Spider-Man: Miles Morales | 30 Easter Eggs and Secrets (PS4/PS5)

Marvel's Spider Man - Miles Morales takes us back into the webslinger world but this time peter takes the back seat. Now most of us have finished the story and the game has been around a little while I thought we should jump back in and look at 30 secrets, Easter eggs and nods to marvel characters and lore. It's actually closer to 60 Easter eggs but most of those were here in the original game back in 2018 so I'll link that video should you wanna find daredevil's locations and jessica jones' top quality office or old Pizza time music from the PS2! Today it's just new stuff in the 2020 and Miles' adventure! Let's do this.

Awesome Spider-verse swing tutorial by OniZombies - www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzCpE...




  • Whoops, released early. Oh well! Enjoy! Who's got the Platinum trophy?

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    • @The Professional Idiot I got it on my ps4-

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    • @The Professional Idiot Don't worry it works on ps4

    • I just got it ye3

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    • Me

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    • I do!

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  • You’re wrong about the special stands all you need to do is hold down L3 and then press the button where you run with our website wrong you don’t have to press x at all

    Leandra HowryLeandra HowryDag siden
  • I think the wheel might be a nod to the game informet interview of the 2018 game

    ela thiccela thiccDag siden

    Tierra WardTierra WardDag siden

    Tierra WardTierra WardDag siden
  • Spoderman

    Trey SteedleyTrey SteedleyDag siden
  • The low rez versions of character models are intencional. Its a reference to characters in PS1 Spider-Man game.

    Piotr CzajkowskiPiotr Czajkowski2 dager siden
  • F

    Sebastian ContiSebastian Conti2 dager siden
  • The nonchalant report optimally stroke because fan peroperativly skip lest a obese thing. reminiscent, whole drizzle

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  • tip: if you want to enjoy any ps5 game without getting habit to the graphics and fps just do this before playing ps5 games first watch a youtube video in 144p when you finished, play ps5 games and enjoy

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  • It never got patch, lol

    Demetri PresleyDemetri Presley4 dager siden
  • Yo imagine there being like a justice league crossover Easter egg that would be out of this world

    EAC PianistEAC Pianist5 dager siden
  • I like Spider man

    Dhwani SharmaDhwani Sharma5 dager siden
  • I got the game do you have to have the spider verse suit to do the poses is the ait

    Mr CoinwellMr Coinwell5 dager siden
  • Spooderman glitch fid not work i chose a suit and pressed X and O xounted to 3 clicked X did not work LIAR!

    Sedrick HeiselSedrick Heisel6 dager siden
  • I dont know if anyone really knows this or it’s just obvious, but I’m pretty sure Curtis Connors was or is still the lizard in the game Reason being: That ESU party mission to find Delaney in Spider-Man Ps4, he’s dressed as the Lizard. “One of Spidey’s Greatest Foes.”

    amoamo6 dager siden
  • I feel like the next game should be called spider'men

    lil_timmylil_timmy8 dager siden
  • In the first mission when miles is fighting the escaped prisoners he mentions alexi which could be a reference to the red guardian Edit: just remembered it’s the rhinos name I smol brain

    Mememaster5844Mememaster58448 dager siden
  • I found the building

    Mabel ObengMabel Obeng8 dager siden
  • Playstation is good, Xbox is better

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  • 7:22

    ꧁☠︎︎DEATH☠︎︎꧂꧁☠︎︎DEATH☠︎︎꧂9 dager siden
  • I would love to play as spooder man

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  • I completes the story on the same day i got the game

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  • How do I get the spooderman it doesn’t work for me 😭

    Ayden lambieAyden lambie14 dager siden
  • I wish I had known about the Spooderman glitch before I updated my game. Also at the Miles' apartment, there's a note beside Waldo that saus "Carmen Santiago" probably a version of Carmen Sandiego

    I'm a Fanboy!I'm a Fanboy!14 dager siden
  • I almost crapped myself on that stone figure episode on doctor who

    GAMEJOEGAMEJOE15 dager siden
  • daredevil 2015 was very good

    TheMadGamers TMGTheMadGamers TMG16 dager siden
  • bruh that is definitely kurt, he’s missing his arm

    Fremi OWFremi OW17 dager siden
  • Sub to Toby and Charlie's scooter tricks

    Michael MurrayMichael Murray17 dager siden
  • Do you know where the blockhead guys are

    NaturalGamerNaturalGamer18 dager siden
  • Imagine spiderman 2 the game is split screen 1 will play as pete and 1 will play as miles and u can select the suits for both of them

    unkown botunkown bot20 dager siden
  • I replayed both games recently and apparently Curt Conners was already lizard before and got cured by spiderman. This was explained in one of the backpack collectibles. I hope he turns back into Lizard in the next game but maybe not 🤷‍♂️

    Justin SmithJustin Smith21 dag siden
  • The lizard already exist. He was in the first game as a reference in a backpack and a costume at the Halloween party. Parker mentions retuning Dr Connors to human again.

    Chris LaFaceChris LaFace21 dag siden
  • IF you stick around in the credit roles Miles will deliver pizza to JJJ Stick around 😂

    STAR RACER 99STAR RACER 9921 dag siden
  • 4:58 Can't relate (I don't have one.)

    Bing Bong Your Opinion is now WrongBing Bong Your Opinion is now Wrong21 dag siden
  • Well as for the doctor who reference it may more accrued to the first episode of the 9th Doctor when plastic come to life and manikins storm London with gun fingers 🔵📞📦

    Ollie StephensOllie Stephens23 dager siden
  • I saw a Easter egg on the spider man ps4 when I pressed square I saw the stuff “people” write and saw the name Brad Davis

    Mateus CruzMateus Cruz23 dager siden
  • miles won't dance like a dad, but will dance like an uncle at a disco

    SvetiOneSvetiOne26 dager siden
  • No memorial to Steve Ditko?

    JML689JML68927 dager siden
  • There is an Easter egg in the first friendly neighborhood mission where you fix the trains, when you put the train on the tracks there is a building with spider man action figures, and there is the black suited spider action figure in it along with a villain that I don’t know

    RedHornet GamingRedHornet Gaming29 dager siden
  • 10:41

    Jude CormierJude CormierMåned siden
  • If you take a look around, you can find Boseman Avenue, which is another touching nod to the late Chadwick Boseman.

    Nicholas ReynoldsNicholas ReynoldsMåned siden
  • This isn't an Easter egg but in this game on a building is a graffiti artwork of black lives matter. Also has anyone noticed that the graves of miles dad and aunt may have the same day of death 2018. It's a bit of a coincidence that it's the same date that Stan Lee passed away on.

    Carlos JamesCarlos JamesMåned siden
  • Its kurt connors his right arm is gone!

    Joachim DemeesterJoachim DemeesterMåned siden
  • Spoder man spoder man dues whet evr spoder man cen

    SUSSUSMåned siden
  • 10:24 spooder man spooder man

    Breakout CultureBreakout CultureMåned siden
  • You’re making me cry also are IP And may

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  • In the thumbnail, you said spooderman, that’s disrespectful, so please just stay Spider-Man, thanks

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    • you missed the joke

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  • 11:05 this man really said mr spark 🤣

    Alex the Cat14Alex the Cat14Måned siden
  • 3:05 and they were roommates

    The Dude 99The Dude 99Måned siden
  • even a glitch is an easter egg, what a great game

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  • R.i.p stan lee♡

    rick and morrrtyrick and morrrtyMåned siden
  • Bro im stuck with the movement of the spiderverse suit on all of my suits

    HhhHhhMåned siden
  • How do I get to be spooder man?

  • Miles has some weird neighbours

    Paul SolencePaul SolenceMåned siden
  • The lizard is actually already in the game's universe. In the back to school mission (26) the doctor wearing a lizard is the one who Li forces to commit suicide

    anonymousanonymousMåned siden
  • Chadwick sorry

    Wild GamingWild GamingMåned siden
  • Maybe we play as venom

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  • Play station grenade top-five gaming put Penny on the worst worst hated skin

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  • 1

    My name is jeffMy name is jeffMåned siden

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  • I thought it was a refrence to the nestine from ep 1 of the ninth doctor They were also in the third doctor i know

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  • 8:02 cha cha real smooth

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  • me: sees spider man wow hes sus more like shi&tman

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  • 2:03 The Devs are legends

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  • 7:22

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  • I mean like the game should look how people love that glitch they should keep it

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  • Lockjaw!!!!

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  • R.I.P. chad bosewick

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  • I never knew about the Chadwick tribute

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  • Yoooo I love the Spooder-man glitch It was weird😅😅🤣🤣

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  • Spoderman***

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  • Is Spooderman still in?

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  • I got the platinum trophie

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  • Dr who is so great and yep I'm a huge fan.

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  • Also in the beginning in the game u can see danika hart leaving teo's bodega

    Tyree McGeeTyree McGee2 måneder siden
  • On the names for the apartments, the peeling tag on Waldo says carmen Santiago

    Tyler GreenwellTyler Greenwell2 måneder siden
  • Truly a Brit when the video starts with a Doctor who reference. 😂 jk though ofc love my doctor who.

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  • Oh man

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  • I know spiderman but I don't know "Spooder Man"

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  • Spooder man

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  • 11:05 HA LOL

  • " *Spooder man Miles Morales PS5* "

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  • I would have enjoyed seeing the actual advanced suit in the game as its a rlly cool suit

    Red _HoodRed _Hood2 måneder siden
  • Did he just say "Mr spark" LOL

    Asad AliAsad Ali2 måneder siden
  • Weeping Angels? I thought the moving mannequins were a reference to the Autons

    KVAcedo27KVAcedo272 måneder siden
  • Look at the scientist arm at: 12:15

    JetpackdudeJetpackdude2 måneder siden
  • Adam he’s deaf Kurt Connors because on the current scene I actually saw that he had a missing hand so it’s definitely him

    Kris MortonKris Morton2 måneder siden
  • 7:22

    xman 823xman 8232 måneder siden
  • 7:22

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  • I didnt play miles Morales yet

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  • Spooder-Man:Far From Home

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  • 4:56 but my dad is dead too so playing as miles is like life except Spider-Man stuff I guess😂

    IDDY BIDDYIDDY BIDDY2 måneder siden
  • When I’m the rhino parts him with he goes to the shit Delier before that you can see Spiderman under Miles aunt

    Johnny GamboaJohnny Gamboa2 måneder siden
  • His face looks weir XD at 0:16

    BruhSus AltamashBruhSus Altamash2 måneder siden
  • New Easter egg if you go back to spider man ps4 and walk around town you may find the guy who got his truck stuck in miles morales

    Zane LawsonZane Lawson2 måneder siden
  • Does it still works now ?

    kh hamzakh hamza2 måneder siden
  • There's also a copy of amazing fantasy 15 in miles' room

    DanielDaniel2 måneder siden
  • Spiderman is also jewisj technically in this game. Not spiderman but the voice actor yuri lowenthal

    FringeBoiFringeBoi2 måneder siden
  • Lets a go

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