Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

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  • Este es el justin bieber que uno se imaginaba cuando grande al escuchar baby baby oh...

    Yoni AmYoni Am6 minutter siden
  • 184 millions views

    Fun FunFun Fun13 minutter siden
  • Only here just because of Daniel Caesar! ^^

    PascalePascale14 minutter siden
  • Olha a vibe dessa música 😀

    Larissa LimaLarissa Lima19 minutter siden
  • wen te gusta la cancion but la buscas en español

    Diego Manuel Gonzales GarciaDiego Manuel Gonzales Garcia20 minutter siden
  • ❤️🥺

    Beauty ObsessedBeauty Obsessed21 minutt siden
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Jamel HakimJamel Hakim21 minutt siden
  • Aye dis jont is 🔥🔥. This will be a summer anthem

    Turtle9013Turtle901325 minutter siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Astghik SahakyanAstghik Sahakyan26 minutter siden
  • 또라이다...

    시나몬시나몬26 minutter siden
  • Check de song of davina Michelle 'liar in this link.it's amazing. nocds.info/border/video/itFwnoOAZ3uGl6k

    Dennis HeemskerkDennis Heemskerk29 minutter siden
  • Me encanta la interpretación de Justin, su voz y su forma de bailar😍

    Annabelle Andrea Moran CarreraAnnabelle Andrea Moran Carrera30 minutter siden
  • jesten biebar I LOVE YOU 💖💖😚😚

    oublak oussamaoublak oussama41 minutt siden
  • It’s the peach suit for me😉

    Sophia WashingtonSophia Washington42 minutter siden
  • This is 1 of the music that dont match the videos memes.......

    Derek BakerDerek Baker45 minutter siden
  • Good

    Dark SpinelDark Spinel54 minutter siden
  • love l am agirl

    Edgar Manrique Martinez MironEdgar Manrique Martinez Miron54 minutter siden
  • Its a really good song

    Farida EslamFarida Eslam54 minutter siden
  • Vamos por los 200 millones🥳

    Tamile SouzaTamile Souza56 minutter siden
  • 🤘

    Karma 001Karma 00156 minutter siden
  • Amoooo♡

    Tamile SouzaTamile Souza57 minutter siden
  • Good vibes

    Jottave AlbuquerqueJottave Albuquerque59 minutter siden
  • 😍🇧🇷

    Saynara PinheiroSaynara PinheiroTime siden
  • Him dancing like that is the cutest shit ever

    Tucker BusynessTucker BusynessTime siden
  • Slow this joint to X.75 playback speed. Perfection 👌🏿

    theshannankaytheshannankayTime siden

    rapero_el bandolerorapero_el bandoleroTime siden
  • Almost 200MIL💪💪

    fadya Elorabifadya ElorabiTime siden
  • cool song but Bandana Harry Styles look better than Bandana Justin Bieber

    amara attaramara attarTime siden
  • Thx for sharing. If you have time come check out our music videos - We're an indie band and think you may dig our sound. Appreciate it.

    The Sunset KingsThe Sunset KingsTime siden
  • Thats a shitty one

    MoRioPLMoRioPLTime siden
  • ARMY?

    Jeon's QueenJeon's QueenTime siden
    • @Jottave Albuquerque why

      Jeon's QueenJeon's Queen56 minutter siden
    • Bts look fake

      Jottave AlbuquerqueJottave Albuquerque58 minutter siden
  • Aquí los que esten antes de los 200M 👇🔥

    Neftali Jacob Aquino BalderasNeftali Jacob Aquino BalderasTime siden
  • that HOOK needs some serious BARZZZ!

    Andrew OtienoAndrew OtienoTime siden
  • o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ₀₀⁸⁰😍😘😍

    Frederic ReidFrederic ReidTime siden
  • He just light skin

    Lakhram SinghLakhram SinghTime siden
  • Du nada eu apareçu

    Jaciely AraujoJaciely AraujoTime siden
  • Omg justin biber

    aya_2792006 aya_2792006aya_2792006 aya_2792006Time siden
  • Daniel Caesar & Giveon just look like the DD friends

    C SC STime siden
  • ummmm anybody gunna talk about that dancing tho🤢

    Analia GarciaAnalia GarciaTime siden
    • Cry babygirl

      CaluCaluTime siden
  • I'm obsessed with this song❤️❤️❤️

    Ronit WarkarRonit WarkarTime siden
  • Wow perfect

    Valeria HerreraValeria HerreraTime siden
  • que haces en la calle

    Lucas AnchavaLucas AnchavaTime siden
  • OMGGG su pelooooo🔥🔥

    Laila Al Jallad AlijoLaila Al Jallad AlijoTime siden
  • good

    ava bondava bondTime siden
  • I didn’t expect him to slap this hard again

    Tiffany SpicerTiffany SpicerTime siden
  • Justin Bieber te sigo desde baby

    Franco GonzalezFranco GonzalezTime siden
  • I'll come here after 8 years to see my comment if you come across it please like it

    Manu ShalomManu Shalom2 timer siden
  • I love this song!

    Claire SholesClaire Sholes2 timer siden
  • This song is growing on me every time i listen to it.

    Denis ZadravecDenis Zadravec2 timer siden
  • The blackmother

    WhatBlog ?WhatBlog ?2 timer siden
  • On va pas se mentir Bieber c’est devenu un autre niveau ce son est juste son meilleur !! 😎😎

    - Justin -- Justin -2 timer siden
  • viciado nessa musica pqp !!!

    Rhuan .kRhuan .k2 timer siden
  • Repeat all day long when driving 😎

    Ranj BRanj B2 timer siden
  • 👍👍👍

    Sohan PrasadSohan Prasad2 timer siden
  • I love your songs so much that you have to be a good person

    Connie JacobsConnie Jacobs2 timer siden
  • That peach suit is swaggy

    BlessBless2 timer siden

    Kaguya69Kaguya692 timer siden
  • I love you so much

    Connie JacobsConnie Jacobs2 timer siden
  • That the shit

    shane boishane boi2 timer siden
  • I think he stole from from peaches by the presidents of the united states of america! Who else sings about peaches?

    Blaise ReedBlaise Reed2 timer siden
  • Hola Mi Burlento Justin Viver Te Extraño

    Naruto usumakiNaruto usumaki2 timer siden
  • Justin'in enerjisine hayranım

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande2 timer siden
  • 184M olmuş

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande2 timer siden

    joye smithjoye smith2 timer siden
  • Claim you "before 200 million views tickets right here"

    GodThunderGodThunder2 timer siden
  • This song is amazing 🦋🦋

    Ekiñe NotesEkiñe Notes2 timer siden
    • 🦋v🦋

      joye smithjoye smith2 timer siden
  • 2:50 to 3:00 this tune stuck in mind. I'am feeling vibes of past month Imagine.. what if i listen it after a Decade.

    Adam YoungAdam Young2 timer siden
  • Let's go 200M viewers beliebers

    Trạc HùngTrạc Hùng2 timer siden
    • Let's goo

      Ariana GrandeAriana Grande2 timer siden
  • y te re amo

    Melody RodriguezMelody Rodriguez2 timer siden
  • hola soy ladygodyba

    Melody RodriguezMelody Rodriguez2 timer siden
  • Love jb

    Aaron Mark BatesAaron Mark Bates2 timer siden
  • It is the best song of 2021 I hear it every moment to learn it and I do not speak so much English, I love you Justin, you are my favorite singer, greetings from Mexico 😘

    Marely ReyesMarely Reyes2 timer siden
  • Anyone : what is infinity me: my love to justin biber

    Mr bablu Mr babluMr bablu Mr bablu2 timer siden
  • I love it, he is so damn talented! He just gets better with age....

    Stacia McClureStacia McClure2 timer siden

    joye smithjoye smith2 timer siden
  • 2:34 bhangra op...........

    Its_ Mayank_OfficialIts_ Mayank_Official2 timer siden
  • Gracias Justin por hacerme felíz con tu hermosa voz y espectacular existencia 😭❤❤❤

    Steph NZSteph NZ2 timer siden
  • Oo

    Dayziy WaltersDayziy Walters2 timer siden
  • Cool tune 👍💕

    shelley smoutshelley smout2 timer siden
  • I love it so😍😍😍😍😍

    Destiny Josefine MutzschmannDestiny Josefine Mutzschmann2 timer siden
  • Good, but for me Changes still best album ever !!

    Spring MustacheSpring Mustache2 timer siden
  • This song should have featured Chris brown & BurnaBoy.....IdcIdc...

    Sasyn Loud869Sasyn Loud8692 timer siden
  • Let's 200M viws 4M Likes!

    ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamerADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer2 timer siden
  • Let's 200M viws 4M Likes!

    ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamerADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer2 timer siden
  • Let's 200M viws 4M Likes!

    ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamerADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer2 timer siden
  • Let's 200M viws 4M Likes!

    ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamerADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer2 timer siden
  • Let's 200M viws 4M Likes!

    ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamerADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer2 timer siden
  • I love it when I see anyone trying to turn their life around. I believe he has done that and wish him all the luck!!!!!!

    Erin NelsonErin Nelson2 timer siden
  • MY LOVE YOUUU 👑👑👑😍❤💋💋

    Maiara BernardoMaiara Bernardo2 timer siden
  • 😍❤❤❤❤

    Maiara BernardoMaiara Bernardo2 timer siden
  • Go leafs go I know Bieber likes them

    fishing with stevenfishing with steven2 timer siden
  • I can't stop listening to this song! He's got mad talentt!!!

    Erin NelsonErin Nelson2 timer siden
  • Hola justin Bieber :3

    maestrodelpvp volgsmaestrodelpvp volgs2 timer siden

    Erica JarrettErica Jarrett2 timer siden
  • Here before 200 million views

    PdashPdash2 timer siden
  • When is he gona hit puberty? His voice is literally annoying. Runs are whiny and weak. Message hes conveying is false. We need real MEN in the Music industry.

    TunzAfunTunzAfun3 timer siden
  • 원슈타인인줄

    이시온이시온3 timer siden
  • Someone tell Ariana Grande these are the songs worth it!!!!

    Arvind KadamArvind Kadam3 timer siden
  • My sister loves your music😍😍😘❤❤❤

    Florian CalinFlorian Calin3 timer siden
  • I like this song

    vijay kagevijay kage3 timer siden