PEPEGA DRIVER - xQcOW Stream Highlights #251

Pepega Driver
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Outro: Pokelawls - Mask

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About xQcOW:
xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 24 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
PEPEGA DRIVER - xQcOW Stream Highlights #251




  • 0:56 wtff??? And why didn't he react at all that was crazy lol

    Julian MaiJulian MaiMåned siden
  • Thank god he got banned, gta rp is the worst twitch arc. Almost as bad as among us

    michael lopezmichael lopezMåned siden
  • hope he rp better in the future lul terrible content

    Feldspar24Feldspar24Måned siden
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    Humberto VargasHumberto VargasMåned siden
  • This is some pretty poggers content

    SikdestroyazSikdestroyazMåned siden
  • “well I already said it, I can't take it back, I think you are pretty cute, goodbye~” “Can we get a ride?”

    众一众一Måned siden
  • youtube frogs should really start becoming vod frogs the context of these clips makes it 10x funnier

    HeatRSHeatRSMåned siden
  • Goated Poke outro though Nodders

    J HJ HMåned siden
  • that can we please cut the ringing shit has me fucking dying omg

    TuxseTuxseMåned siden
  • good old GTA days FeelsStrongMan, hopefully he won't kill a cop today

    Luis FelipeLuis FelipeMåned siden
  • Why was he acting Pepega with that female officer LUL

    Penguin GeneralPenguin GeneralMåned siden
  • 4:25 anyone got full clip? Wanna see their reaction

    dimitrije08dimitrije08Måned siden
  • godly

    AliveleaderAliveleaderMåned siden
  • Funny video thank you xqc

    Show YourselfShow YourselfMåned siden
  • whats the outro song

    Ghoul SlayorGhoul SlayorMåned siden
    • It's Pokelawls - Mask

      -_--_-Måned siden
  • sick outro

    VzeqVzeqMåned siden
  • This outro is Pog FeelsOkayMan

    ShadowBladeShadowBladeMåned siden
  • 3:00 he's learning but he will so easily forget like everyone

    ChubbyH7ChubbyH7Måned siden
  • 4:18 nyooooooo the juicer was crying

    DexterityDexterityMåned siden

    IronCarnageIronCarnageMåned siden
  • 7:30 does anyone have the clip?

    JCwarrior333JCwarrior333Måned siden
  • Whyd he get suspended

    Parker DunmireParker DunmireMåned siden
  • I love that you used music that poke made in the outro

    VexilionVexilionMåned siden
  • last clip was super wholesome good RP

    NorrotakuNorrotakuMåned siden
  • The traction on that van was ridiculous

    Mikoto KuriyamaMikoto KuriyamaMåned siden

    F0 1yyF0 1yyMåned siden
  • ooh this intro is fire

    Zeer0Zeer0Måned siden
  • anybody know the cop at the gas stations twitch?

    Hot HamHot HamMåned siden
  • This outro song is so good dud

    MIRMIRMåned siden
  • 9:27 man. I wish he interacted with this female cop. they're funny together man.

    Euphraxia ツEuphraxia ツMåned siden
  • I feel bad cause hasan sounded like he was gonna cry

    Business GooseBusiness GooseMåned siden
  • The only thing in his gameplay that is rp is when hes getting tazed and goes "wbbb bbbblll" evrything beside that - FAIL RP. change my mind.

    Grzegorz MandziakGrzegorz MandziakMåned siden
    • Nah dude his drug addict storyline line with the police officer was great RP. Only problem is when he malds for no reason at times.

      StellarStellarMåned siden
  • yo whats the outro music? jammer

    RussartRussartMåned siden
    • @-_- pogU

      RussartRussartMåned siden
    • It's Pokelawls - Mask

      -_--_-Måned siden
  • NOcds frogs gonna be really upset when the ban arc comes😞

    CiserCiserMåned siden
  • Good times to bad he’s banned now

    W AW AMåned siden
  • Yoooo this guy is such a pepga 😂😂😂😂

    glueglueMåned siden
  • 4:26 that reference OMEGALUL

    Valeen P.D.Valeen P.D.Måned siden
  • Outtro song tho

    Ryan ColeRyan ColeMåned siden
  • who is the person in the car with him at 5:14

    7 inch Freight train7 inch Freight trainMåned siden

    Nawar ObeidNawar ObeidMåned siden
  • I like this outro a lot better than any of the other ones like if you think so too

    Xman3000Xman3000Måned siden
  • xQc should start wearing a seatbelt lol.

    Agent AidenAgent AidenMåned siden
    • I mean he is already sitting in a bus

      Pandis06 KarlssonPandis06 KarlssonMåned siden
  • monkaLaugh 👍 I LOVE GTA RP

    Xee 5oXee 5oMåned siden
    • Pepepains ""Pepepains"Pepepains" STFU""

      Tiny TimTiny TimMåned siden
  • What is outro song???

    Matthew WrightMatthew WrightMåned siden
    • Pokelawls - Mask

      Swift AuraSwift AuraMåned siden
  • No more nopixel sadge

    morr8morr8Måned siden
  • honestly if you use the "give em the love" outro screen with this music and switch the audio back and forth every video, then that would be amazing.

    Christian BardChristian BardMåned siden
  • Wait if someone could answer me that would be great, why did xQc and Dundee stop hanging out?

    mayhemmayhemMåned siden
  • PepeLaugh

    Jean-Jacques MancaJean-Jacques MancaMåned siden
  • "can we please cut the ringing, sounds a bit like" *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    DesquinyDesquinyMåned siden
  • Xqc thanks I'm saying this coz u made me play the best game ever invented chess I lv it so much 👍😍👍🎉

    Dana RichardsDana RichardsMåned siden
  • coomer

    Woogie 27Woogie 27Måned siden

    gamergamerMåned siden
  • burn me once shame on me, burn me twice shame

    Lasagna PieLasagna PieMåned siden
  • This wasnt yesterday’s stream right?

    justKylejustKyleMåned siden
  • 5:33 what's the song?

    weatherisneverbetterweatherisneverbetterMåned siden
  • Perfect as always Love you chat

    SeyyedTVSeyyedTVMåned siden
  • new ending nice

    Why you madWhy you madMåned siden
  • whats the melody end of the video

    niTkaniTkaMåned siden
    • It's Pokelawls - Mask

      -_--_-Måned siden
  • New leaf pepelaugh

    XK-ClassXK-ClassMåned siden
  • 9:30 literal Pepepains overload

    MERKMERKMåned siden
  • Dude the SSB stream yesterday literally had me dying

    Adam HajjoAdam HajjoMåned siden
  • That Pokelawls outro just gave me some insane nostalgia lol

    Exorbitant MangoExorbitant MangoMåned siden
    • Agree way too dank

      SbSbMåned siden
  • 4 Chats WayTooDank

    HewkyyHewkyyMåned siden
  • 5:14 LMFAOOOOO

    haechasuhaechasuMåned siden
  • Can you please cut the ringing it sounds like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Connor SolheimConnor SolheimMåned siden
  • 8:48

    Poemsand SunsetsPoemsand SunsetsMåned siden
  • thanks for always having the chat up it really helps with my viewer experience.

    squid feetsquid feetMåned siden
  • Don’t worry we will let em’ know in the SSB server #EZ #LETEMKNOW 😎

    Brycen HuyghueBrycen HuyghueMåned siden

    Itz Lil JacobItz Lil JacobMåned siden
  • "It's sounds like a AAAAAAAAAAH"

    MrThinnMrThinnMåned siden
  • 9:08 if only xqc does this

    Keiji KaiKeiji KaiMåned siden
  • Causally pulls up to police car. Can I get a rid

    Jeremiah FryJeremiah FryMåned siden
  • This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched tbh

    Xqc personal AccountXqc personal AccountMåned siden
  • Only 65k is nothing ... SEND IT )))))))

  • 1:52 come on Forse please.. beat the record, we need him to go back on MC speedrun, while he's banned from NoPixel for 3 days....please wait... would xQc play Rust again......?

    mark_olivermark_oliverMåned siden
    • Remember that meme about when one of them beats the MC record they’re handing off the bad content to the other one like a baton😂truer meme

      Sentinel creedSentinel creedMåned siden
  • Sadge I just want the ghost ridah back

    Danielle SafkoDanielle SafkoMåned siden
  • Gta monkalaugh

    Come to HaCome to HaMåned siden
  • NOcds algorithm .... why the hell do you put some stuttering big nose streaming kids in my recommended ... not cool man

    wdujsu bwdujsu bMåned siden
    • PepeLaugh EL NO SABE

      Tiny TimTiny TimMåned siden
  • so he banned now or?

    isaak ringisaak ringMåned siden
  • i don’t understand why forsen never puts down the last bed on the ender dragon fight???

    hunter hatakehunter hatakeMåned siden
    • He is getting so hyped and his heart rate is throug the roof so he does not know what to do

      NICENICEMåned siden
  • man monkaLaugh i love monkaLaugh gta rp monkaLaugh its so fun monkaLaugh i love to watch it monkaLaugh more pleas monkaLaugh

    BLW37DC77BLW37DC77Måned siden
  • Put some content from the ssb server from yesterday in the next highlight please that shit was way too funny

    SoDramSoDramMåned siden
    • That's what I'm waiting for 🤣😅

      ShaunShaunMåned siden
  • New outro?

    ПодкатиловПодкатиловMåned siden
  • 6:49 weeeeeeeeeeeee

    kaedukaeduMåned siden
    • HYPERS

      MxrphyCRMxrphyCRMåned siden
  • Bro it broke my heart when he didn't hug einsley and left her for pixie that was fucked man 💔

    electicelecticMåned siden
    • who cares about pretending living in a gta game

      MiniRunneraMiniRunneraMåned siden
    • shut up

      MxrphyCRMxrphyCRMåned siden
  • Deported to Detroit PagMan

    ShaunShaunMåned siden
  • X and Azan need to reconcile. Sadge

    Abraham SynthAbraham SynthMåned siden
    • But why OMEGALUL

      Sentinel creedSentinel creedMåned siden
  • New outro Pog

    GibbyGibbyMåned siden
  • 251 biiiiiiitch

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph WilliamsMåned siden
  • No wonder hes friends with the popo, he spends so much time in prison he got to know all of them personally

    DiogoDiogoMåned siden
  • I miss the old outro.😢🥺

    Adam SAdam SMåned siden
  • 7:38 whoever edits these videos didn't show the whole thing, the cop paid xqc half of the fine for taytay.

    Blade7PhosphorusBlade7PhosphorusMåned siden
  • X's relationship with the police is the most wildly changing thing I have ever seen

    Carolina AndyCarolina AndyMåned siden
    • too bad he got banned

      ProtoCJProtoCJMåned siden
    • @ShoyoSped Kappa

      __Måned siden
    • It reminds me of my relationship with my ex Sadge

      ShoyoSpedShoyoSpedMåned siden
  • 8:12 the flipping OMEGALULs were in the shape of an L

    Matt MediaMatt MediaMåned siden

    DignifiedDignifiedMåned siden
  • Never thought I would hear him call the Ender Dragon "JUICER DRAGON" LMFAO

    DignifiedDignifiedMåned siden
  • CRIME -> COPS -> MALD -> JAIL -> DEBT Neve ending cycle of hatred

    PicoPicoMåned siden
    • U forgot casino

      Julian MaiJulian MaiMåned siden
    • Crime -> Cops -> scape -> gamble ->debt |-> caught -> jail -> debt Charlie was right

      Ko- JapKo- JapMåned siden
    • you missed some crucial steps. CRIME -> COPS-> MALD -> JAIL -> DEBT -> BEG -> GAMBLE ***

      feelsdankmanfeelsdankmanMåned siden
    • FeelsGoodMan Clap ♻️

      azenCFazenCFMåned siden
    • Eventually that cycle will be broken with a perma deportation to Québec

      Abraham SynthAbraham SynthMåned siden
  • 6:55 x looking kinda cute doe ngl 😳👉👈

    Spoopy Scary SkelebonesSpoopy Scary SkelebonesMåned siden
  • Sadge

    CopterCopterMåned siden
  • I seriously respect summit for giving xQc 90% of his money back instead of just taking it all when he could of, mad respect.

    RinnkiRinnkiMåned siden
    • 4000/5000 = 0.8 = 80% xqcL

      TheNerd173TheNerd173Måned siden
    • 80%

      pooh dinipooh diniMåned siden
    • @Rinnki But then they made up at the hospital where the “The Brawl” happened so it good. :)

      MilkBoi 17MilkBoi 17Måned siden
    • Bro it broke my heart when he didn't hug einsley and left her for pixie that was fucked man 💔

      electicelecticMåned siden
    • @fikry Yeah really ruined it they were getting along and it made it look like xQc set them up again.

      RinnkiRinnkiMåned siden