Russell Brand VS Jordan Peterson: Part #3

, a 2 hour, challenging and tearful conversation about unity, responsibility, compassion and teaching on my podcast Under The Skin. This is only the first hour, if you'd like to listen to the rest of our conversation just download Luminary here, it's worth it:

Jordan Peterson returns for a third time on Under the Skin, but this one is much different than the others. For those who are new to Jordan, he is a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist. He is author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos and his latest book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is out now.

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  • If you want to listen to my entire 2 hour conversation with Jordan Peterson you can on Luminary - just download the app here: My podcast with Edward Snowden will be out next Saturday on Luminary also! See you there!

    Russell BrandRussell Brand2 måneder siden
    • Interesting. I would take exception to his characterization of you as not having your shit together. I wanted to be more open-minded about him, but I found him condescending, even now. He’s a caretaker? No thanks.

      Paris Outside My Front DoorParis Outside My Front Door5 dager siden
    • ❤️❤️

      ben murphyben murphy9 dager siden
    • @John Stitt what did i just read

      Sofia GarcíaSofia García9 dager siden
    • Super cool what you are doing!

      Gary KoepkeGary Koepke15 dager siden
    • @Ivan Dimitrov the fact he has nothing positive to say about females, the fact he has zero understanding of women. The fact he can’t handle challenging conversation- he avoids the tough questions at all cost.

      nutbar ideanutbar idea22 dager siden
  • I loved this

    Astro RocketsAstro Rockets39 minutter siden
  • Goodness, Jordan really interrupts doesn’t he. I’m not sure he listens deeply enough to others because he seems to be focused on what he wants to say. I find this annoying and it results in me not wanting to listen, which is unfortunate xo

    Carly ParryCarly Parry3 timer siden
  • What an honest beautiful soul! Say what you will, these guys get it. Conversate, no one has all the answers. Learn from each other. More often than not, deep down, we all want the same thing. The polarization, the spin of duality, and the resulting chaos and division is all a method of blocking us from waking up. Being "woke" is not a chance to be one up on someone or to be right all the time. Being woke brings you to a baseline of accepting and being willing to learn with renewed eyes and a fresh perspective. Or at least the child like non-judgmental vision you've nearly forgotten. Being woke doesn't mean that you now know everything and now should stand definitively on a manufactured belief. If anything, being woke shatters the illusion of duality and brings you to the awareness of one soul. These guys get it. Much Love Russel and Jordan!!! Thank You for sharing.

    cgmaness44cgmaness449 timer siden
  • i love Russell Brand cause He's Honest..He is forgiven for His HONESTY. ..if you have money ..i don' kick him a bit of funds for His efforts..He is worth it

    AngelaAngela11 timer siden

    FLAT EARTHFLAT EARTH20 timer siden
  • Is the first hour free?

    Dave AtkinsDave Atkins23 timer siden
  • True, inspiring discussion - Thanks ! Quick behavioural guidelines in no particular order I get to learn here:
 1. Exercice critical thinking, be cautious, particularly with strangers; 2. Have a good (healthy) life balance in average - we need fun, work, give, share, learn, experiment, innovate. 3. Only direct your destructive aggressiveness (we all have some) at your enemies - any tormentors; 4. Be true to yourself. That demands some moral courage and it will do you more good than bad e.g. it will have you in suitable relationships. Be brave and express your desires ! 5. Foster fairness (equity included) and common sense; 6. Respect (includes some consideration) yourself and others - there are many precious people out there. Despite their differences, communication between people of goodwill across boundaries identity or belief is beneficial (although it might not feel beneficial at the time).

    Alain TrépanierAlain TrépanierDag siden
  • Russel Brand,, the guy who is all about sharing and hating on capitalism, but somehow the only guy online who doenst do hes podcasts for free... WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT MATE?!

    Alex JAlex JDag siden
  • It appears that Peterson has developed the conventional Bodhicitta mind. I also have a very strong feeling that Mr Peterson will become (if not already) a Bodhisattva.

    mia smithmia smithDag siden

      FLAT EARTHFLAT EARTH14 timer siden
  • In this mind-blowing story Jordan Peterson interviews a woman who escaped from North Korea and ended up getting disenchanted with the self-censoring she had to do at an American university

    Ba LineBa LineDag siden
  • Sometimes you find treasures like this o. You tube

    Matt TraftonMatt TraftonDag siden
  • I do admire Russel for using the Word - Decentralization. Without it we are all finished.

    Frederick WinnFrederick Winn2 dager siden
  • I really think the Holy Spirit is after both Russell and and Jordan ...both men so intelligent and digging for spiritual purpose ... they articulate God’s economy and God’s order without knowing Him personally, per se... it’s amazing. I pray for them both! Much love to you both. Love the show.

    Sarah RSarah R2 dager siden
  • Poundshop Guru vs Jordan Peterson......Russell should stick to comedy--he`s way out of his depth here.

    MJ HMJ H2 dager siden
  • Jordan!!! Never doubt that you are loved....In places in this world you wouldn't even emagine... Wish you all the best...May the almighty increase your wisdom.......

    Lul HusseinLul Hussein2 dager siden
  • Man you both are wonderful to listen to. Grateful that people like you are on this earth. We need more like you!!! What a beautiful conversation of transparency. Thank you so much!!! 🙏

    Lois RuaneLois Ruane2 dager siden
  • JP is an addict. You can see it

    12ollin47s12ollin47s2 dager siden
  • This one starts out too whiny :/

    Jess KlayJess Klay3 dager siden
  • Jesus loves you

    300pzl300pzl3 dager siden
  • First of all, Peterson looks like Joseph Fiennes character in The Handmaid's Tale. Secondly, it his attempt to Christianize Jung and Campbell that causes a lot of problems with his philosophy. Liber Novus was essentially Gnostic, and the Hero myth predates western Christianity in pagan mystery schools. His perspective separates both from nature and ourselves.

    Terrence WilliamsTerrence Williams3 dager siden
  • How can anyone hate Jordan Peterson? How corrupt of heart and full of rage must you be to think him a villain when he genuinely wants us all to live better lives. Shame on Marvel for twisting his words and portraying him as a Nazi.

    bertoberto3 dager siden
  • We need NOcds channels to evolve to the extent of allowing members of general public to directly engage in a Q&A session with the likes of Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson. After all, we know who they are but do they know any of us ? my point is, a 'controlled' Q&A with people who are 'well known' in mainstream media etc, would be gladly welcomed. Obviously a limited number of people would be able to attend these sessions, so if you're not chosen - oh well better luck next time. Such Q&A sessions would need to be moderated no doubt, but I feel its high time we, common citizens got at least an opportunity to directly converse with the Russel Brand's and Jordan Peterson's of this world.

    Manoj KumarManoj Kumar3 dager siden
  • As human beings, we owe it to ourselves and each other to help, motivate and inspire one another. It brings out the very best in us. Always.

    Manoj KumarManoj Kumar3 dager siden
  • ive been following dr peterson for years, and the main thing i notice no matter where on youtube i find him, is the incredible positivity and support i see in the comments section of every single video. it makes me feel better about the human race. it helps me to think we really have a chance

    superturkle brookhisclawrssuperturkle brookhisclawrs3 dager siden
  • This Peterson bloke. Went round telling everyone they were weak and how to be strong... did it all on benzodiazipines. What a loada bollocks.

    Mickey MouseMickey Mouse3 dager siden
  • This is what we need more of. Excellent conversation, I’m so blessed to have listened. Thank you both.

    LenaThe NurseLenaThe Nurse3 dager siden
  • I love your soul Russell... you are the journalist the world really needs

    Emma RocheEmma Roche3 dager siden
  • Not vs just respectful conversation

    Paul Muad'DibPaul Muad'Dib3 dager siden
  • Hearing JP learn and change makes me like him more than I did.

    Micah Shane TaylorMicah Shane Taylor4 dager siden
  • Great questions Russell. JP is an amazing person. He has saved many people from commiting suicide and being depressed. Hes a genuine person.

    MikeMike4 dager siden
  • I get why people like him, but he's not a good man. I just can't respect a sexist, homophobic, and transphobic person.

    MeanJean McQueenMeanJean McQueen4 dager siden
  • It's only the American working class which finds itself burdened with having to play out the fictional "me against the world" scenario of capitalist success. The capitalists themselves have it figured out -they look out for each others' backs with the working classes hard earned tax money while the workers are busy competing against each other. The ruling class have their own little world, and you ain't a part of it.

    Grant PerkinsGrant Perkins4 dager siden
  • Hearing him tear up🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖

    Big BBig B4 dager siden
  • The lobster evolved ?

    Draft74 DraftDraft74 Draft4 dager siden
  • 47:55 Jordan describing the great joy and profound weight of being a pastor.

    Eric EarhartEric Earhart4 dager siden
  • Great love and resoect for these beautiful men who undoubtedly are assisting in the evolution of the humanity.

    Leeann MarshallLeeann Marshall5 dager siden
  • I really respect you Russell....

    syll haringsyll haring5 dager siden
  • Just started this particular discussion, but am somewhat distracted by Russell Brand’s subdued and somber countenance and manner! What is wrong? Did you just have a knock down drag out fight with someone?? Where is your supremely “present”, “bright”, “effusive” self?? I pray you are well…Love Jordan, love you too Russell!

    Cerry LetrichCerry Letrich5 dager siden
  • You two are unbelievably good salesmen. Nice choice of cliffhanger.

    PossumKing 〰PossumKing 〰5 dager siden
  • A John Lennon hope exists within Jordan Peterson and to some extent you Russell Brand. That said with more people thinking this way we will get our better world.

    Jeff MooreJeff Moore5 dager siden
  • Clonazepam fucked me up too

    David PringuerDavid Pringuer5 dager siden
  • pretty amazing - no?

    Joe AndersenJoe Andersen5 dager siden
  • Has Jordans ego eaten him? or has Jordan eaten his Peterson...which ever one i want to know 😞. Im hoping he ate his Peterson 😃!

    Binary ThirdBinary Third5 dager siden
  • Jordan! You're looking great, brother!

    RustyRusty6 dager siden
  • 9k comments from ppl that relate. But how many of us r afraid and alone and can't find someone?

    jamie Yohojamie Yoho6 dager siden
  • Those in power - the Global Corporations who own our governments - sense that they are losing their grip on this power. And so, we are watching Fascism be rebranded as normal, right in front of our eyes.

    sheila rossinisheila rossini7 dager siden
  • At 49:00 when Jordan talks about his Dad…when he says that his Dad fundamentally believed that having him around was a good thing…that broke me. It takes unbelievable strength and willpower to become a decent person, when you grew up with a father that didn’t fundamentally believe having you around was a good thing. 😔

    TrixiePixieTrixiePixie7 dager siden
  • Russell...I read a comment here earlier, attempting to 'correct' your speech patterns (as though they're an expert in expression). *Please don't listen. I for one, appreciate your 'word salad' - I enjoy the way you express, form & articulate.

    Dwayne J. Horvath - SellWell.caDwayne J. Horvath - SellWell.ca8 dager siden
  • Obnoxious ignorant loudmouth bother

    Nicholas TNicholas T8 dager siden
  • I'm having a hard time today. Philosophy is still dominated by mens views and to go a step further white mens views. Philosophy is our views on life and the meaning of it, how can so many views be left out of it....jordan Peterson is the bane of the progress we have made to make changes to this. I wish you had gone him harder russel. His views that feminist want brutal domination of men...evidence is to the contrary and he needs to be pulled up on these views....he and his followers are angry and direct their anger at people who dont deserve more anger...I'm really disappointed

    emma wilsonemma wilson8 dager siden
  • thank you

    The DukeThe Duke8 dager siden
  • 31:40 Russell: LET ME FINALLY TALK!

    XerusXerus8 dager siden
  • Preach

    ben murphyben murphy9 dager siden
  • Don’t die Jordan,I don’t want to live in a world with a wrong sounding Kermit 🐸

    TruckerTrucker9 dager siden
  • I'm all for globalisation if Peterson is the president.

    R CooperR Cooper9 dager siden
  • Jordan is such a great human being. So open and so real.

    DogeDoge9 dager siden
  • Good to see Jordan back and feeling healthy. Hope he takes things a little easier this time round. Nice interview with Brand!

    Steve HarrisSteve Harris9 dager siden
  • "If it emerges as a consequence of the actions of love and truth, then it is by definition good." JP

    Alexander DunlopAlexander Dunlop9 dager siden
  • I think Mr. Mate got it right with JP - ya no.

    pinkdostoyevskypinkdostoyevsky9 dager siden
  • I need a dictionary

    Lee BrandoLee Brando9 dager siden
  • Selfishly, I wish I had the means to fly to Mr. Brand, and hear him speak in person. As an American Veteran I feel guilty he is always bringing his ideas to my country. I would happily save him the trip, however thankfully I have found this wonderful podcast. Thank you, for recording your thoughts(in many cases, "rogan and the like) and thusly allowing me to revisit your views so that I may continue to ponder them. Much appreciated

    seth mclaughlinseth mclaughlin10 dager siden
  • How can Africans be obese 😂😂. They 2 have ate a dictionary, not saying these 2 men aren't smart. Going on about mythology, I love history

    John BrownJohn Brown10 dager siden
  • Thank you for having these discussions. There are those of us that are completely lost in life. Struggling with remaining enguaged with humanity. It opens the door to another perspective. I dont like what I see looking through my doors.

    John EllisJohn Ellis10 dager siden
  • I wanted to hear the rest of that but your Capitalist need for cash is wanting to lure me into a paying subscription 😜

    Frank CameronFrank Cameron10 dager siden
    • Bahaha... Nice

      Pill PusherPill Pusher9 dager siden
  • Love people being their best selves...We see you Jordan, we see you Russell! Thank you guys for showing maturity and beautiful growth.

    Ben JantzenBen Jantzen10 dager siden
  • This guy is too old to still try and be the coolest 23 year old.

    Matt WilliamsMatt Williams11 dager siden
  • What makes Christ special is that he went to hell and return to heaven

    SearusSearus11 dager siden
  • I have gone to Luminalry and tried to search for this podcast with Joradn Peterson and could not find it or search in a way that informed me. Help!!

    Carol PridgeonCarol Pridgeon11 dager siden
    • Ok I thought it was just my dumbass that couldn't find it... Lol

      Pill PusherPill Pusher9 dager siden
  • We didn't become our own slave though. When you HAVE to go to work 8h a day, we are a slave to the system. And the moment the system relies on it and doesn't want things to change. Because those rich masters need our labour.

    Emma PhiloEmma Philo11 dager siden
  • Awww Jordon is feeling gratitude for the bounty and nurturing of the divine feminine.

    TheMothernerdTheMothernerd11 dager siden
  • Jordan Peterson is a lighthouse for many people in many ways. May Allah grant him contentment, lofty goals & unity amongst his family. Ameen.

    Najaf JafriNajaf Jafri12 dager siden
    • Allah, God, Yaweh... I'm pretty sure they're all happy with what JBP is preaching... Say what is true and live with the consequences. Peace be with you.

      Pill PusherPill Pusher9 dager siden
  • For the most part, both of these men are intellectually honest & that is attractive in & of itself, no matter the subject at hand.

    Najaf JafriNajaf Jafri12 dager siden
  • Why did you not talk about the only thing that is having a massive harmful affect on this world now, that is the cult of Zionist Judaism?

    marcos einstienzmarcos einstienz12 dager siden
    • my actual reply was deleted by the people who dont have any control over us.

      marcos einstienzmarcos einstienz8 dager siden
    • Oh please... Not another anti-semite. The Nazis kind of exposed that as bullshit huh.

      Pill PusherPill Pusher9 dager siden
  • To say what you think regardless of the consequences is literally being fearless of death because that's the sort of thing that will cost you everything. I wish I could afford to be that fearless. Thank you both for the talk it was great to hear.

    Amber EvansAmber Evans13 dager siden
  • Russel Brand v Jordan Peterson. Really? I guess beating addiction doesn't mean one regains a firm grasp on reality.

    Scott SteeleScott Steele13 dager siden
  • This was very honest. I have a new respect for JP. He seems to have more compassion or patience in trying to express things. He has been rebalanced.

    Mr LMr L13 dager siden
  • Our society would be better if we talk, debate, and conversate, we don't have to agree but we can understand.

    James JordanJames Jordan13 dager siden
  • did he just compare actual slavery to working full time and said it's kinda the same?....

    Kristina BekkerKristina Bekker13 dager siden
    • Well to be fair, RB hasn't had to work an 8hr day in decades so maybe he's a little out of touch lol

      Pill PusherPill Pusher9 dager siden
  • Dr. Peterson, when you go around the world helping other people fix their lives you can expect the world to be there to help fix yours. People like me do not forget that, and we wouldn't leave you behind. You aren't some stupid fad that ends up fizzling out so don't you worry about something as silly as time. Your work will transcend that.

    Akimbo ShieldsAkimbo Shields13 dager siden
  • The cathartic attraction of young men to Peterson’s experience is that they are being given permission to be flawed and thus the opportunity to heal their “flawdness”. By Peterson revealing his vulnerability, it allows other men to reveal (and hopefully) integrate that part of themselves that western culture has asked them to suppress.

    mrmysterymrmystery13 dager siden
  • Trump and Russel Brand- two people who blindly believe in a mass conspiratorial evil "mainstream media". Hopefully Jordan's technical explanation helped make your viewpoints less childish.

    Matthew PappalardoMatthew Pappalardo14 dager siden
  • Sherry pen terry should grace ur cast with her brilliance about spoons sticking to her four (five?) head after being vaccinated and how she grasps a coke from the Coke brother on a Saturday night, after 11:59, and 12 lines.

    John VilleneuveJohn Villeneuve14 dager siden
  • Barf Peterson, a dimwits, dimwit!

    John VilleneuveJohn Villeneuve14 dager siden

    John SchaeferJohn Schaefer14 dager siden
  • What happens when the richest and most powerful people's "Star" that they're orienting towards, is a horrific nightmare for the rest of us? Big tech companies owning everything for the relentless pursuit of efficiency? To what end? What's there left for me to do other than bow before these idols and sit idle on their conveyor belts to their star? Sounds more like a horrific nightmare. Especially since the gears of these big companies are not just turning the machines, but they are grinding up those who work there. Burnout and complete loss of family life and meaning. Nobody there is happy unless they are pursing that "star". And for what? Cheap plastic trinkets delivered to my door the next day? Horrifying.

    Jamie SlaterJamie Slater14 dager siden
  • We were all praying for you and your family, Dr. Jordan and our prayers were answered. You look a lot better than you did in the last video I seen you in. May the almighty creator of all things keep you and yours close to his, AMEN!

    RundarkRundark14 dager siden
  • Russell, you seem a bit depressed, or down. Im sorry if that is the case. On a brighter note, i feel like Dr Peterson goes thru a sort of therapy of his own, every time the two of you converse. He gets emotional in many of his discussions, but the conversations that the two of you have, are deeper and more significant to him. That is how it appears to me. It is amazing to watch. Thank you both.

    Danette Bear-EttDanette Bear-Ett14 dager siden
  • So glad you are doing this Russell Brand I really love Mr Peterson ❤

    Linda EhlersLinda Ehlers14 dager siden
  • I pray this man of command, substance and inspiration was not sabotaged in some clandestine way. I pray for the safety of both of these beautiful men who are attempting to bring light into this dark world.

    Melissa AtwoodMelissa Atwood14 dager siden
  • 46:16 I love when Jordan tears up and gets emotional because I know hes(literally) feeling the spirit. People may laugh, but they wont laugh once they get to that level; they will understand. Much love, Jordan ❤

    In_Vas_PorIn_Vas_Por15 dager siden
  • I have one question , is this hour free ? :) Joking aside , this is the conversation I didn't know I needed . Brilliant minds . There so much lack of intelligent inquisitive conversations in our world today . Thank you

    albuquerquealbuquerque15 dager siden
  • Me and my dad have complicated relationships, and we argued a lot about him being too agressive in my childhood. Lately I decided that I should stop blaming him (although I can't say I forgave him completely), and I started only writing/calling him when something important happen and sometimes message him like "is everything ok? I'm ok too, bye". At that moment when Jordan said something like: "I do understand and I do feel the pain men have inside, but we should go towards our goals INSPITE that"... That for some reason made me write my dad. I still don't feel like we can destroy the wall completely, but after what Jordan said I've managed to understand that my dad did fought his demons as well as I do fight my demons today. So I became thankful for what he did for me. He was really fucking trying his best. I know that because I get almost the same response to my behavior like he got and still gets. We're both pretty closed, egoistic and insecure. And it is difficult to change yourself to become less ego. So I'm thankful now, cause now I remember some moments differently. I remember that at those times he went hard on me, he also had that face impression, impression of the man that doesn't want to hurt, but also wants you to become stronger. So I wrote "You had your minuses, but you were a good dad overall" He answered "Yes" I suggest you guys write/call your parents and say something as good as you can, but also be honest, so that it doesn't become just some fake ego self-development move. I tried my best. Good luck in your hero adventures brothers.

    dobry dendobry den15 dager siden
  • Russell my friend and fellow human being the very first line of your video was a lie :( You said it was an hour FREE. Lie I had to watch a commercial before it even started so nothing was FREE! You got PAID, and I had to PAY my TIME to get to watch your video nothing FREE about that. As I understand your viewpoints on many topics and generally agree with you on alot of them, what you stated in THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE OF THE VIDEO WAS A LIE and I know you'd admit that. Awesome Guest Love from John Juan Amika

    John JuanJohn Juan15 dager siden
  • Gr8 vid...stop moving ur hands about so much please...just distracting..again loved the vid

    Denise MckeownDenise Mckeown16 dager siden
  • Terrible dress, funny and not appropriate Proof of lack of respect for your gest.

    vesnamdvesnamd16 dager siden
    • Irrelevant

      The Nameless OneThe Nameless One15 dager siden

    GuitarwristGuitarwrist16 dager siden
  • No bloody video on luminary, anyone?

    Rowan HeathRowan Heath16 dager siden
  • Inspirational

    dsm955dsm95516 dager siden
  • 'For goodness sake! You are allowed to get well!' wise counsel, my Mum.

    Hello VickiHello Vicki16 dager siden