Rand Paul on 'explosive' hearing with Dr. Fauci

Kentucky Republican discusses why he questioned the top health official over funding of the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology on 'Fox News Primetime.'

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  • Neurenberg 2.0

    A M WoutersA M Wouters5 dager siden
  • Durham or Nurenberg 2.0?

    A M WoutersA M Wouters5 dager siden
  • So if you keep denying and lying you are off the case? Follow the Money , phonetracking , email will provide all evidence. The medics witnesses must be called in. Evidence presented we dont need to listen to more lies..

    A M WoutersA M Wouters5 dager siden
  • Will the USA have to pay damages and lawsuit settlements to the rest of the world because Fauci's fingerprints are all over the virus research???

  • I don't understand why they are juicing up viruses in the first place.

    Katherine PoltoratzkyKatherine Poltoratzky16 dager siden
  • WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT! Fauci and Top US Doctors Caught! If you love news, you'll love our homepage! June 6, 2021 Click here to read the full article The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively this past year on the effects of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating the COVID-19 virus. It was known that the Dr. Tony Fauci and the medical elites conspired to ban the use of this very successful drug.

    Alice K.Alice K.17 dager siden
  • Rand Paul will be included when history evaluates who is responsible for the needless deaths of over 200,000 Americans during the pandemic. Trump, his cult of worshipers and Trumppublicans will all share the same fate on judgement day!.

    Richard BRichard B20 dager siden
  • Rand Paul rulez!!! down with lying Chinese operatives

    Otaki TanagaOtaki Tanaga21 dag siden
  • Paul/Cruz 2024

    norcalandrewnorcalandrew23 dager siden
  • These are serious allegations! All those dead people we had!!

    Gabino VivarGabino Vivar24 dager siden
  • They literally gave samples of viruses to the Wuhan.

    Annice MichelleAnnice Michelle27 dager siden
  • Liar liar pants on fire.

    Annice MichelleAnnice Michelle27 dager siden
  • When Fauci go in jail.

    Zaki De Luca InternationalZaki De Luca International28 dager siden
  • All I know according to psychology that I have studied when one is questioned and they're lying they answer the question then look down and glance to the left that's exactly what he did when they asked him if he was done with this statement and he said how many times can I repeat it and right after that when he was quiet he looked down and glanced to the left straight up liar.

    Sita LairdSita Laird29 dager siden
  • Zickerberg and Jack Dorsey need to lose there companies for surpressing these stories and facts

    Roger TreakleRoger Treakle29 dager siden
  • dr fauchi stop lying god will never forgive u for killing 3 million innocent tax paying people

    Naina MahtaniNaina MahtaniMåned siden
  • Fauxi belongs in supermax

    Ben FranklinBen FranklinMåned siden
  • Fauci=👿 🤢 🤢 🤢..........

    T MckT MckMåned siden
  • Rand Paul is one of the better republiconmen that the party can throw at unsuspecting Americans. The next time someone says, "Duck!" look for a flying Rand Paul.

    WhatTheDeuceWhatTheDeuceMåned siden
  • The unreal stuff started and ended with Trump and the republican'ts. The U.S. started picking up the pieces Trump left behind after a disastrous 4 years of utter incompetence, and the nation is moving forward. Let those with ears hear, and those with eyes see,

    AnomalousAnomalousMåned siden
  • It was a pretty explosive hearing. Rand Paul should have known better than to eat all those beans. Some people never learn.

    OneSmallStepOneSmallStepMåned siden
  • The yellow hope iteratively smash because tenor cytogenetically flash since a adaptable nigeria. concerned, closed north america

    joshua clarkejoshua clarkeMåned siden
  • Fauci in prison for life .

    Matt GMatt GMåned siden
  • Thank you Mr. Rand for trying bring truth to light; Jeep Fauci on hot seat

    Sandra BoggsSandra BoggsMåned siden
  • The dems didn't do it. If wuhan said they did it, they're lying. If there's evidence the dems did it, it's conspiracy theories. If they did it, it doesn't matter. If it does matter, it's Trump's fault.

    TheWannaBe2007TheWannaBe2007Måned siden

    Arek StefaniakArek StefaniakMåned siden
  • It does make sense.

    Dale LatinoDale LatinoMåned siden

    MU'Xi-Tao Ka-BaMU'Xi-Tao Ka-BaMåned siden
  • Dear God, I pray that You bring back Your President DJ Trump to His people. 🍁 Blessings and prayers from a Canadian neighbor 🍁

    NicoleNicoleMåned siden
  • fake fauci has had his hand in sars-covid for over 10 years, do your reseach. the guys a crooked, no good liar.

    Jim MyersJim MyersMåned siden
  • Dr. Fauci is a good guy, a man of honor, and a righteous man in my book.

    Tc LinnTc LinnMåned siden
    • Ur an idiot

      Master - GanjaMaster - GanjaMåned siden
  • Going to put on my tin foil hat for a second but I honestly believe Fauci was a double agent that his sole purpose was to assist in the sabotage of the Trump administration. Something about this whole situation just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    MTB with Jonny BMTB with Jonny BMåned siden
  • Dr Fauci is a damned LIAR we have all seen the photos of him and OBAMA at that very Lab in Wuhan they can't purge this Info fast enough from the net

    linda yearganlinda yearganMåned siden
  • The gallows for Fauci and Gates! Nothing less!!!

    Brandon KeatonBrandon KeatonMåned siden
  • This is the reason why big pharma and arms cartel in collusion with media made sure that Trump is out of office.

    Vee KayVee KayMåned siden
  • Fauci must be jailed

    Vee KayVee KayMåned siden
  • who the fck is this prick scharlatan fouchi?? put him in prison!

    Wrends WrendsWrends WrendsMåned siden
  • the enemy of my enemy is my friend.....poor trump

    Mike lMike lMåned siden
  • Lier

    michaelcorbin2540tmichaelcorbin2540tMåned siden
  • God I hope he gets copped out for it. Please get to the truth . The world needs to know. Well said Raul Paul. ❤

    Tilly TillyTilly TillyMåned siden
  • Hes a Liar.

    Tilly TillyTilly TillyMåned siden
  • This is our introduction to Bioweapon manipulation 101 Now let’s watch what happens to people who are guilty of crimes against humanity

    Rochelle Arizona PickeringRochelle Arizona PickeringMåned siden
  • Fauci said, 10 days before Trump took office said there is 'no doubt' Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency,” How did he know this sheep?

    John PJohn PMåned siden
  • This type of rhetoric is so harmful. Ideally news would report facts without emotion stirring bias. That doesn’t make for good TV though.

    Simple 2 TechSimple 2 TechMåned siden
  • Why is FAUCI LYING bold face to Congress about funding WUHAN LAB, Corona weapons? WHY INDEED FAUCI?

    MARK saintlovMARK saintlovMåned siden
  • Fauci made $millions from so called AIDS Cures cause he funded and stole other DR. research so Fauci was just looking to cash in again on COVID19 as well but it really was a Money Printers conspiracy who feared Trump.

    MARK saintlovMARK saintlovMåned siden
  • I believe Rand Paul! The Center for Disease and World Health Org. both Gave $Millions to Chinese Wuhan Lab to study COVID19 begging in 2018, the Pandemic in Jan 2020 right before Pres Election, the Money Powers were desperate to eliminate Trump cause he is loose cannon! Rand Paul accused Dr. Fauci (SCUM BAG) of this in Open Senate hearing and Fauci went nuts with DENIAL!!!

    MARK saintlovMARK saintlovMåned siden
  • Wrong question - right question is where did the Corona virus first originate from ? Is it Fort Detrick Maryland or Wuhan ? If money came from America then they are responsible too.

    nayanmalignayanmaligMåned siden
  • I feel so Grateful for Mr. Rand and his dad…would’ve been a good President with Character!!

    hjm Milletthjm MillettMåned siden
  • Fauci has shoveled so much money in his pockets, caused unbelievable devastation and LIES - when does Fauci face justice?!

    Tonia JacksonTonia JacksonMåned siden
  • Lies+fear....just works so well. So they just keep hitting the replay button pulling the rug out long enough that the masses get distracted and keep control over them. I feel like an audience member in this reality. Fear is boring. Hopefully more will get it soon.

    Blooms Hunt FictionBlooms Hunt FictionMåned siden
  • God bless Senator Paul.The true will prevail!!!!🙏🙏🙏

    Elizabeth GenariElizabeth GenariMåned siden
  • Fauci is lying

    C.A.RC.A.RMåned siden
  • Fauci iS a Jesuit who has sworn the Jesuit oath. Why would anybody expect him to be transparent. Jesuits aren't about saving lives, they're about power and if it means killing millions of innocent people for them to have authority they will do so.

    Thierry NkubitoThierry NkubitoMåned siden
  • "directly" indirectly they did

    Thedonuthole69Thedonuthole69Måned siden
  • China has been planning this since before 2015 and the usa has been funding it

    Joshua CongdonJoshua CongdonMåned siden
  • The rabbit hole runs deep

    Jim PikoulisJim PikoulisMåned siden
  • Fauci has always been a scumbag

    Roger TreakleRoger TreakleMåned siden
  • Fauci is a filthy thug conman.

    Terence BorisTerence BorisMåned siden
  • In other words, he was info laundering! Since a lot of money was involves also, it could be considered money laundering also..

    cookiemama4cookiemama4Måned siden
  • He funded the Wuhan lab, BUT not fund the research they were doing IN the lab. Got it.

    Rknee GordonRknee GordonMåned siden
  • There is NO good reason for anyone to do ANY GOF R & D, nor certainly spending our resources to do so. So it is clear as could be, that FLAUCI and the NIH are enemies of the people . . . and being PAID by us. How is this guy NOT behind bars, with a full scale investigation ????

    Junk KJunk KMåned siden
  • Rand Paul rock on🤘

    Tinalynn1777Tinalynn1777Måned siden
  • Senator Rand Paul is so calm and intelligent with his line of questioning during the senate hearing with Dr Fauci. And Dr Fauci is so defensive repeating over and over, We did not do it.

    Rick MirandaRick MirandaMåned siden
  • Rand Paul is Awesome .

    FijiFijiMåned siden
  • He’s such a lier

    Jeanne JingleJeanne JingleMåned siden
  • champ status

    robert loerarobert loeraMåned siden
  • Fauchi is a LIAR

    george442george442Måned siden
  • What is the reason for doing these experiments?

    KChipsKChipsMåned siden
  • This explain a picture shared from China Lab. where Fauci appears with Obama 😯

    Fabi KingFabi KingMåned siden
  • Dr fauci straight up caught in lie !!!!

    robert loerarobert loeraMåned siden
  • Thanks Dr. Paul

    Lisa ArmstrongLisa ArmstrongMåned siden
  • The Epoch Times caught some of this at the start of the pandemic. Checkout Crossroads with Joshua Phillips

    Davi_d HDavi_d HMåned siden
  • Loser made millions on this

    Carla TurnerCarla TurnerMåned siden
  • Fauci is covering up his own crimes ...it’s as simple as that....

    SINI573R FOXSINI573R FOXMåned siden
  • God bless you Sen Paul True hero

    Raelynn WagnerRaelynn WagnerMåned siden
  • I hope Rand Paul has good Security around him at all times. The Evil out there want to shut him down before the Masses get wind of the Truth...and Paul is too hot on the trail of the Fox...Fauci.

    lynn craiglynn craigMåned siden
  • "The Fauci Strain"

    Z VeridicusZ VeridicusMåned siden
  • Senator Rand Paul .. My main man!!

    Theodora TorpeyTheodora TorpeyMåned siden
  • As always we see the media lie constantly... It did not come from the live animal trade

    Jim PikoulisJim PikoulisMåned siden
  • Lie

    Keith TownsendKeith TownsendMåned siden
  • Fire Fauci! He has been wrong on everything.

    Linda MasonLinda MasonMåned siden
  • Rand if you can get Fauci convicted for this BS I will work for free for your campaign for President.

    Hawke1765Hawke1765Måned siden

  • Go Senator Paul! NIAID NIH & Herr Fauci are the Creators of SARS-CoV-2 thru Gain of Function!

    Richard D. Kohl Jr.Richard D. Kohl Jr.Måned siden
  • Fauci is evil

    Samantha Eduarda MoreiraSamantha Eduarda MoreiraMåned siden
  • Problem is this is as fare as it will go.

    cory coxcory coxMåned siden
  • Rand Paul 1 Fauci 0

    ThisSiteDont LikeMeThisSiteDont LikeMeMåned siden
  • Follow the money.

    Tammy LardTammy LardMåned siden
  • Just sounds like he is lying... (Obviously is)... Never "directly funded"... Little Jerk offs

    Cassie TysenCassie TysenMåned siden
  • It came from the lab.

    Share GrenadaShare GrenadaMåned siden
  • Foul is an evil dude

    Share GrenadaShare GrenadaMåned siden
  • what about Maatje , a US Army reservist and mother of two, has become the target of conspiracy theorists

    Mark DeVaulMark DeVaulMåned siden
  • At first glimpse, Fauci didn't strike the average viewer as some sort of "mad Scientist" .......but given his opportunities to speak publicly on matters......perhaps he is one. On the other hand, Rand Paul didn't strike one as some sort of exceptional politician.......but given the same opportunities, perhaps he is one?

    Ingrid LuytIngrid LuytMåned siden
  • Dr Fauci is for the money

    Vito VasquezVito VasquezMåned siden
  • Covid-19 and Dr. Fauci strange bedfellows, indeed!! He is in urgent need of Viagra.

    webexplorer007webexplorer007Måned siden
  • Mr. Rand good work. Get the criminals and their coteries to justice. This is a pure crime against humanity!! The world stands with you.

    webexplorer007webexplorer007Måned siden

    Unzio PizzaUnzio PizzaMåned siden
  • I smell bill gates in this also I can feel it in my gut.

    Kevin JamesKevin JamesMåned siden