Justice Is Done! | Tottenham Hotspur 1-3 Manchester United | Review

Jay and Joe give you their immediate reaction after the Tottenham 1-3 Man United Premier League game!
VAR controversy & a Son goal were cancelled out by goals from Fred, Cavani and Mason Greenwood away from home... Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the lads got their revenge on Mourinho and Spurs!
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  • I was praying Keane was going to call it a "very Spursy performance"

    kolim jonekolim jone16 dager siden
  • Not only is top 4 really in our hands, we will also get to play Liverpool to make sure they don't make it.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy17 dager siden
  • Thanks to the Boys we really Needed It soooooooobaaaaaaaaad❤️❤️❤️❤️

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon17 dager siden
  • Why do we judge a players performance purely based on him scoring a goal? Let’s not get this twisted here, Fred was still appalling for the vast majority of the game. Just because he scores a tap in from 2 yards, that he actually also nearly missed, does not automatically vouch for him having a good game. Time and time again his ball retention is questionable at best. I don’t know anyone who plays in midfield and cannot pass a ball. At one stage the players were getting on his case when he had absolutely no pressure on him, and hit a cross field pass between Shaw and Rashford, straight over their heads and out of play. He isn’t and never will be good enough. And the fact that some people think that he is, there is a reason why we aren’t winning trophies. Because you will not win them with players playing regularly, like Fred, in your side

    WarrenJengaWarrenJenga21 dag siden
  • Football is ruined after that decision got to be the worst referee decision I’ve ever seen absolute joke 😡

    Shane DeeproseShane Deeprose23 dager siden
  • Paul ince is a knob any way

    Dave EcclesDave Eccles23 dager siden
  • Son is a joke. I have no respect for him. To the Ole outers and the hypocrites who say we have no "style of play." McTominay shared what Ole said at half-time, and these lads responded to him. Respect deserved for our Manager.

    Leyton Troy DohnahueLeyton Troy Dohnahue23 dager siden
  • Mourinho finally getting the best out of Paul pogba

    MrWilley6MrWilley623 dager siden
  • I really don’t understand all the people who hate on Fred, he has been consistently one of our best players since ole came in.

    MrWilley6MrWilley623 dager siden
  • Son should be embarrassed and ashamed for his stupid antics... writhing on the floor for three minutes like he's been shot

    KayDeeKayDee23 dager siden
  • Ole is great from behind ;)

    Manav SinghManav Singh23 dager siden
  • Jose really needs to evolve and hopefully move to a club with a history of defensive football.

    apple accountapple account23 dager siden
  • Amazing performance by everyone today. Pogba in particular. Bruno was kept a bit quiet today, but Pogba picked up that creative mantel. I think Maguire should be reckognised as well. He kept kane silent today. Slung him around the pitch a few times as well. Shout out to McTominay as well. Injected physicality and energy down that center. He's progressing well

    Karl Marx jrKarl Marx jr23 dager siden
  • Ole's half-time team talk - "A great man once said. Lads, its Tottenham."

    Robbie BrooksRobbie Brooks23 dager siden
  • We need to play spurs every week pogba had a point to prove to Jose

    Jon TerryJon Terry23 dager siden
  • Seems like we get the best out of Pogba when he has a proper number 9 to feed. Without a solid striker with good movement, his quality is wasted.

    Jammy DodgerJammy Dodger23 dager siden
  • The brother with the long hair looks like the acapella sound track dude on NOcds

    Louis CherianLouis Cherian23 dager siden
    • Pentatonix

      Songe Maestro NsunzaSonge Maestro Nsunza23 dager siden
  • I was praying Keane was going to call it a "very Spursy performance"

    beefybreakerbeefybreaker23 dager siden
  • And the award 🏆 for best actor goes to

    007methman007methman23 dager siden
  • I think Greenwood can cement a place on that right wing, I had concerns that he wouldn’t set up enough goals from there but he is proving me wrong. Because of this I wouldn’t go for Sancho and focus on a striker and midfielder.

    OliverOliver23 dager siden
  • Did anyone catch Hojbjerg mouthing off with OGS on the sideline who was pretty much questioning his 'injury'...I wonder what they were saying to each other at that moment...

    Jeremy GikonyoJeremy Gikonyo23 dager siden
  • Idc how many trophies Jose has won in career at the moment Ole has been miles better than him. Don't tell me about the 6-1 any team would struggle with a red card and no pre season. Ole is our manager and I'll back him !!

    Jay SatoskarJay Satoskar23 dager siden
  • must keep Pogba

    Phil LawPhil Law23 dager siden
  • South Korea is weeping in shame.

    Matthewjared CoxMatthewjared Cox23 dager siden
  • Paul Ince played for shits like Liverpool . He is not a United legends when you play for Liverpool .

    Natal KumarNatal Kumar23 dager siden
  • Klopp is responsible for the first goal being disallowed , he talks too much .

    Natal KumarNatal Kumar23 dager siden
  • Anti Manchester United the referees are , dumped they must be .

    Natal KumarNatal Kumar23 dager siden
  • Son is a massive Asian representation in the PL, but I lost all my respect to him. That was a disgrace.

    KevinKevin23 dager siden
  • oh dear

    Peter HelmorePeter Helmore23 dager siden
  • Seeing Greenwood get the recognition for that beautiful cross for Cavani 😋. The quality in the build up to our goals was second to none and it wrapped up a very big performance from the boys.

    xTheUnknownOnexTheUnknownOne23 dager siden
  • man u got robbed

    AdliAdli23 dager siden
  • If you watch the “foul” SON FUCKING GRABS MCTOMINAY.

    RicardoLukeRicardoLuke23 dager siden
  • How good was Mason today. Half hour - Goal and Assist.

    Hrishiraj RabhaHrishiraj Rabha23 dager siden
  • I think Fred got the night off midweek and went out to a Brazilian restaurant and rediscovered that he was a bit Brazilian. The goal buildup was great but he was spreading the play, linking up with defense and attack and looked more like what made Ole trust him to begin with.

    Zeyad KhanZeyad Khan23 dager siden
  • To be honest, I know its not been the easiest of seasons for Greenwood, but I feel like seasons like this will help his development. Hes ironing out his little weaknesses, and under Cavani he fan learn so much! Struggle is sometimes the best form of education.

    Arthur DaneArthur Dane23 dager siden
  • In the 11/12 season we were 8 points ahead with 6 games to go and City ended up beating us to it. If we beat Burnley Sunday it's basically the same run-in. The chances are slim. But they're there.

    WhatWhat23 dager siden
  • My guy Fred ❤️ delighted for him after all the grief he’s gotten recently very important player for us

    Rej GuonRej Guon23 dager siden
    • love fred.

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
  • Even Son might not think that was foul

    singsangsungsingsangsung23 dager siden
  • One person no one is shouting out is Dean Henderson, looked quality today something we don’t see from De Gea is coming out of his box

    Ryan GRyan G23 dager siden
  • Pogba to stay and Sancho, Kane and a CB to sign! I can dream can't I? 😆

    -TruthSeekerUK--TruthSeekerUK-23 dager siden
  • Granada and Spurs are by far the two worst officiated games i've seen this season. Glad we got the job done but we should of never been in an uncomfortable position to begin with.

    Jake DriverJake Driver23 dager siden
  • fuck spurs tried to cheat us again. the shame. shame.

    athleticdivathleticdiv23 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥Ole🙌🥁🥁Ole🙌🥁🥁Ole🔥🔥Ole🙌

    A.D.M SubTraxxA.D.M SubTraxx24 dager siden
  • We all have an aunt on socials who takes a joke too seriously and then very lamely comments about it. What we didn’t know is that Jose Mourinho was one of those aunts

    Joseph AveryJoseph Avery24 dager siden
  • I don't care about the official scoreline , we won 4-1 today !!

    Sid ZamanSid Zaman24 dager siden
  • Jay, nobody cares what "people in the comments" think, they're full of shit. Don't encourage them, please.

    frowning Jokerfrowning Joker24 dager siden
  • Not only is top 4 really in our hands, we will also get to play Liverpool to make sure they don't make it.

    Mantas ValciukasMantas Valciukas24 dager siden

    Rycito MorellRycito Morell24 dager siden
  • you can't argue with your friends anymore about a foul or a goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peter HelmorePeter Helmore24 dager siden
  • If I was Ole, I’d just send DVB on in the 95th minute with one instruction - punch son in the face. Red card? No problem. Play Europa instead.

    Ishaan TiwariIshaan Tiwari24 dager siden
  • I’m a big critic of our football but we played some good stuff in second half

    Christos JosephChristos Joseph24 dager siden
  • So nice to watch us play quality football. Quick, clever passing combinations ending in good chances. Pogba has to stay next season, he was vital today!

    G JonesG Jones24 dager siden
  • Ole Forever ❤️

    91 vanced91 vanced24 dager siden
  • I lost alot of respect for Son today 🙁

    91 vanced91 vanced24 dager siden
    • Love this United under Ole, love it!

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon17 dager siden
  • Justice was done today. But in a way it wasnt. They ALL dive. They all try and con that referee. Even mctominay.

    Sandeep MannSandeep Mann24 dager siden
  • If this doesn't confirm why Henderson is no.1 at utd I don't know what is.

    TomTom24 dager siden
    • This is the comment! I love de gea and he’s done wonders for us, but let’s be honest here, his time will come when he needs to go. Dean is for the future and we have to start building him. No hate to de gea

      Zorea _sparkleZorea _sparkle24 dager siden
  • What's most frustrating about this season is that cavani aside (who rarely plays). This is the same team as last season. The Glazers could have got us the right sided forward and centre back we needed and we'd have won the league. The club is run by clowns.

    TooshlongTooshlong24 dager siden
  • Love this United under Ole, love it!

    Tea LightsTea Lights24 dager siden
  • Kane too slow for us, plays in Bruno’s space and too old for the fee. Get Sancho. Await Mason.

    B.Alexander JohnstoneB.Alexander Johnstone24 dager siden
  • I thank God every day we have Ole not Jose as our manager but today I can appeal to empiricism. Science says Ole is the best man.

    B.Alexander JohnstoneB.Alexander Johnstone24 dager siden

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
  • I’d love to see Pogba played in that 10 role and Bruno afforded a rest for a bit. He deserves a rest and Pogba is just as deadly in that position, this match and countless other matches (when Ole first came in) have proved that

    GoneRogueGoneRogue24 dager siden
    • Totally agree bro

      JZTVEEJZTVEE24 dager siden
  • man second half come back like that is amazing regardless...but against spurs AND considering we played on bloody thursday while they had a free week!! are the Ole critics EVER going to give him the credit he deserves- granted our football could get better to watch but considering this is most gruelling physical year and a half in most pro footballers memory AND that even relative to that we have had a particularly rough schedule and less rest this is amazing...so few ppl seem to acknowledge that fatigue effects quality (this is why our form and play crashed SO HARD in after Ole's care taker period)- especially when what we are lacking for quality is stuff like off the ball movement which surely is HUGELY effected by fatigue... I kinda really hope euros is cancelled because a proper mental and physical rest for our squad would be unbelievably valuable for next season-weve not had anywhere neart a decent rest since Ole has properly implemented a high press, high energy system!

    Harry JonesHarry Jones24 dager siden
  • I love this game 🔥

    sing sing singsing sing sing24 dager siden
  • Great win today but let’s not forget the dire football we have played this season under Ole.

    Paul GrahamPaul Graham24 dager siden
    • Dire? Ok 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Great performance from Fellaini today

    Belligerent UlstermanBelligerent Ulsterman24 dager siden
  • Joe, I ultimately agree that on balance, 5 points clear in 2nd is a sign of a manager doing well, especially given where we came from. But here is why the manager does deserve scrutiny still - we're now effectively 8 points behind City. That's just 3 games mate, where could we have been if we had found away in them 9 draws to get an extra 3 or 4 wins? Leicester in their year didn't sit around and count how many points would be considered progress from their previous year, they went and got the job done and won the league. And there was a massive opportunity this season to win things. You know there was. Look, you won't find a bigger Ole apologist than me, but questions still linger on him - does he take the chances he gets to win things?

    SimbaSimba24 dager siden
    • @Pineal Dreams I'm not buying that. Really think about the teams we dropped points to. You can't tell me we could not have done better then.

      SimbaSimba23 dager siden
    • If we win all our remaining games, we beat Leicester's title winning points total. If it wasn't for City being the one anomaly this season, we'd be in the race.

      Pineal DreamsPineal Dreams24 dager siden
  • dont worry son will get a lot of shit in south korean media

    Kevin McKieKevin McKie24 dager siden

    Alvin AnisAlvin Anis24 dager siden
  • Son should have got a red card! Spurs came out with the same style that they use to get Marital a red card. Scott is taller than Son so his hand would catch him in the face Scott not even know which part on Son his hand cought.

    Chris FarquharsonChris Farquharson24 dager siden

    Kevin McKieKevin McKie24 dager siden
  • And the beat goes Son! ...

  • All thé players played well but i still believe that WE need better players than Fred and mctominay to win thé league

    mohamed hamdimohamed hamdi24 dager siden
    • I agree

  • Thanks to the Boys we really Needed It soooooooobaaaaaaaaad❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Good 4-1 win

    dogcatdogabledogcatdogable24 dager siden
  • This is Sparta 💯

    carlene franciscarlene francis24 dager siden
    • LOL!

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
  • Haaland, Rice, Varane - 250m Lingard 25m, Degea 40m, Martial 35m, DVB 25m, Fred 20m, Dalot 15m, Perreira 10m, Matic, Mata, Jones 10m. Total 180m Glaziers can find 70mil ffs

    David KeenanDavid Keenan24 dager siden
    • You'd gut the squad and drag us into mid-table if anybody got injured. Martial and DVB have to stay. Selling Fred is mental. We could actually do with Dalot to give Wan-Bissaka rest and competition. The rest, yeah. Sell them.

      Pineal DreamsPineal Dreams24 dager siden
    • Think its good to see us breathing youth and making it a real focal point of our team and progress , we all know we are maybe crying out for a finished product striker or CB , but look at our team out there full of youth players it's great to see , I personally would take haaland all day over kane but kane could be a van Persie for us ?

      Shane MccleanShane Mcclean24 dager siden
    • Bring in Galbraith also and youth. Howson has identified 2 or 3 young players ready to come up. Maybe keep Fred but what do the other players offer. Next season the games will be better spread out too.

      David KeenanDavid Keenan24 dager siden
    • @Smeet Mehta 100% agree on the squad depth there , but he did make a good point on the numbers and potential for raising funds , then again the incompetence of the board , Woodward and judge would certainly prevent this from happening

      Shane MccleanShane Mcclean24 dager siden
    • In an ideal world yes. But the Glazers would steal most of the money from any sales they sanctioned

      Chileshe MutaleChileshe Mutale24 dager siden
  • People don't get Fred.. yes he makes mistakes sometimes.. most of the players make mistakes.. Rashford, Fernandez, Pogba, McT.. all make more mistakes than they should. Fred is the no1 ball winner in the league, he brings energy, never gives up and has shown personality to not sink under the pressure of the shirt after a very shaky start. His confidence on the ball and passing has improved massively. Credit to the player and the manager.

    Nick NewmanNick Newman24 dager siden
    • @omgwerockhard you're right, It's because of his position in the deeper role.. when Rashford misses an easy chance and it costs points it's an error too, same with Martial. When Pogba and McT give it away higher up and it leads to a goal or pressure on the team it's the same thing. People notice more when it's Fred because they don't see the whole picture. Pogba did some good stuff today, but he missed a chance at 1 - 1 and he gave the ball away at really stupid moments.. if United drop points all the focus switches to Pogba's miss right? Easy to blame one player when they don't see the bigger picture right? But, people do.. they expect perfection because they don't understand what they're looking at. He's the best we have for that job right now. It's as simple as that.

      Nick NewmanNick Newman23 dager siden
    • @Nick Newman Its when he is in his own half he does the errors, he tries to do what pogba does. i think he is a hard worker for the team, could be mactominays fault aswell since he should be the nearest player he can pass to. not scholes or carrick levels to ping the ball for players on the wings

      omgwerockhardomgwerockhard23 dager siden
    • @omgwerockhard maybe you should watch his passing in the build up to his goal and judge whether he's improved.

      Nick NewmanNick Newman23 dager siden
    • yeah but his passing needs to improve more

      omgwerockhardomgwerockhard23 dager siden
    • Reminds me of Park Ji Sung. He just never ever stops

      Boomhauer OoBoomhauer Oo24 dager siden
  • Once again, Fred was fucking atrocious. He scores and runs around a bit and everything awful about him disappears. A day where we don't need his name on the teamsheet is one I count down to. WHAT A WIN LADS

    TooshlongTooshlong24 dager siden
    • @Tooshlong you're still not dissaproving my point 😂 your nostalgia is clouding your judgement mate. Having a player like fred who wins the ball back and runs for 90 mins non stop is essential for a team. Every team that has won the big trophies has a fred. Those type of players aren't first 11 players but they are still very important. So as I said. Fred's biggest problem is that he has to play in the starting 11 every week next to players who aren't really better than him. In a championship winning team fred will play a big part. Just like a james milner for liverpool. But I guess you know better. If united had any of the other midfielders we have at the club right playing instead of fred we wouldn't be in the top 4 this season. Ever wondered why mcfred pushed pogba out of the team at certain points this season ? But as I said I guess you know better. I'm just an internet fan.

      Georgi PetkovGeorgi Petkov23 dager siden
    • @Georgi Petkov park 20 appearance 5 goals 7 assists in 2007/2008. Stop comparing him to bloody Fred. You are actually clueless, now I'm muting you for stupidity.

      TooshlongTooshlong23 dager siden
    • @Tooshlong I'm an internet fan now😂 as I said put fred in that 07-08 team and he would put up the same numbers as park.

      Georgi PetkovGeorgi Petkov23 dager siden
    • @Georgi Petkov mate can you stop insinuating JSP was shit. Did you only start watching us 18 months ago or something cos wtf are you talking about. Look at the stats lad (tackles, chances created and goals) and compare the two. I find internet "fans" nearly as annoying as Fred's existence in a United shirt. fking clueless.

      TooshlongTooshlong23 dager siden
    • @Tooshlong I think you forget the shite players that we used to have and won leagues with them. Go and watch some old games of park and then come back and talk to me about not being able to pass the ball 😂 your nostalgia is letting you down. Park was the same as fred. Not really for this level but would always give his all on the pitch. Also if fred used to play next to scholes and carrick with rooney infront of him and rio behind him he'll look class too.

      Georgi PetkovGeorgi Petkov24 dager siden
  • Whenever I decide not to watch the game , we win . I am not watching anymore till end of season .

    • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

      Michael UgwaMichael Ugwa24 dager siden
  • Of course it was Craig pawson in the var hub

    Ellis HammondEllis Hammond24 dager siden
    • Pawson is a fraud. Makes sense

      Chileshe MutaleChileshe Mutale24 dager siden
  • Great game we'll Done utd 3-0 reds keep marching on on on

    Anthony JonesAnthony Jones24 dager siden
    • 4-0!

      Jonny RiceJonny Rice24 dager siden
  • If I was on that pitch at full time I'd gone over and clapped in sons face... What a 2nd half performance 👏 .. if united can win europa and finish 2nd would be a great season.

    Jamie fowlesJamie fowles24 dager siden
    • all the toxic "Ole outers", need to sit down and SHUT UP!

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden

    Ilir UnitedIlir United24 dager siden
  • ggmu

    suhan raosuhan rao24 dager siden
  • Wan bisaka’s link up, ball carrying and ball retention down that right hand side was very good today. Can’t wait to see how he progresses when he has an actual right winger to accompany his attacking side. Underrated performance!

    Conall O CuirrinConall O Cuirrin24 dager siden
    • @G_ O'D watch the goal again and you’ll see it was Rashford who should of been marking Son, but he didn’t track back. I do agree with you though wan bissaka needs to improve his positioning

      L SqueezyL Squeezy23 dager siden
    • @David Heliotrope AWB is world class. you're a blind man.

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
    • @L Squeezy well who's suppose to be marking son then. Ok lindelof shud have done better but as I said I'm constantly seeing this. It's a tactic now deep cross in behind bissaka. Look at last week.

      G_ O'DG_ O'D23 dager siden
    • @David Heliotrope same here brother. I don’t expect anything whenever he has the ball on his feet

      Ben DoverBen Dover23 dager siden
    • @G_ O'D I watched that goal again and the goal was not wan bissakas fault at all

      L SqueezyL Squeezy23 dager siden
  • It was the injustice that fired our players up

    Tony 5555Tony 555524 dager siden
    • How good was Mason today. Half hour - Goal and Assist.

      kolim jonekolim jone16 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the next Pisstake

    Paragjyoti SaikiaParagjyoti Saikia24 dager siden
  • Fred also started the 1-2 passes for the goal build up that he eventually scored...credit to him👍🏼....even though I wanted to slap him 😤 before that..he is a mind boggler..what to do🤷🏽‍♂️

    Ajibade AdebiyiAjibade Adebiyi24 dager siden
    • Even Fred is class, probably our least accomplished player.

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
    • Disappointed people aren’t giving him more credit, when does fred ever play two one-twos like that?

      CurioCurio24 dager siden
  • Pogba and Cavani immense today. Quality shows through

    Jon WhiteheadJon Whitehead24 dager siden
    • Pogba is the only one who can see and pick out cavani consistently bar bruno and shaw. But have to say greenwood's cross was top drawer.

      JavTheJokerJavTheJoker23 dager siden
    • Exactly

      LARNXLARNX24 dager siden
    • Great tactical choice to push Pogba up on the left, giving us an outlet.

      Jon WhiteheadJon Whitehead24 dager siden
  • Imagine if Spurs win carabao and we don't win Europa. After all this, they'll have still had a better season than us 😫

    Jake BerryJake Berry24 dager siden
    • @Jake Berry Where did we finish in the league that season? 6th.

      Pineal DreamsPineal Dreams24 dager siden
    • @Murky 2017

      Pineal DreamsPineal Dreams24 dager siden
    • @Murky I just dont see the point celebrating it if we have no plans on winning it the following season. It just means more money go to parasite owners. In the seasons post Sir Alex, We've spent more money in the seasons we arent in the CL than when were in it. Ultimately I think we'll just have to agree to disagree here

      Jake BerryJake Berry24 dager siden
    • @Jake Berry no im not saying its good enough dont know where you read that im saying champs qualification is a shit tonne more important than the carabao

      MurkyMurky24 dager siden
    • @Jake Berry How long have you been watching footy????? Champs league qualification isnt worth celebrating? your fucking mad it only has the biggest cash incentive of any league/sport in the world

      MurkyMurky24 dager siden
  • F.....k Son.

    Keith GanKeith Gan24 dager siden
  • Manutd just always finds a way......amazing comeback just amazing

    Kenneth JohnKenneth John24 dager siden
  • That second half was a brilliant watch. Whatever was said or done at half time worked perfectly. The intensity, the press, the speed of passing everything about that comeback was beautiful.

    Nasser.HNasser.H24 dager siden
  • Does anyone know why they cut Oles interview short? He was saying some class stuff about if Son was his son and he did that he’d get no food then they cut him off 🙄 some censorship type shit from the PL there

    Max KMax K24 dager siden
    • Ole can’t win with the media and the pundits 😂😂

      Nasser.HNasser.H24 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    J BJ B24 dager siden
  • Watching Ole celebrating with Luke in front of Mourinho literally cured my depression. I sincerely hope that Danny Rose gets to do that one day as well.

    So It GoesSo It Goes24 dager siden
    • @James T Cat Cato Because they affect his on pitch performances?

      Aryan TandonAryan Tandon23 dager siden
    • @Aryan Tandon why would it bother you that Shaw may have some personal issues , as long as they're off the pitch, their his business.

      James T Cat CatoJames T Cat Cato23 dager siden
    • So satisfying

      Jack ReaperJack Reaper23 dager siden
    • @S G nobody is perfect and for full backs there's generally some trade off between forward play and defensive positioning. His attacking output since January more than makes up for any deficiency going backwards he may have.

      TooshlongTooshlong24 dager siden
    • @Tooshlong he's still a bit dodgey with defensive positioning. There was one incident today where maguire had to cover left back, but those incidents are becoming much less frequent.

      S GS G24 dager siden
  • My pants are well off

    Mark FMark F24 dager siden
  • Today was the sort of win that will help us finishing the season on a high note.

    David HeliotropeDavid Heliotrope24 dager siden
    • Ole's half-time team talk - "A great man once said. Lads, its Tottenham."

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy17 dager siden
  • Mason Greenwood is going to be something special

    Banseng MarngarBanseng Marngar24 dager siden
    • @Ozie Ikram you are absolutely right man.

      Ameen IqbalAmeen Iqbal23 dager siden
    • @mohamed hamdi we need him on the right because we still don’t have a proper quality right winger. He’s not yet ready to play as striker week in week out in the prem/final stages of europa and especially for a club like united with all the pressure that brings but he’ll slowly get more game time there as time goes on. Don’t worry, he’ll play a handful of games there between now and end of the season. A lot of top centre halves break into the team at fullback and move inside to centre half and a lot of top forwards break into the team on the wings and move central, especially if they break through young and play at big clubs that have to keep winning. they get game time and develop but in a position that doesn’t cost the team. It’ll be worse for him if we keep playing him up top and we drop points and the pressure and scrutiny that would bring at a club like man United and we destroy his confidence, as that is what would likely happen.

      Ozie IkramOzie Ikram24 dager siden
    • I believe hé has Big talent but hé need to play as a striker to keep improving and i think putting him in the rw isn't good for him or thé team

      mohamed hamdimohamed hamdi24 dager siden
    • @mohamed hamdi he’s 19 mate. Just give him time. He’s an incredible talent

      Gary ThompsonGary Thompson24 dager siden
    • If hé played in his favorite position

      mohamed hamdimohamed hamdi24 dager siden