Suga Sean O'Malley | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Suga Sean O’Malley

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  • Be good to yourself, you deserve it.

    Theo VonTheo Von6 måneder siden
    • Let me get that ankle dog

      Ryan HallRyan Hall18 dager siden
    • O'Malley what does your diet consist of?

      Beer30Beer30Måned siden
    • Don’t tell me what to do

      jeff silvamanjeff silvaman2 måneder siden
    • Rolling and play fighting is a chess game brah

      Jason SykesJason Sykes2 måneder siden
    • I'm over here laughin at the theo eyeing his Hair like cotton candy likin it only to see I've liked the comment already in the past

      richardtc3richardtc35 måneder siden
  • The only time I listen to ads is when Theo reads them

    Ferb • 321 years agoFerb • 321 years ago15 timer siden
  • The drab jellyfish kinetically interest because luttuce uniquely crush on a obeisant tire. obeisant, even excellent excited servant

    Jayden BellJayden Bell7 dager siden
  • So funny you gotta watch the advertisements by him too 😂

    Matt BatzelMatt Batzel7 dager siden
  • What is the test called that he got for the inflammation foods?

    Colton williamsColton williams11 dager siden
  • Theo "Not like buffalo Bill" vohn

    Jason PooleJason Poole11 dager siden
  • Dude is a clown.

    Steve NSteve N15 dager siden
  • 3:38

    Hawkeye MihawkHawkeye Mihawk16 dager siden
  • Wow. This guy is YOUNG. I’m cringing at ever word.

    Kantb TamedKantb Tamed16 dager siden
  • Yo theo love the wall🔥

    BluntOGKushBluntOGKush17 dager siden
  • Open prostitution talk.... Nice 🤣

    Ryan HallRyan Hall18 dager siden
  • Everyone has a plan. Till you get punched in the face.

    BigProffitsBigProffits21 dag siden
  • I watched sean in lfa then saw him on the contender series. Was always a fan but once i saw that interview after he broke his foot and how smooth he pulled that while i know he was in some fucking pain thats what made me a true fan. Suga show for life dude!

    Nigel DeanNigel Dean22 dager siden
  • He’s silly if he thinks he’s the only one training that hard when there in the ufc as well

    Crypto Is The Way To GoCrypto Is The Way To Go22 dager siden
  • I don`t follow MMA, but this kid seems dope. His hair looks like a grapevine tho LOL

    Atle Mar Toreson FjeldstadAtle Mar Toreson Fjeldstad22 dager siden
  • Me me me me me i iiii this guy is such a self obsorbed geek

    NorthgadentNorthgadent22 dager siden
  • Two hot gentlemen I dont stare at but somewhat loooove to listen to

    Amanda CookAmanda Cook23 dager siden
  • 2021 and Sean O'Malley is still mentally undefeated!

    Peter CharalampopoulosPeter Charalampopoulos25 dager siden
  • He said 50 dollars more for no mask lmao

    Gabriel RuelasGabriel Ruelas26 dager siden
  • gross

    Molly SmithMolly Smith27 dager siden
  • Seeing Theo's gears turning after Suga said "if you can sneak up on someone with a rear naked choke, you could eat em"...almost killed me, the laugh was so great.

    Gallow GawdGallow Gawd29 dager siden
  • Have Israel Adesanya on if possible!

  • its easy to plan on being in the sport for a long time when you're 25 and you haven't ever had a serious injury. all it takes is one slip to end your career bozo the clown

    jungleGSCjungleGSCMåned siden
  • i love murder bruh

    jungleGSCjungleGSCMåned siden
  • Theo: " I love murder bro"

    Benjamin HilleshiemBenjamin HilleshiemMåned siden
  • Theo "I've always been afraid of fighting" 1min later "I love murder"

    DepressionDepressionMåned siden
  • If Andrew Garfield fucked tekashi 69

    Josh GabelJosh GabelMåned siden
  • “You can sneak up on anyone and eat em” - Sean O Malley

  • suga is too smooth with it. has to be so hard to fight him he’s always switching stances and styles throughout the fight constantly floating. great fighter

    floridaboy386floridaboy386Måned siden
  • Nobody is talking about suga’s coffee ☕️ named tim tho

    jay sandjay sandMåned siden
  • 30:02 Dinked him?

    Craig LalumiereCraig LalumiereMåned siden
  • Face tattoo's and rainbow hair. Nothing says I am (reeee) tarded more than that.

    Nick TraegerNick TraegerMåned siden
  • "...then you can sneak up on anyone and eat 'im..." The dark side of jujitsu....

    Mark UptonMark UptonMåned siden
  • “I love murder bro”

    Heith HeithinsonHeith HeithinsonMåned siden
  • It’d be a look a like 69 meme if he gets knocked out lol🤦🏻‍♂️

    Austin CragoAustin CragoMåned siden
  • great interview

    Chad ScozzariChad ScozzariMåned siden
  • You should bring him back after this next fight. Win or lose. Gang x2.

    SteveSteveMåned siden
  • I’m going to knock out Sean O’Malley

    Tylar TesnearTylar TesnearMåned siden
  • Nut sack cadilacc

    The Burnouts Blog PostThe Burnouts Blog PostMåned siden

    Michael HoganMichael HoganMåned siden
  • I just seen this dude beat someone’s ass and he’s like a regular cool dude, smokes mj, funny and real as hell.

    not requirednot requiredMåned siden
  • Is this Matt Damon on dogma

    Mikey TMikey TMåned siden
  • Sixnine of boxing but not a snitch lol

    TIMR4WTIMR4WMåned siden
  • I would never guess that this kid is a fighter. UFC guys usually come across as meatheads.

    Kris ChildersKris ChildersMåned siden
  • I'm not upset surgars "Manager/coach didn't come. Like does that dude have a job

    James CassJames CassMåned siden
  • The greatest intro ever.

    James CassJames CassMåned siden
  • @27:30 Tim if your ever getting fucked up just climb out 🤣🤣🤣

    Sparkey MikeSparkey MikeMåned siden
  • They both have ridiculously bad hair. Theos voice is kinda weak

    Yes TonyMontanaYes TonyMontanaMåned siden
  • "I love murder bro" that shit got me lol

    MatthewMatthewMåned siden
  • Sean got that Dark Arts hairdo

    RachiFam NateRachiFam NateMåned siden
  • Theo " I love murder, bro " Von

    Jordan HaddoxJordan HaddoxMåned siden
  • I like how hes wearing a 69 color hair 🌈..and says "i told on my dad"...😅😅

    OSCORrDaMayorOSCORrDaMayorMåned siden
  • "I didn't eat for six days and almost ate a dude at Best Buy, like almost bit into the guy, like he was a beautiful guy." -TV

    Eric GilmanEric GilmanMåned siden
  • I used to think Sean was a douchebag stoner but after watching this I realized that I was right

    jhsfiuy dEfbjhsfiuy dEfbMåned siden
  • “I love murder bro” 😂😂

    Zak NeazZak NeazMåned siden
  • When this guy walks into any room thinks hes; The best at anything, The hottest, The scariest, The richest, The most cultured, The funniest, The biggest, The most charasmatic, The most wild, The most of the most

    Curt KobaineCurt KobaineMåned siden
    • Theo?

      The PunkThe PunkMåned siden
  • Theo “I love murder” Von 😂

    Ash TrismegistusAsh TrismegistusMåned siden
  • He is trusting the UFC to build him smart? It's either all staged or he's extremely naive.

    Joe TurnerJoe TurnerMåned siden
  • "yeah my dad had to interview guys who were raping their daughters in wheelchairs, like numerous times" jesus that's horrible but oddly specific wth

    Jake MillerJake MillerMåned siden
  • Your higher self must take control for any victory at anything

    Ash TrismegistusAsh TrismegistusMåned siden
  • suga sean is visibly anxious in this podcast, makes him a bit relateable

    patriks zarinspatriks zarinsMåned siden
  • 14:31

    PoppinsPoppinsMåned siden
  • Joe rogan for president

    Larry ForakerLarry ForakerMåned siden
  • $50 more for the mask off😭😭 I’m fkn crying

    hunter byehunter byeMåned siden
  • When he said “it’s kinda like he’s lonely huh?” I died

    connorrod6connorrod6Måned siden
  • Im considering buying a manscape trimmer for the first time. Theo just made the best pitch i have heard by a Louisiana mile.

    NotZacNotZacMåned siden
  • “I love murder bro”

    Sebastian seibersSebastian seibersMåned siden
  • Great interview Theo, I like your insights and questions, I feel like you make your guest very comfortable and engaged.

    emerica4uemerica4uMåned siden
  • This kid is smart..O'Malley!!

    dAV3 La-SouldAV3 La-SoulMåned siden
  • 69’s cousin

    X XxX XxMåned siden
  • I doubt this will be seen but Theo I think it'd be awesome if you added a small portrait of each guest you have on to your background I know it'll eventually fill up but it would still be cool to have everybody drawn back there

    John DoeJohn Doe2 måneder siden
  • Bunch of little girls... 🤦🏻

    Worth HaithcockWorth Haithcock2 måneder siden
  • dude in green shirt looks like Tom Brady

    ZynxZynx2 måneder siden
  • Dude...the way Theo and Sean feel about the Poirier-Holloway Gastelum-Adesanya card, I feel about a Theo Von-Suga' Sean podcast.

    JMike SJMike S2 måneder siden
  • 1:38:12 this past weekend lmao

    Connor WilliamsConnor Williams2 måneder siden
  • Feel like you could use a stronger intro brother. Get your people on that pronticimo

    Dave KendallDave Kendall2 måneder siden
  • “Don’t get fuked that’s what they said back in the day”- Theo von

    Sean WhitworthSean Whitworth2 måneder siden
  • Shawn's an OG. Original Ginger. His voice is misleading. He sounds like a kid on call of duty but is a legit badass.

    Mr.eastcoast GrowMr.eastcoast Grow2 måneder siden
  • 5 years from now he's gonna be doing heroin

    You snort the D snot of dirty RichardsYou snort the D snot of dirty Richards2 måneder siden
  • andrew garfield and tekashi 69's love child

    Rene LeRene Le2 måneder siden
  • This podcast makes me realize omalley needs that dna test to protect the estate

    mr.tbaggin urmommr.tbaggin urmom2 måneder siden
  • Joe rogan never does get up to pee, huh? That is strange... damn robot

    Anthony VeblenAnthony Veblen2 måneder siden
  • Bringing back the mullets!

    rumglasrumglas2 måneder siden
  • "I love Murder Bro", Theo Von, 2020

    Obnoxious GamerObnoxious Gamer2 måneder siden
  • Not unseated

    Jeremy DuddlesJeremy Duddles2 måneder siden
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    Nhao Tran Chhai LinNhao Tran Chhai Lin2 måneder siden
  • I've never heard this man speak or fight before but as a fan of theo I think this man is a very smart young man and in so impressed...u just made a fan sean

    Nader NavidNader Navid2 måneder siden
  • A couple minutes in I wasn't sure if I would stick but seeing Sean past the 'Suga' was cool.

    Aaron BrillAaron Brill2 måneder siden
  • The new rapper Mayo 69

    D DD D2 måneder siden
  • pog

    Shirtless HardyShirtless Hardy2 måneder siden
  • Theo thought long and hard about the rear naked choke hold eating combo...

    Erik WhiteheadErik Whitehead2 måneder siden
  • This is Brilliant

    A NA N2 måneder siden
  • Sean lookin like Moose from Step Up 2 The Streets

    Jon CollinsJon Collins2 måneder siden
  • Coach is a ghost @3:01

    Garret SterlingGarret Sterling2 måneder siden
  • I never miss the sugar show

    A. GermzA. Germz2 måneder siden
  • Interested In this method of diet test he did I would like to do that

    3rdWorldJo3rdWorldJo2 måneder siden
  • You can tell he has so much fun and passion for what he does

    Lucas RossmanLucas Rossman2 måneder siden
  • These dudes are funny

    Quinn ErnoQuinn Erno2 måneder siden
  • 53min-55min I think he nailed his intentions. I took friends who don't watch UFC to watch a card he was on and the hair definitely had my friends more reeled in to watching him.

    DarrianDarrian2 måneder siden
  • 1:15:30 - "I watched Conor's beshawshawk"

    Вячеслав МгновенныйВячеслав Мгновенный2 måneder siden