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A definition and demonstration of what ideology is, using Peterson's new book as the example!
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Linda Ahäll, “Affect as Methodology: Feminism and the Politics of Emotion,” in International Political Sociology
Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion
Louis Althusser, Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses
Roland Barthes, Mythologies
Jacques Derrida (trans. Peggy Kamuf), “Racism’s Last Word”
Dr. Nerdlove, “How Men Can Stop Feeling Unwanted”
Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology
Lisa Guenther, Solitary Confinement
Clare Hemmings, “Affective Solidarity: Feminist Reflexivity and Political Transformation,” in Feminist Theory
Edmund Husserl, Ideas
Deirdre McCloskey, The Rhetoric of Economics
Carolyn Pedwell and Anne Whitehead, “Affecting Feminism: Questions of Feeling in Feminist Theory,” in Feminist Theory
Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules For Life
Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order
Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning
The Jordan Peterson Podcast S3E38, Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss (Phenomenology)
Jim Proser, Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson is Saving Western Civilization
Edith Stein, On The Problem of Empathy
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'Opening Titles' by Magnus Fiennes
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    • Btw you look ridiculous in your stupid swan get up. Save it for Halloween, bro.

      Iwas Banned88Iwas Banned8811 dager siden
    • Once I was thinking had I been born in 1920s I might had become arsonists. Turns out I am firefighter after my mother.

      PobortzaPlPobortzaPl12 dager siden
    • You will never be a woman and in 1000 years, if and when your bones are dug up, the archeologist will correctly identify that you were in fact a man- not a woman. Your philosophy is built on Solipsism, vanity and sand.

      R 14R 1412 dager siden
    • @Peter Ogilvie lol unless you need heat or to cook your food

      JonJon16 dager siden
    • yeah im AFAB (all fires are bastards)

      soph marshsoph marsh16 dager siden
  • self reflection is always a good thing and it includes to reflect on your own Ideology

    Dun GeonDun Geon35 minutter siden
  • five people and a homeless man... the worst thing is that I have actually read articles like this

    Random GirlRandom Girl5 timer siden
  • Reminds me way too much of the Angel-Rimmer, from Red Dwarf

    Merlin CønradMerlin Cønrad6 timer siden
  • Non of this made any comprehensible sense

    Sailorvenus905Sailorvenus9057 timer siden
  • Shout out to the They Live reference

    GetFluxedGetFluxed9 timer siden
  • 6:50 I don't see how any of those examples are masculine, it's something everyone just does, thats you imposing your own worldview here, I just find them funny. 13:00 UK is ~86% white. That's pretty close if you ask me, unless we're fighting for the 4% exactly, having "equal amount" of minorities in each workforce is physically impossible unless you're planning on doubling or decimating UK's population... Also, your fire/antifire rants are meh imo, I guess I'm just not into that kinda humour. Lastly, Peterson is as flawed as anyone is, you can absorb some good from his talks if you can filter out the obviously religious talk, I liked the contrast between this video and Daisy Chadra's views and developments over the years

    PavPav10 timer siden
  • Everything you ever wanted Jordan Peteson and his fans to know while attacking someone Jordan attacked for their ideology.

    Mikaella YiatrouMikaella Yiatrou15 timer siden
  • "Five people and a homeless man." Fantastic.

    Zeppo MarksZeppo Marks16 timer siden
  • What the point of all this of people can not understand what you are talking . It's not so Jordon Peterson

    Swagat MaharanaSwagat Maharana16 timer siden
  • Love the "They Live" references... and thank you for a exercise in rational thought

    Rob BirminghamRob Birmingham19 timer siden
  • omg i JUST got the "they live" references you sprinkled in here. layers and layers of genius

    coolcanadianbeanscoolcanadianbeans19 timer siden
  • Safety 3rd

    Caelan AeganaCaelan Aegana21 time siden
  • Fire in the disco Fire in the Taco Bell Fire in the disco Fire in the gates of hell

    Pax InviscisPax Inviscis23 timer siden
  • 9:12 "you cant even smoke indoors anymore Stu! It's pollitcal correctness gone mad"

    CaiominTwinCaiominTwinDag siden
  • Are there philosophers who think there are "hidden notes" behind EVERYTHING? I may agree that there are "hidden notes" behind statements which have a social or political dimension, but I can't imagine any "hidden notes" behind statements like "Pi is an irrtational number" or "The Earth resolves around the Sun".

    tochoXK3tochoXK3Dag siden
  • Judging by their interpretation/description of JBP's second book, 12 rules for life, i have to assume they never read the book. They probably only read reviews of the book. First and foremost, the book is a self-help book. Secondly, in the foreword, a clear idea is illuminated: "Your (reader) personal values often determine what you find to be factual objective". This book doesn't tell you how to think. It offers a new perspective. Post-Modernist doesn't believe in new perspective, but unfortunately for them, the majority of the people who picked up the book were grateful of this new perspective being offered.

    Lauro ValdezLauro ValdezDag siden
  • Wait, you are a transgender?

    John ManoleJohn ManoleDag siden

    AI fanAI fanDag siden
  • A Jordan Peterson fan here who just wants to say that this video is great! Definitely made me think more closely about what he says. A lot of my friends think his stuff is rubbish, and while I do tend to agree with him on a lot of points, I am thoroughly creeped out by the worship some people have for him. I think that people on both sides are wrong about him. He knows more than most cursory people would admit/know, and he also doesn’t know everything. Thanks for the thoughts!

    Liam O'BrienLiam O'BrienDag siden
    • @Apm totally agree with everything you just said. But I do think that sometimes people jump on him for not either revealing how he feels about the other side of the topic, or just not stating obvious things. A good example was the initial trans issue that got him into hot water in the first place. People spun it as anti-trans because he didn’t seem to express overwhelming sympathy for trans people and I could see how people would watch one or two clips of him talking about that and see him as a bigot. Not that I agree with the idea of virtue signaling all the time. I also think he came off as hostile but that’s his style. And also I think he was frustrated that people were insinuating that he didn’t like the law because he hates trans people.

      Liam O'BrienLiam O'BrienTime siden
    • I think it's safe to assume the majority of the people who like jordon know he doesn't know everything, he isn't a perfect human. But generally when compared to most influencers out there, especially in his field, hes right about alot, and we trust and believe because we see the way he thinks, you see how open he is when he discusses anything. It's very clear hes actively seeking to find the truth. Not to fit a narrative or his perceptions,..maybe he does but I'd argue that being natural to humans, he does a pretty good job, maybe even the best. And judging by the immense amount of help and positive effect he's had on people,including myself, we tend to trust what he says. They type of person he is, truthful and helpful, well meaning is why he's built up the base he's had. And rightly well deserved.

      ApmApm2 timer siden
  • I love that you continue the whole Arsonist thing from some of your earlier videos. It’s a really fun little thing. I’m assuming that the woman’s brother is supposed to be the same guy from the other videos. It’s a nice touch

    NimTVNimTVDag siden
  • Lol I had to search this channel. Just to laugh at the left. Have you not noticed? People are tired of trans people who think they're somehow more important than others. Nobody cares about you.

    John AdamsJohn AdamsDag siden
    • @Emily lol cross dressers

      John AdamsJohn AdamsDag siden
    • You seem to care an awful lot about trans people for someone who claims that people are “tired of trans people”. You’re the one who purposely sought this video out to leave a comment, you must care enough to let her know how you feel 😬

      EmilyEmilyDag siden
  • How does it feel to be irrelevant?

    John AdamsJohn AdamsDag siden
    • pfffff says you calling someone "irrelevant" in 2021

      Maria CharlesworthMaria Charlesworth17 timer siden
  • All this talk about deconstructing the framing of a discussion and analyzing why that framing exists and who is serves comes off as really anti-Semitic. I felt like I was listening to some neo-nazi conspiracy theorist. Thanks for 23:23 though.

    HumanRights4EveryoneHumanRights4EveryoneDag siden
  • This one of those channels that really want to find that fourth nipple DNA... Like "philosophies" don't make up for stupidity.

    Heron ColbyHeron ColbyDag siden
  • you know the vid is gonna be good when the replies are full of snowflakes. can’t handle criticism of your idol from a strong lady? 😂

    gwyngwyngonegwyngwyngoneDag siden
    • The sheer irony of this comment.

      Mike KaneMike KaneDag siden
    • Lady?

      Heron ColbyHeron ColbyDag siden
  • NOcds is a snake eating its own tail.

    DolmasDolmasDag siden
  • Hail Lobster!

    jack mansonjack mansonDag siden
  • Hail Lobster!

    jack mansonjack mansonDag siden
  • Hail Lobster!

    jack mansonjack mansonDag siden
  • This video is absolute fire

    Michelle WittMichelle WittDag siden
  • Funny how the rejection of the resentment argument is the exact same argument that people use for 'unconscious bias.'

    DakaruDakaruDag siden
  • Meaning and narrative are overestimated. I'd rather have an enjoyable life than a meaningful one. Meaning is a consolation prize, at best, and doesn't exclude misery or evil doing.

    bridgestoparadisebridgestoparadiseDag siden
  • FWIW, it's a little obnoxious to downplay Barthes et al. as boring. Give folks some credit. I enjoyed the video otherwise.

    zeldadlez1zeldadlez1Dag siden
  • A critique of Jordan Peterson without insulting him...hmmm I'm probably going to disagree with you but at least I can respect you

    Joseph JoestarJoseph JoestarDag siden
  • I always grin uncontrollably when I hear the phrase "The exits are on the far left" .^^

    ManticoreSigmaManticoreSigmaDag siden
  • 7:35 lmao, that one got me.

    Willow_88Willow_88Dag siden
  • boy?

    الكسندر اندرسن Kingالكسندر اندرسن King2 dager siden
  • Muddling up the idea of objective truth is very convenient for philosophers and all academics in humanities. They don't want to be out of job after all :-) Interresting confusion is their currency. It's all about the power, isn't it?

    Georg WildeGeorg Wilde2 dager siden
  • This was so great. I learned a ton!

    Mark MinyardMark Minyard2 dager siden
  • “I’m wearing a dress and have my hair longer now, so, I must identify and trick people into thinking I’m a woman”

    Defne Nur cetinDefne Nur cetin2 dager siden
  • God this was a waste of time.

    Defne Nur cetinDefne Nur cetin2 dager siden
  • Okay but that doesn't change the fact that you will never be a woman.

    xyzxyz2 dager siden
  • "Anti-fire" once I got it, it had me rolling!

    LunchguyLunchguy2 dager siden
  • I’m a follower of Jordan and I think this is kinda interesting. I’m not exactly huge on philosophy but The skits you have are thought provoking. Honestly don’t know what to make of them and I mean that in a good way. I think as people we are made primarily of our experiences and that’s what makes us say things and helps us rationalize. When it shapes someone to be an objectively bad person I suppose it’s a dilemma because we did go through an experience but came out objectively worse. It dosent seem like it should even be a thing. And when it shapes someone become objectively good then it’s a good thing. And how can something be both good and not exactly good? When I think of this I get an ominous feeling because i wonder if people are lying or injecting false experiences into what shapes there opinions. And what there true motives are. And then in that case I guess you can’t really trust opinions. With Jordan I think he’s trying to find an objective stance on opinions and ideologys. It’s probably impossible to come up with a reason why people think every thought they way they do but he attempts to find some reasoning in it. I’ll be honest the lobster thing sounds a bit far fetched but it’s possibly valid. It’s probably something we will never know. Also i think your completely right about people worrying about looking at “objective truth” for fear of being wrong, perhaps even hurting someone’s opinions. And on the topic of popularity things I feel like Twitter and face book are detrimental to people as they tend to be used as ways people can spin storied and news. It makes media a thing of popularity and clout. Even if the journalists or people posting are passionate and truthful it puts enough doubt into there article/post that it invalidates them in my opinion. Also with digital immortality as a concept; As humans we are always changing. You should always drive to do better and adapt your view to what you believe is truth. Someone deemed a racist today may stay a racist simply because they believe there is no redemption no true forgiveness and no chance people can ever see them as something different. In my opinion it binds people more than it allows them to change. I also have a theory that sometimes people read to far into things. which not that that’s bad!!! I think you should interpret things as you see them. But for example I went to a private highschool where we read a lot of books (probably more than a public school) and the teacher would encourage us to find meaning where I suspected there was none. Sometimes i found more there than I suspected but sometimes I didn’t. What I’m saying I guess is that it feels as though I was being taught how to read something and to expect something bad to be there just under the surface when really the author didn’t mean anything. Again I’m not a philosopher I’m a simple computer nerd Incase your wondering what kind of person I am. Objectivity and truth are very literal and simple to me. this is just my thoughts. Great video!

    Brinkle BrosBrinkle Bros2 dager siden
    • I know I'm leaving 90% of your post, I just wanted to point out you just kind of described postmodernism.

      Uchenna CarsonUchenna Carson2 dager siden
  • This Video is a perfect example to why one shoud not simplify every construct they come across. The Confusion and later the unwitting lies which comes by this is sad to watch. Then even worse part is the self righteousness and blindness afterwords. Rip 35:03 Min man...

    Argue BitteArgue Bitte2 dager siden
  • The toxic masculinity in this video is too much...

    SnutihSnutih2 dager siden
  • So, I haven't watched this person's videos in a while, so just a question, has this person transitioned or is this just for the video? :|

    devilbornedevilborne2 dager siden
    • @devilborne Well it will be more to have something resembling a discussion about it... You know most people on youtube do this on a daily basis in a variety of topics. Like the mayority of people... a moment ago I had someone randomly reply a comment I posted. If you don't want to have conversations or discussion's then don't comment at all.

      Heron ColbyHeron ColbyDag siden
    • @Heron Colby so, you're telling me that you just look for mention of transitioning and you jump in to say, "that's not a thing?" 🤔 This is like r/incel level of obsessive behavior. Please, discuss this with your friends and ask their objective opinion. You talk about bursting my bubble, how about you start with your own.

      devilbornedevilborneDag siden
    • @devilborne I did read it but did you read mine? You entertained the notion of someone "transitioning" and my point was that wasn't actually possible, That's all it was. You're taking it way personal when I hinted that I do bring up the topic to people randomly when they touch on it in their comments. Your comment was recent so unlucky you I guess.

      Heron ColbyHeron ColbyDag siden
    • @Heron Colby Read my original comment again. You seem to read between lines that I didn't even write. Take your tinfoil hat off, if you want people to take you seriously. idk you, I have no animosity against you, you on the other hand acting like the meme where you stick a rod in your bike spokes and cry that I hurt you or something. I don't know you. I didn't said anything descriptive or normative, all i asked was a question because I didn't knew what happened. Why are you blaming me the "narrative" or hurting this person's mental state? Like seriously WTF is wrong with you? 🤔

      devilbornedevilborneDag siden
    • @devilborne Yes There's nuance but again nothing that can justify the fact that you came here wondering if someone suddenly is another "gender". That's the narrative I was talking about, The moment you asked for the so called transition you used the narrative.. And no don't paint me as the bad person because I can say the same about you. I'm trying to help this people find self acceptance while y'all just want to feed their disassociative problem and throw them to unnecessary procedures. I'm fine not debating with you, that's ok I don't expect everyone to do it. Just Know that I do this just to bring a different light on the subject to some people because in the popular sphere there's no room for questioning or opposition, That has to change. So nothing bad Colby, no going to any rooms haha.

      Heron ColbyHeron ColbyDag siden
  • Wow. It takes skill to be this utterly irritating.

    David DayDavid Day2 dager siden
  • "so let's take a look at jordan peterson's arsehole" if someone ever makes an abigail thorne/philisophy tube out-of-context video this HAS to be in it lmaooo

    big oofbig oof2 dager siden
  • Love the They Live reference and the closed captions at 28:58

    Chris MoranChris Moran2 dager siden
  • We civilised the Irish LMAO

    Kiersten DavisKiersten Davis2 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed this and I love Jordan Peterson and I laughed and was inspired and entertained! .. .... John and Yoko were right about humour that s for sure... To be fair Peterson is not just a Phenomenologist.. To say everything is a story is also classical Sufism. I think Peterson... gets Continental Philosophy. and Jung as a way to help people near to despair.....Jung has a few fine points outside of the box of a suppression of symptoms medical model which I a bit be fair by the current time... oddly sees mores in the unsaid in a Wittgensteinian sense ...I think he knows of has FAITH in the notes not being played..... and reasons why and spirit of things done ( very Hegel ) are somehow in some possible transcendent realm.... I find Jordan Peterson oddly transcendent like moved by higher inner forces.....there is some genuine soul at work in Peterson as Heidegger would recognise methinks.... and Kant.... Peterson tries to live as if God exists... he once said mirroring Kant... .... I find him a great soul and mind at work really............ This however was illuminating... in and of itself! I am now a fan of Abigail Thorn

    Prof. Harvey CrichtonProf. Harvey Crichton2 dager siden
  • Cole Caufield is the answer

    Eee BeeEee Bee2 dager siden
  • You're like an antidote to Jordan Peterson. You take the complexity and the meaning of his work, put it into a completely different context, leave out the complexity, insert some topical news stories and a lot of personal reflection, and present it as Brechtian theater in video format. I mean, fair enough. To each their own. However... 18:04 I'm assuming you are making the identitarian argument here, suggesting that some people of a certain societal minority group don't get "their" stories told. Peterson is one step ahead of that thinking and leaves the stories to the individuals because there are too many groups into which you could divide people in. Everyone is encouraged to create and tell their own story, no matter the background. 26:32 No. Peterson doesn't exclude anyone from the discussion. I can see that people who like to put other people and themselves in boxes like "Marxist, feminist, trans people" might think that. But if you look at the individual (and see some interviews where Peterson discussed a variety of different topics with "Marxists, feminists, trans people") you will see that he has very different conversations with each of them, depending on their personal beliefs and their attitude towards him. 27:06 There might be some who only listen to Peterson's political opinions and create their beliefs based on those very few comments, but Peterson is not intending to construct a political community. Would that still be called ideology if you have no intention to create such a community and are actually lecturing against it? Sometimes the mob develops a life on its own. And unfortunately, media and algorithms mostly feature the loudest, most unreasonable voices. To be fair, your video format changed a lot from trying to inform to mostly entertaining. I see from most of the comments under your video that most people are not here for the philosophy or for thinking about the complex (con)texts you are referring to and citing in your video. That's fine. However, I feel like you are now doing less to encourage people to think on their own (even if that's what you say you do in video) and rather manage to have people repeat your exact words (see comments). It might be funny to those people but you don't randomly chose words, you carefully select them. I hope that more people see through the ideology you are transporting in this and many other videos. Because, yes, and that we agree on: ideology should always be critiqued and reflected upon.

    WaaDoku 【和ァ独】WaaDoku 【和ァ独】2 dager siden
  • Look I'm sorry you don't have a solid response. I'm sorry that drama kid wasn't a good major 😕 What Paterson says isn't particularly hard to understand and you don't have to agree with all of it. Just sit down and state your position. It takes 4 min max. If you want to be in Drag Race just do it. Stop dressing up a half opinion, clothes don't improve your logic.

    AColonDashSixAColonDashSix2 dager siden
  • Ah yes I too am a person of culture and have seen They Live Kappa

    Vesper PrattVesper Pratt3 dager siden
  • Id like to point out how few butthurt and toxic Peterson fans are in this comment section. I like him, but i expected way worse. Havnt found a single one yet

    PatrickPatrick3 dager siden
    • @Mc’scuse me bjtch? ahh.. Yeah lots of stupid shit going on there. But still. After that lil burst the comments are super positive

      PatrickPatrick2 dager siden
    • Oh boy there were a lot a day after this video was posted ☠️ mainly a lot of 4channers

      Mc’scuse me bjtch?Mc’scuse me bjtch?2 dager siden
  • 25:41 - 27:12 I think this is a huge strawman. He plays devil's advocate and adresses nuances about his ideological opponents all the time and is very firm about actually listening to what people you disagree with mean. He does this more than almost everyone in the groups who deal with these kind of topics. There are way more issues i have with this video, but to be honest i still think it's put together brilliantly.

    PatrickPatrick3 dager siden
    • 27:13 - 27:29 This is presented like if it's something Peterson doesn't take into consideration, but he reminds us all the time. It's a silly criticism, but i guess it's never wrong to remind people of it. Especially when it's done in a creative and edgy way 😂

      PatrickPatrick3 dager siden
  • I did not know this was a male

    Slagger SlattSlagger Slatt3 dager siden
    • it's not.

      jason clarkejason clarke2 dager siden
  • Wow, slay that lace! ❤

    beetle bobbeetle bob3 dager siden
  • causality, symmetry are objective truths. arent they?

    Levente CzelnaiLevente Czelnai3 dager siden
  • 0/10 no lobster jokes

    DORKBEANDORKBEAN3 dager siden
    • 19:52 here is your lobster joke

      Focused StudyingFocused Studying3 dager siden
  • all my homies experience trans women as women

    soupalexsoupalex3 dager siden
  • Just debate him already. I want to see it

    ACEDshooterACEDshooter3 dager siden
  • He has interesting points

    X DX D3 dager siden
    • ohh ur talking about abigail, ive seen you in other videos i guess, guess ur just wandering around being the bigot that you are, ur not pissing anyone off honey, maybe me keep going and you´ll go home in an ambulance

      Wowie ArtingWowie Arting3 dager siden
    • where

      Wowie ArtingWowie Arting3 dager siden
  • What's the music from 10:56 onwards?

    Pratish KhedekarPratish Khedekar3 dager siden
  • truth is combinated of objective truth and abstract truth , what in your mind manifest in your physical body

    حارث يزن Harethحارث يزن Hareth3 dager siden
  • I love her earlier videos but at the same time I want more videos of her after coming out. There are very few of those and there's something very wholesome about them.❤️

    Puja PriyaPuja Priya3 dager siden

    Hrothgar PedersenHrothgar Pedersen3 dager siden
  • “If you don’t do the thinking, someone else will do the thinking for you”. If everyone just remembers that and holds it close, we’d be much better off.

    ur guyur guy3 dager siden
  • God, I love ideology glasses

    ApollonApollon3 dager siden
  • I love the bit with the glasses. I recognize the reference, but I can't remember the name. :/

    Anastasia HughesAnastasia Hughes3 dager siden
    • It's from a film called They Live. :)

      Josh CottleJosh Cottle3 dager siden
  • This might be the coldest take of the season but anti-fire=antifa said with a goofy british accent

    Disco SpiderDisco Spider3 dager siden
  • huh, my door actually is located to the left of where I'm sitting, now that's immersion

    Hakalakalaka0.9Hakalakalaka0.93 dager siden
  • My fave quote, which is the heart of this vid is at 16:36... So we have the structuralists who say that meaning is about the notes you don't play. And we've got the poststructuralists who ask, "Why didn't you play those notes?" What Peterson does is cut right in the middle there and he says, "Its biology." Check this out. If I say, "I think that female politician is being overbearing and aggressive in a way that women shouldn't be." Then that sounds subjective. Somebody might come back to me and say, "Well, first of all, I disagree. And second, why do you think women shouldn't be aggressive? Where did you get that assumption. Whom does it serve?" But if I say, "I think that female politician is acting out the Jungian archetype of the devouring mother, which is present in the evolved collective unconscious of humanity." Then that sounds objective, doesn't it? Jordan Peterson did say that about former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne, and people criticized him for being sexist. And he said, "How dare you? I'm not being sexist, I'm just reporting the facts. You are trying to silence objective truth." There's this weird tension in Peterson's work because he tries to have his cake and eat it. 17:48

    yimmyyimmy3 dager siden
  • This is a really scary misrepresentation of his views, especially around the 26:00 mark. He constantly brings awareness to his own insufficiencies so it's unfair to say that he paints his side as compassionate and pure and without blame. Then to lump in together disparate groups like trans, marxist, feminists as the other side and say that he discredits them fuelled by resentment - when he's detailed where the exceptions are. Not all trans people are trans activists, not all feminists are third-wave feminists.

    D HD H3 dager siden
    • lol

      stainedClass2112stainedClass21123 dager siden
  • Although the videos, costumes, production, video quality and settings are all lovely - I always walk away feeling a bit unconvinced, and also that the criticism you level against (not only) Jordan Peterson but also others, of an unreasoned ideological outlook, also applies to you . . . and applies to you because of your personal investment in it.

    Richard FoxRichard Fox4 dager siden
  • Lovely house!

    Richard FoxRichard Fox4 dager siden
  • Is she trans? Because if yes it would make sense why she said she and Peterson "would desagree on a number of very important things" at the begining.

    Aniba ValeriuAniba Valeriu4 dager siden
    • nvm

      Aniba ValeriuAniba Valeriu4 dager siden
  • The outfit in this video was amazing

    trashhumanpersontrashhumanperson4 dager siden
  • "Schmitz" I just love the subtle - not so subtle references to The Arsonists.

    The Gallivanting GamersThe Gallivanting Gamers4 dager siden
  • "we understand the bones of jordan peterson" is my favorite quote

    My GillsMy Gills4 dager siden
  • i was having a conversation about voice manipulation with a trans friend. im neurodiverse, amab, going by she/her and i hate my voice. as we talked, i mentioned that i was seeking a benevolent but powerful sounding tone, one that speaks with authority and control over the self. She watched this video with me and i was blown away by the soft but firm tone of your voice. This is exactly what i imagine my voice being if i were more complete and in control. Although im not sure if im trans, im looking. Thank you for what you do and being you!

    Neo DymiumNeo Dymium4 dager siden
  • The HUSSERL roast, I'm dying. Phenomenology is so frustrating because it's such a beautiful and simplistic thing made so obtuse and difficult by philosophers blowing smoke.

    AnonAnon4 dager siden
  • 26:56 so true

    CrunchCrunch4 dager siden
  • OMG! One of the smartest people I've ever heard! Congrats, Abigail! Amazing work!

    Olivia Andrea SzaboOlivia Andrea Szabo4 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who got vibes of Sherlock?

    MayankMayank4 dager siden
  • "You have the Structuralists who say 'It's about the notes you don't play' and the Post-Structuralists who ask 'Why didn't you play those notes?' But Jordan Peterson just cuts right through the middle there and says 'It's biology'." THE WAY I SNORTED

    Elaina OlmoElaina Olmo4 dager siden
    • Hail Lobster!

      jack mansonjack mansonDag siden
  • Am I watching a NOcds video

    Noah & AtlasNoah & Atlas4 dager siden
  • I'm not really a fan of this new format where you cite philosophers, start giving us the text, overlay commentary on the text (to the degree where I can't understand what is being said) and then cut away from that to your summation. Previously I really enjoyed that you cited philosophers, even ones you disagreed with, gave us the full text at issue and then commented on that.

    Me AgainMe Again4 dager siden
    • she just translate in a more objective way where people can undurstand. no commentary. shes not being unfair with their opinions and it really helps meh :)

      Wowie ArtingWowie Arting3 dager siden
  • The first woman the makes me laugh out loud used to be a guy, huh what about that?

    Z H.Z H.4 dager siden
  • Wish I had a pair of shades like that. It’ll definitely save me a few decades on the wrong things.

    Terence EagleTerence Eagle4 dager siden
  • I’ve been watching your content for years now.. it just is irritating how each video is getting closer and closer to Natalies work and structure of video. It’s beautiful yes- but like...

    Madi XMadi X5 dager siden

    Savannah WoodsSavannah Woods5 dager siden
  • I really want to know how she went from being a high contrast person to being a low contrast person so beautifully. I am high contrast too, but I usually look bad when I try to lower my contrast! How did you choose your wig, Abby? (I also need to rewatch this video because my adhd brain only managed to focus on some cool parts of it lol)

    La Ninfa PimentelLa Ninfa Pimentel5 dager siden
  • I'm one minute in and this is already perfect???

    Zofia RZofia R5 dager siden
  • nice midnight shadow beard

    VindexVindex5 dager siden
  • Thought the title was interesting because I would have thought that Peterson’s “meta ideology” (if you can even call it that) would be to disavow ideologies. Came here looking for criticisms to or ideologies of Peterson, didn’t find any. Video very high in entertainment/production value, speculation, clever articulations and persuasion, but low in granular in-depth analysis. I’ll continue looking for criticisms on Peterson elsewhere, as I “squat over the mirror taking a good hard look at my own ideology”. I would recommend you do the same, rather than focus on criticizing that of someone who you largely disagree with. That is, unless you aim isn’t to seek truth but rather run a profitable media channel aimed at the like-minded. In which case, carry on.

    SI 292SI 2925 dager siden
    • jesus, mfg

      stainedClass2112stainedClass21123 dager siden
  • Abigail why don’t you have a conversation/ debate with Jordan Peterson? I feel like this is what will help us build a bridge between the right and the left. I know you two would disagree a lot but I’m almost certain if you reach out to him he will would love to have a discussion or a debate.

    Bradley TaftBradley Taft5 dager siden