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    TheRussianBadgerTheRussianBadger26 dager siden
    • They added a spoon to payday 2

      MinimuchaMinimuchaDag siden
    • Hey badger I just played payday 2 again and I saw the have a comically large spoon and even a gold spoon

      Undying Convert7Undying Convert7Dag siden
    • No

      Malcolm HolmesMalcolm Holmes2 dager siden
    • can you titanfall 2 and make a video about it plz

      Zach WilliamsZach Williams2 dager siden

      SolaireSolaire5 dager siden
  • The commicly large spoon was added to payday 3

    Nine PoopyassNine Poopyass9 minutter siden
    • 2

      Nine PoopyassNine Poopyass8 minutter siden
  • “If they run away they’re Ewoks. If they stay they’re well disciplined Ewoks”

    Demonetised And DepressedDemonetised And Depressed15 minutter siden
  • That...was CashMoney.

    RazorBladeRazorBlade24 minutter siden
  • 6:55 "I find your lack of drip disturbing."

    SomeoneRandomSomeoneRandom26 minutter siden
  • Badger, now imagine death troopers with the mg. Those were the scary ones.

    EziWeeziEziWeezi49 minutter siden
  • Mocap badger is incredibly blursed

    Joshua BunselmeyerJoshua BunselmeyerTime siden
  • Its been 3 weeks 😭

    Aidan RobichauxAidan Robichaux2 timer siden
  • Good ol Joe tune lol

    varis112varis1122 timer siden
  • I found whit 7.50 euros

    Ayman El kadouriAyman El kadouri3 timer siden
  • 21:45 English auto generated transcript O.O

    Noah PerrierNoah Perrier3 timer siden
  • When Motion Suit funni.

    Shiba InuShiba Inu4 timer siden
  • My friending i got the bettlefont to

    Jacob and Donna ThompsonJacob and Donna Thompson4 timer siden
  • I have dead ass watched this video 8 times now

    DtheDonutDtheDonut5 timer siden
  • The droid HOOPLA 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

    Kordell PurnellKordell Purnell6 timer siden
  • Bruh wtf NOcds unsubbed me from you

    8 Ball8 Ball7 timer siden
  • *Me patiently waiting for badger to make a warfame vid* OH COME THE F*CK ON WHERE IS IT.

    AidenPlaysGamesAidenPlaysGames7 timer siden
  • I've watched this vid at least 4 times

    DavidDavid8 timer siden
  • Plz upload more can you play rainbow six game

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer8 timer siden
  • You know this game is great when it recently gets 19 million downloads in a weekend, best game comeback to ever be told.

    Cornelius VaginusCornelius Vaginus8 timer siden
  • Hevey pulls out minigun after 2 min Droids : I think he is out of amo bager: pulls out MG42 no you are dead

    Liz PlattsLiz Platts10 timer siden
  • I have watched 4 times in thw last week.

    MessyMessy10 timer siden
  • Yeah dude Ewok Hunt is my favorite horror game

    BearDevilBearDevil11 timer siden
  • borderlands six siege when?

    Knight On A BikeKnight On A Bike12 timer siden

    Wutinator V5000.3Wutinator V5000.312 timer siden
  • Just got it yesterday on sale. Fun way to spend May the 4th!

    Autobot SkyflameAutobot Skyflame13 timer siden
  • Is NOBODY gonna talk about how good the outro music is ??????

    Advaith RajaAdvaith Raja14 timer siden
  • totally bought it with my stimmy lmao! Thanks for these videos they are tons of fun!

    Lynn PaulusLynn Paulus14 timer siden
  • Please god post more battlefield game play

    Oonga BoongaOonga Boonga14 timer siden
  • Lion is unhappy

    Battlefront BoiBattlefront Boi14 timer siden
  • Play wot

    m4 shermanm4 sherman14 timer siden
  • 5:08

    MonacTium H.MonacTium H.16 timer siden
  • Tabg is free on steam so that’s cool

    darkcookie creeperdarkcookie creeper17 timer siden
  • What’s the music at 22:30?

    Iron MongerIron Monger17 timer siden
  • Canister event r6s video?

    The Knife WizardThe Knife Wizard17 timer siden
  • I dunno why superimposing Plankton's voice over a Death Trooper works so well, yet it does, and I'm here for that shit.

    anxietyprimev69anxietyprimev6917 timer siden
  • Happy May 4th btw.

    Cameron PriceCameron Price19 timer siden
  • The return of skullker is a weird star wars movie title that badger would 100% fund the shit out of

    BizzleMyPickleBizzleMyPickle19 timer siden
  • Yo where is the far cry new dawn content you promised 3 years ago

    compact helixcompact helix20 timer siden
  • I hope he’s taking a fat fucking break from this

    Dominic HershmanDominic Hershman21 time siden
  • 4:01 God have mercy, I laughed way too hard

    Van SlateryVan Slatery21 time siden
  • This is a creation of a man who FUCKS

    Matthias MackeyMatthias Mackey21 time siden
  • Do canister

    Christian StoneChristian Stone22 timer siden
  • Gylo man

    ERIC eUBANKERIC eUBANK22 timer siden
  • Badger get a 40k video they where the funniest

    HolyKnockHolyKnock23 timer siden
  • The skeleton with the Onyx Blade should be a champion in Raid. Fits too well XD

    Shadow's RoseShadow's Rose23 timer siden
  • I love badger says people remember Ray because her name is only three letters, took me a whole year to remember her name, she was such a boring character I forgot her name for so long

    DragonChild108DragonChild108Dag siden
  • Thanks to this video I bought the game and i'm loving it thanks badger

    ned flanders Whit a gunned flanders Whit a gunDag siden
  • I swear to god if Badger doesn't publish a Star Wars video today...

    Johnathan NelsonJohnathan NelsonDag siden
  • Hey Badger you and the boys ever play Earth defense force aka Starship Troopers on crack love to see you lose your shit on it

    1990loulou1990loulouDag siden
  • More. War. Hammer. WAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

    Daniel RossDaniel RossDag siden
  • Whenever I use heavy I feel fucking invincible. I could take a 50mm cannon round and still have enough health to wipe out the enemy team.

    RevMercRevMercDag siden

    Gerardo RolonGerardo RolonDag siden

    Batman's Pet GoldfishBatman's Pet GoldfishDag siden

    Endgame 559Endgame 559Dag siden
  • Calcium Crusader is what I'm calling my skeleton knights in my next D&D campaign.

    Batman's Pet GoldfishBatman's Pet GoldfishDag siden
  • It's a shame how badger hasn't played scp secret lab yet

    KindaFunnyGuyKindaFunnyGuyDag siden
  • 17:45 I absolutely love this

    the mechthe mechDag siden
  • I just get the heavy class go to the Wookiee planet use the camo on the republic trooper and jump people sometimes I use rocket turret and lock on missiles it’s pretty fun

    Michael Chaco the destroyer of foodMichael Chaco the destroyer of foodDag siden
  • “Hey Badger you ever gonna play siege again there’s a new mode out” SILENCE DIPSHIT

    MonzaniaStrikeMonzaniaStrikeDag siden
  • Were is rs6

    L RL RDag siden
  • Damn man when are you playing Apex again? It's poggers

    Random Meme Generator RMGRandom Meme Generator RMGDag siden
  • When you lose the war to fricken furry Robin Hood with a spear that’s just some different amount of pain that’s incomparable 😂

    Derek NavaDerek NavaDag siden
  • if you read this if you love rockets and jumping try tf2.

    Not frankNot frankDag siden
  • 2:28 Dat placement tho.

    RC:1136 DarmanRC:1136 DarmanDag siden
  • God damit i have rewatched this like 20 times and i still laugh my ass off

    Linus OlssonLinus OlssonDag siden
  • Play mordou

    Blue Haze501Blue Haze501Dag siden
  • i want more and definately for ya to do the other fallout new vegas dlc's especially old world blues

    D BD BDag siden
  • This video is definitely one of the best you've made so far Badger, holy shit! Great idea introducing mocap for your animated parts.

    Theotherone27Theotherone27Dag siden
  • no badger d is for droidika

    crafeer2008crafeer2008Dag siden
  • if the emperor and darth vader wern't in the empire th empire wouldn't exist

    crafeer2008crafeer2008Dag siden
  • Hey badger can you do a apex video there is a News season coming its pretty good

    Just a ChildJust a ChildDag siden
  • Imagine Evok shoots in the sky with his stick bow and blows the ****** up entire Death Star. *With an arrow made out of stick and a stone*

    Sergio The Tul'chSergio The Tul'chDag siden
  • Little does he know he was only killing bots with the death trooper

    Scared MageScared MageDag siden
  • Do a mafia 3 video

    AntisocialAntisocialDag siden
  • Can you please play Magic the Gathering Arena?

    Richard DominguezRichard DominguezDag siden
  • Oh maul Maul Maul mAuL 21:20 Alge BRUH BRUH 22:18

    the anthem gamer67the anthem gamer67Dag siden
  • Now I want to see badger play Titanfall 2

    Box XBox XDag siden
  • How long until Badger quits NOcds and deadass starts an animation studio?

    Real Waifus?Real Waifus?Dag siden
  • Make a left 4 dead 2 video pls

    Justin SchaartJustin SchaartDag siden
  • you have got peta attention by showing ewak abuse

    mikeshadowmikeshadowDag siden
  • This vid was the reason I gave this game a second chance and I’m glad I did

    Ultra GruntUltra GruntDag siden
  • I dont think the government needs to violate privacy. Especially since the people who tend complain the most post their entire lives on FB, Twitter, snapchat, etc. 🤔

    Nightwing 393Nightwing 393Dag siden
  • Best part of the video is picturing badger doing all the animations in the suit

    Getting my friends to do dumb StuffGetting my friends to do dumb StuffDag siden
  • Space vietnam? Can I introduce you to hossin, the original space vietnam. Chock full of your worst nightmare, idiots in bright purple spandex.

    Atoll 9001Atoll 9001Dag siden
  • Jotun, more like yotun, cause that's how you pronounce it

    Edison BariouEdison BariouDag siden
  • says it too perfectly 14:28

    Husky BuckyHusky BuckyDag siden
  • 3:12 4k ultra max ray traced high definition borger

    ColdHotPocketColdHotPocketDag siden
  • those were some sharp sticks

    Ricky SkallerudRicky SkallerudDag siden
  • Could have sworn i was already subscribed... oh well. I definitely am now

    Joshua HardinJoshua HardinDag siden
  • its like 11 dollars thill the 6th btw

    ReZisT LustReZisT LustDag siden
  • Hey badger you should do a titan fall 2 episode

    Wildchild 1007Wildchild 1007Dag siden
  • U look like the joker for some reason do u agree not saying ur ugly cause the joker is pretty cool

    Mr GuyyyMr GuyyyDag siden
  • those goddamn animations

    mr cringemr cringeDag siden
  • RussianBadger: Max out that H E A V Y Me who’s maxed out the officer: *drinks in imperial Officer Marksman*

    Michael RobertsMichael RobertsDag siden
  • You should play paladins

    killer of deathkiller of deathDag siden
  • You should play payday again now that there is a comically large spoon.

    Colton RobinsonColton RobinsonDag siden
  • The wrinkles on his forehead haunt my nightmares

    Aaron MoodyAaron MoodyDag siden
  • 19:03 Local Build-a-Bear reject gets fucking DOMED

    Oliver Skin0ffOliver Skin0ffDag siden
  • “We do not endorse slavery unless it’s funny” gives me the same vibes as “we here at team four star do not condone child violence, we do however, find it hilarious”

    The Halo ScrollsThe Halo Scrolls2 dager siden