• Redban gets more bloated and corpse like every time I see him

    Bro MaloneBro Malone19 timer siden
  • So his Dad isn't the only one getting his shit packed??!! :)

    Guy MillerGuy MillerDag siden
  • redban looks like indiana jones LOL

    Evoo CapoEvoo Capo3 dager siden
  • Wheel chair guy was hilarious 🤣 great comedy writer

    ThatOneVRGuyThatOneVRGuy3 dager siden
  • Dude's lying if u shot heroine in to muscle it will abscess he shot it into his vien .no shame its the past be honest

    ThatOneVRGuyThatOneVRGuy3 dager siden
  • My favorite comic was Kaylee

    bminus73bminus733 dager siden
  • The enchanted turkish intralysosomally telephone because select gratifyingly fence off a fascinated name. past, limping tennis

    Gah TangGah Tang4 dager siden
  • It's nice watching Kill Tony's from just before Tony killed his own career

    Portland GoosePortland Goose6 dager siden
    • The latest show rips

      Chris ReidChris Reid5 dager siden
  • Great shit

    Steven WoodsSteven Woods6 dager siden
  • i hope rogan fail/succeeds with his club. succeeds that it'll be a good club, fails in his delusional ego about creating something. Ditching tony over jokes is no shock after watching his piss poor performance here. Has no idea whats going on, makes generic comebacks then blames it on being high.... this is what you get with first time adult stoners. "can we all be cool, and keep a secret, are you my brothers and sisters" i cant even begin to understand what he meant during this melt down. Fk rogan.

    Phillip Oliver HoltzPhillip Oliver Holtz10 dager siden
  • Michael singing counting crows made me cry laughing

    Brandon GiordanoBrandon Giordano11 dager siden
  • Redban had the hitter tonight!!!! "Remember Comedy Central..?"

    Midwest Pro FishingMidwest Pro Fishing11 dager siden
  • Lucas killing off the bat

    playboy macplayboy mac11 dager siden
  • 1:24:11 They just clapped his hat off with a high five lmao

    ObtuneObtune12 dager siden
  • I don't think Joe really understands this show

    Brandon GiordanoBrandon Giordano12 dager siden
  • Probably been said, but I swear they were in Grand Rapids, MI too :(

    Will PoortengaWill Poortenga12 dager siden
  • Dude yoga wolverine… Christ.

    Arteen AsgharzadehArteen Asgharzadeh12 dager siden
  • Holy joe aint funny

    Merchant of SeoulMerchant of Seoul13 dager siden
  • wow, i've seen so much of Joe Rogan's podcasts and specials that I honestly forgot he's an actual comedian

    MateuszMateusz14 dager siden
  • Nah that Kobe joke was fine!

    Alexander SupertrampAlexander Supertramp14 dager siden
  • Joe really should have William on his podcast, i think itd be very interesting lol

    The GoatThe Goat15 dager siden
  • Rogan is just not funny. Kill Tony is always awesome.

    Mike GMike G15 dager siden
  • Altoona people are weird!

    Sebastian WhalinSebastian Whalin15 dager siden
  • Who is kill Tony? I've literally never heard of this guy. He's just some no name, self proclaimed comic who craps on other people? What gives him the right to do that? What makes him a legit judge of comedy if all he does is just go off equally bad comedians? It must suck devoting your life to something that you will never get to the top of, but you act like you're the best. Get a real job, there's a million people doing what you do but better.

    Pavlov's DawgPavlov's Dawg15 dager siden
    • OK Wokie.

      Mike GMike G15 dager siden
  • I really miss the old band.

    Mad GeorgeMad George17 dager siden
  • I miss the old william that went on tangents and improvising stories about the most random shit. I notice his style changed from his early days in kill tony. if someone gave him advice to change his joke delivery, I think they were wrong. he used to yell a lot more and speak only in a higher pitch and funny tone. He should have kept that. That is what got me hooked. I watched his earlier stuff from KT about three times, all videos.

    op3nsignalop3nsignal18 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan with the non-binary kid is like a slightly racist grandfather meeting a black guy and kinda trying to be nice but can't help it

    Abdullah KhatibAbdullah Khatib18 dager siden
  • Joe is so nice lol great fit for the show! 👍

    Schmo 210Schmo 21019 dager siden
  • Pass me some heroin, Mr. Heroin

    Super SpreaderSuper Spreader19 dager siden
  • Holy shit.. Michael Lehrer’s rendition of Mr. Jones had me dying 😂

    NeReddNeRedd19 dager siden
  • not trying to be a dick but redban lookin 84 years old in 2021 damn man

    alexpaolellaalexpaolella19 dager siden
  • Joe hit the nail on the head. "Finally a guy who says he's non-binary without being also fucking annoying". Exactly. Be whatever you want to be. Just don't be woke too.

    AmarokAmarok20 dager siden
  • I can’t wait for the new venue...

  • Shout out to the band for playin that good herbie on the intro

    Unc DUnc D21 dag siden
  • Wow I always hated Michael Lehrer until I played hit set at 1.5 speed , its actually not bad now

    woodzywoodzy21 dag siden
  • Haha Joe is a fucking classic act

    _ JimJam __ JimJam _21 dag siden
  • That guy who said he was a space cadet is like the less space cadet person of all time

    _ JimJam __ JimJam _21 dag siden
  • this is painful

    Lediopolis xLediopolis x21 dag siden
  • The look of joy on Joe's face when a comic is bombing

    aRELLAaRELLA22 dager siden
  • Bruh skimask pete a fuckin beast 🤣🤣

    Levi SmithLevi Smith22 dager siden
    • Nvm lol

      Levi SmithLevi Smith22 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    G -CLoG -CLo22 dager siden
  • I wasn't sure if I liked this show on my first watch, but holy shit its good.

    Raidur7215Raidur721522 dager siden
  • I want to sit at the kill tony table and judge people with Tony 😭🤣

    Cheri WasMeCheri WasMe22 dager siden
  • 56:39 checkout Kevin Eubanks in the background 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vann ApragalVann Apragal22 dager siden
  • Lol joe asks the dumbest questions sometimes and isnt even really funny when he is trying to roast some of these people.

    Charles NordenCharles Norden23 dager siden
  • this ended up being one of my favorite episodes of all time. Solid comedy and motivational.

    Cameron SkyCameron Sky23 dager siden
  • What's the guy at back writing? 😳

    NancoVerseNancoVerse25 dager siden
  • This podcast really shows Joe Rogan to be an out of touch asshole. Guy has a special ability to make the energy uncomfortable.

    Maui WowieMaui Wowie26 dager siden
  • This show exposes Joe not being as quick witted as Tony. Joe seems like all hype for me not as much substance. Too much trying to intimidate people it feels. Little man syndrome I guess.

    flexathillcrest1flexathillcrest126 dager siden
  • I wonder if Joe realizes he's doing that valley girl accent or that's just how he sounds now?

    TripTrip26 dager siden
  • “Psychology”

    imjusthere8imjusthere827 dager siden
  • why do all the guest get shit faced? way funnier in the beginning then becomes a shit show

    Onechill BrajOnechill Braj27 dager siden
  • how did I know one of these Mexicans was going to use Selena

    Rey LRey L28 dager siden
  • I love how Rogan didnt catch that its Joel 😜

    jakub gadzalajakub gadzala28 dager siden
  • Joe "not very funny" Rogan

    recycleddolphinrecycleddolphin28 dager siden
  • Joe is just not naturally funny. That's why all his standup is so carefully written and rehearsed and more about discussing interesting world facts than about being really funny. I really don't think he's very good at being off-script funny, which he covers up by constantly spewing interesting information all the time and being a very nice guy. No doubt he is a very nice friendly and generous guy, especially to all his friends and to most comics. Some of the funniest people are usually pretty mean, not in the way the act but just in the way they talk...does that make sense?

    D LD L28 dager siden
  • 35 mins in, and I haven’t even came close to laughing. Seeing this is almost 3 hours long, idk how people make it.

    Tyler WilliamsTyler Williams28 dager siden
  • This show not funny to me at all

    T GT G28 dager siden
  • Isn't Hawaii the Hawaii of Asia?

    JOHN BrownellJOHN Brownell28 dager siden
  • Lucas McCrary wow!!

    costco executive membercostco executive member29 dager siden
  • Tony love ya, but the crowd is fucking lying man, the snake in my butt joke is whack as fuck lol

    Solid SnakeSolid Snake29 dager siden
  • “ You two would never run dry” Tony should have said “he’s never run anything”

    Ben HardimanBen Hardiman29 dager siden
  • Joe is a big douche

    Chain5'9sChain5'9s29 dager siden
  • I wish I could like this bullshit twice.

    SkankHunt42SkankHunt4229 dager siden
  • Lmao, everytime that Kaylee stripper chick is on stage, Bryan is just creeply staring at her, waiting to make eye contact 🤣

    R.I.PR.I.PMåned siden
  • William to start the show off was a fucking train wreck. Couple of good jokes, but not a stage guy at all.

    Stuart StogdillStuart StogdillMåned siden
  • Joe's wearing his little rascals hat

    AlphaMail626AlphaMail626Måned siden
  • Tony's roasts were great.

    Apollo KaiApollo KaiMåned siden
  • The funniest thing is how some of these people in the comments just jumped on a hate Joe bandwagon for no reason and have to project in order to make him look bad.

    YodalemosYodalemosMåned siden
    • @TheHiyy You wanna talk about comedy and gatekeep pretending your taste is the only taste? Oh boy.... There's only one thing I can tell you with certainty, every comedian worth their salt despises you.

      YodalemosYodalemos29 dager siden
    • @Yodalemos Well for your information I've been saying he's a fucking moron no one would watch if he didn't get good guests for a long time so I guess I'm ahead of the curve. If you watched this and thought he was funny yelling out "I'M YOUR ATTORNEY" over and over and other unfunny shit you aren't a fan of comedy you are a fanboy for a personality. That's what he is, a glorified personality whos done enough standup to stay relevant in the scene.

      TheHiyyTheHiyy29 dager siden
    • @TheHiyy oh please... these same people were singing his praises 2 years ago, as soon as he got a Spotify deal it became "cool" to hate on him. Its kinda pathetic, because as I said in the comment, they're complaining about imaginary shit Joe didn't do during the show.

      YodalemosYodalemos29 dager siden
    • Because these people watch stand up, the people that watch him don't watch his standup they watch his show for his guests.

      TheHiyyTheHiyy29 dager siden
  • 2:16:13 wtf am I watching lmfao 🤣🤣🤣

    natenateMåned siden
  • man... i wish i was herion

    Omuerta GenetixOmuerta GenetixMåned siden
  • I went to college with William. Super nice and crazy at the same time, but that’s pretty easy to tell without knowing him.

    Sensi StalkerSensi StalkerMåned siden
  • Omg I'm laughing so hard from William I'm embarassed that my neighbors are gonnna think im crazy

    Jaymizzyfoshizzy MoJaymizzyfoshizzy MoMåned siden
  • Joelberg fucking BEASTED this show

    Jordan DanielsJordan DanielsMåned siden
  • The ending seriously deserves an Emmy, that was the greatest, most heart fkin thing I have ever seen!

    tim fureytim fureyMåned siden
  • Joe has become insufferable

    Connor BolenConnor BolenMåned siden
  • 20:30 LOL joe got exposed on that one

    Pantheon RockstarPantheon RockstarMåned siden
  • 46:27 the way tony says pussy is very suspect

    Taylor SchabellTaylor SchabellMåned siden
  • holy fuck Rogan is insufferable, he keeps on analyzing every person and their joke like hes some comedian mastermind. Worst part is his comedy is below average

    alexalexMåned siden
  • Joe was particularly annoying on this one. Relax bro

    Joseph SJoseph SMåned siden
  • Joe is wasted

    Drake HeintzDrake HeintzMåned siden
  • Joe said, “He might be 40 or 8.” They were 24. Halfway between 8 and 40? 24. Joe Rogan is a wizard.

    pheralphitnesspheralphitnessMåned siden
    • 8 & 24... Kobe...woah

      imjusthere8imjusthere827 dager siden
    • I'm too slow to understand still 🤣

      R.I.PR.I.PMåned siden
    • At this very moment Jack is trying to spin this comment into another Kobe joke

      J MJ MMåned siden
    • That's the power of intuition! The first thing that comes to mind is often the most correct and insightful, always trust your gut!

      Donovan CacaceDonovan CacaceMåned siden
  • Trust him 😂

    Adam ShoemakeAdam ShoemakeMåned siden
  • Super dry.....

    Adam ShoemakeAdam ShoemakeMåned siden
  • i just bought a ridge wallet because of what happened on the show... also i have wanted one for a long time but never pulled the trigger.

    D4RealD4RealMåned siden
  • I just realized joe rogan is kind of awful outside of the podcast. i already knew his stand up was mediocre but hes even worse when his riffing. And he laughs his ass off at things that are barely funny.

    D4RealD4RealMåned siden
    • He was high as shit.

      Lost Lake PicturesLost Lake PicturesMåned siden
  • Joe Rogan is so right about comedy being hard. He still hasn't done it successfully himself.

    D4RealD4RealMåned siden
  • Joe Rogan telling you your funny means nothing....

    Clive MathieuClive MathieuMåned siden
  • What is it with standups and dad shoes?

    3 73 7Måned siden
  • Byo-microphone

    Takealittle tripwithmeTakealittle tripwithmeMåned siden
  • Joe is horrible

    Aaron SechristAaron SechristMåned siden
  • Joe is not a comedian, jokes saiiillll over his head all day. His ego is crazy

    Aaron SechristAaron SechristMåned siden
  • A ton of jokes just sail over Joe’s head. I can’t believe he is considered a top comedian

    Aaron SechristAaron SechristMåned siden
  • Saw Ridge again on the recent Tim Dillon ep. Dude's up and coming! Keep it up, man!

    2WhiteAndNerdy2WhiteAndNerdyMåned siden
  • Joe is 100% living in a simulation

    River NelsonRiver NelsonMåned siden
  • 39:10 - Joe got advice

    Spirit FoodstampSpirit FoodstampMåned siden
  • I wonder did he really take adderal

    Cody WilliamsCody WilliamsMåned siden
  • Joe, if you cancel Tony ...seriously???🍀 what would Patrice think?

    Fibonacci Fan ZeroViewsFibonacci Fan ZeroViewsMåned siden
  • holy fuck rogan is annoying.. at least donnell knew when it was his time to leave

    ValentijnValentijnMåned siden
  • Yeah. It's all fun and cute. But as soon L.A. & NYC goes back to normal all this cutsie Austin will go away! You can already hear the dissent from Dillon.

    ACACMåned siden