nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" but played on my synth

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hey guys in this video i play the nirvana song. this video was a lot of work but very fun (at times) to make.

Thank you so much for watching!

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  • thank you so much for all the support on my videos again and again and again. it ALWAYS amazes me and i will forever be grateful. in this video i play the nirvana song. ok thanks for watching

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    • Seth when is the next video

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    • hello bald guy

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    • Do rickroll

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    • I’m the bald guy

      Your local kid who is lesbianYour local kid who is lesbian9 dager siden
    • 0:50 that's literally a mashup with "somebody that i used to know" & "Dernière Danse"

      Ivan DeiasIvan Deias9 dager siden
  • this is legendary

    AkuAku33 minutter siden
  • So Jeff benzos is so much talented , how does he gets time to have youtube channel and create videos

    NehaNeha3 timer siden
  • the fact that he blurred his feet lmao

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  • Why do you put a link to your youtube channel on the description of a video in your youtube channel?

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  • Lets start a charity for him to grow his hair back

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  • what shampoo do you use?

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  • Best of 2021 Thx for watching Impressive

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  • Genre: flute Instrument: recorder I FEEL OFFENDED. WDYM "recorder"????????? it's THE flute.

    Isaac LopesIsaac LopesDag siden
  • I'm the guy with hair😁

    RG_ ShincenaRG_ ShincenaDag siden
  • Never thought I’d see Billy Corgan covering a nirvana song.

    Gery FabregaGery FabregaDag siden
  • Imagine if all Nirvana songs were made by synth

    ~Itz_RozyBunny!~~Itz_RozyBunny!~Dag siden
  • Are you Agent 47 ?

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  • Sam se polisz mazurka

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  • Guitar: dead, but still worked.

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  • Начало мне одному Псковское порNо напомнило?)

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  • Hitman plays paino

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  • "i'm the bald guy"

  • me walking out of the theatre after watching black widow

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  • it’s not shocking how fucking horrible the Bulgarian night club synth sounds but how the fuck did he knows?

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  • I'm hyperfixating on the censored foot tho wtf

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  • I was expressing my love for yours truly content with one word - perfection. Google denied me the satisfaction of becoming a higher tier fanatic in the SethEverman universe, bois watch it google’s got the error 403 on ya

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  • perfection

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  • As a video game water level i can confirm the "video game water level" is accurate

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  • lol he blurred his feet

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  • that genre was "somebody that i used to know" by gotye. great song

    Bimmy BeutronBimmy Beutron6 dager siden
  • As a podophobe, I appreciate the blurred-out foot so much. Thank you.

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  • i’m the bald guy

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  • The World's Angriest Musician

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  • I actually forgot what song this was half way through, and got really confused when I heard the solo on shitflute

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  • the fact that he censored his feet killed me

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  • Instrument: steel pan 😂

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  • F E E T.

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  • Some say he has 9 extra toes and can play all of Beethoven - Für Elise with his right foot That's why its blurred out

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  • What is the model of your synth?? I’m interested now

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  • I would love a full version of minimalist jazz

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  • You have to make one of these in Hitman suit.

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    • Thanks ~~~

      P¡nnedby Crypto SavyP¡nnedby Crypto Savy7 dager siden

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  • I love this

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  • the first synth sound reminds me a lot of the super Mario 64 theme of some painting I don't remember

    Alessandro PanicoAlessandro Panico9 dager siden
  • 0:24 sounds exactly like Leszek Możdżer version xD

    Kenizawa KaiKenizawa Kai9 dager siden
  • Why do you destroy all you nice Instruments?😑😑

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  • Smeells like synth spirit

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  • Can you play giorno’s theme please

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  • thats nice! now i somehow remember the ancient latin bardcore version of this song though

    MrLowbobMrLowbob9 dager siden
  • F instrument, you Can donate them for poor children if you didn't break it... sadly

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  • The destruction metal with the recorder was the best! I got kicked out of classing playing the recorder with my nose when I was 10 :(

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  • I would've loved that piano...

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  • this song makes me want to break my nose to punch someone for smelling their garbage axe body spray.

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  • agent 47

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  • А большенству не понравилось, это из-за того что инструменты ломаються, а я лайк поставил хотя мне тоже не понравилось это.

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  • polish mazurek not mazurka

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  • flute destruction metal is a genre i want more of :D

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