Keane and Redknapp get HEATED over "average" Spurs squad claim! 👀🍿

Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp clashed over Keane's comment that without Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, the Spurs squad would be an 'average' Premier League team.
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  • Things getting a little heated on Super Sunday 👀🍿

    Sky Sports FootballSky Sports FootballMåned siden
    • @A H and you are here posting

      Shane O MacShane O MacMåned siden
    • Football is dumb and pointless. Agreed.

      A HA HMåned siden
    • @Sasha Banks Channel the joys of opinions boss

      Shane O MacShane O MacMåned siden
    • @Shane O Mac jesus I've never seen such a hater of someone before

      Sasha Banks ChannelSasha Banks ChannelMåned siden
    • @Sasha Banks Channel the reason was he was in great utd sides. Those utd sides would have won trophies without him. He was a liability,how many times did he get sent off and let his team mates down.

      Land of hope and gloryLand of hope and gloryMåned siden
  • I 100% agree on Keane assessment

    Danny PlattDanny PlattTime siden
  • For once, it was actually heated.

    KalliKalli15 timer siden
  • I watched the analysis of Tottenham v United during project restart and Keane says that Harry Maguire is an international player and should not be blown past so easily. Now Keane says if you trap the ball you can play for your country. 🤔

    zylzyl23 timer siden
  • Love it,very entertaining stuff....But Keano had better be careful,Sky don`t like people who speak ther mind forcefully and don`t toe their cosy Premier party line....they have a long track record of sacking people for it.

    MJ HMJ HDag siden
  • Jose need to reinvented his coaching methods and playing philosophy. Jose is outdated! If he doesn't realise it, he should now.

    Edmunds LifeEdmunds LifeDag siden
  • Keane is right tho

    Sadio MayonnaiseSadio MayonnaiseDag siden
  • haha I'm sure I could see steam coming out of redknapps ears

    Matt DodsonMatt DodsonDag siden
  • hahah keane knows how to push them buttons

    Matt DodsonMatt DodsonDag siden
  • United winning 3-1, keane....

    Just busting your ballsJust busting your ballsDag siden
  • Yesterday 11.4.2021 :P

    reginald amonooreginald amonooDag siden
  • Spurs have more average players than any of the top 5! Only 5 players might e good enough but the biggest hole lies in their defence with is stinkingly bad!!

    The last CliffhangerThe last CliffhangerDag siden
  • Keane and Redknapp are first class tools

    Monsignor Larvel JonesMonsignor Larvel JonesDag siden
  • Here after United just played spurs of the park. 1-3, redknapp really ain’t got a clue!

    Sauce ManSauce ManDag siden
  • keane respect Mourinho a lot

    code for funcode for funDag siden
  • 😂😂😂

    oboite emmanueloboite emmanuelDag siden
  • Redknapp wouldn’t of mixed it with Roy on the pitch 🤣🤣

    1Chalkywhite1ChalkywhiteDag siden
  • Wasn't just heated, Jamie got burned by WOY!

    newygreeknewygreekDag siden
  • Jimmy Floyd had to choose his words wisely, Roy would bite his head off too.

    Rico ArthurRico ArthurDag siden
  • Anyone watching this after man utd beat spurs again ?

    CryptoCheckCryptoCheck2 dager siden
  • Roy Keane kills it 😂😂😂😂

    Robert RiggonRobert Riggon2 dager siden
  • it's about to kick off again NOW 11th April yay

    JaYCeEBeE3JaYCeEBeE32 dager siden
  • Shame Jamie didn't show this aggression when he played against Roy....instead of melting

    lollykins12lollykins122 dager siden
  • Keane is spot on with his comments. I was never a man U fan but I can appreciate his opinions on the game. I respect someone who has the guts to say it how it really is..

    Julian PohlmanJulian Pohlman2 dager siden
  • Keane is bang on. He knows his game

    1987kahil1987kahil2 dager siden
  • Roy have a point!!!

    Cap de Bruyne 17Cap de Bruyne 172 dager siden
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    елена ивановаелена иванова2 dager siden
  • Breaking news from Keane - if you can trap the ball you can play for your country

    A HA H2 dager siden
  • Also when keane called out liverpool as sloppy .and klopp had a go .was a good one .then after liverpool went on the bad run🤣

    Barnfield FishingBarnfield Fishing3 dager siden
  • roy was just trying to wind him up after the alderwieled but 🤣

    richie burkerichie burke3 dager siden
  • Alderweireld won’t get into united team Maguire is better. Don’t go on internet and watch clips to judge him not 80mil but definitely 60 mil and fit Eric Baily is good combo with him. Apart from Kane and Son the only player I’ll take in united team will be Ndombele.

    Paras ChimbaikarParas Chimbaikar3 dager siden
  • Mint.. Roy.. eye of the tiger.. legendary

    Hj HjHj Hj3 dager siden
  • Good luck with Spurs attracting a better goalkeeper than Lloris.

    BonuxCouleurBonuxCouleur3 dager siden
  • I am a lifelong Manchester City fan, and 10 years ago, I could not have imagined myself admitting this; Roy Keane is an absolute legend. This guy has turned punditry on its head, and unlike many, he has the scars, experience, and medals to back it up. What a man.

    iTube YourDadsMingeiTube YourDadsMinge4 dager siden
  • why does redknapp associate himself with spurs? all the pundits associate themselves with the main club of their career. Jamie spent 11 seasons at liverpool and 3 at spurs...but no one remembers him at Liverpool so he has to affiliate to spurs.

    Damian DuguidDamian Duguid4 dager siden
  • Redknapp has been stealing a living since dot

    Kris 11Kris 115 dager siden
  • Keane, "If you don't play for your country your a bad player" Trent Alexander-Arnold , "Am I A JOKE TO UUU???"

    Homi AHomi A6 dager siden
  • Roy Keane is the Simon Cowell of football. No nonsense talking.

    Rex RampageRex Rampage7 dager siden
  • Jamie obviously not a spurs fan because us spurs fans clearly accept that we are average

    nykthoshahnykthoshah7 dager siden
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    Pykle SixPykle Six7 dager siden
  • I’m not even sure leister would take him😂😂😂

    NathdonPlaysNathdonPlays7 dager siden
  • I’m a yid and actually agree with Keane for the first time ever

    Rafa VandeeRafa Vandee7 dager siden
  • Keane is wrong yet again, funny man but awful pundit

    Tghy FfhyTghy Ffhy8 dager siden
  • When Roy Keane left to go to forrest at 19 he told his father you are now the man of the house.............

    Alan WatersAlan Waters8 dager siden
  • 2:7 ..... AVERAGE

    St IckSt Ick8 dager siden
  • Like that 😂

    Rolem07 MártonRolem07 Márton8 dager siden
  • Kane and Son does seem to be the only outstanding players Spurs has. And in this years prem that is not enough for them to be top 4 as I find other then their attacking play it seems they are lacking in every other department. But that is just my opinion.

    Blox masterBlox master9 dager siden
  • Roy Keane was a world class player but a worse than mediocre manager The reason he failed as a manager is that he thinks arrogance and intimidation are an effective method of communication and motivation Now he just makes smug, insulting comments which he then contradicts a few days later

    Jeffrey BungleJeffrey Bungle9 dager siden
  • Redknapp only acting like that cause he’s over video. He wouldn’t have the balls to talk to Keane like that in person 😂

    ArcherBen1305ArcherBen13059 dager siden
  • Looking more average by the day

    Adrian MarrinanAdrian Marrinan9 dager siden
  • But Keane is right though

    Pull Up Your PantsPull Up Your Pants10 dager siden
  • The only two players i'd take out that team is Dele Alli because of the quality past few years coming into his prime he's had despite Mourinho completely ruining it for him this one particular season and whatever other personal reasons going though he's the perfect number 10 role player happening at the moment on offer anywhere in Europe and Serge Aurier still has a few good years left in him even at age 28!

    Shaw FarrowShaw Farrow10 dager siden
    • @Embison Jones Not really, feel sorry for you, just a waste of life

      Shaw FarrowShaw Farrow2 dager siden
    • @Shaw Farrow - Still ranting princess 🤣 Still hitting that nerve ☺️☺️

      Embison JonesEmbison Jones3 dager siden
    • @Embison Jones For real, don't have children in you're life time!

      Shaw FarrowShaw Farrow4 dager siden
    • @Embison Jones When a son and a daughter under 5 are better behaved than you

      Shaw FarrowShaw Farrow4 dager siden
    • @Embison Jones I would laugh but you are an hilarious person yourself because you are such a joke

      Shaw FarrowShaw Farrow4 dager siden
  • Hahahaha. Can't hate Keane. He is spot on. sometimes you say things and people don't understand until you start to explain and show the reasoning behind it and THEN people will understand.

    JBKJBK11 dager siden
  • Roy Keane is confused between being a top player and average player. Spurs’ player is above average, of course most of them won’t get into man city and Liverpool’s team but those are the top teams in Europe. Doesn’t mean they r average. Maybe not top but definitely above average.

    Ronald HenryRonald Henry11 dager siden
  • When souness tries to speak 🤣

    lfclfc12 dager siden
  • Jamie redknapp, Roy Keane, Graeme Souness, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville

    Liverpool: 6 times Man Utd: 3 timesLiverpool: 6 times Man Utd: 3 times12 dager siden
  • 1 word legend love it 💯

    Stephen KellyStephen Kelly13 dager siden
  • Shaw > Requilon hahahahaha

    Keiran ThomasKeiran Thomas13 dager siden
  • Jamie still talking.

    G ManG Man14 dager siden
  • Love Keane

    Paul CunninghamPaul Cunningham15 dager siden
  • I’m a spurs fan and everything Roy Keane said was spot on! The man tells no lies

    Asher CassAsher Cass15 dager siden
    • Reguillon, Son, Kane, Alderweireld

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakin14 dager siden
  • As a Spurs supporter, I love that chat, even the heated parts.

    ultrapurple111ultrapurple11115 dager siden
  • Keane was absolutely right

    Florian ChiefFlorian Chief15 dager siden
  • Oh sky sports favourite word in the title HEATED

    TJFOOTBALL 9TJFOOTBALL 915 dager siden

    Stephen HallStephen Hall15 dager siden
  • Keano next Celtic manager LEAVE MR S DYCHE alone !!

    Stephen HallStephen Hall15 dager siden
  • Have been watching the Spurs TV Series and have to agree with the comment that Mourhino duos not seem to know what his best team is. Never seen a manager speak so much waffle when talking to his players!

    Terrence JamesTerrence James15 dager siden
  • Keane involved in an argument? Never!

    A CA C16 dager siden
  • Bullocks from Roy. Mourinho is burnt. Spurs have a great squad but Jose’s lost his mojo. Utd fan btw.

    Mikael JóhannessonMikael Jóhannesson16 dager siden
  • Don't cry Jamie.

    RossKempOnYourMum01RossKempOnYourMum0116 dager siden
  • That little smirk from redknapp after he started shouting like he was proud of himself for standing his ground against Roy Keane 😂😂

    TenzaaTenzaa16 dager siden
    • @Phil McKrakin lmao I hope that’s a joke my guy

      TenzaaTenzaa13 dager siden
    • Jamie doesn’t look or sound like a smart guy, but he is

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakin14 dager siden
  • I think most people know spurs are average without kane and son. Alderweireld not as good as he was; dier is terrible; reguilon hasn't shown THAT much yet; aurier is a liability; ndombele doesn't do enough; bale doesn't want to be there; alli has lost it. Kane and son are elite level and are the only reason spurs are top half

    Nathan KingNathan King17 dager siden
    • Hoiberg is top class

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakin14 dager siden
  • Keane is a angry man. He should try a few spliffs and relax a bit more.

    santalban 00santalban 0017 dager siden
  • Roy is a king

    Diane RobertsDiane Roberts18 dager siden
  • After Zagreb looks like Redknapp was wrong, Spurs are very average.

    Tony LawlorTony Lawlor18 dager siden
  • Keane is right

    Pruna Ionut RazvanPruna Ionut Razvan18 dager siden
  • Roy keane, & im being polite 🤣

    ch ibsch ibs18 dager siden
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    nrg slotnrg slot18 dager siden
  • “If you don’t play for your country, you... you are a bad player” 😬🤣

    Jack MurphyJack Murphy18 dager siden
    • *Sad Laporte noise*

      4200 Rahat4200 Rahat16 dager siden
  • Keane wound Redknapp up a treat...🤣🤣🤣

    Stephen McCreadyStephen McCready19 dager siden
  • Spurs is definitely an average team. Only Kane, Son, Ndombele and a few others are top quality players.

    Rdon RangerRdon Ranger20 dager siden
    • Ndombele nah

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakin14 dager siden
  • It's funny how when Roy made the point that they were a team mostly full of average players mostly all the other pundits tried to argue the point but when they all went through the list of names and at the end of each of them saying he's not good enough, they proved Roy right😂

    AaronAaron20 dager siden
  • Keane spot on yet again.

    Weatherlol93Weatherlol9321 dag siden
  • If you can trap the ball, you can play for your country 🤣🤣🤣

    Weatherlol93Weatherlol9321 dag siden
  • Playing in crowdless stadiums may behaving a big impact with certain teams... the 12 man is an important ´factor...

    John WintersJohn Winters21 dag siden
  • keane really thinks that Maguire is better than Alderweild? what a joke

    no nono no21 dag siden
  • Heated ?????

    seer44seer4421 dag siden
  • As usual roy says it like it is. Jamie is talking out of his a*se as usual.

    ciprian chirilovciprian chirilov21 dag siden
  • Keane expects every team to have the world 11.

    beterbutzbeterbutz21 dag siden
  • This video here is absolute quality content 👌

    Jack Napier420Jack Napier42021 dag siden
  • Roy is right here though. Spurs are too inconsistent and average. Jamie is just being a fanboy who can't except that fact.

    dreggdregg22 dager siden
  • preston north end are full of internationals

    AT-MCAT-MC22 dager siden
  • Roy Keane just turned redknapp into Kevin Keegan and I LOVE IT 😂

    Thomas McDonaghThomas McDonagh22 dager siden
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    Ely FarkasEly Farkas22 dager siden
  • Roy is right about internationals.South America ,portugal and similar corrupt countries most players are called to national tems based on influences inside corrupt governs and not quality.

    David JmsDavid Jms22 dager siden
  • Ball kickers prima donnas do nothin 24/7 but kicking a ball,still are constantly complaining about physics?Send them all to China Termite Republic chasing starving dogs to cook them alive.😷😷

    David JmsDavid Jms22 dager siden
  • I love how Roy says bad things about Matt Doherty his Irish friend

    Joel GilbertJoel Gilbert22 dager siden
  • Roy is right about that non of the other better teams won't touch a Tottenham player that isn't son, kane and maybe reigulon

    Joel GilbertJoel Gilbert22 dager siden
  • Think Redknapp is a bit biased but I think Keane was harsh on quite a few of those Spurs players

    Gerrard HollowayGerrard Holloway23 dager siden
  • Spurs are never top 4. This team will be forgotten

    ULTRAS AliveULTRAS Alive23 dager siden