Joe: 'Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former DeKalb Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander discusses an encounter captured on body camera that appears to show a police officer threatening to execute a Black Army officer during a traffic stop. Aired on 04/12/2021.
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'Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC




  • When we follow you to a well light look what happens... LOL! I understand why you want to be in a well lit area but because of that, we had to over react. Love how they care for your safety but then put the blame on you for their behavior.

    Scotty BScotty B31 minutt siden
  • No accountability for cops,thats part of the problem

    Tony RamonTony Ramon32 minutter siden
  • Sometimes I am ashamed to be white. This is so wrong!

    Jeanette LasseterJeanette Lasseter40 minutter siden
  • I watch this and it makes me sick.

    Jeanette LasseterJeanette Lasseter42 minutter siden
  • This cop are candidate for firing squad

    Sugar LandSugar LandTime siden
  • I don't know how black people agreed to be dominated and submitted without doing anything since a long time.

    ALU2024ALU2024Time siden
  • This is so sad Good God help this country

    Juliana MeyerJuliana Meyer2 timer siden
  • This will continue to be seen, because the justice system is upholding it and will not do their job. Take their jobs and pay the victims out of the police departments pension. !!! The fraternity law and code that law enforcement live by protects them! That must be changed!

    outthere09outthere092 timer siden
  • The family of the cop is the one that's going to get the full force of this fat white cop actions and so they should.

    Thomas KerrThomas Kerr3 timer siden
  • You fruitloops cannot possibly be serious. Tell me these jokers are joking. So, you throw on some camo and any cop should see that through your window and immediately say, "so sorry, go on your way". For real? I'm heading to Joe's Army Navy today and then I can hold up liquor stores, gas stations, maybe a bank! Hallelujah! It's a free for all in camo!

    Laura CracchioloLaura Cracchiolo4 timer siden
  • "It's not all about training it's about who we're hiring and we're not hiring the right people." never a truer word said.

    anna walshanna walsh4 timer siden
  • Yet again cops that dont know the law Defund Now

    arika reneearika renee4 timer siden
  • Well a big middle finger to both officers. Waiving a gun to a lieutenant who is serving the country....why is this happening in America....disgusting

    naoba thangjamnaoba thangjam5 timer siden
  • not enough training time and practice of knowing the law b4 they go out on patrol

    Jeremy WalshJeremy Walsh5 timer siden
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP had no respect for our fallen military heroes. Look how many followers he still have. Because we have alot if monsters out their. They hire their own.

    Veronica BrownVeronica Brown6 timer siden
  • I wonder how these cops sleep at night!

    Sola Gesture.Sola Gesture.6 timer siden
  • If you want to quickly commit suicide as a black person, or ethnic majority, {I'm not encouraging this} just pray you to find yourself in the hands of the USA cops, you're gone!! How can you be proud to work as a police officer in the USA, are you not afraid of what will happen to your family, especially children!?

    Sola Gesture.Sola Gesture.6 timer siden
  • This is why I like soldier than policeman

  • America is racist country. Christianity is a racist religion.

    ghost xghost x6 timer siden
  • Guys, racism is a problem. But not this case. The media twisted it all.

    NLU UPNANLU UPNA7 timer siden
  • The cops on the ground carried out the sickening violence against the detainee but it is the bosses who causes this to happen. If I am a boss and I tell/ask you not to do something, you won't!! Simple, you will already know the consequences so you'd be a fool to take the chance. It's an alien concept I know, but historically it was called leadership.

    Lenny BreauLenny Breau7 timer siden
  • These police officers have no respect for the military. Therefore these police officers deserve no respect.

    Meir SilverMeir Silver7 timer siden
  • If that police officer received the spray pepper he would definitely cry... cry... cry!!! ... f'k that piggy police. Very unreasonable. And disgusting.

    Flipp SkoutFlipp Skout7 timer siden
  • Who are you!

    C BC B8 timer siden
  • Because people keep resisting arrest.

    JBever33JBever338 timer siden
  • Show the good ones, changing the lawsI have not met any in 72 years

    Arnett Abdul-MajiedArnett Abdul-Majied9 timer siden
  • How many innocent people are languishing in prison only because it wasn't recorded on video

  • You will keep seeing this happen because pink pigs hate dark skin always have always will

  • Obvious bad to criminal behavior by police Southern Republican lawmakers & trump where does it end?

    Ray ZepedaRay Zepeda10 timer siden
  • A normal traffic investigation, with guns, that's what they do everywhere in the world 🤮🤮🤮, did the two policemen at least get fired?

    Nic HeinrichNic Heinrich10 timer siden
  • This is really sad. I can’t take watch this video again and again.

    Mathan JacobMathan Jacob11 timer siden
  • Can my husband & I visit USA, we may be back in Uk on a body bag by bad police 👮‍♀️ just for being black really!😡😡😡

    Rina Bayoula NzoulouRina Bayoula Nzoulou13 timer siden
  • Come and Try this in Nigeria you will see what will happen to the Police

    Ekene AchebeEkene Achebe13 timer siden
  • # second cop Was even shaking He knew his partner is bipolar !

    Ulises HerdezUlises Herdez16 timer siden
  • I am somewhat late on this, but just now came across this video. (1) Is there something that the Army officer did that I missed??? What was his offense? (2) The only people that I have ever seen holding their weapon at a 90 degree angle to their body (in person or on TV) were always gang members, so the question is (3) who trained these officers, and where? I was trained to hold my weapon on the same angle as my body. Apparently the younger officer toward the rear of the vehicle from the passenger door is EXTREMELY AFRAID: either of a black US Army male officer, or else his police partner who is spraying MACE in the Army officer's face (specifically his eyes).

    Jill Tibbetts TuleyJill Tibbetts Tuley18 timer siden
  • Dude didn’t even do noting

    Carlis LawrenceCarlis Lawrence18 timer siden
  • I hope he gets millions

    Melissa BaradihiMelissa Baradihi20 timer siden
  • Power hungry cops

    Melissa BaradihiMelissa Baradihi20 timer siden
  • Not gonna lie, as a person outside the US, living in the US seems Exhausting.

    Nchimunya MunyamaNchimunya Munyama22 timer siden
  • Omg, why did the police act like that.

    Razali SaatRazali Saat23 timer siden
  • Sickening !!!!!! They should being fired instantly right there and then BS

    Asfa BaileyAsfa BaileyDag siden
  • Thank you

    Almetya OliverAlmetya OliverDag siden
  • Do not fight/serve a country who wouldn’t fight for you

    Jocelyn MJocelyn MDag siden
  • Who else thinks cops should be held to harsher laws than anyone else

    lil river of souplil river of soupDag siden
  • We keep seeing videos like this because the elites are making sure of it to distract us from what's really going on in this world. And by they time us the sheep realize it. Will be to late Never forget who controls the media and what content is show on the media.

    Stephen HallStephen HallDag siden
  • That’s a easy fix about the body cam if you don’t have it on your guilty that’s how you solve that thank you 🇺🇸👀👀

    KP RUSH kevin purtellKP RUSH kevin purtellDag siden
  • First of all if you don’t know what’s going on don’t attack until you know what’s going on sit back in your car and wait until you know what’s going on but that’s not really the reality the reality is you know what’s going on and that’s why they did what they did when they did it and it’s sad because there are good people that are police officers but it doesn’t help when the good doesn’t stop the Bad thank God for Joe Biden 🇺🇸🔴👀🔵

    KP RUSH kevin purtellKP RUSH kevin purtellDag siden
  • all this is cops with their ego, when they are challenged they loose their mind and senses that what we seeing here

    youcef319youcef319Dag siden
  • Foolishmen.....!

    Nonedheng PialagoNonedheng PialagoDag siden
  • This slimy cop is a great poster boy for RACISM! ....... Unfortunately - the racism is against the abusive cop! He should be jailed!

    John MelzJohn MelzDag siden
  • Incidents like this make it painfully clear that too many individuals are hired to serve and continue to be allowed to remain on the job as police officers in spite of them obviously being psychologically unsuited to have any authority over anyone!

    T K SmithT K SmithDag siden
  • when a soldier is more scared of a cop in his home town than a terrorist in a foreign country that the soldier took part in destroying that terrorist city. something a foot Watson

    Whats UpWhats UpDag siden
  • We keep seeing it because you keep playing it. Then to top it off you put on that race baiting 💩al sharpton. How much does he owe the IRS in back taxes? The cops in this video are 💩too. Why any cop would do this especially when all eyes are on them now more than ever is beyond me!!!

    Delete ItAllDelete ItAllDag siden
  • How long you have to learn to be an Police officer in the US ? In germany you need 3 1/2 years

    Colt1983Colt1983Dag siden
  • If I happen to be the president in America, I won't hire these white boys. Let's pick the reverse UNO card. I'll make sure that all cops are black and we'll see what would these types of white boys feel. Specially that big tummy mustache guy!

    edlesteredlesterDag siden
  • I bet videos like this will continue to appear as long as people do not cooperate.

    FaldoFaldoDag siden
  • If the people who are risking their lives for this country aren’t safe, who is?

    Octavius RexOctavius RexDag siden
  • Since the civil rights movement in the 1960s I don’t think we’ve made much progress

    Octavius RexOctavius RexDag siden
  • "pRoTeCT aNd sErVE" 🙄

    Steven LSteven LDag siden
  • Amen

    Hari ParisHari ParisDag siden
  • ACCOUNTABILITY is a great start!! But TRUST AND BELIEVE it’s a HEART ISSUE!! And just as Al Sharpton said, “If there’s no CONVERSION there needs to be CONVICTIONS”!!

    Kim EvansKim EvansDag siden
  • Why is this video titled “Why do we keep seeing these videos”? as though this hasn’t been going on since America was established!! It’s almost an insult like we all don’t know the answer!! In fact this is the video that confirms, even to the Lieutenant, that this event is business as usual for a BLACK person in America!!

    Kim EvansKim EvansDag siden
  • Ai - Robots for policing will be the answer to this problem...... No ego , no drama , no mistakes..... A better future for America depends on this... ,🤖🤖🤖

    dj Victor Novadj Victor NovaDag siden
  • The chief should be fired and prosecuted.

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezDag siden
  • I don't trust any police. None is honest. They are demonic.

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezDag siden
  • That cop is a RACIST and should be prosecuted and convicted. What a total disgrace. It was not a mistake, it is their practice. And the heads continue to coverup because they are all White!

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezDag siden
  • Black man is nt safe in any countries

    Tundic AmoscoTundic AmoscoDag siden
  • Very disgusting Humiliating a Lieutenant very disgusting look at that guy with berry trying to hit him with the knees he cannot even lift up his 🦵 u have exposed yoself

    Rugamba DanielRugamba DanielDag siden
  • This young officers look on his face like he wanted to shout " what are you doing?" You can literally see him shaking holding a gun watching his partners disgusting behavior... This tells you it could've been way worse with a gun in the hand of a nervous cop getting direction from a violent senior officer...and the older 1, since when do they hold their guns with 1 hand, cocked to the side like some gangsta movie? Crap police...The real thugs

    Hbomb411Hbomb411Dag siden
  • Ein Video muss aufgenommen werden wie dieser Polizist raus von seinen Job gekündigt wird wir müssen das alle sehen sonst wissen wir nichts

    albo ero11albo ero11Dag siden
  • Alle Polizisten die weiß sind in Amerika müssen gekündigt werden alle

    albo ero11albo ero11Dag siden
  • Nicht viel reden das könnt ihr alle gut er muss raus auf seinen Job und der Geschädigte muss 1000000 US Dollar erhalten wegen Entschädigung an solche Polizisten dürfen nie wieder einen Job vergeben auch nicht im Bauernhof

    albo ero11albo ero11Dag siden
  • Sometimes it feels like cops do this just to create more content for the world to rave about.

    Akiru's LabAkiru's LabDag siden
  • I was watching memes 20 minutes ago how did I get here?

    F34R X SH4DESF34R X SH4DESDag siden
  • If Ur constantly talking about U where in fear of Ur life this isn't the job for U

    Candi McdonaldCandi McdonaldDag siden
  • The army guy did the honorable thing there .We salute him.👏👏👏

    caroline zawairacaroline zawairaDag siden
  • The Army man did the honourable thing there

    caroline zawairacaroline zawairaDag siden
  • To see how modern policing is conducted in New Zealand, check out any episode of "Police Ten 7", Highway Cops NZ or "Motorway Patrol NZ" on NOcds

    KIWI_welltraveledKIWI_welltraveledDag siden
  • One looks 12 and the other one is Danny DeVito's height.

    Bella DoraBella DoraDag siden
  • American police are the most dangerous people in the world 🤮🤮🤮

    Leila SheikhLeila SheikhDag siden
  • I agree with the people, this cop was insane, however why have the "race baiter" Sharpton on?, he still needs to answer for the Tuwana brawley incident.

    Bob WhiteBob WhiteDag siden
  • WHAT the 'F" !!! they kicked that black dude !!! ,.... its at 3;33 !!! kicked him at least 2 times !!

    Exeter1705Exeter1705Dag siden
  • America black people faceing racsicm that ture White police man don't likeing blackman American soil and America teaching other country what a shame

    BRM VlogsBRM VlogsDag siden
  • Very WEAK Joe, they are wrong.

    Laretha KnightLaretha KnightDag siden
  • Just disgusting the “conservative” people that claim there is no difference between the way blacks and whites are treated! I thought this military guy would show them, NOPE! The right wing blames this black military man for wanting to go home alive! Disgusted by the hypocritical “republicans” more each second!

    paulamichelle48paulamichelle48Dag siden
    • I wish all these self righteous right wingers, would wake up in the morning and be a black man!!!

      paulamichelle48paulamichelle48Dag siden
  • This guy would have been dead if he reach for his seatbelt Vanessa godforsaken truth I think this guy did everything right the officers or was it made it worse than what it was but that's what they're trying to do escalate it let's bring some blood out of these people that's why do they have trained

    Randall WarrenRandall WarrenDag siden
  • Basically they move up in rank a how many people they can drag down in the dirt that's how they promote their officers it's how much money they make the corporate Giants

    Randall WarrenRandall WarrenDag siden
  • Because they didn't fire all the cops. We need to fire all cops and hiring new peoples. If your crops have some disease,you need to wipe out all of it and replant everything news.

    Tou YangTou YangDag siden
  • For those of you non white people that think what this soldier did was wrong, you don’t get to judge!!! You don’t have to worry about being shot just because you are BLACK!!! So please SHUT UP!

    paulamichelle48paulamichelle48Dag siden
  • I like the way the police try to tell you you don't have the right to pull into a safe spot that gives them reason to escalate everything the way they did by you doing something the police department told you to do in the first place move to a well-lit area cops can't make the laws up and then they turn around and take him down when they want to

    Randall WarrenRandall WarrenDag siden
  • we don't need police in his country's and whats we needed is to outlaws policies in this country. use can use Army's instead

    jun Boloyjun Boloy2 dager siden
  • Watch the entire video before the media brainwashes you. Media is a dangerous weapon. P. S. I'm not saying who's wrong or right in this case.

    Matthias BonteMatthias Bonte2 dager siden
  • The pigs are the only ones who are emotive. FTP

    TeAwaawa FirminTeAwaawa Firmin2 dager siden
  • The Lieutenant was NOT "weeping" because the police officers put him on ground like the news person was saying. He was pepper sprayed so naturally tears come out of his eyes. He would not "weep" because he was afraid. He might "weep" out of sadness of what's happening in the country he is serving as military soldier risking life for the country.

    pwnzyapwnzya2 dager siden
  • The real enemy is within the law that's the honest truth...

    Never Back DownNever Back Down2 dager siden
  • Because this is America, and it is who we are.

    J GJ G2 dager siden
  • That's why I fear living in US

    edward kihiuedward kihiu2 dager siden
  • There should be a law to prevent the rehiring of any cop like this by any department in the state for any reason.

    De MileDe Mile2 dager siden
  • The short answer? The KKK reformed themselves into cops, lawyers and judges. Period.

    De MileDe Mile2 dager siden