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  • Michael is telling us he’s into anew Buisness I see

    DemonChief777DemonChief7777 timer siden
  • Me watching my iPad learning lots of new stuff The parents saying you don’t learn anything from iPad

    Dexter: Dex_Plays2011Dexter: Dex_Plays2011Dag siden
  • i understand your mother 8:35

    nikovanikovaDag siden
  • Who's Mike?

    Lee ScalesLee ScalesDag siden
  • wooow :0 do i even need school anymore?... this is amaazing :D

    SpaceDucSpaceDuc2 dager siden
  • vật lí khoa hok à

    cô đơncô đơn3 dager siden
  • I think I just saw something crawling in your beard

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  • Really good video.

    IvelsuopIvelsuop7 dager siden
  • Cool.

    IvelsuopIvelsuop7 dager siden
  • This dude teaches me better than my own teachers

    Lewis LirianoLewis Liriano7 dager siden
  • 1:45 u can heart a minecraft arrow being shot

    Jorge RamosJorge Ramos7 dager siden

    SFS BUILDSSFS BUILDS8 dager siden
  • if it is like this i understand in my house

    Dalfior LiveDalfior Live9 dager siden
  • I'm only four minutes in, but this makes me wonder about the maximum speed of a rotating sphere. For example if you had a rotating sphere the size of a lightyear; how fast could the outer edge rotate, and if it shrunk suddenly how close could have come to reaching the speed of light?

    Mr. Sir. PsychopathMr. Sir. Psychopath11 dager siden
    • well, the speed limit of the universe is the speed of light, so even if you have 10 meter sphere rotating with a tangential velocity at the speed of light and then you decrease the radius... I actually do not know. Good question!

      Rahil ShaikRahil Shaik5 dager siden
  • As far as the conservation of angular momentum goes, I like to think of imaginary lines that are traced by the books in your hands as you spin. When you hold them far away, they are going a certain speed, yet they're having to travel a farther distance around because of the larger diameter. But when you pull them close, they are still traveling the same speed as before, just at a smaller diameter. They have less distance to travel, and so, rotate quicker than if the books had been held farther away

    Taylor DecaneyTaylor Decaney12 dager siden
  • 13:39 look man behind

    CosmitaurCosmitaur13 dager siden
  • I don't understand what changes when you pull the books in toward yourself. I know you seem to go faster.... BUT DOES ANYTHING CHANGE?

    vlad fominvlad fomin14 dager siden
    • Yeah, its something called rotational inertia. Inertia is the resistance an object shows to motion. Likewise, rotational inertia, also known as moment of inertia, is the resistance an object shows to rotation. To calculate rotational inertia, you take a center point for the object and add the products of the distance of each point in and on the object and the mass of each point (you have to use calculus). So when Michael pulls the books in, his moment of inertia decreases because the distance from the center of his body to all the points in his body decreases (hands outstretched is further from your chest than your hands tucked in). Since his moment of inertia decreases, his velocity increases.

      Rahil ShaikRahil Shaik5 dager siden

    Cairo RaCairo Ra17 dager siden
  • Can I use this video for some animation work?

    Dakota BradleyDakota Bradley18 dager siden
  • I don't like the intro

    GPCraftyGPCrafty18 dager siden
  • I think the part where you draw orbits can be related to archimedes spiral and looping pendulums. Anyone know the corelation? Or is it just me misunderstanding.

    wynton C.wynton C.20 dager siden
  • Teacher: Micheal! Don't you understand that you failed the exam ? Michael: What is understand? 🤨

    HumanBeingHumanBeing21 dag siden

    Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes WellnessUnder Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness21 dag siden
  • Beard fortnights

    My GillsMy Gills21 dag siden
  • about 6 years until that penny is real

    memomemo23 dager siden
    • Or is it?

      rawiri michael dawsonrawiri michael dawson22 dager siden
  • did anyone else notice the large amount of corn in the backround

    gustave petersengustave petersen23 dager siden
  • "How was your day?" "How do you measure the goodness of a day?" "Oh Christ not this again."

    deafeningnobodydeafeningnobody24 dager siden
  • 6:22

    WPProdWPProd24 dager siden
  • Wait... This video from 2019???? Why it feels like this video from 2020

    LazyZiq YTLazyZiq YT24 dager siden
  • The music restarting at 8:16 caught me off guard xD

    AnotherChosenOneAnotherChosenOne25 dager siden
    • Or did it?

      rawiri michael dawsonrawiri michael dawson22 dager siden
  • I would have thought that it was just due to air resistance. Then I would have also thought that when he was going over the MVR part that it would have actually just been going the same speed but over a small distance and gave the illusion of going faster. You can see why I'm not making these kind of videos

    BattleKid619BattleKid61925 dager siden
  • Thank you for making my physics homework more fun

    Astrax GamingAstrax Gaming27 dager siden
  • 2:26

    Shrek The OgreShrek The Ogre27 dager siden
  • so as it curves into the center of gravity, it picks up momentum, causing it to speed up? and as you push the book out, it loses momentum having to travel a farther distance? am i UNDERSTANDING correctly?

    R1 ImpulseR1 Impulse28 dager siden
  • Me: how wide is your hand Michael: thumb to no thumb

    Koen PaulsenKoen Paulsen28 dager siden
  • I really want that penny

    BakedOvenBakedOven29 dager siden
    • Or do you?

      rawiri michael dawsonrawiri michael dawson22 dager siden
  • Michael teaches me more than my physics professor

    Ethan WrightEthan Wright29 dager siden
  • vsauce goat

    PixelDesignsPixelDesigns29 dager siden
  • The struggle when he grabbed the wheel was a little spooky Edit: I take it back, the sweet nectar thing was worse. Edit 2: Mikey Mike Micheal, the noises buddy I can't do it champ Also edit 2: Puppet Mike looks more like a psychiatrist than human Mike

    J BoisclairJ Boisclair29 dager siden
  • Could you do a video on the Riemann hypothesis!?

    Jack BryanJack Bryan29 dager siden
  • The joke here being the Michael puppet has full set of hair on his head, whereas the real Michael is bald asf. 🥴😂

    Intelligent AntIntelligent Ant29 dager siden
  • What else is behind his head?

    BangtzBangtzMåned siden
  • How much weight can the conservation of angular momentum move? And could we use such energy in transportation instead of fossil fuels?

    Red FishRed FishMåned siden
  • Gets to 2027 "aha! My plan will commence" Shopkeeper "coins dont exist anymore please use a card"

    jorgepeterbartonjorgepeterbartonMåned siden
  • Hey Vsauce would this mean that if Earth was shrink down to the size of a grain of sand that it could move close to the speed of light?

    ravenarwalravenarwalMåned siden
  • Spinning is a good trick

    The ExileThe ExileMåned siden
  • Me not knowing anything of what he means in his videos but still watches him

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  • 5:01 yeah... the TVA

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  • this comment is for the people who get this recommended in 2027.

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  • Hi Vsauce, Bas here. I really like this video. But what is the song name at 15:50?

    Bas E.Bas E.Måned siden
  • I inderstand this video

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  • That penny only has 5 and a half more years until it gets Michael arrested

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  • the start of this video is extraordinary!

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  • "I am free" *grabs crowbar* *hazardous environments starts playing*

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  • ah yes, my faviourate length size, beard fortnite

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  • I see amogus in the thumbnail

    LOL MANLOL MANMåned siden
  • Anyone remember that Calvin and hobbies strip where Calvin's dad explains something similar to this with the speed of the edge of a spinning vinyl record as opposed to the speed of the the center edge of it? Leaving Calvin staring into space

    buzwa2kbuzwa2kMåned siden
  • Actually angular momentum is more fundamental than torque, the same is true for linear momentum and force. But this isn't to say that the video's point is wrong, the same logic can work the other way around. Eg: Law = Torque, The more fundamental reasoning = Conservation of Angular Momentum.

    Efe ZaladinEfe ZaladinMåned siden
  • Hard to understand good to hear

    abhishek singhabhishek singhMåned siden
  • I cannot break the laws of physics, nothing can crowbar: *floats away*

    Pixel WrapPixel WrapMåned siden
    • The crowbar is the true law breaker!

      llllMåned siden
  • What if Vsauce write JEE advanced 🔥😂

  • 13:38 Actually the clock would say clock-wise but to us it would really mean counter clockwise.

    Alex AvlonitisAlex AvlonitisMåned siden

    Dougie BoxellDougie BoxellMåned siden
  • anyone know the song at 3:17 ? it sounds really cool

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  • All i ''understood'' is ''under'' means ''in''

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  • Thanks for the intro, I hate it

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  • The Illegal thing he has is his smartness

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  • Awesome video 🙌

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  • i think this might be a jojo reference from part 5 Too far? okayyyyy

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  • If you take the german word for understand ... verstehen ... ver-stehen and then take the word Ver-sicherung what means insurance. Means that the german word for understand is IN-stand ;)

    DeanVuittonDeanVuittonMåned siden
    • @Lünkel oh really? I tought life is that easy....

      DeanVuittonDeanVuittonMåned siden
    • That is not how languages work. This is complete nonsense. You can't just take 2 words that mean the same thing and both have a prefix and from that conclude that the prefixes correspond 1 to 1 in all instances. Believe it or not, different languages are in fact different and you can't just translate morphemes 1 to 1 out of context.

      LünkelLünkelMåned siden
  • Wouldn't the height of a given object cause the length of it's shadow?

    Charles HarrellCharles HarrellMåned siden
  • I taught my parrot to say Vsauce and it has become his favorite word. What have i done. . .

    the amorphous flatschthe amorphous flatschMåned siden
  • it's entirely possible that the US will cease production of pennies by 2027 -- at which point your penny will become timelessly interesting

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  • Jesus loves you

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  • Yep

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  • I feel like if I watched this on acid I'd have an ego death

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  • He's the "one" "free" "man"

  • Sooooo see you in 2027?

    Megachad Sixty nineMegachad Sixty nineMåned siden
  • Michael: MVR Me wondering what physics has to do with the currency of Maldives: 👁️👄👁️

    Purple_ChalkPurple_ChalkMåned siden
    • underrated

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  • 6:35 mike hawk

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  • @2:27 WTH! No seriously WTH!? Lol edit: I do love how his craziness has blossomed over time. Keep being you my dood. :)

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  • 3:15 wait a minute who are you

    Anonymous UserAnonymous UserMåned siden
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  • 2027 dislikes...

    DekishaaDekishaaMåned siden
  • Summary: Lower radius=shorter diameter=less time per rotation @ same momentum=faster rotation

    Izaak Piknjac PhillipsIzaak Piknjac PhillipsMåned siden
  • it was spooky 😁

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  • 2027 dislikes😉😁👌🏻

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  • 18:04 that what she said

    Memes by SlajMMemes by SlajMMåned siden
    • 20:48 also that

      Memes by SlajMMemes by SlajMMåned siden
  • 8:20 This part of the video is the reason why it did not get translated to any other language.

    Yasin AlfadilYasin AlfadilMåned siden
    • @ÖffiChannelNürnberg stimmt...

      Madara uchiaMadara uchia26 dager siden
    • In German an understand is a shelter

      ÖffiChannelNürnbergÖffiChannelNürnbergMåned siden
  • MVR. I lower the radius so M or V has to go up. We say M can't go up, but what if I apply force to keep V the same as I apply force to lower R? Wouldn't M HAVE to go up? That seems crazy, and one might say I'm cheating. BUT, we used force to reduce R and THAT was not considered cheating. Why not? And, if M doesn't go up (which I'm assuming it does not), then we must assume the use of force on both R and V bleeds overall energy out of the system. Thus, the angular momentum lowers because my use of force prevented its conservation. So, when faced with a conflict, the 'conservation of mass-energy' rule was of higher priority than the 'conservation of angular momentum' rule. Why? Could it be that conservation of mass-energy is a real and concrete actual law of physics, and the conservation of angular momentum is just a helpful convention? Perhaps the real rule is: angular momentum will be conserved so long as it can be by alteration of R or V, but should neither be capable of changing due to outside force (forces from outside the system), then angular momentum will not be conserved.

    Daniel StrainDaniel StrainMåned siden
  • VSauce: "Nothing can break the laws of physics." Double slit experiment: "Or _can_ we?"

    JesseRoxIIJesseRoxII2 måneder siden
    • We need scientists and 1or 2 decade and quantum mechanics will be solved too

      sumitsumit22 dager siden
    • No. It breaks laws so obvious we didnt know they were even needed. Is kind of ok with laws of physics. Since the laws of physics are now quantum physics.

      jorgepeterbartonjorgepeterbartonMåned siden
    • It obeys the laws of quantum physics :3 (It has physics on the name)

      Technical MastermindTechnical MastermindMåned siden
  • 2021: 1884

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  • Physics: *complex* Michael: why is a nail 6 cm long? Gotta love this channel for making big concepts so close of grasp.

    Youssef AzzouziYoussef Azzouzi2 måneder siden
  • Causes can't proceed it's effect.

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  • in a distant dimension police arrest people for breaking the laws of physics

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  • Wait ... so if you could change the radius while forcing the velocity to remain constant, we could forcibly change the mass of an item?

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  • 6:05 me seeing Michael 1 year in the past 😎😎

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  • I legit learn more from this video than from school ! We do live in a society...

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