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
22:34 Scoob!
24:52 Smelliville
27:02 Justice Society: WWII
28:26 Onward
30:44 Earwig and the Witch
32:32 Dragon Rider
34:33 Phineas and Ferb: Candace Against The Universe
36:06 Tom & Jerry
38:24 Monster Zone
40:08 Batman: The Long Halloween

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  • 16:53 behind your dream stage? It sounds like inside out but not as in depth but ill let it slide

    Guess WhoGuess Who12 timer siden
  • 🥱 most these are Rip off versions of other Animations, sigh

    SmokescreenSmokescreen3 dager siden
  • “Listen!” says Jesus. “I am coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done. Revelation 22:12 GNBUK 💛

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes6 dager siden
  • “Listen!” says Jesus. “I am coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done. Revelation 22:12 GNBUK 💛

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes6 dager siden
  • “Listen!” says Jesus. “I am coming soon! Happy are those who obey the prophetic words in this book!” Revelation 22:7 GNBUK 💛

    Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes6 dager siden
  • 10:37 That was really funny!

    GaPandaGaPanda8 dager siden
  • And raya and the last dragon- tho when u posted this they probably weren’t

    rosie trotmanrosie trotman9 dager siden
  • Bigfoot family 2 is already out.. like ages ago

    rosie trotmanrosie trotman9 dager siden
  • Red Shoes seems like a kid version of Shrek minus the green and Donkey 😂

    Saphique FemmeSaphique Femme18 dager siden
  • Luca is already out

    Bianca Martin Bianca MartinBianca Martin Bianca Martin18 dager siden
  • my baby love this movie

    Janice GreenJanice Green18 dager siden
  • Lots of animation some I've never heard off. Good video well done nice work.

    kindlet1145kindlet114519 dager siden

    Liko ArreolaLiko Arreola21 dag siden
  • I came to see everyone's reaction to the new Hotel Translvannia movie [mostly the invisible man simps reactions]

    lynnthewolflynnthewolf27 dager siden
  • 24:28 omg he really sounds like james from odd1sout

    N/A_shadymusicN/A_shadymusic27 dager siden
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    Kieu Duyen Ngoc YKieu Duyen Ngoc Y28 dager siden
  • Thanks!

    QYUTOQYUTO28 dager siden
  • I’ve been to the Amazon jungle.

    Creative Pony Productions!Creative Pony Productions!29 dager siden
  • 2.18 she looks half pocahontas and half moana

    Dhruthi .V.SDhruthi .V.SMåned siden
  • 0.53 why does he look like shrek

    Dhruthi .V.SDhruthi .V.SMåned siden

    Mitsukuni HaninozukaMitsukuni HaninozukaMåned siden
  • please 0:04 music name ~

    MAXMAXMåned siden
  • red shoes and the seven dwarves is honestly a fucked up movie. Taking a plus sized character and "making her beautiful" by giving her a double zero waist and small face. Beauty isn't defined by weight...

    Failure to ThriveFailure to ThriveMåned siden

    Zux MCZux MCMåned siden
  • the intro music in the first one sounds the same as Next Gen

    Bob InwaterBob InwaterMåned siden
  • Space jam really copy off it's ready player 1 idea!!!

    Top Notch GamingTop Notch GamingMåned siden
  • the space jam one just hits different

    Evan likes StuffEvan likes StuffMåned siden
  • did you say ikea?

    Maria Trisha CañeteMaria Trisha CañeteMåned siden
  • Persona 5

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Mulan

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Smokey The Bear

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Shrek 2

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Halloween Town 2

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Ferngully

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
  • Shark Tale

    Deadbeat GamersDeadbeat GamersMåned siden
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    Houston JoyHouston JoyMåned siden
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    Fcxoxo XoxotruefighterFcxoxo XoxotruefighterMåned siden
  • Master looks promising!

    Valerie CValerie CMåned siden
  • The assorted bronze dentsply remember because interactive extracellularly bruise per a venomous olive. diligent, incompetent titanium

    Fcxoxo XoxotruefighterFcxoxo XoxotruefighterMåned siden
  • half of them are woke NEEEXT

    86BlackRider8686BlackRider86Måned siden
    • I never watch movies this just makes me stay away

      AnubisAnubisMåned siden
  • 11:50 so i can se that a specimen of SCP-1000 had a child with a human, we will need more personal to deel with this

    dodolol84dodolol84Måned siden
  • Raya is the only good one....

    Pierre GEOFFROYPierre GEOFFROYMåned siden
  • i like what they're doing with the snow white one.

    michaell8000michaell8000Måned siden
    • @Ray Rodriguez funnily enough that's the part that i dislike nah i'm talking about the tone and how none of the characters are acting one dimensional.

      michaell8000michaell800028 dager siden
    • a fat girl transforms into a skinny chick because of nice pair of shoes. Yea that's problematic

      Ray RodriguezRay Rodriguez29 dager siden
  • The meek crime apparently report because lisa progressively itch besides a graceful venezuela. meaty, tart dog

    Simon WangSimon WangMåned siden
  • After watching so much anime , western cartoons just seem like stuff for preschoolers but eastern anime has taken a decline in the past years though so maybe I might watch the rick and morty this year

    chinablue whochinablue whoMåned siden
    • Yeah exactly none of them seams, when will we see new classic like madagascar or toy story

      Pierre GEOFFROYPierre GEOFFROYMåned siden
  • candice died :((((

    PyxlPyxlMåned siden
  • Like!!

    AnimesNepo PlusAnimesNepo PlusMåned siden
  • When the Onward one came on, I was like "THIS CAME OUT IN FRICKIN 2020!!!!! DON"T PUT THE TRAILER IF IT"S ALREADY OUT!!!!!

    FirePhoenixFirePhoenixMåned siden
    • @100dood wow i never seen any posters of animated movies in my area

      Aadil BavaAadil BavaMåned siden
    • there's still Onward poster ads on the trashcans here 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      100dood100doodMåned siden
  • I swear a watched Red Shoe long ago . Am i dreaming or what ?

    Awi SintaroAwi SintaroMåned siden
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    John LavvasJohn LavvasMåned siden
  • Oh fug DC and their nazi villain trope ...

    Jordan ValeJordan ValeMåned siden
  • never mess with granny

    JoAnn StringfellowJoAnn StringfellowMåned siden
  • 2:26 … I see Timon and Pumba - put in another outfit 😉

    D K ViennaD K ViennaMåned siden
  • luca aint even out yet

    HyperzHyperzMåned siden
  • rt6ttttttt

    Carlos Guzman TinocoCarlos Guzman TinocoMåned siden

    Eva Hillier 8SEva Hillier 8SMåned siden
  • were in ikea

    John GarciaJohn GarciaMåned siden
  • Essência que me passar na Amazônia tem que ser dublado por brasileiro

    Emerson BorgesEmerson BorgesMåned siden
  • Que espécie de space jam bizzaro é esse

    Emerson BorgesEmerson BorgesMåned siden
  • Rumble Ainbo (spirit of the amazon) Luca Red shoes and the seven dwarfs Space

    StarysquadsStarysquadsMåned siden
    • Hey how u doin?

      TeknovaDUGTeknovaDUG15 dager siden
  • 21:38 My grandma would've loved this one. She loved the first one. I don't blame her on Peter Rabbit. So when this movie comes out, I'll see it in memory of her. ❤ She was only 64 when she passed.

    Ms. GamerLady HarlowMs. GamerLady HarlowMåned siden
    • I hope that every time you see the movie you know she's watching it with you ♡

      ~♡Falling Skies♡~~♡Falling Skies♡~21 dag siden
    • Awwww that’s so sad!

      Party LlamaParty LlamaMåned siden
    • @gwydion sad

      Nikola PetrićNikola PetrićMåned siden
    • cool

      gwydiongwydionMåned siden
  • 6:57 man sounds like a cheap Shriek knockoff. Not to mention all the flack it's gonna get seeing how Snow White first was short and overweight and because of magic shoes she becomes tall and lean. Basically saying you are ugly if you are short and fat.

    Dead PurpleDead PurpleMåned siden
    • Why would the movie that you JUST said was ripping off Shrek not also rip off the part of the story where you can be happy even if you aren't super-model levels of pretty? This is even heavily implied in the trailer lol.

      Bob FrostmourneBob FrostmourneMåned siden
    • @dimenla exactly

    • They did the marketing wrong. I also had doubts abt this movie but then I watched it and it is not what you think. The message it gives is way better

      dimenladimenlaMåned siden
  • Что ни говори, но анимационные фильмы интереснее)

    TerramorfiosTerramorfiosMåned siden
  • Wow not 1 movie that I'm looking forward to in this list. This was a bad year for animation movies.

    Just MeJust MeMåned siden
  • 16:02 The animation on Dreambuilders looks kinda wooden EDIT: When I wrote this I did not yet see the Monster Zone Trailer 38:26... scary

    Larry NorthernLarry NorthernMåned siden
    • The animation makes me feel like I'm trying to act normal, but am zooted. Like it just doesn't sync.

      Bison KneesBison KneesMåned siden
    • People in 1988 can do better in voice acting tbh

      Awi SintaroAwi SintaroMåned siden
  • 39:27 he really doesn't know how to scream... just sounds like he's moaning....

    Sasha AlexSasha AlexMåned siden
    • @Cody Van Sise *SUS SUS*

      Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Måned siden
    • @Cody Van Sise sus

      Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Måned siden
    • @Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈 true true

      Cody Van SiseCody Van SiseMåned siden
    • True

      Cody Van SiseCody Van SiseMåned siden
    • @Cody Van Sise why not?

      Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Boom Balloon Flower💥🎈Måned siden
  • Asking for a dog name. Then 1st name and last name. Wtf

    Baby SharkBaby SharkMåned siden
  • Been waiting for rumble for so much

    SMToon FamilySMToon FamilyMåned siden
  • You probably should have cut out the trailers of movies already released if you are going to call this the 2021 version. All ya did was copy it from another NOcdsr.

    TheCheshireFilesTheCheshireFilesMåned siden
  • The disastrous event customarily scatter because thrill greely form following a icky spaghetti. amused, short bakery

    David DoDavid DoMåned siden
  • That Rumble movie reminds me of that one episode on Love Death Robots

    Mr HaiMr HaiMåned siden
    • @EtherealRonin thats the one

      Mr HaiMr HaiMåned siden
    • Which one? Sonny's edge?

      EtherealRoninEtherealRoninMåned siden
  • *Why Is Raya Here? (Yes! The Movie Is Amazing But) It Is Already Old. Seriously? Onward??* *And My God! Scoob Is Atleast 2 Years Old... And Soul Came Last Year! Who Made This List? Smellville Seems Like A Dumb Project.*

    Clueless Lass-i Joins InternetClueless Lass-i Joins InternetMåned siden
  • Space Jam 2: A New Legacy a movie I will not watched even if i was given everything I wanted in the world

    Teresa RuestTeresa RuestMåned siden
    • Why not it was pretty awesome and the song

      TeknovaDUGTeknovaDUG15 dager siden
  • 💖💗💘💝💞💟❤💙💚💛💜💓💕

    Dominique MikobiDominique MikobiMåned siden
  • I watched Bigfoot Family either on Amazon Prime or Netflix

    Josh PetersenJosh PetersenMåned siden
  • Several of these were released LAST year. Sloppy.

    Bryce E. MaryottBryce E. MaryottMåned siden
    • hey can i give you an advice you warfreak

      Mary Ann AtienzaMary Ann AtienzaMåned siden
    • @Charlie23 TV // So... you're 12?

      Bryce E. MaryottBryce E. MaryottMåned siden
    • Your face was released last year

      Charlie23 TV //Charlie23 TV //Måned siden
    • Meep

      Russ MayosRuss MayosMåned siden
  • When is ainbo coming and when is hotel Transylvania 4 coming and raya the last dragon and dream builders

    Levetta LevannaLevetta LevannaMåned siden
    • Hotel Transylvania 4 should be coming out on 23 July 2021

      Derek DeetlefsDerek DeetlefsMåned siden
    • Raya is already out

      Sbongeleni JuniorSbongeleni JuniorMåned siden
  • Nice video

    Epic MixesEpic MixesMåned siden
  • Why is Snow White so fat without the shoes

    Nathan SawickiNathan SawickiMåned siden
    • @hanta sero People aren't born fat...

      Bob FrostmourneBob FrostmourneMåned siden
    • she was born like that

      hanta serohanta seroMåned siden
  • a Paes está certissima, e esse apresentador lulista de merda está errado...

    Anderson FariasAnderson FariasMåned siden
  • Raya and the last it

    Dj MeemexDj MeemexMåned siden
    • It was OK...

      TeknovaDUGTeknovaDUG15 dager siden
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    Mildred WashingtonMildred WashingtonMåned siden
  • I would rather smash the skinny snow white lmao

    TipTopAxleTipTopAxle2 måneder siden
  • Welp..wont be watching Spacejam, thanks to the dumba$$ playing the dad

    dtulip1dtulip12 måneder siden

    The Nostalgia KidThe Nostalgia Kid2 måneder siden
  • Soul

    LSAR'S GAMINGLSAR'S GAMING2 måneder siden
  • 4:13 just drink vampire blood dude thats all

    GogostopmGogostopm2 måneder siden
  • So,, which ones of these movies had already come out?

    Jhon_DJhon_D2 måneder siden
  • So we are going to ignore the fact that the 2 spirits from Ainbo are pumbaa and timon's ancestors..?

    Lungoci AndreiLungoci Andrei2 måneder siden
    • And that the black smoke spirit of the corporation chopping down trees, especially one specific, large, special spirit tree, is straight-up Fern Gully?

      Jason SteelJason SteelMåned siden
    • hAkUnA MaTatA

      Zaid RustomZaid Rustom2 måneder siden
    • Lol

      CEROSERCEROSER2 måneder siden
  • space jam 2 looks stupid

    Will DougWill Doug2 måneder siden
    • Nah

      Wahoo MarioWahoo MarioMåned siden
    • space Jim 2 look stupid

      Javier VargasJavier Vargas2 måneder siden
    • Yep.

      jimmy climerjimmy climer2 måneder siden
  • Master reminds me of Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

    • master reminds me of Spidman into the spider verse

      Javier VargasJavier Vargas2 måneder siden
    • I love that movie Edit:not master I like spider-man:into the spider verse

      Bala AdhityanBala Adhityan2 måneder siden
  • The best NEW trailers? Well, most are new.

    Jason SniderJason Snider2 måneder siden
  • Why I felt John Cena vibes😂😂😂😂

    AFIQ 059AFIQ 0592 måneder siden
  • The fine guarantee arthroscopically place because veil simulteneously transport absent a vigorous turn. intelligent, imported dugout

    Alexandra RodriguezAlexandra Rodriguez2 måneder siden
  • Tom & Jerry ❤️

    Fahmi AndriantFahmi Andriant2 måneder siden
    • Tom& Jerry❤

      Javier VargasJavier Vargas2 måneder siden
    • Tom & jerry

      Javier VargasJavier Vargas2 måneder siden
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    Angela GardnerAngela Gardner2 måneder siden
  • 5:26

    ShahzaibShahzaib2 måneder siden
    • @MARCUS MARTE you're welcome

      ShahzaibShahzaib2 måneder siden
    • Thank you for blessing my eyes

      MARCUS MARTEMARCUS MARTE2 måneder siden
  • 6:57 New movie?

    AnnihilusAnnihilus2 måneder siden
  • Half of those moments in Ainbo were from the Lion King and Jungle Book... :/

    donkeydarko77donkeydarko772 måneder siden
    • And the rest are from Fern Gully. Like, right down to the giant smoke monster coming from the people cutting down the forest, and protecting a giant spirit tree.

      Jason SteelJason SteelMåned siden
    • and kung fu panda

      Sanil ShresthaSanil ShresthaMåned siden
    • and moana

      Mark V. BrooksMark V. Brooks2 måneder siden
  • Animania

    Rohit KumarRohit Kumar2 måneder siden