Single Fire FR 5.56 TTK is Insane in Warzone | New Long Range Rifle to Compete with AUG/M16/AMAX

Talk about how the FR 5.56 is one of the only Weapons that performs better in Semi auto in Warzone
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Single Fire FR 5.56 TTK is Insane in Warzone | New Long Range Rifle to Compete with AUG/M16/AMAX
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  • Slight error on my Spreadsheet so the Rate of Fire is much closer to the Burst Rate of fir, which still has a competitive TTK and better recoil than the Burst.

    JGODJGOD21 dag siden
    • @Ziyue Zhang it has no damage drop off so it has the same ttk for barrel stuffing or 600m

      Mr.BOOMMr.BOOM14 dager siden
    • My younger brother was telling me that this gun was way better in single fire a couple of weeks ago. Glad to see solid evidence from a key witness 😁

      just another laid-back dudejust another laid-back dude16 dager siden
    • I love this setup im a big fan of semi autos and underrated guns but I've never tried the fr 556 I'm looking forward to it

      Sir QakSir Qak18 dager siden
    • I’m so glad you uploaded this video! I was wondering when you were going to say something about the FR 5.56 lol

      Leo LeoLeo Leo21 dag siden
    • Hi JGOD, the fire rate I got is around 442.5 rpm. The ttk is actually not good at range (comparable with MW_ak47/Oden)

      Ziyue ZhangZiyue Zhang21 dag siden
  • I did this in warzone rumble during Christmas 2019, they shadow banned me for 8 days.

    VanlalchhandamaVanlalchhandama18 timer siden
  • One of my favorite guns, never the best gun, but that's ok.

    Kenneth MahanKenneth MahanDag siden
  • Nice lol but better option like the fal better fire rate better everything

    Captain CJCaptain CJ2 dager siden
  • If the damage is the same at all ranges it it worth taking a barrel on it?

    Geralt Of RiveraGeralt Of Rivera3 dager siden
  • Used it and its not competitive. This video really should be deleted since the calculations were wrong

    HarrisonWHB24HarrisonWHB244 dager siden
  • Old news, been my go to back in 2019.

    AlcoDelco LolexAlcoDelco Lolex4 dager siden
  • Still works?

    Raul FloresRaul Flores5 dager siden
  • I use the FAL as my main, so trying this out seems like it will be fun. I just don't see it being as versatile as the FAL, which can shred up close if you land a headshot or two. Throw in some stopping power rounds and you have a thing of beauty.

    Justin BrunnerJustin Brunner10 dager siden
  • My man playing on -5 sens

    Chemicalcupcake: Gaming and more!Chemicalcupcake: Gaming and more!12 dager siden
  • it looks like a nerf gun

    craigfromtescocraigfromtesco13 dager siden
  • Uou are the best when it's down to in depth analysis of guns, statistics, etc but this gun is garbage bro...

    ionel banuionel banu14 dager siden
  • Pff I was running this loadout year ago, plebs

    What EverWhat Ever16 dager siden
  • It’s just a more faster oden

    GhostGhost16 dager siden
  • I actually used this a while ago

    JulianJulian16 dager siden
  • What weapon is this in the thumbnail??? IT isn't the FR

    Julien PohlJulien Pohl17 dager siden
  • I know no one cares but in hc cyber or snd this gun with burst fire is insanely good

    FreckleyFreckley17 dager siden
  • Let's count how many videos that say a guns ttk is insane. at this point wouldnt it be called normal? because most guns ttk is 'insane'

    Team SpintopTeam Spintop17 dager siden
  • See, guys like me that play on PC and have a rapid fire macro on our mice, know that this gun is good in semi auto mode. With a rapid fire clicker, the gun is automatic and just absolutely shreds. Bout time you guys caught on 😉

    ShitThe BedFredShitThe BedFred17 dager siden
  • Double xp coming in clutch

    Aaron ArevaloAaron Arevalo17 dager siden
  • Sadly,this is the most effective way to use this gun🤦🏾‍♂️ It needs SERIOUS love from the devs because it's NEVER used as it's intended to be🤦🏾‍♂️ First as a shotgun,now as a DMR,but ALWAYS as a joke... And you STILL won't catch anyone using this gun unless they're FR5.56 loyalists(like myself)🤦🏾‍♂️ Don't get me wrong,I see this as an absolute WIN for the FR...but with a closer look,I feel like it just magnifies the disappointment that is this gun💯

    Desmond DavisDesmond Davis17 dager siden
  • If this thing gets nerfed I'm quiting

    Anthony DoyleAnthony Doyle17 dager siden
  • I actually tried this a while back and it felt pretty good, but i thought i was crazy

    RCgenral1969RCgenral196918 dager siden
  • Dang my trick is revealed again. Ieverytime I would pick this thing up I would change it to semi auto.

    f1rebreather123f1rebreather12319 dager siden
  • Howcome when im in attachments i cant see the barrel attachments? does it need to be a certain level?

    Darin MuseDarin Muse19 dager siden
  • xclusiveace must be kickin himself now

    ivy lastnameivy lastname19 dager siden
  • *Jgod makes a vid* Also swagg: NO RECOIL FR 556 OP!🤯🔥

    WonderWomberWonderWomber19 dager siden
    • Swaggs a fraud. Cronus and reverse boost king 👑

      LTLT8 dager siden
  • Imagine the Rytec and the crossbow turning into a meta later on

    Attack HelicopterAttack Helicopter19 dager siden
  • This guy is publishing my secret setups!

    ManikFNManikFN19 dager siden
  • IM NEW TO COD. And this was my first gun, using!…. Why? Because I grew up on halo 2. It reminded me of a battle rifle. Halo 2 , was actually the last time I played a fps shooter 😱

  • Wow. Wtf? ❤ this stat god. Thanks j

    Gary WhetzelGary Whetzel19 dager siden
  • Why not just use the oden, but not a bad gun though

    Kevin HallKevin Hall19 dager siden
  • What is a nerf gun doing in the thumbnail?

    NotHelium CODMNotHelium CODM19 dager siden
  • puts it on plunder with enemies with 2 plates on to make it look op lmao

    OriginlGazzaOriginlGazza19 dager siden
  • It's broken

  • so similar to the FAL in the prime days

    DuckDuck20 dager siden
  • Finally the fr 556 gets some love

    Mr.MiesnerMr.Miesner20 dager siden
  • Dep, error how to fix

    Jake MarshallJake Marshall20 dager siden
    • Hi pal

      Jake MarshallJake Marshall20 dager siden
  • Can you please do a damage comparison on m16 and fr?

    Jee YoungJee Young20 dager siden
  • 4:08 - 4:20 WOWWWW. I'm using this ASAP

    Dave DDave D20 dager siden
  • Wait wtf?! I used the FFR on single and thought is was decent, but never jumped on it cause it was an FFR lol... wow I feel dumb

    The DrewllahThe Drewllah20 dager siden
  • Fr 556 reminds me of a scout rifle from destiny, it probably doesn’t help that we can now fire it semi automatic.

    GoldenbucketGoldenbucket20 dager siden
  • Why use this over FAL ?

    Surgical BeatsSurgical Beats20 dager siden
  • JGOD - 60 bullets is overboard Me with 200 bullets in my Bruen

    LVS 2131LVS 213120 dager siden
  • Finally my fav burst weapon shinning

    the 0ttomanthe 0ttoman20 dager siden
  • Always great content

    o TWiSTeD LIVE Xxo TWiSTeD LIVE Xx20 dager siden
  • Welcome to FR-zone my friends!!

    Nick PNick P20 dager siden
  • ive been using this since warzone day 1. Always told people the Famas is underrated

    FabianFabian20 dager siden
  • How about the Oden?

    Randy BonillaRandy Bonilla20 dager siden
  • You should make a single fire SCAR, you don't know what you can do with that build.

    EnesEnes20 dager siden
  • Just so you guys know, this gun is the the FFARs younger brother, yes both guns are related, i was shocked too when i found out. so in reality your trading one FFAR with another lol

    GAME PRO24XGAME PRO24X20 dager siden
  • They don't call him JGod for nothing 💪🏽

    Dexter JohnDexter John20 dager siden
  • I have my FR maxed out and I have mastered the burst

    TinoTinnyTinoTinny20 dager siden
  • can you please stop talking about these things its gonna keep changing the meta to things that are going to make the game worse just let people figure this stuff out on their own its just for the sake of being able to have fun...

    minedkrabminedkrab20 dager siden
  • That was my first weapon

    LetsplayarryLetsplayarry20 dager siden
  • Bring DSR 50 to warzone

    Jasen dawgJasen dawg20 dager siden
  • Oh no Jgod, you gotta chill bro lol

    Thomas FaraoneThomas Faraone20 dager siden
  • Lots of mw guns have secret buffs with the right attachments that went unnoticed with all the cold war gun issues

    SIIIOXIDESIIIOXIDE20 dager siden
  • ive been using this for a while lol

    the hash slinging slasherthe hash slinging slasher20 dager siden
  • FAL VS FR556?

    Steven SkippSteven Skipp20 dager siden
  • Every gun kills in like 3 bullets now. Who cares about TTK anymore. This game is broken beyond repair.

    Susan LocalSusan Local20 dager siden
  • never thought it was trash in mp its crazy

    kevkev20 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks this would be best used as an smg? Similar to the FAL meta? Just spec it out for mobility and ADS since the ttk is supposed to be so insane.

    David HaroDavid Haro20 dager siden
  • I cant find the Barrel

    edwin sedwin s20 dager siden
  • Use to always use this in single shot

    BGaffBGaff21 dag siden
  • But why not just use SKS if you want single shot

    Brett LyonsBrett Lyons21 dag siden
  • JGOD, it's been so long I feel like I know you. You should show off your dope office to us sometime ! Lol

    Eric PannoneEric Pannone21 dag siden
  • Is this the same as Multiplayer? I highly doubt it

    Eman _Eman _21 dag siden
  • Literally what I tell all the homies but no one believes me, it’s basically a marksman rifle, why you think they keep that pink blueprint on the floor loot? -____-

    MikeMike21 dag siden
  • 🚬🚬

    Hard1295Hard129521 dag siden
  • come on man?! It's not like I'm not confused enough already with my loadouts! Love the videos dude! Appreciating the variety of loadies I've been seeing atm.

    Angel FaligAngel Falig21 dag siden
  • You’re such a diarrhoea

    Sha3ul_Sha3ul_21 dag siden
  • What are the corrected TTKs after the equation was fixed?

    Alarm SauceAlarm Sauce21 dag siden
    • @JGOD oh duh 🤦🏼‍♂️ haha

      Alarm SauceAlarm Sauce21 dag siden
    • What they were before 600-700

      JGODJGOD21 dag siden
  • Major throwback to the beta FR 5.56 when the semi-auto rate of fire was the same as the burst rate of fire.

    Jamie WilliamsJamie Williams21 dag siden
  • So the infinite damage range only applies in WZ? What about MP?

    MetalMacMetalMac21 dag siden
  • It actually sucks 😂 the first time I've disagreed with JGOD

    Mike MacDonaldMike MacDonald21 dag siden
  • FAL is still superior

    i_Ranti_Rant21 dag siden
  • I know u wont see this but u have to try the sa87 in single fire its op

    31Brezzy31Brezzy21 dag siden
  • yo j talk about the hyper burst single shot AN-94 its pretty accurite

    andrew londosandrew londos21 dag siden
  • Finally someone recognizes this gun! I’ve been saying this for months now!!

    nickanzo81nickanzo8121 dag siden
  • I know you will most likely never see this but...when you do your load out videos any chance you could include an "early build" like for people who wanna run it but have little to no attachments to put on. Just a thought to cover all bases and make newer not feel let out!

    Mark DejalarMark Dejalar21 dag siden
  • @6:25 loadout FR 5.56

    JDJD21 dag siden
  • This guy can get the Milano Overpowered?

    Rambo StouffRambo Stouff21 dag siden
  • Is the sleight of hand broken. When I used it on mp5 it didn't work can u make a vid

  • I'm sorry but this is so bad, not saying I'm good at the game but I just genuinely hate semi auto rifles, I'll give it another go though

    ThisGuy?_YTThisGuy?_YT21 dag siden
  • Everyone I play with is now buggin me to use the famas. I’ve BEEN using it fam. Kinda annoying now

    HunndoHunndo21 dag siden
  • The single greatest channel to boom from Warzone, great content as always 👌

    Aaron WAaron W21 dag siden
  • To get this up to gold/platinum etc i would flick it over to single shot, especially for long/mounted shot challenges

    Steve BarnesSteve Barnes21 dag siden
  • Crazy how all the other content creators make videos whenever JGod drops a class vid smh

    marquise mooremarquise moore21 dag siden
  • Don't get me wrong I love JGOD. The effort and research he puts in is absolutely legendary. However I always wonder what the game would be like if videos like this didn't exist.

    The BandWagonThe BandWagon21 dag siden
  • JGOD can you find out if the single auto will apply to all guns. It would be a big game changer for things like the oden if there is no damage range cap.

    league of Rowledgeleague of Rowledge21 dag siden
  • Knew this was coming after dmr meta, hidden gem from pre BO integration 👌🏾

    Easton WalkerEaston Walker21 dag siden
  • When i was going for damascus on MP, I used to put it on single fire and it was just a game changer

    Hookah LiciousHookah Licious21 dag siden
  • Try the single fire oden

    Leon HenrichLeon Henrich21 dag siden
  • They laughed at me...but look...look at what the 5.56 FR can do...

    Felix GutierrezFelix Gutierrez21 dag siden
  • how does this compare to the FAL?

    MaxiMaxi21 dag siden
  • I remember then the pink blueprint was ground loot. I’d always switch it to semi auto.

    Notinservice420Notinservice42021 dag siden
  • I want ffar and aug destroyed but if this gets meta, I will maybe just uninstall the game

    Clowdark 22Clowdark 2221 dag siden
  • Wow your flawless connection can make any gun look good.

    BARRA CUDABARRA CUDA21 dag siden
  • this is perfect for the cronus users

    El TioEl Tio21 dag siden