Rainbow Six Siege - The Playbook Cinematic Trailer Six Invitational 2021 [HD 1080P]

The Playbook Cinematic Trailer Six Invitational 2021 of Rainbow Six Siege.
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  • 1:19 that smile...

    Miraç.Miraç.Måned siden
    • After this smile, i became Aruni main again..

      Miraç.Miraç.Måned siden
    • £

      GenjutsuGenjutsuMåned siden
    • Joker be like

      King BruhKing BruhMåned siden
    • My ex's smile before she kills me

      Kung Fu KennyKung Fu KennyMåned siden
    • It's kinda creepy

      Rage21Rage21Måned siden
  • I'm no longer a Kali main and prefer Ash's style more but like damn Ash! Kali had no clear shot on Doc and Mira, no coms on Aruni, and Mozzie was fucking Rambo through the floor. to clutch the game against OP defenders she did what she had to do in my opinion. like yes she had to sacrifice Doki but Ash is a capable soldier and Kali knows this and Knows her Sniper rifle is better equipped to be used outside shooting in. so in my opinion Kali didnt deserve to get rocked like that...

    Ice Queen NeoIce Queen Neo3 dager siden
  • Can we have Cav win one, she really wants it

    MarnidTheTraderMarnidTheTrader22 dager siden
  • ash is a dweeb

    Infinite NinjaInfinite Ninja22 dager siden
  • Ubisoft should make a game mode where attackers defend and defenders attack

    theholyfuck 123theholyfuck 123Måned siden

    Kimbo LuiKimbo LuiMåned siden
  • why do attackers always win defenders are better

  • 1:13 DAMN

    Twitszz your armTwitszz your armMåned siden
  • Ash looks like Abby from TLOU2 also she has her personality too

    Jack H.Jack H.Måned siden
  • So nobody gonna talk about how cav was kicked out at the start

    Aaron PeaceAaron PeaceMåned siden
  • 2:12 I thought they were rubber bullets and that's why they don't die I'm confused

    Captain galaxyCaptain galaxyMåned siden
  • Aruni looks like she gonna tell us about how her father was a gamer

    Baba BooeyBaba BooeyMåned siden
  • funny how aruni takes revenge to thermite for her accident

    SniperAgeSniperAgeMåned siden
  • there should be an entire film based off of this.

    Top ScreamTop ScreamMåned siden
  • Que cinemática merda, parece a comunidade

    Gustavo MichelineGustavo MichelineMåned siden
  • Ash and Kali’s rivalry will tear team Rainbow apart

    Jeo dakingJeo dakingMåned siden
  • What hit Ash’s ear if it’s all training?

    ShadowRB6 on TwitchShadowRB6 on TwitchMåned siden
  • If Ash was really 'playing by the book' she wouldn't have froze in the fatal funnel looking at her teammate lol...but Kali is still annoying as fuck

    Pounc3rPounc3rMåned siden
  • But where are my spetnaz bois?

    Raynaldi AdilastaRaynaldi AdilastaMåned siden
  • Look at the effort on this video nice I wish they did this much effort on the game

    AsupAsupMåned siden
  • As great as this animation is and storytelling is phenomenal I can understand the fact that they use dummy rounds that turn into powder upon impact but that doesn't explain why these people constantly shoot for the face that has no protection and on top of that they're using live explosives I'm surprised some shrapnel didn't fly up and cut pulse up the bits

    Frazier ClarkFrazier ClarkMåned siden
  • Cav in 2020: there is always next year Cav in 2021: 0:29

    ARC-9238 ZyphARC-9238 ZyphMåned siden
  • Best Op vs Worst Op

    CrooksCrooksMåned siden
  • Yo that's what Thermite gets for putting his breach charge on an unreinforced wall...NOOB

    II_HypKn0t1x_IIII_HypKn0t1x_IIMåned siden
  • How did finka die

    Krispy ChrisKrispy ChrisMåned siden
  • Tf does she mean, I use people as bait al the time

    AychAychMåned siden
  • Good, another reason to hate ash also kali now,and why the attackers always wins?

  • Imagine if kali players were actually capable like this

    Tanner JohnsonTanner JohnsonMåned siden
    • The only thing my kali's are capable of is throwing

      Aaron PeaceAaron PeaceMåned siden
  • why they gotta do hibana like that

    Naval _GingiNaval _GingiMåned siden
  • Caveira in the last trailer :there is always next year Me: oh realy

    LoggerLoggerMåned siden
  • Anyone wanna talk on how thermite breaching a soft wall?

    Mike Scott NguyenMike Scott NguyenMåned siden
    • Ikr he's one of my mains too it was sad to watch

      Red HoodRed HoodMåned siden
  • Not even gonna lie but this is good

    Boiledpotato POTATOESBoiledpotato POTATOESMåned siden
  • Team ash let’s gooo

    Michael RomeroMichael RomeroMåned siden
  • Am I the only one realizing they’re going away from main premise of actual terrorist threats to becoming sport like operators participating in a live action R6 match infront of millions while compromising their identities?

    Nagay KeiNagay KeiMåned siden
    • They’re training to fight the white masks

      ÇłłīŁŁÇłłīŁŁMåned siden
    • Pretty sure the crowd is simulated.

      Hamos 47Hamos 47Måned siden
  • I swear kali doesn't deserve ace, Aruni, wamai, they're just so much nicer than her

    The Trains13The Trains13Måned siden
  • time to wait a year to see what happenes next. We need more of these.

    MaestroMaestroMåned siden
  • 2:56 179 and 180

    AlkorAlkorMåned siden
  • Team ash❤

  • Aruni gonna be busting more then just walls now XD

    Krypto_FPSKrypto_FPSMåned siden
  • R6 needs a night haven vs pathfinders event

    Rod ChandlerRod ChandlerMåned siden
  • Ubi needs to make a netflix series for rainbow six siege

    SupairoSupairoMåned siden
  • Ash doesnt get an ace and cries about it:r6 cinematic

    adkq Kkqzadkq KkqzMåned siden
  • kali has another face

    valentYKTvalentYKTMåned siden
  • Yaaaas, Finka finally getting screentime and the Operators having drama I am HERE for it

    E. PhillipsE. PhillipsMåned siden
  • ela and aruni are my favorite now😉😉🤤🤤😈😍

    droidxT ubc-3droidxT ubc-3Måned siden
  • Team kali

    ATX KINGATX KINGMåned siden
  • Rule 34 : *My Time has come*

    NoReNoReMåned siden
  • Cav really still can’t get the w 😂

    Marcus GreerMarcus GreerMåned siden
    • @BlackThunderHWD 216 she ignored the dap up from dok

      Marcus GreerMarcus GreerMåned siden
    • Wasn’t even in this one

      BlackThunderHWD 216BlackThunderHWD 216Måned siden
  • Wait what happened to Finka?

    Hawk LiHawk LiMåned siden
  • I play Mira, I root Mira

    Hawk LiHawk LiMåned siden
  • 1:35 I just want the ability to go around corners when repelling from walls

    Josh PoulinJosh PoulinMåned siden
    • @Kyle Leslie I completely agree. I feel so damn stiff when rappelling

      OmniOmniMåned siden
    • Honestly just more agility rappelling in general like being able to go faster, around corners, jump at any time to pass over windows and uneven walls and rotations should be more free. Honestly better rappelling mechanics would make the game so much more fun when it comes to getting amazing angles, faster insertion and breaching through rooftops

      Kyle LeslieKyle LeslieMåned siden
    • Being able to run sideways and swinging around the other side like that would be awesome. Especially if you could breach through a window.

      DarkLordDiablosDarkLordDiablosMåned siden
    • Same here

      OmniOmniMåned siden
  • Anna Oop 🤭

    EmsEmsMåned siden
  • So ranks reset?

    SympaSympaMåned siden
  • I love how this is inaccurate af compared to the game

    BünBünMåned siden
    • Thermite is breaching a soft wall accurate if you ask me

      Zaid TayehZaid TayehMåned siden
  • 2:03 they had to do my man moxie like that

    Alexander HorstmanAlexander HorstmanMåned siden
    • My bad mozzie

      Alexander HorstmanAlexander HorstmanMåned siden

    Bruhcoochie1Bruhcoochie1Måned siden
  • Where's Sam's original voice actor Michael Ironside? and why haven't we had a cinematic with Bandit in it...

    Tyler H.Tyler H.Måned siden
    • I was wondering the same when Sam joined Rainbow considering it's not like Ubisoft don't have the money to pay him to do voice work, not to mention it would have made Zero more fun to play. Considering they had Michael do voice work for when Sam appeared in Wildlands so to not have him do the same in Siege is stupid.

      DarkLordDiablosDarkLordDiablosMåned siden
    • @Tyler H. u right I got tunnel visioned on that visor being up ig

      Sam on StixxSam on StixxMåned siden
    • @Sam on Stixx No mate, Defenders were Doc, Mozzie, Pulse, Aruni and Mira.

      Tyler H.Tyler H.Måned siden
    • Was bandit not the final man behind ash in the fight scene , not saying he doesn't deserve an actual face on screen

      Sam on StixxSam on StixxMåned siden
  • Mira's definitely gonna get her redemption. Two losses and Kali cheating with her special armour? That'd not gonna fly by Sam and Harry

    RexcaliburrRexcaliburrMåned siden
    • @TheKronkueror In-lore, Kali's Elite Skin is a special Bulletproof suit that also enhances the user's physical capabilities

      KnightGhost721KnightGhost721Måned siden
    • What special armor

      TheKronkuerorTheKronkuerorMåned siden
  • imagine if they made rainbow six actually be stopping terrorists again

    MrGullisYTMrGullisYTMåned siden
  • It's the playbook player vs. the "Do whatever it takes" player.

    Eric NguyenEric NguyenMåned siden
  • Bro ash is just.... Holy I-

    Lo154loLo154loMåned siden
  • Damn I guess Dom really lost it this time

    John BryceJohn BryceMåned siden
  • I love ash but girl....calm down kali saved ur ass 😭

    Matt BMatt BMåned siden
    • @Cyrunal Not to mention Ash did grew up in Israel before joining the FBI. She might have had PTSD kicked in as soon Kali grazed her ear.

      Andree TungcabAndree TungcabMåned siden
    • Its more that in a real life scenario, what Kali did just cost Dokis life and could have possibly lost Ash's life. Kali thinks of it as just a game, but Ash sees it as a real life scenario.

      CyrunalCyrunalMåned siden
  • I am so mad that mirrors team did not win

    DJ Rock07DJ Rock07Måned siden
  • Yo

    DJ Rock07DJ Rock07Måned siden
  • Just gonna say it kali would lose this fight

    Dark Knights_2 2ndDark Knights_2 2ndMåned siden
  • 2:12 Yet again, Ash's hit box has saved her life...

    DiabloDiabloMåned siden
    • Underrated

      Kung Fu KennyKung Fu KennyMåned siden
  • I told you ash didn't have a headshot hitbox!

    Sui loves bridgesSui loves bridgesMåned siden
  • 1:06 when ur at ur friends house and you forget that you called top bunk

    That’s ruff BuddyThat’s ruff BuddyMåned siden
  • Nobody: Aruni to thermite: Helo

    Waters WayWaters WayMåned siden
  • 1:19 :3

    Lord LibertàLord LibertàMåned siden
  • Harry's right, they're all dangerous. To each other and themselves. If Harry can't keep them from actually killing each other, who will?

    Nate KarpowiczNate KarpowiczMåned siden
    • @Nate Karpowicz Ik he’s the one who keep them from actually killing each other

      Tempered BowTempered Bow24 dager siden
    • @Tempered Bow You do know he was part of that argument, right?

      Nate KarpowiczNate Karpowicz24 dager siden
    • Thatcher

      Tempered BowTempered Bow24 dager siden
    • I-

      Lo154loLo154loMåned siden
  • i need more

    RePoRePoMåned siden
  • Smh pulse was running the shotgun and playing top floor, legit throwing.

    LTstainsLTstainsMåned siden
    • lmao pulse in copper??

      hendocious Chendocious CMåned siden
  • Kali got some cake ngl 😳

    ᆞMåned siden
    • Please stop

      Lo154loLo154loMåned siden
  • Wait kali doesn't auto kill 3 armors anymore. SIEGE YOU FAILURES.

    A Very Blue PotatoA Very Blue PotatoMåned siden
    • Do headshots, problem solved.

      philipxjmphilipxjmMåned siden
  • Hand to hand combat would be amazing in r 6

    Mary GriffinMary GriffinMåned siden
    • It would but I don't see how that control could work

      Lo154loLo154loMåned siden
  • They gotta make a series or something

    bobby boy Zacbobby boy ZacMåned siden
  • I feel like team Mira shouldve won it rather than Ash, it would've helped a lot more with the Ash and Kali beef

    Niteshade123Niteshade123Måned siden
  • Bruh thatcher just bodied kali

    Austin ReevesAustin ReevesMåned siden

    jeff Madridjeff MadridMåned siden
    • Pulse deserved it lmao for the last time xD

      E. PhillipsE. PhillipsMåned siden
  • Drama

    Wulfen_JarlWulfen_JarlMåned siden
  • Is anyone else seeing alot of mouse and keyboard on ps4? Iv been reporting but not sure if they are even banging ppl

    matt sandersmatt sandersMåned siden
    • @DarkSpirit 334 Even then it's really easy to cheat in PC too.

      Yamil RamírezYamil RamírezMåned siden
    • Yeah almost every game and i just think its the lamest thing ever, i asked a guy on the enemy team if he was using keyboard and he said yes and also told me all his teammates were using it as well, just bs.

      Lil BroomstickLil BroomstickMåned siden
    • Only reason it’s horrible it’s because us in console don’t have battle eye, even though it doesn’t say it we all know we still have trash fair fight in console

      DarkSpirit 334DarkSpirit 334Måned siden
    • It's a really big problem and almost a given when you're plat and above, it ruins the game and it's a shame R6 can't do much about rn. Their banning system is terrible

      Yamil RamírezYamil RamírezMåned siden
  • So im guessing kali is a bitch... but anyways this is a trailer so theres gonna be more???

    XxtremendoalexX ALEXBRO3000XxtremendoalexX ALEXBRO3000Måned siden
  • Ugh that ash/kali tension was EVERYTHING

    EchoEchoMåned siden
    • @Jack H. r34 my guy

      Xx_Gamer_Guy_xXXx_Gamer_Guy_xX24 dager siden
    • Omg overwatch and R6S fan

      Jack H.Jack H.Måned siden
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Civil War

    SilverSilverMåned siden
    • tom clancys rainbow civil war

      NBA MixesNBA MixesMåned siden
    • 😂

      Uganda KnucklesUganda KnucklesMåned siden
  • I only watched this cinematic to see if I could see mira with her helmet off

    Mervense SansSouciMervense SansSouciMåned siden
    • Last year had Mira you should watch it if u didnt

      Lo154loLo154loMåned siden
    • amen

      The PlokeyThe PlokeyMåned siden
  • Imma go ahead and say it Kali is fine as hell

    Kaneki the One Eyed KingKaneki the One Eyed KingMåned siden
  • ash in the beginning doing the eren pose

    brenzxnbrenzxnMåned siden
  • Im just perplexed that thermite tried to breach a soft wall

    Tranquil OogwayTranquil OogwayMåned siden
    • Same haha although ash did a pro strat there shooting onto a floor beneath pulse

      Nagay KeiNagay KeiMåned siden
  • So we getting sofias withstand back?

    rick760199rick760199Måned siden
    • @Dumberoni I understand what ur trying to say but I’d say that it is still a competitive FPS, even if the lore has gone somewhat haywire. They are constantly making balancing patches to help keep it balanced, and it still has a very large esports scene.

      Ninjahollan1008Ninjahollan1008Måned siden
    • Ninjahollan1008 the game isn’t really competitive to begin with, one team always has advantage based on the map if they get the better side more, and operators have different weapons and gadgets than others, the game will never be balanced and it gets less fun every year

      DumberoniDumberoniMåned siden
    • definetely not. its really not place in a competative fps.

      Ninjahollan1008Ninjahollan1008Måned siden
    • Nope. Not happening

      LTstainsLTstainsMåned siden
  • God I was hoping for a team Mira win after last year, shame. Ah well, atleast Kali got the punch she deserved

    PeterPeterMåned siden
  • Just let Thatcher at them, reckon he could do a number on Kali’s side

    Figet WFiget WMåned siden
    • @Melissa Cook I mean, I was talking about Thatcher, but okay...

      Scott HaddenScott HaddenMåned siden
    • @Scott Hadden yeah, but that’s cause cav is trained at hand to hand, while kali is not.

      Melissa CookMelissa CookMåned siden
    • Just put Thatcher, Zero, and Oryx in the same team they could do some damage

      Johnadimitria JohndersenJohnadimitria JohndersenMåned siden
    • There should have been Oryx😂

      Luca SoriceLuca SoriceMåned siden
    • @Scott Hadden see tbf Thatcher is pretty old in youth tho he'd kick any ops ass no problem

      Declan DewarDeclan DewarMåned siden
  • R6 civil war??

    HGRAP1HGRAP1Måned siden
    • Idk if it would be very civil

      Frazier ClarkFrazier ClarkMåned siden
    • I hope not

      Alexander HorstmanAlexander HorstmanMåned siden
  • These are my life.

    Ferret In sweatpantsFerret In sweatpantsMåned siden
  • Nooo team mira 😭

    Naim Joel SantillanNaim Joel SantillanMåned siden
  • lbefore 1k pass

    blue phoenix Snipesblue phoenix SnipesMåned siden
  • "I'll refrag you"

    steven quansteven quanMåned siden
  • Ash : we do not use people as bait Marley : ....

    KapkanKapkanMåned siden
    • He been real quite after this comment

      Tank DempseyTank DempseyMåned siden
    • Hahahaha! Exactly what I was thinking

      Kai ChanKai ChanMåned siden
  • I was really rooting for Team Mira on this one

    Matthew WilsonMatthew WilsonMåned siden
    • Yeeeah, second lose, god damn

      IbzanIbzanMåned siden