More CAT Excavator Problems

Follow along as we patch up this broken CAT Excavator boom. This Texas Rock is hard on equipment. Especially in these parts of Central Texas. Fortunately we were able to get it glued back together to fight another day.




  • That is some great work , bit humble you are mate all the best from down under🤠

    Peter HoutkampPeter HoutkampDag siden
  • It will hold till it breaks. Words to live by! Great work as usual.

    Paul SimsPaul SimsDag siden
  • I love watching your videos reminds me of my late father in law he owned a couple different fabrication companies in Woodward Oklahoma years ago farm fab and quick feed he was the same as you could fix anything that was metal or cast he always said that their was no such thing as can’t and he said that their wasn’t any reason to get up if you don’t learn something new every day he passed away about 5 years ago that man made me who I am today I’m sure their are some of the cake feeders still together in Oklahoma Texas and Kansas that he built years ago keep on fixing and thanks for the videos

    Larry BarnesLarry Barnes3 dager siden
  • its always a pleasure watching your work. Thank you for sharing these videos and I love hearing all of your thoughts along the way. I feel like an apprentice to a true craftsman. I also love the type of repairs you do. If I really got into welding, machinery repair would be the best gig I think.

    dzziedzzie3 dager siden
  • Yeah the owner probably has so much an hour machine billable time plus operator time, that the equipment is not earning its keep. It would be proactive if the owner would ask you to measure up a replacement plate, so when that pin area fails it will have the necessary material when down time comes up. Otherwise run it until it fails is a strategy also. All those fractures did not occur at once, started small some where... get to do what you can do and I hope the owner appreciates the effort and results. I do not know how liability is treated/owned for the repair. Buses leave pretty deep marks!

    mongomay1mongomay15 dager siden
  • Para romper un BOOM de esa forma hay que haber mal usado ese equipo!

    que lo pario anselmoque lo pario anselmo5 dager siden
  • I very been watching this guy for a while. Today is the first time I see him using a grinder. LoL. Neat work. Hat down.

    Vick TalaiVick Talai6 dager siden
  • Nature won this round machine lost

    Joeys FatherJoeys Father6 dager siden
  • и на хера я это смотрел? долбанафт

    warmwarm7 dager siden
  • Real Welder nice

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee7 dager siden
  • Cover the bottom lines with fire blankets,,,mabe wet it down also

    Warren louisianaWarren louisiana7 dager siden
  • Dog & wedge it back

    Warren louisianaWarren louisiana7 dager siden
  • love your video brother. Thank you for explaining you thought process, I learn listening to you explain what your going to do and why. Thanks for your awesome videos

    Koda7018Koda70188 dager siden
  • Wonderful job man. Couldn’t have asked for a better field fix

    Brandon LewisBrandon Lewis8 dager siden
  • excellent execution were it not for where you hooked the ground pole of the welding machine,but good job

    Contadino 3.0 BorgogiglioneContadino 3.0 Borgogiglione8 dager siden
  • Hey! Sorry, what is the pneumatic tool that you are using to clean the surfeice? Good work!

    Joseba UrrotzJoseba Urrotz9 dager siden
    • Needle scaler

      893 R6893 R63 dager siden
  • Well done....

    Rick BlindertRick Blindert9 dager siden
  • It's pretty refreshing to know I can come to your channel and learn from you about all kinds of skills without having to go through listening to politics. I don't care what isle of politics people side with I just want to learn from good people who do their job extremely well. Thank you for your videos!

    ArmedlegallyArmedlegally10 dager siden
  • Great job!!!

    Michael S.Michael S.11 dager siden
  • what does the slit in the bolt on the clamp do?

    DahlDahl11 dager siden
    • It acts as a place for the bb's that stick to the threads to break off if they get caught in between the nut threads.

      I C WeldI C Weld11 dager siden
  • what material do u use to replace the plate ? Mildsteel, or do u use wearplates, hardox maybe ? u weld abit downhill. is youre rod a celulose rod since youre out in the field or do u use 1 % ni or just normal xcalibur / 7018 ? i think i gotta go back to weldingtipsandtricks podcast and listen to it again. im sure u cover alot of it there

    blaster91blaster9113 dager siden
  • I like clips where guys can show their skills without talking all the time - A guy I seen before spent 1 hr explaining how to sharpen a drill bit - watch, skip, watch, turn sound off, skip, end - never watch again. Your's is spot on. Cheers.

    tubackertubacker13 dager siden
  • Impressive skills, great welding ain't no good unless there's an understanding of the engineering also and you have both. You made the uphill welding look easy - straight, true and tidy. Not easy to do without making a mess. Cheers.

    tubackertubacker13 dager siden
  • Bwhahahaha the new normal, your killing me smalls hahaha

    Deep *C* BossDeep *C* Boss13 dager siden
  • Ha I am half way through saying to myself exactly what you said..I've done a few of these in the field and had the Co's drop booms off at the shop...Field is easier I think for the fact as you did, you can line it up under power...Excellent work Amigo...Always patch plates if you can. Most excellent!

    Deep *C* BossDeep *C* Boss13 dager siden
  • 7018 ? 8018?

    Joseph Novak JrJoseph Novak Jr14 dager siden
    • 7018's

      I C WeldI C Weld14 dager siden
    • Great repair as well!! Forgot to say

      Joseph Novak JrJoseph Novak Jr14 dager siden
  • На 1000 "бакинских" наварил.....я так думаю. I cooked for 1000 "Baku" ..... I think so. (1000 North American dollars)

    Vova BobrovVova Bobrov15 dager siden
  • like to know the life of this fix

    marcus ciceromarcus cicero16 dager siden
  • at 29:00 IC repositions the boom to get to its underside. man I can not help but hearing footsteps with that boom hanging there and IC has to turn his back on it to perform his work. I'd be thinking about the hydraulics failing and that bucket swinging towards me like some giant fly swatter. what I know about heavy equipment wouldn't fill a thimble but turning my back on that bucket would give me the creeps

    marcus ciceromarcus cicero16 dager siden
  • Watched this and really learned and enjoyed. Since that boom was repaired, how has that held up? A follow up would really inform as to the weld strength.

    JoeBarb JBJoeBarb JB16 dager siden
  • This looks like it could be Demolition Ranch's property up on the hill lol

    Luke PorterLuke Porter17 dager siden
  • Looks fucking great

    64Dogs6464Dogs6417 dager siden
  • What are you using to gouge the crack with?

    Jason MulliganJason Mulligan18 dager siden
  • Good job 👍 I from Yemen I am also a welder

    Marseel AlhajMarseel Alhaj18 dager siden
  • @ I c weld when making a repair like this, if your gap became to big would you ever considered running a 60xx series rod down hill for your root and then start a 7018 with your hot pass all the way out? Just wondering

    Sam ScolamieriSam Scolamieri18 dager siden
    • Right on man I appreciate the response...let me know if you ever need a welders helpers haha

      Sam ScolamieriSam Scolamieri18 dager siden
    • I'd still probably run 7018's anyway. The 6011 series rods are a bit brittle. fast freezing but not as flexible as the 7018's.

      I C WeldI C Weld18 dager siden
  • Good job, but u need to support the weild crack adding a plate over the top. it will crack again

    Stingray cutStingray cut19 dager siden
  • is this done by stick welding or mig welding friend

    Shashang KipgenShashang Kipgen19 dager siden
  • What the name of that chipping air tool you have there?

    Eric OjedaEric Ojeda20 dager siden
  • Fantastic work, man. As a beginner welder I can appreciate, beads are great!

    Vladyslav KotovVladyslav Kotov20 dager siden
  • CAT should be ashamed at those factory welds failing like that.

    maceliusmacelius20 dager siden
  • Was so interested in this video but the wind just killed it for me

    Ringr 57Ringr 5721 dag siden
  • much more than welding!

    Richard MccannRichard Mccann21 dag siden
  • You can see the poor condition of the machines, the operator was having trouble keeping the hammer positioned on the rocks because of slop. Thanks for the instruction, you teach so

    Richard MccannRichard Mccann21 dag siden
  • It kinda looked like when welding on iron when it don’t work But your job here was awesome

    Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogenAlien003 Hydrogen nitrogen22 dager siden
  • Great video!! Although I was wondering if disconnecting the battery should have been done also? And..... before welding it up should you have prepared the surface to remove paint and grease?

    Topher WayneTopher Wayne23 dager siden
  • เยี่ยม

    เดอะแม็ค ปูนด่วนเดอะแม็ค ปูนด่วน23 dager siden
  • What rod did you use for gouging? That’s pretty neat.

    Eli NEli N25 dager siden
  • Very impressive cover pass !!

    Brian PatrickBrian Patrick25 dager siden
  • very bad job, missing beveling

    SlSl25 dager siden
  • Nice one!

    Daniel LindholmDaniel Lindholm25 dager siden
  • Заварил? Ну вроде бы да. Так получается?))) Без бандажа(накладок), стрелу порвёт снова со 100% гарантией. Сколько бы ты туда электродов не влил.

    Дима ПогодаДима Погода26 dager siden
  • Спорим что ты не искал это видео?

    Дмитрий ДмитрийДмитрий Дмитрий27 dager siden
  • welding with paint on.... I don't know.... I would've cleaned a surffce till it shines, all that burnt paint carbon deposits in welded area ain't no good.

    Vibe TribeVibe Tribe27 dager siden
  • Bridge clamps

    Dennis IsaacDennis Isaac28 dager siden
  • Need some dog’s

    Dennis IsaacDennis Isaac28 dager siden
  • WOW looks good

    Apex 223Apex 22328 dager siden
  • Love watching a master work.

    Tal NadavTal Nadav29 dager siden
  • I learn alot from your vids.keep them coming.your a good dad was a welder by trade and he taught me how to weld when i was very young.I don't do much any more but i still love to do it.

    Thomas KoshinskyThomas KoshinskyMåned siden
  • Customer needs quick turnaround on the repair , no returns or guarantee on longevity of a quick fix ,good job anywho .👍💪😎

    Milo TorresMilo TorresMåned siden
  • 28:13 Mmmm, *nice* weld! 👍

    Joseph KingJoseph KingMåned siden
  • What needle scaler you using

    Robert McCombsRobert McCombsMåned siden
    • I C Weld thx

      Robert McCombsRobert McCombsMåned siden
    • Kobalt

      I C WeldI C WeldMåned siden
  • Почему бы не зделать еще накладки з боков ???

    Walter WalterWalter WalterMåned siden
  • Nice welding for out of position and dirty steel

    Big EarsBig EarsMåned siden
  • Excellent work.

    Urban WillisUrban WillisMåned siden
  • I see the gouging setup did work but man that's a clencher with all that gunk below you on the bottom of the machinery. Great info IC.

    Metal BobMetal BobMåned siden
  • This is an art man , its been very good

    Yunus TANGELDİYunus TANGELDİMåned siden
  • I’m fairly green still. Why no grinding the old weld and adding a bevel? Because the arc gouge is quicker?

    D BD BMåned siden
    • yes. much quicker

      I C WeldI C WeldMåned siden
  • that will hold til it breaks! Love it! LMAO!

    Jaxon BillJaxon BillMåned siden
  • I would not hire anyone else but you if I owned heavy equipment and needed repairs on equipment. Whatever your hourly rate is would be well worth it. true professional.

    Steven ButeauxSteven ButeauxMåned siden
  • IC, how long did that project take? I know the video is close to an hour but did you literally spend 8-10 hrs doing it? Always wondered what kind of time it takes to do some of these fixes.

    DXT61DXT61Måned siden
    • It was a full days work, including drive.

      I C WeldI C WeldMåned siden
  • Complimenti a chi a effettuato la riparazione!👍🏻

    Loris OrazioLoris OrazioMåned siden
  • Tell me if I am wrong “for future reference lol” but if it were me running it I would have done 8010-6010 down hill for the open root then fill and capped with a 7018 should you only run low hydrogen on heavy equipment?

    Rylee DockinsRylee DockinsMåned siden
  • DAMN!!!

    don weeksdon weeksMåned siden
  • Perfeito!

    eduardo villaeduardo villaMåned siden
  • That is some seriously good welding! with Stick aswell! That is just Amazing job man, hats off respect!

    Louis NelLouis NelMåned siden
  • Holy fuck!! how did that happend boyz!! god damn! :)

    Louis NelLouis NelMåned siden
  • that was top notch mate excellent video

    ian darlingian darlingMåned siden
  • The only way to fix it ,is to weld it up, the cost of replacement parts if available would be more then the unit is worth... looks mint now...

    y2kxjy2kxjMåned siden
  • I like how he's always a student. Always searching for more, a new or different way. Trying new things.

    R WR WMåned siden
  • How come after the welding you don’t grind it down and plate it with thick metal plates....?

    Bob PerryBob PerryMåned siden
  • very nice job, you teach worker, happiness to you, hug here from Brazil.

    Hipolito JuniorHipolito JuniorMåned siden
  • Wait.... there is no way that 100 percent operational with just that weld.... there's still and bend I mean it leveraging thousands of lbs of the bucket... I'm not expert but can someone explain how much a little weld can help?

    Blitz Epic ReplaysBlitz Epic ReplaysMåned siden
  • Things I have to learn in the heavy equipment business. Never set the mass clamp of the welder on an other part of the equipment as that wich you want to weld. Otherwise the welding current creates little spot welds inside the bearings and that tears the bearings up.

    Florian5120ProFlorian5120ProMåned siden
  • You should of v grooved that out. Your way won't hold shit

    Anthony JonesAnthony JonesMåned siden
  • Use a clip, wedge and hammer. Thats how u close the gaps and move steel

    Anthony JonesAnthony JonesMåned siden
  • i would recommend stringers, root it with 6010 fill and cap with 7018, always stringers. get that nice root of dimes with the 6010 then a real good hot pass with the 7018. this is kinda awkward for a fish scale plate since you cannot contain the entire crack under it i would be fuckin careful with this boom since you cant do any postweld to it in the field.

    DigitalRaypistDigitalRaypistMåned siden
  • You can only do your best in the conditions it's a boom off job in ideal times but it's out and working , be careful with those fumes keep safe 😊 good job 👍

    Paul HawkinsPaul HawkinsMåned siden
  • Beautiful repair , big job !

    John BJohn BMåned siden
  • Great job.(FYI you should always turn off Master battery disconnect before welding on heavy equipment, and CAT recommended off end of weld to run a pig tail, like extended the weld, they say it helps with stress👍, but awesome job.)

    Ronald BrosiusRonald BrosiusMåned siden
  • Linda solda

    Francisco de Abreu AbreuFrancisco de Abreu AbreuMåned siden
  • I'll be honest. I'm not an expert in material science, but that's starting to look like fatigue cracks to me. You might get another call to fix this excavator again when it breaks in a different location on the boom. More money to you, I guess, but definitely gonna need material replaced on that area next time it happens.

    BrokenLifeCycleBrokenLifeCycleMåned siden
  • Very skillful field repair. Your a surgeon with the gauging tool. Funny how I started smelling burning metal when you started.

    John LillelandJohn LillelandMåned siden
  • Nice weld.

    Darcy McnabbDarcy McnabbMåned siden
  • Nice work 👍👍👍👍🍻

    Enrique ArriagaEnrique ArriagaMåned siden
  • What kind of tool you are using for welding cutting???

    Top TrendingTop TrendingMåned siden
  • This kind of repain last few months..if it want to make really good it have to welding at least 50 kilos extra iron.. This guy is good welder but this brogen again same place for sure..

    Jylhämän MiesJylhämän MiesMåned siden
  • Hey man, get closer to the work if you can.

    Cktime ThirtyTwoCktime ThirtyTwoMåned siden
  • Another great looking repair under extreme circumstances.

    ScrewdriverScrewdriverMåned siden
  • Excellent work, good looking weld seam

    Mika LMika LMåned siden
  • What electrode did you used sir?

    Christopher BangitChristopher BangitMåned siden