Spooky Coincidences?

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  • The way he crushed that can and then un-crushed it while staring at your soul it honestly seems like a threat. Not a warning, a threat.

    SovietFestiveBeeSovietFestiveBee12 timer siden
  • Imagine taking LSD and watching Vsauce

    JevilJuiceJevilJuice14 timer siden
  • "May he poop on my knee?" Lol

    A random guyA random guy16 timer siden
  • The robot in the back was upside down and later got normal, I hope I am not crazy or something

    ElliotElliot21 time siden
    • Spooky coincidense

      ProfessorPrelProfessorPrel17 timer siden
  • 2:24

    Awoken_PanMan9001Awoken_PanMan900123 timer siden
  • If you take the word “Diarrhea” and Remove the “Diarrhe” and add “mong us” to the end, and THEN replace the “among “ with the letter S and flip it in reverse, and *THEN…*

    Dude Guy ManDude Guy ManDag siden
  • This is my first time I actually see a video of Vsauce instead of watching his memes

    I'm MarkoI'm MarkoDag siden
  • pretty cool coincidens then stares at the camera intensly

    op tetris9op tetris9Dag siden
  • Hey vsause, micheal here. Today would you like to be freaked out?

    ZeMemeQZeMemeQDag siden
  • One of my favorite historical 'coincidences' is how Alexander and Phillip Hamilton died. They both died in a duel that took place in the same area, they were both shot in the same location on their body, and they were both treated by the same doctor.

    AlexAlex2 dager siden
  • i saw this dude get struck by lightning twice in ten seconds

    Mrtank in boxMrtank in box2 dager siden
  • Genius dude

    Laila Parveen BanuLaila Parveen Banu2 dager siden
  • *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* SEXYMIX.UNO NOcds: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' NOcds: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #垃圾

    Bethany HornBethany Horn2 dager siden
    • Where the fuck am i

      trolmantrolman2 dager siden
    • Bruh

      trolmantrolman2 dager siden
  • Fun fect: "Able was I ere I saw Elba" If you reverse it its spelled same

  • Back In 2017, I heard this song called "Cargue Dans Ma Chaise" made by the Acadian hip hop duo Radio Radio. At first, I thought the song was weird and cringey. Then one time I was playing around and I found out that this song syncs up really well with the Michael Jackson Ghosts music video. I found this to be really cool and strange at the same time. Now It's 2021 and the only time I ever listen to Cargue Dans Ma Chaise is when I sync it up with Michael Jackson's Ghosts. (NOTE: This only works with the 3m 55s version of the music video)

    KELTONKELTON3 dager siden
  • 4:27 “A Threat” Shows cute otter

    John JohnJohn John3 dager siden
  • 4:27 hehe otteor

    SMG LuigiSMG Luigi3 dager siden
  • Actually my irl middle name is a phonetic palindrome word

    ♡smolwebvisiter♡♡smolwebvisiter♡3 dager siden
  • 12:45 jokes on you I have ADHD I noticed that the hole time (The pic) ;-;

    Student Matthew LaymonStudent Matthew Laymon4 dager siden
  • 4:09 thats why amogus

    Woomy MimikyuWoomy Mimikyu4 dager siden
  • The decorous professor adversely touch because christopher legally mine across a ill creek. languid, difficult plane

    tss xxbtss xxb4 dager siden
  • 3:50 Only og cod zombie nerds know this

    Genghis KhanGenghis Khan4 dager siden
  • Why is that robot moving?!!!?

    Ayda ÖztürkAyda Öztürk4 dager siden
  • 2:00 “I wish to be a prisoner”

    moisesmoises4 dager siden
  • I had two childhood friends named Jacob, they both had older brothers named Josh, and they lived in houses with exactly opposite architecture. Like, these houses were identical, except flipped. It was insane.

    John SmithJohn Smith4 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie "Man will spacewalk" sounds pretty cool

    Mico Carlo Adrian RuizMico Carlo Adrian Ruiz4 dager siden
  • The robot in the background is upside down at 8:58 and then is normal again later

    Mashpotato 2007Mashpotato 20074 dager siden
  • Wow who’s here after Micheal murdered the president. Chilling

    HammerbeamHammerbeam5 dager siden
  • The Picture in the background is changing

    VidenViden5 dager siden
  • 1:19 "Nam or Spacefalk"

    Camel PlayzCamel Playz5 dager siden
  • When u r thinking of a song and find ur sibling humming it

    Mike ErhmentrautMike Erhmentraut6 dager siden
  • This video is so good

    Honour IndigoHonour Indigo6 dager siden
  • isnt the speed of light 186000 m/s? oh wait... i guess m must stand for meters in this case...

    GolbezGolbez6 dager siden
  • Anything that us reversed and makes a sentence just sounds like the German accent

    NickNick7 dager siden
  • That’s probably the most british vsauce

    Ha1 broestoastHa1 broestoast7 dager siden
  • There is no such thing as a coincidence

    40 naked niggas on a huge spacecraft40 naked niggas on a huge spacecraft8 dager siden
  • 2.22

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda8 dager siden
  • 6:57 Also your NTSC TV System possesses a refresh rate of a whopping 29.97Hz! Coincidence!!!

    ColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu TharindaColomboGMGS2 - Duwindu Tharinda8 dager siden
  • The ripe cover syntactically grate because search likely arrive on a foolish invention. tacit, dusty rutabaga

    frank lundifrank lundi9 dager siden
  • found this video in my recommends.... thanks for fucking my fucking mind

    zakarya dlirzakarya dlir9 dager siden
  • It's probably tzeetch with reverse words coincidence

    Omio RahmanOmio Rahman9 dager siden
  • fun fact hes actually howtobasic

    cali sycali sy10 dager siden
  • Karaoke TV I’m sorry is suprisingly hey vsauce michael here

    William Lee-ChinWilliam Lee-Chin11 dager siden
  • Well, the spiderman doesn't fit with funeral music

    Taiyooo SunTaiyooo Sun11 dager siden
  • By the sound of it, your pretty dear lives are my fine game O mortals, send money

    NilNil11 dager siden
  • Explanation to the thumbnail if you invert the image it will look the same just a little brighter

    darknessdarkness11 dager siden
  • Okay why are you changing that panel in the back every time you duck? Not every time though

    Mukileswara MMukileswara M11 dager siden
  • The far feedback correlatively sack because swing acceptably pinch apud a observant triangle. colorful, inquisitive firewall

    Meagle BeatsMeagle Beats12 dager siden
  • "There are no oogways" Master accident

    zain khzain kh12 dager siden

    Abu AslamAbu Aslam12 dager siden
  • Teaching is an anagram for cheating

    KrptoKrpto13 dager siden
  • Say Sus reverse :)

    Calin David123Calin David12313 dager siden
    • He sais v sus in the beginning

      Weslesillo ReyesWeslesillo Reyes13 dager siden
  • 0:05. Plot twist : Russians speak normally we just hear backwards

    ZZ13 dager siden
  • You're like jack stauber, you give me weird emotions but it's like fear, but its not?

    n on o13 dager siden
  • Psychedelics' will make apophenia 1000x worse. After taking DMT I felt god was communicating to me via numbers. It felt like a higher power was leading me away from danger and toward salvation. This has left me to wonder... were my ancestors ignorant for believing in omens, or were they on to something? One hypothesis of mine is that these coincidences are generated by god and encrypted in random data sets, waiting to be discovered by those who care to notice. Another hypothesis of mine is that apophenia is a procedure the brain is using to bring subconscious narratives pertaining to survival into consciousness. In any case, I've always gone to this video when things become too spooky for comfort. Mathematics and logic have always helped me through times of mental instability.

    Hannah YoungHannah Young14 dager siden
  • After aphothemia the robot bot poster flips sid ways

    RazorRazor14 dager siden
  • You said you would tag the video in the description but it isn't there.

    Akif BeigAkif Beig14 dager siden
  • In Ocarina of Time, I got the first room in the 50/50 chest mini game wrong 12 times in a row. That's less than a 0.00025% chance of happening.

    DersloDerslo14 dager siden
  • Bro I legit lost it at the thumbnail only.

    Nishant SinhaNishant Sinha14 dager siden
  • I just had my brain alter what he’s saying so it sounds like he’s rapping

    Cosmic ImpulsionCosmic Impulsion14 dager siden
  • Ha just coincidences or maybe "code" but not 👻

    AracoixoAracoixo14 dager siden
  • love your work michael.

    Damien CaseDamien Case14 dager siden
  • You know whats more spookier *The picture behind michael turns and changes randomly , spookily*

    Madhav SharmaMadhav Sharma14 dager siden
  • The robot picture in the background turns upside down , then later its right side up again

    Adam McCarthyAdam McCarthy14 dager siden
  • There is no such thing as a coincidence

    Big time gamer 420 69Big time gamer 420 6914 dager siden
  • i am kinda cnfused what did he mean by anagram genius revealed all the worlds a stage

    Abu AslamAbu Aslam14 dager siden
  • look at the painting in the back through out the video

    Lugia0608Lugia060815 dager siden
  • 4:23 looks like a woman being depressed and a man doing something weird, idk I think it’s trying to kill her, but the image was a big reveal for me

    ectorflowwwectorflowww16 dager siden
  • Who else saw the moving photo in the back. Like if you did.

    Someone Someone 16 dager siden
  • What's bugging me is that I can't find a pattern when the background robot changes, and the fact that is CHANGES

    Asuntha AdamsAsuntha Adams16 dager siden
  • 07734

    ModemCNXModemCNX16 dager siden
  • The picture in his background just spinning xD

    Jakob KörnerJakob Körner16 dager siden
  • To me reverse just sounds like "bwaalemakeiabfkosuciepevsocpakdjfbwa"

    Tomuga bokuTomuga boku16 dager siden
  • did anybody notice that "robot boy" turned in to "pluto the dog"

    Ravi PurayannurRavi Purayannur16 dager siden
  • 5:50 Polyriddim: haha no

    de unade una16 dager siden
  • Why did the robot album flip around 8:40?

    MJ origamiMJ origami17 dager siden
    • With what?

      MJ origamiMJ origami16 dager siden

      ToxicToxic17 dager siden
  • 2spooky 4me

    MJ origamiMJ origami17 dager siden
  • ereH leahciM ,ecuasV yeH

    Logytyler6GamingLogytyler6Gaming17 dager siden
  • Bruh the “Robotboy” turned every cuple of frames

    ConfusedConfused17 dager siden
  • Illuminati

    Cairo RaCairo Ra17 dager siden
  • If you take Bill Gates and remove the first and the last letter you get "ill gate"

    Knecht XerxesKnecht Xerxes17 dager siden
  • There are no coincidences God is leaving the answers right in our faces people are too stupid to notice

    The Demon HunterThe Demon Hunter17 dager siden
  • This video was uploaded on the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

    C GC G17 dager siden
  • if you say yeaaa! tameepa! and reverse it that sound like happy birthday

    oliver diamondoliver diamond17 dager siden
  • That Spiderman does not go with ra ra Rasputin

    national c-zarnational c-zar18 dager siden
  • bro im high asf watchin yo videos and its helluva satisfying, keep up the great work

    bendzi999bendzi99918 dager siden
  • If the text wasn't there, nobody would be able to tell. All the captions are a stretch

    This ManThis Man18 dager siden
  • Here's another coincidence: You have 5 fingers in *both* hands

    MrUsiddMrUsidd18 dager siden
  • Oh golly

    HozicHozic18 dager siden
  • Anyone notice the change of background?

    Dr_Co2Dr_Co218 dager siden
  • Holy shit. What the odds that I'd comment the number 24155028885888390195.993112???? Freaky shit.

    Sonic EchoSonic Echo18 dager siden
  • My favorite conspiracy coincidence: if you play The Shining (Jack Nicholson one) overlayed with itself in reverse, critical scenes from both ends of the movie will overlap each other in a very artistic way. Like the movie was perfectly timed and scripted in such a way as to set these scenes up to overlap if played both backward and forward over each other at the same time.

    KalebfenoirKalebfenoir19 dager siden
  • I have watched this video so many times

    Jaden MoyersJaden Moyers19 dager siden
  • This is why Cicada 3301 is so hard

    Sam MorganSam Morgan19 dager siden
  • Neville Ebbin (17 years old) was knocked down by a taxi and killed in July 1974 in Hamilton, Bermuda. A year later in July 1975, his brother Erskine (17 years old) was killed by the same taxi with the same driver, carrying the same passenger! Both brothers were riding the same moped and died on the same street.

    Jon SmithJon Smith19 dager siden
  • Why after I had a weird ass psychological horror type dream that I remember having when I was a kid, I wake up and the first thing I get recommended is a v source video about coincidences and greater power. I don’t even watch vsauce

    Izi WiIzi Wi19 dager siden
  • "Small step for man" = "Manners Baseball"

    Amond Hawes-KhalifaAmond Hawes-Khalifa19 dager siden
  • There is no such thing as a coincidence.

    PeeweepiratePeeweepirate19 dager siden
    • How is this not a coincidence 10:02

      Hugo MartinezHugo Martinez17 dager siden
  • After 7 years I realized, the painting at 7:10 changed at 7:21 and then changed again at 9:51.

    Kzym _OPKzym _OP19 dager siden
    • I said this 7 months ago

      CrossLYNX_darkphoenix2.0 ChughCrossLYNX_darkphoenix2.0 Chugh14 dager siden