Manchester Is RED!! | Man City 0-2 Man United | Match Review

Joe and Jay review this afternoon's Manchester Derby vs Manchester City! Goals from Bruno Fernandes & Luke Shaw were enough to win the derby at the Etihad, ending their consecutive win record!
Kevin De Bruyne and Pep Guardiola were nothing when tasked against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's Man United.
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  • I fred could pass wind he would be mint.

    kolim jonekolim jone28 dager siden
  • I fred could pass wind he would be mint.

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt29 dager siden
  • Fred was fantastic today was all over the park and won the ball back a lot as well as blocked passing lanes

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
  • It’s a beautiful morning here in California!! Manchester is RED. Enjoyed it. Shaw again has showed up and whilst I’m not DeGea out, I liked seeing Henderson in there again.

    D BrownD BrownMåned siden
    • Fuckin love it when jay goes in 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣UTFR we completely nullified that shite ❤️❤️❤️

      kolim jonekolim jone28 dager siden
  • Imagine if Man city has a collapse. Anything can happen

    nefarious knefarious kMåned siden
    • this just remember that i sed ‘man city will win their next games but will slip n united will catch up i promise’😤🤲🏻

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt29 dager siden
  • Wasn't MOM or anything like that, but massive well done to Dan James. Offered a threat, very tidy on the ball, worked his socks off as ever. Very impressed today

    M MM MMåned siden
    • p.s. yes I know (before anyone says!) we need better quality wise, but as a sub player if he can play like that he is a great option squad player

      M MM MMåned siden
  • If we want to play with the ball, we should play Bailly, Matic, Pogba and Greenwood. If we want to play on the counter, you play Lindelof, Fred, McTominay and James.

    Ryan ClarkRyan ClarkMåned siden
    • Don’t remember people quoting Beckham’s figures based on whether from open play. Goals matter, setting them up or scoring them.

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
  • marcus rashford is a winger not the main attacker >>>>

    Peter HelmorePeter HelmoreMåned siden
  • I’m a lot more comfortable with Henderson in goal ...We can’t let Henderson go..It’s time for a change..or rotate more frequently

    Junior whalleyJunior whalleyMåned siden
  • Palace, Everton, Sheffield, West Brom. These four games cost us the title. Especially Everton and Sheffield.

    Sabarish VasudevanSabarish VasudevanMåned siden
  • Mctominay is bred for these games

    Little Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉLittle Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉMåned siden
  • Be great to see players more secure with the ball in midfield

    Neil CroweNeil CroweMåned siden
  • Should we resign ander Herrera?

    Tim ForbesTim ForbesMåned siden
  • Fred is the weakest link in our team imo, he gives the ball away far too much.

    -TruthSeekerUK--TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden
  • Scott and Fred gave the ball away a lot but shut down KDB and Gundogan and helped out the fullbacks in our half. Don't understand the negativity against Fred at all.

    Nav NarayananNav NarayananMåned siden
  • Ole came, he saw, and he conquered!

    -TruthSeekerUK--TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden
  • No, Manchester is blue, and we are still 11 points clear

    Prince G U NPrince G U NMåned siden
  • If only we had drawn all those games lately, we would of indeed been in a proper title race.

    -TruthSeekerUK--TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden
  • Fuckin love it when jay goes in 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣UTFR we completely nullified that shite ❤️❤️❤️

    ClarkyClarkyMåned siden
  • Ive sed this to each and every member of my family and friends that we will beat man city, i had faith for this team n i we won 🙌🏻 Manchester will always be red and if ur reading this just remember that i sed ‘man city will win their next games but will slip n united will catch up i promise’😤🤲🏻

    RTM DannyRTM DannyMåned siden
  • Don’t remember people quoting Beckham’s figures based on whether from open play. Goals matter, setting them up or scoring them.

    B.Alexander JohnstoneB.Alexander JohnstoneMåned siden
  • Great result. Must be said, Maguire was terrific! Henderson had the kind of presence we have occasionally lacked with DG. Where the hell was this a month ago?

    Arthur DaneArthur DaneMåned siden
  • This is the best Jay’s voice has sounded

    SKM DesignsSKM DesignsMåned siden
  • Manchester is reeeeed

    Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjaminJay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjaminMåned siden
  • Let’s hope we can use this result and kick on

    zibeddyzibeddyMåned siden
  • More than happy to break Shiteh’s record

    REDUKREDUKMåned siden
  • Had to keep faith in Martial,and Hendo, and then the rest of the boys bagged it....GGMU

    REDUKREDUKMåned siden
  • I'm not understanding the Fred negativity. He battled hard in midfield and won a lot of tussles with Scotty. They made it physical. City couldn't keep that high press up.

    Andy sAndy sMåned siden
    • There were a couple of moments when he came rushing out of position that I thought he was either going to give City space or a silly foul but he changed his mind and got back into position quickly. A decent game from him in the end...

      robin gravesrobin gravesMåned siden
  • No idea why you lot were shocked at Martial getting MOTM on the watch along, he was superb. Ball stuck to him like glue, strong, calm, great decisions, holds it and allows the others to get involved. Top, top player.

    AAMåned siden
  • Smashed the cunz again🖒🖒🖒

    Wythenshawe KidWythenshawe KidMåned siden
  • United is Red, City is blue, we won the derby, now city's Red TOO!!!

    MBYahoooMBYahoooMåned siden

    Red or DeadRed or DeadMåned siden
  • not only do they have to drop 11 points we also have to win but theres 30 points left to play for so if everton and leicester can beat them but then again they might be above us so do we really want that

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf EntertainmentMåned siden
  • what a club! 🇾🇪

    Glyn 689908Glyn 689908Måned siden
  • Oh wow. We won another game we thought we'd lose. Watch up fumble against AC Milan, typical United. Anyway happy for the result let's close the gap.

    BMK MainaBMK MainaMåned siden
  • Guess I'm the only one who thinks that it wasn't a great performance, backs to wall defensive display combined with city being well off form. I just want us to put in a all round good performance against a decent team where we create chances and control the game.

    The RedflexThe RedflexMåned siden
  • Love that Jay's voice is gone

    Gomolemo DialeGomolemo DialeMåned siden
  • If we want to be closer to winning the league next year then we need to upgrade Fred. He works hard and gets some good interceptions but his passing just isn't good enough and he is caught on the ball repeatedly. He's been here long enough now and had his chance.

    Ida HellblauIda HellblauMåned siden
  • City are 11 points ahead and have finished above United every year since 2013. Manchester is blue

    Citizen KaneCitizen KaneMåned siden
  • I’m enjoying the moment. Obviously I know little or nothing about football.

    Englishman AbroadEnglishman AbroadMåned siden
  • Hopefully this result puts serious doubt in the minds of Man City's players of winning the Champions League. United should get Top 4 as City have one hand on the Premier League.

    Raymond ButlerRaymond ButlerMåned siden

    Ilir UnitedIlir UnitedMåned siden
  • Pisstake is more successful than Pep

    Leroy OkwiriLeroy OkwiriMåned siden
  • Yes my bro Manchester is Red 🔴🔴🔴🔴

    Mohammad naweed GhanizadaMohammad naweed GhanizadaMåned siden
  • That Shaw goal was a rewind of prime Irwin. 🔥

    Jack ReaperJack ReaperMåned siden
  • Bout time Stephen puts respect on Shaw's name.

    Tyrone KnezovichTyrone KnezovichMåned siden
  • Absolutely over the moon. What a win. Made even better by seeing Mika Richards on Sky Sports sulking like a baby

    Lee StillmanLee StillmanMåned siden
    • I saw Keane look at him and smiled a little 😂

      Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjaminJay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjaminMåned siden
  • See Pep post match interview? He was sweating and puffing like he had played 90.

    Aquila RossaAquila RossaMåned siden
    • All the coke or gear he’s been taking

      Tim ForbesTim ForbesMåned siden
  • “We’ll be hearing from Stephen Howson” as if he’s some sort of celebrity 😂😂😂

    Nick88 88Nick88 88Måned siden
    • Ha yes from no name wow

      Elmundo the GreatElmundo the GreatMåned siden
    • He’s a big reason why I watch the PADDOCK...GGMU

      REDUKREDUKMåned siden
    • But I must grant you that he is a part of the channel😅

      Gomolemo DialeGomolemo DialeMåned siden
    • He kind of is isnt he? Niche celebrity

      Gomolemo DialeGomolemo DialeMåned siden
  • And I say again Dan the man fantastic is a good player and is developing

    Keletso MahupelaKeletso MahupelaMåned siden
  • Love it Jay, top class! Up the reds, up the paddock, and up the fucking motty!

    Tom STom SMåned siden
  • Fred was fantastic today was all over the park and won the ball back a lot as well as blocked passing lanes

    Keletso MahupelaKeletso MahupelaMåned siden
  • Martial is still terrible.

    Francisco DuránFrancisco DuránMåned siden
    • Shush u melt. go watch rants

      Mufc UddinMufc UddinMåned siden
  • Shaw....25 this season now for sure

    Charvel JacksonCharvel JacksonMåned siden
  • Scotty and Motty it’s a really good you tube channel often on very late at night 😉

    Glenn FGlenn FMåned siden
  • Yesssssss!, fuck that small Arab chitty club.

    Paul BrownPaul BrownMåned siden
  • Superb result. To quote Andy Tate “Tactically” brilliant!

    Nicholas HannNicholas HannMåned siden
    • Tacticleh*

      Haydn GilchristHaydn GilchristMåned siden
  • Footballers can travel on private planes 😉maybe theirs even 🤔👍🏼✌🏼✊🏼❤️🤍🖤GGMU

    Glenn FGlenn FMåned siden
  • Manchester is forever f'in RED! Up the Reds! Up the Paddock! And puts some damn respect on Ole's name! 🔥🔥🔥

    Farm Boy IndustriesFarm Boy IndustriesMåned siden
  • The open play goals has always been a way to make Alan Sheerers record seem shit as quite a few of his goals were pennos. It's just a stat agenda, that's why you can't always trust stats to tell the whole story

    Mike SmallingMike SmallingMåned siden
  • Very strong diffensive game from maguire lindolof and awb I think Shaw Can bé thé players of thé Season if hé keep performing like that Henderson now IS better or at least at same level ddg AM was very good but i would Say hé IS back if hé scores that chance many wrong desision by Bruno rashford and James in the counter attack i think Diallo IS better than Greenwood and James in the Wright winger

    mohamed hamdimohamed hamdiMåned siden
  • Why are people still trying to put a downer on it in the live chat wtf❤️🤍🖤👍🏼😀😀😀🎉🎊🪄🪅🎈there shouldn’t be any nit picking ffs GGMU

    Glenn FGlenn FMåned siden
  • Jay sounds horse 🐎. That's when you know it's been a good game

    Mike SmallingMike SmallingMåned siden
  • Agree that Fred was man of the match, don't know what game you were watching. McTominay was giving the ball away not Fred(think McTominay is still injured along with Rashford)

    Kevin McCarronKevin McCarronMåned siden
    • They both gave the ball away too many times, but Fred definitely gave the ball away more than anyone.

      Charlie KempCharlie KempMåned siden
  • Scotty bullied them big time. Liked Luke Shaw too

    Kasper PedersenKasper PedersenMåned siden
  • Very very solid performance today. Well done to the lads

    Kasper PedersenKasper PedersenMåned siden
  • Pep and Klopp both lost their danger wanks today

    Michael CollinsMichael CollinsMåned siden
  • Fuckn great game great day great all round oh happy days Martial F.C is back.I am on the same buzz as you Jay can’t believe some people are picking faults. Henderson was great and it was an amazing throw out Peter Schmeicelest 😀😀😀😀😀❤️🤍🖤✌🏼✊🏼

    Glenn FGlenn FMåned siden
    • True mate

      REDUKREDUKMåned siden
  • Fucking yes top win! My 7 year old has never been happier and his birthday was on Friday 😂

    the b-radthe b-radMåned siden
  • Oh what could've been if we didn't have all them draws.

    Just NoJust NoMåned siden
    • U know, if we hadn't given away points carelessly n not yearning for them in previous poor run of form, would have bn a totally different story as of the table

      Morris MusinguziMorris MusinguziMåned siden
  • Maybe I don’t know football but martial looked no better today. He won the ball back at half way line twice. Other than this just not good enough, been shocking to watch recently!! Not just the chances he misses but holds onto it too long and throws himself on the floor if someone takes it off him

    mine jakmine jakMåned siden
    • Yeah he was bang average even today. He got gifted a penalty from nothing and had one decent run through the middle when he passed it off to James. Other than that he missed an absolute sitter and didn't really do much else.

      Ryan SaltRyan SaltMåned siden
    • Tend to agree

      Kasper PedersenKasper PedersenMåned siden
  • Shaw has been that consistent now surely Stephen has to come out and just admit he’s wrong 😂

    WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @Ryan Salt But again there you have just listed a tactic. Shaw cannot possibly be in 2 places at once. When he’s usually not there it’s because he’s gone forward. Centre halves open up to allow the defensive midfielders to play in between them. That’s a tactic. If Maguire isn’t pacey enough to do that then that’s on Ole and the coaching staff to stop using, again, a tactic that does not work. As I’ve said, you can’t expect Shaw to be everywhere at once. And it’s a very nit picky thing to suggest criticism for. Howson literally used to complain about Shaw’s attacking capabilities. Now he’s attacking he gets slated for his defensive capabilities 🤷🏼‍♂️ I don’t think any United fan bigs him up like he’s the best left back in the world. They just want Shaw to earn praise where praise is due. Stephen will say ‘yer he played well today’, but then spends the next 5 minutes telling us everything he does wrong. So it’s not really much praise is it?

      WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @Ryan Salt Fair enough and yes I believe some of our fans are overhyping him and he's not as perfect as they said. Honestly I rate him higher defensively as I cant remember he's getting beaten in the league except for Mahrez, Traore and Salah (He pocketed Salah on cup tie though) but that's another topic. Messi was an analogy, but my point is you cant appreciate anyone by focusing their mistakes. Anyone could rant 1 hour long on their players or coaches on every matches even if they won 8-2, but should they? There are times to appreciate and there also time to criticize, for it is to be fair. Not saying you or anyone should accept my argument but from my neutral POV what Ste did is just an unfair judgment of Luke Shaw.

      Subur AtmajayaSubur AtmajayaMåned siden
    • @Subur Atmajaya You realise that criticism isn't mutually exclusive? I criticise Rashford for running into blind alleys. I criticise Martial for being lazy and not putting any effort in. I criticise Dan James for getting lost. I criticise Maguire for getting caught on his heels. I criticise Lindelof for being too average. I criticise Fred for shooting when he is hopeless at it. The list goes on. Doesn't mean I can't criticise Shaw. The difference is that United fans hold Shaw on a pedestal. Honestly, he is probably in the bottom half of starting full-backs defensively and probably top 3-5 going forward. Messi is a forward, don't make daft comparisons.

      Ryan SaltRyan SaltMåned siden
    • @Ryan Salt by that logic you have to criticize every other Man Utd players, not by single targeting Shaw because there are 8 or 9 out of 11 players that are far more deserving the critics than Shaw did. Not saying that you unfairly criticize Luke Shaw but for how he play and what he did recently shouldnt go unappreciated. Well you did undermine his defensive capabilities though. Where did you rank him out of every LB in PL in terms of defensive play? Where did u rate him in attacking play? Guess what, he is not so shit aren't he. By the comment he gets from the likes of Ste, it's not even considered as critics. It's an obvious act of self justification or even bullying through someone's mistake/weakness. It's like saying Messi won't trackback at all THEN he's a liabilities, and liabilities equal shit.

      Subur AtmajayaSubur AtmajayaMåned siden
    • @Subur Atmajaya I think you will find I consistently praise his attacking play ... You can still criticise one aspect of a players game even if another is good. For every exceptional thing he does going forward there is an equally woeful thing that he does in defence that balances it out. My point is that if he worked on the defensive end of his game then he would be a world class full back. It isn't undermining him to say that he still has holes in his game. Especially when those holes do frequently put us in bad spots. Saying "Oh he is shit defensively but it doesn't matter because he is good going forward" is ridiculous.

      Ryan SaltRyan SaltMåned siden
  • mctominay was outstanding covered the ground & kept breaking up attacks & passed forward!!!

    David G EvansDavid G EvansMåned siden
  • It's not about they will drop a points, it's about can we collect full points from the remaining games. They can afford to drop points from now fill the end of the season. The question is, can we confident that we can take full points? No.. So let's we don't talk about it. We are still shite!!!

    Mohd HasyudinMohd HasyudinMåned siden
  • Stop sucking Henderson over that normal throw which David has done thousands of times.

    Arpeet HoskoteArpeet HoskoteMåned siden
    • @Untested Waters and you still can't read and comprehend messages! 🤭🤫

      Arpeet HoskoteArpeet HoskoteMåned siden
    • @Arpeet Hoskote still can't name one though...

      Untested WatersUntested WatersMåned siden
    • @dogcatdogable Like I said, it tells more about you not being a loyal fan and not following the team if you don't remember the games and the player's contributions.

      Arpeet HoskoteArpeet HoskoteMåned siden
    • @Arpeet Hoskote so u can’t name one

      dogcatdogabledogcatdogableMåned siden
    • Calling other people plastics, but not appteciating a goalie that brings a fresh air over De Gea. You’re the plastic here.

      Magische BloemenwereldMagische BloemenwereldMåned siden
  • At this point I'm not even frustrated with martial, I just feel sorry for him

    • He was class today

      LARNXLARNXMåned siden
    • @Glenn Fletcher I did not insinuate anything about his overall performance 🤡🤡

    • Martial was top today yes he missed a sitter but if that’s all you saw 😂😂🤔✌🏼

      Glenn FGlenn FMåned siden
    • I'm talking about his miss

    • wht u mean? he was good today

      Jude GeorgeJude GeorgeMåned siden
  • HENDO outshone David. 💯

    Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
    • Hendo to stay... massive improvement imo

      REDUKREDUKMåned siden
    • I mean over the past 10 games, mate.

      Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
    • David did not play!

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat CatoMåned siden
  • Great win!!! Proud of our boys

    Adam KennyAdam KennyMåned siden

    Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
    • We don't deserve that kind of luck if we can't beat Sheffield United, West Brom or Crystal Palace

      Matt BrownMatt BrownMåned siden
    • But probably not

      Green and WhiteGreen and WhiteMåned siden
    • If City lose 4 games and we win them all, we’re champions. Amen.

      Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
    • yes please

      saurabhsaurabhMåned siden
    • @Henry Lister never say never dude, football is football more so with the EPL..

      Morris MusinguziMorris MusinguziMåned siden
  • That Shaw goal’s been coming for weeks. Hope Ole lets him get a Big Mac AND a McFlurry tonight.

    dogcatdogabledogcatdogableMåned siden
    • Maybe an Easter egg as well

      Rej GuonRej GuonMåned siden
    • Cake and crisps all round

      Tygerrr UkTygerrr UkMåned siden
  • Howson, were you watching our overrated player?

    Tejas VenkateshTejas VenkateshMåned siden
    • Got our winning goal, nuff said

      TheE EvolVedTheE EvolVedMåned siden
    • @dettwork must have been bro 😂🤣

      Stoic SavageStoic SavageMåned siden
    • lol apparently a different one to you.. he was ok not great tho & far from unbelievable

      dettworkdettworkMåned siden
    • @Stoic Savage If you are exceptional you don't have two major defensive lapses that could have easily resulted in goals... As Keano would say, he did his job but nothing special. Not a single moment in the game where you go "Blimey he saved us there" in defence. That is the least you need for it to be an exceptional defensive performance.

      Ryan SaltRyan SaltMåned siden
    • @Ryan Salt exceptional defensively aswell today pal... If you didn't see that I honestly don't know what to tell you

      Stoic SavageStoic SavageMåned siden
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the first manager in Manchester United’s history to win each of his first three away meetings in all competitions with Manchester City.

    Nasser.HNasser.HMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga Tell me which City side had more success than the current one?? Since 2017 they are the best prem side the only thing they lacked in 2017 was their defense which is massively upgraded this season and if you don't rate Maharez and Bernardo Silva that's fine but you can't say it's a massive drop off from Sane to them.

      Sudip PaulSudip PaulMåned siden
    • @Sudip Paul But you said ‘best City side ever’ did you not? And do they? Tactics were completely different between then and now. Back then they had David Silva, Alvaro Negredo, Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez. Back then wing play wasn’t completely essential. The focus was more on the central part of the pitch. Now because they have wingers doesn’t make them a better team. Are you telling me Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva or Riyad Mahrez are better than Leroy Sane? No they’re not

      WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga "First three away meeting" so even if we consider from 2018-2021 (Ole's United regime), this has to be the best City side (100 pts, 99 pts in two PL seasons, FA Cup, Carabao Cups), this City side has won it all and above all this City side is managed by Pep Guardiola not Manuel Pellegrini. Btw, they now have a better attack (only lacks a prolific striker).

      Sudip PaulSudip PaulMåned siden
    • @Sudip Paul Hold up, why since 2017? 😂 you said ‘ever’. That’s not since 2017 is it. Are you telling me the City side with Aguero, Tevez, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Kompany isn’t better than this side? Really?

      WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga So you want me to believe there was a better City side than what it is since 2017?? I agree to disagree.

      Sudip PaulSudip PaulMåned siden
  • Marcus ankle saving Martials career.

    Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
  • I fred could pass wind he would be mint.

    Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga yeah right, takin the ball and then he lossed the ball back to the opponent, and somehow his team get the goal along the way. Awesome.

      Baby PhatBaby PhatMåned siden
    • @Baby Phat Taking the ball from an opponent and being able to pass a ball are 2 different things 🙄

      WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga how poor he is exactly? Most of man united goals started because fred stole the ball from opponent. Why don't you count them?

      Baby PhatBaby PhatMåned siden
    • @Baby Phat The guy is a professional footballer who gets paid almost £100,000 a week and can’t do the basics of football which is being able to pass. Any professional footballer should be able to do it. ANY. So you making up pointless excuses to counteract his poor passing ability doesn’t make sense because, it doesn’t make his passing ability any better does it?

      WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
    • @WarrenJenga that's why they got pogba and bruno. Fred job to help the team defensively. Name one midfielder on the squad that can do fred role.

      Baby PhatBaby PhatMåned siden
  • How did that happen?😯

    Robert MansellRobert MansellMåned siden
    • OLE,OLE,OLE!!

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat CatoMåned siden

    Uncle DoobiusUncle DoobiusMåned siden