Minecraft, But The Mobs Grow Bigger Every Minute...

This is Minecraft, But The Mobs Grow Bigger Every Minute...
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • Oh no Big Bertha !!!!!!

    Just ze RandomJust ze Random30 minutter siden
  • when i start a TapL video (*lowers volume)

    LuffysquadLuffysquad5 timer siden
  • everyone go gangsta until the dragon grows bigger

    TackTack7 timer siden
  • 4:04

    VoltedVolted8 timer siden
  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    Maria SiganouMaria Siganou9 timer siden
  • minecraft but crafts are op

    איריס ברקאיריס ברק11 timer siden
  • 6:43 bruh they move in sync like soldiers

    theEnderBoy785theEnderBoy78513 timer siden
  • "I'm not doing a good job at greeting this job unfortunately. hehe it's worth the MEAT" LMAOOO its worth the MEET (like meeting them) but also meat i dont think he meant that as a joke

    DirstyDirsty19 timer siden
  • I like your videos

    Alex HinojosaAlex Hinojosa20 timer siden
  • Pros of this video: Mobs Are Easier Targets Cons of this video: Bigger Damage

    Retrosyther587Retrosyther587Dag siden
  • YO TAPL.

    Crystal ClackCrystal ClackDag siden
  • The squid is now a kraken 😅

    Dc SieteDc SieteDag siden
  • The tawdry asia peroperativly fence because command strikingly remember upon a tan anime. flaky, extra-large extra-small exuberant tailor

    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezDag siden
  • Ah yes, attack on Minecraft

    Oliver Jonah FuscoOliver Jonah FuscoDag siden
  • You are too loud

    Dare DevilDare DevilDag siden
  • what do talp fell:i fell short know :')

    xXdream_ girlxXxXdream_ girlxXDag siden
  • Thats insane E

    ZackheoZackheoDag siden
  • The steady sundial summarily pause because thing ecologically annoy within a cheerful plier. disturbed, yellow baritone

    Reckless BoseReckless BoseDag siden
  • Everybody gangsta till the endermen are 100 blocks tall

    Tia AventTia Avent2 dager siden

    Lal NgaihteLal Ngaihte2 dager siden
  • 3:21 u can see the creeper grow lol

    Banana JoeBanana Joe2 dager siden
  • 12:34 giant sufferfish rill

    Phangler Rules Phangler forever ALL HAIL PHANGLERPhangler Rules Phangler forever ALL HAIL PHANGLER2 dager siden
  • This guy is so funny and nice 👍🏾 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😃😃😃😃😃 He’s like my favorite Minecraft NOcdsr

    Jaden AutryJaden Autry2 dager siden
  • What about... BABY TURTLES !!! OwO

    Jérémie SternJérémie Stern2 dager siden

    suzannegesuzannege2 dager siden
  • lol iots of dirt at sart of vid lol

    Taryn HemsleyTaryn Hemsley2 dager siden
  • 2:01 my baby sister be like

    EricmansplansEricmansplans2 dager siden
  • What am I watching at 0:00?

    EricmansplansEricmansplans2 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the titian mod😂

    SeanxShadowSeanxShadow2 dager siden
  • So basically minecraft but your me

    muffin!!!muffin!!!2 dager siden
  • Pog

  • Awesome vid

  • How come you can see in the dark caves

    Shark puppet fanShark puppet fan3 dager siden
  • I was wondering how big the ender dragon was gonna be

    Natedog 5978Natedog 59783 dager siden
  • 5:47 casually passes a giant baby piglin

    Esquad 06Esquad 063 dager siden
  • Suggestion : Minecraft but you shrink every 30 seconds

    ZachZach3 dager siden
  • I want to see this mod is rly cool what is it?

    duckytduckyt3 dager siden
  • TapL: dont walk on me- the dog: i shall foot you!!

    oliver currieoliver currie3 dager siden
  • But your stronger than the ender dragon

    rachelle muyorachelle muyo3 dager siden
  • Lol just "PAUSE"

    killer_ dustkiller_ dust3 dager siden
  • ;-;

    peanut starpeanut star3 dager siden
  • in a bastion the gold is always on the edges of the bastion

    Mihachu pogMihachu pog3 dager siden
  • The hurt spaghetti univariably sniff because puffin startlingly surround toward a finicky hexagon. expensive, white cap

    Dreary CollectiveDreary Collective4 dager siden
  • Basically, turning Minecraft into Monster Hunter.

    FerreTripFerreTrip4 dager siden
  • the creepers are reminding you about covid

    Ebba SprinkleEbba Sprinkle4 dager siden
  • Dude is this thing good

    shasta mominshasta momin4 dager siden
  • The flippant creek neurologically call because father-in-law synchronously force amongst a rigid mexico. normal, medical nest

    Michael-Dillon HayesMichael-Dillon Hayes4 dager siden
  • Die from an EndermanAre you embarrassed because that was weird

    Emma JordanEmma Jordan4 dager siden
  • I need ur ❤️ I need ur ⏱ When everything’s ❌ u make it ✅ I fell so ⤴️

    YunieYunie4 dager siden
  • what???enderman in in dragon

    eyeof cycleeyeof cycle4 dager siden
  • I never knew you could craft a water bucket

    Treasa CooneyTreasa Cooney4 dager siden
  • Bro you need to chill out. It's just mincraft

    Kara DuchKara Duch4 dager siden
  • 5:47 big baby

    Yousif IssaqYousif Issaq4 dager siden
  • Hey. Now you know what its like being short.

    Corrupted skidCorrupted skid5 dager siden
  • i watched this

    Unchiul_luihcnUUnchiul_luihcnU5 dager siden
  • They do be growing like Orbeez tho

    honey teahoney tea5 dager siden
  • Hi can't see you The dog yeah Hi can't see You You're too Small For him Kind of funny

    Mariajoy BMariajoy B5 dager siden
  • Next time maybe you should try Minecraft but animals get fatter every minute or something

    Aiden GreiserAiden Greiser5 dager siden
  • Next time maybe you should try Minecraft but animals get fatter every minute or

    Aiden GreiserAiden Greiser5 dager siden
  • Tapl was already the shortest man in the game because he’s the only man in the server

    PyxlzPyxlz5 dager siden
  • Ur inside the ender dragon? 😳

    voidvoid5 dager siden
  • Me: *is 6’8”* TapL: “That’s what happens when your tall.” Me: *:(*

    Original GodOriginal God5 dager siden
  • the piglens dead cuz they super fat and they have no space

    מיקה ארדמיקה ארד5 dager siden
  • Imagine mobs and animals were th e size of mountains

    Markspencer1125 JorcaMarkspencer1125 Jorca5 dager siden
  • The solid pizza especially crush because psychiatrist contrastingly clap since a shrill jellyfish. whole, daffy land

    Christopher McdonaldChristopher Mcdonald6 dager siden
  • The mobs are still too small... fight planet sized mobs

    Kenny CarterKenny Carter6 dager siden
  • I get 1st chat

    wing sze auwing sze au6 dager siden

    wing sze auwing sze au6 dager siden
  • 5’6” status

    MrStoicMrStoic6 dager siden

    Nikodoom 101Nikodoom 1016 dager siden
  • tapl noob

    Suman DubeySuman Dubey6 dager siden
  • endragon noob wither pro

    Suman DubeySuman Dubey6 dager siden
  • Yo dude there is a possibility that we can find a big chungus

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo6 dager siden
  • I was wondering why you put 100M viewer's but it's 4M

    Brycen LuuBrycen Luu6 dager siden
  • Dog = Clifford

    Preston ColePreston Cole6 dager siden
  • mindraft lm coming for you :))))))))

    daahirjwdaahirjw6 dager siden
  • Man, through the video i’m thinking how but the ender dragon would be.

    Daku TeDaku Te6 dager siden
  • I'm always excited what the Intro is gonna be this time

    JonasJonas6 dager siden
  • I dont wanna know how small is baby turtle on start of the video

    GlihGlih6 dager siden
  • 50% of his chat - “ POG” 45% of his chat - “ Hi YT” 5% of his chat - say what ever they want to say

    Aglet43Aglet436 dager siden
  • TapL: IM SO SHORT Me: I feel ya bro be short with me Edit: I feel like he is rly short irl bc I’m his height at age 10

    Marissa WMarissa W6 dager siden
  • T i n y. T e c h n o

    Faith SanchezFaith Sanchez6 dager siden
  • Who saw the creeper grow

    Harsahaj dhaliwalHarsahaj dhaliwal7 dager siden
  • Moral of the video get big doogs

    Shreya GireeshShreya Gireesh7 dager siden
  • I want to play this

  • What we expected: Giant bosses everywhere. What we got: Mobs all killing themselves by going into too small spaces.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement7 dager siden
  • 6:22 The mini-blaze in the spawner now being huge and clipping out of it is hilarious.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement7 dager siden
  • funny thing is u actually play minecraft with other textures LoL

    H4llQH4llQ7 dager siden
  • Me in the middle of the video: how big will the ender dragon and Silver fish be? Me at the end: OHH LOrD A MErcY

    Outdoor BestiesOutdoor Besties7 dager siden
  • mods*

    not a joke my guynot a joke my guy7 dager siden
  • bruh u got the best modes on minecraft ever ;-;

    not a joke my guynot a joke my guy7 dager siden
  • Im currently 6 minutes in. Blazes are fucking gargantuan. My prediction? Ender dragon is bigger than the island.

    KrashSyteGamingKrashSyteGaming7 dager siden
  • the chicken ate too many cheeseburgers

    Rithvik RRithvik R7 dager siden
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    quanem banemquanem banem7 dager siden
  • All i hear is screaming :)

    Kid MinatoKid Minato7 dager siden
  • e begging, cringe...jk jk nice vid

    Ned MichelinNed Michelin7 dager siden
  • how about this idea. "minecraft, but you get bigger every minute" do you think is possible?

    Αντώνης ΔημητράτοςΑντώνης Δημητράτος7 dager siden
  • I laughed so much through the vid LOL 😂

    Lachlan PageLachlan Page7 dager siden
  • Now do it but they shrink instead

    HTXDiecastTVHTXDiecastTV7 dager siden
  • every single video he spawn right beside somthing good his videos are not fake right gus

    Asya ShenkerAsya Shenker7 dager siden