Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend

He was called the ‘Baddest man on the planet’ for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. His Speed, strength, and vicious aggression earned him the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986. He is Iron Mike Tyson.
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  • Mike Tyson introduces a boxing style that takes maximum advantage of standard boxing rules. Mike can undisturbed go very low to collect his punching power and at the same time confuse the opponent. However, this method would be a total failure in a Kickboxing or Thaibox since Iron Mike would soon meet a knee or a shin on his forehead and then go to sleep.

    fimfengiusfimfengius22 minutter siden
  • MIKE TYSONS security is for your SAFETY!! not his.. The most FEARED MAN EVER!!! NO CONTEST

    Lonerider 99Lonerider 9928 minutter siden
  • 34:36 the legendary referee that made it to the Celebrity Deathmatch

    The_Real_Big_BossThe_Real_Big_Boss51 minutt siden
  • mike tyson is like the guy to beat the shit out you for looking at wall

    BadaraBadaraTime siden
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    Art Soul ArtworkArt Soul ArtworkTime siden
  • tyson vs jayco , looool , sorry , but the white guy had no chance , was too skinny

    lilsabinlilsabin2 timer siden
  • The man, the myth the legend Ladies and gentlemen, MIKE TYSON!

    KRONIX_ J1nx3dKRONIX_ J1nx3d2 timer siden
  • "Iron Mike" named for a reason, he was fuckn brutal!

    Robert LRobert L3 timer siden
  • Mike was a ruthless beast. His punches were too fast too heavy, if it landed on the opponents head, that was the end. I have not seen a combination of quick and heavy punches in the recent past.

    Harold MateHarold Mate3 timer siden
  • Damn it would be awesome for Mike to beat the living snot out of you, then the bell rings, and while your near death he says "I'm sorry about that".

    Scoundrel 666 SFBScoundrel 666 SFB3 timer siden
  • Tyson the legend

    Hoyun KieHoyun Kie5 timer siden
  • This version of Iron Mike dropped in from the 1980's would have stop them all right up to today.

    Professor McClaineProfessor McClaine5 timer siden
  • This man was definitely the BEST BOXER ALIVE 🙌🏾nobody hit as hard as mike

    Angel JonesAngel Jones6 timer siden
  • 8:43 just leaving this here to be reminded how inferior I am as a human being.

    Leonard GLeonard G6 timer siden
  • can stop infesting ur vids with war thunder ads?

    Stephane BarthelemyStephane Barthelemy7 timer siden
  • Iron Mike is a human weapon for sure but he never should have chomp old mates ear off... it really ruined his name

    Anon CommenterAnon Commenter7 timer siden
  • All classic 👌 🙌 mike yessssssss one of the greatest of all times. I can watch is highlighted fights ALL DAY.

    Abbey streamsAbbey streams8 timer siden
  • Holyfield ?

    Boom SunBoom Sun8 timer siden
  • L

    Syamsuddin UdinSyamsuddin Udin8 timer siden
  • Also a LOT of these guys look like terrible fighters,terrible physical specimens,they look like targets to pad mike's record.

    galkanftwgalkanftw8 timer siden
  • We don't know what peds Mike was on but judging by his reecent venture and seemingly not caring at all that he was using roids tells me he was likely always on peds.That is the sad reality of sports,there is a LOT of cheating because cheating means >>>$$$$ and fame.You don't have a build like Mike's not being on peds and claiming to not using weights lol.He claimed he cheated tests but didn't use roids well you don't need to cheat if your clean. There are two likely answers to why he claims to never using roids,he was likely administered peds but told otherwise by his trainers and or he was taking peds but told they were not actual roids and he believed them.

    galkanftwgalkanftw8 timer siden
  • The legend

    TKM 88TKM 888 timer siden
  • I know Mike Tyson from my family and wow great fighter

    Gavrial HernandezGavrial Hernandez9 timer siden
  • 아이고

    남상길남상길9 timer siden
  • 👍

    Fung Fung YamahaFung Fung Yamaha10 timer siden
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

    Emily WilsonEmily Wilson11 timer siden
  • Not like that bih Logan Paul da clown

    Christo TiroyChristo Tiroy11 timer siden
  • I’m glad I share my birthday with this legend!

    Junior RodriguezJunior Rodriguez12 timer siden
  • The fact that he alwys picked up his opponent right after the KO nd alwys managed to keep up the game spirit... 🙌🙌

    Prityanshu SinghPrityanshu Singh12 timer siden
  • Amazing

    L DL D12 timer siden
  • Are those dates real!? How many fight did he have in 1985 !

    Dan HueDan Hue13 timer siden
  • Kennedys a boxer, but oh no! He got knocked out! LOL wtf

    Tiny VBZTiny VBZ13 timer siden
  • Super.Bravo.

    Xanlar MamedovXanlar Mamedov14 timer siden
  • Line em up and knock em out! #KingdomXmas

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  • Whut? lololol I punched that bi**h out twice in the 90's when we were out, he was asking for it. The first time gave him that gap between his teeth, after the second time he started talking like a girl. Legend, pfff, lolol, don't make me laugh

    Robo CopRobo Cop15 timer siden
  • At 8:27 Donny Long clearly wins round 2 , Tyson was no where to be found

    Jim ThomasJim Thomas15 timer siden
  • Besides Ali is there another boxer you couldn't wait to watch again? For me ..No.

    tubular2timestubular2times16 timer siden
  • who stayed in the ring, the longest, with tyson?

    Susan BlaisSusan Blais17 timer siden
  • He annihilated taller opponents.

    JPHJPH17 timer siden
  • He is the true iron man, the toughest of all time. 💪

    GHOSTGHOST17 timer siden
  • True legend in boxing and even now 2021 he's still a legend in my eyes

    Nathan HibbertNathan Hibbert17 timer siden
  • rip to the mentor fr

    chyna chynachyna chyna18 timer siden
  • Look at the difference in tysons musculature. I know it’s a game of skill that has many layers to it. And I’m just learning about it. But he is just has such a huge physical advantage

    empty endeavorempty endeavor18 timer siden
  • why dis?coz suck?

    In SaneIn Sane19 timer siden
  • Imagine the cold hell this world would be if Tyson was the dictator of planet Earth.

    Bill BobBill Bob19 timer siden
  • Legend

    labib akhmadlabib akhmad19 timer siden
  • Mike Tyson's Greatest Hits!

    stevenator0281stevenator028119 timer siden
  • Tyson was a BEAST! And I am sure still is.

    jerry jizznurfacejerry jizznurface20 timer siden
  • Undeniably the hardest punching heavyweight boxer of all time

    Chester KringornChester Kringorn20 timer siden
  • Still gives me goosebumps watching the champion Kick-Ass

    Les KirbyLes Kirby20 timer siden
  • wow

    caden Whitakercaden Whitaker21 time siden
  • Most of his opponents used to jump back (more or less out the Ring) before Iron Mike unleashed his fury of punches!

    Nicky CottonNicky Cotton21 time siden
  • I'd rather grab a tiger by its balls and make fun of it's dead mother

    Luke GardinerLuke Gardiner21 time siden
  • I'd love to see him in an UFC fight when he was in his prime. Im pretty sure anyone would hesitate to get in a cage with him.

    Luke GardinerLuke Gardiner21 time siden

  • Es ist erstaunlich wie fiel er Gegner bekommen hat , und wahrscheinlich haben alle Geschworen ihm zu Zerstören . Nach seinem letzten schlag (weil er nicht mehr zuschlagen dürfte ) haben aber alle Irgendwie dem gleichen lächeln draufgehabt . Als ob sie gerade dem liebe Goth gesehen hätten . Nach dem Gefängnis war aber alles vorbei . Zvonimir

    Zvonimir DulicZvonimir Dulic22 timer siden
  • why does Michael Anderson kinda looks like the guy from outkast or

    Kendal HowardKendal Howard22 timer siden
  • Selam

    Emir ÖztaşEmir Öztaş23 timer siden
  • berdamage

    Fauzan csFauzan csDag siden
  • The Michael Johnson is my favorite one, I look up to that knockout

    Jr BelangerJr BelangerDag siden
  • I LOVE L O V E how he always comes back and gives some words of consolation . I never saw Mike EVER give any sign that was not about respect and sympathy .

    mickavellianmickavellianDag siden
  • The way danny long punch tho😭💀

    Levi MadagascarLevi MadagascarDag siden
  • If I had to fight the devil or Tyson.... I’d fight the devil.

    User NavigatorUser NavigatorDag siden
  • Cool

    Think TwiceThink TwiceDag siden
  • его соперники мешки какие-то,наши кмс пиздюки лучше смотряться

    Sergey MitrofanOFFSergey MitrofanOFFDag siden
  • If Cus had lived another 2 years? If Don King hadn't gotten his claws into him? If he never married Givens?? The Mike would have been THE most focused undisputed HW Champion until he retired IMHO.

    From a Twisted MindFrom a Twisted MindDag siden
  • Just from these footage, what makes him dangerous was that although he has an orthodox stance, his left hook was very powerful. Many fighters have bigger rights than his (in my opinion) but his left hook does look kind of special. Still, he does not have real knockout wins over any big names so maybe better fighters knew how to defend against his left hook better.

    Jen-Yueh HuJen-Yueh HuDag siden
  • Good

    Bano ZahalBano ZahalDag siden
  • "stop it , get some help"

    Arkan Faiz VlogArkan Faiz VlogDag siden
  • Puros paquetes héroe de plomo.

    Juan PerezJuan PerezDag siden
  • I just want to mention that he took like 15 fights in few mounths, he was like low key spaming the fights, that's so insane, he didn't get long break in his early pro fights.

    jakub fulkajakub fulkaDag siden
  • 8:26 What a speed and the power, this is slow mo

    Edvardas JudžentisEdvardas JudžentisDag siden
  • I think this man used to carry a Sledge hammer inside the Ring

    Rwakinanga Samuel TayebwaRwakinanga Samuel TayebwaDag siden
  • Grandpa: Hey Jimmy, did you know your Grandpa lasted 2 minutes in the ring with Mike Tyson? Kid: My names Billy.

    RotcodRotcodDag siden
    • You're the grandpa of the Lee brothers?

      Kenji HirataKenji Hirata37 minutter siden
    • Did you know that he started against a Merc?

      Tluz DelpuzTluz Delpuz2 timer siden
  • Un martillo

    Juan Ramon Gomez RivalloJuan Ramon Gomez RivalloDag siden
  • This is warrior.. Compare to may weather? Runner.

    paul kevin maninangpaul kevin maninangDag siden
  • Tyson is my all; time favorite Boxer iron mike.

    Anthony MooresAnthony MooresDag siden
  • 34:33 the face of a guy who's about to loose

    dimitris papadopoulosdimitris papadopoulosDag siden
  • That singleton combo was something else 😬

    YFNikYFNikDag siden
  • Yea i think we’d all like to see Mike Tyson knockout Brock Lesnar , but it never happened. Lol 😂

    Mondo Righ therMondo Righ therDag siden
  • In mikes Prime, who stand longer before he gets KO is the champion of today 😂

    Abder MaraniAbder MaraniDag siden
  • Imagine him as your Asian parent when u fail ur exam 😂

    Nirmal LutchmeeNirmal LutchmeeDag siden
  • Wauw, 62.5 M views since nov. 2. 2020? Impressive!

    Pro PatriaPro PatriaDag siden
  • Great video, thx !!! I absolutely love Iron Mike; and even more in 'Hangover' 👍🏻❤

    Pro PatriaPro PatriaDag siden
  • W❤W What A Great Fighter 💜😇💜💚💙❤️💛💜💚💙❤️💛

    Javaid RoomiJavaid RoomiDag siden
  • Thank you for video

    arun kumararun kumarDag siden

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  • magnifique

    Senghor SamuelSenghor SamuelDag siden
  • He transferred his bass to the muscles.

    Humphrey KirauniHumphrey KirauniDag siden
  • The beast is a gentleman..or is the gentleman a beast? Whatever, Iron Mike ruled! What a champion!

    Ash ChaudharyAsh ChaudharyDag siden
  • Once a while I always come back to see this video, it always encourages me to achieve my goals and make me mentally & physically ready. What a legend.

    bilal Jumabilal JumaDag siden
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    John O'NeillJohn O'NeillDag siden
  • Superb presentation and commentary! Mike Tyson is a humble man when he wins, he will go to the loser, held him up and say a word of comfort to him. I saw he did this to many who lost to him. Mike is a nice person. I like him. He punches more than he talks.

    Boon TanBoon TanDag siden
  • mike was the best at his time and is a legend but his opponents where not good boxs

    kenkenDag siden
  • Rape or assault with a deadly weapon?

    Joe WilmarJoe WilmarDag siden
  • What amazes me is how frequently he fought early in his career. So many fights in 1985, some not even two weeks apart!

    Cecil the Colonialist LionCecil the Colonialist LionDag siden
  • Damn. A gentle giant. He knocked the living shit out of them yet he was gentle after the match ends.

    Despair & LonelinessDespair & LonelinessDag siden
  • The first 15 minutes of this video are onesided beatdowns by Tyson, this man was and is built like a bulldozer

    skeletoorskeletoorDag siden