Joe Rogan - Matt Taibbi Explains the 2008 Financial Crisis

Rolling Stone Journalist Matt Taibbi breaksdown the 2008 Financial Crisis.




  • This has to be the biggest JRE clip I've ever clicked.

    sexymexijessesexymexijesse10 timer siden
  • It's never clear to me how you "lose everything" if the money is kept in a bank. If you kept all your money in stocks you would've made it back. So how do you lose it all permanently?

    Robert De PesciRobert De Pesci15 timer siden
  • To add insult to injury, the government also bailed out companies who engaged in these ludicrous activities with effing taxpayer money. (I.e., Goldman Sachs) As if we didn’t have enough reason to hate those clowns in DC.

    Ryan IRyan I21 time siden
  • Barack #BarryBankerBailout Obama blew it. #wallstreet eats people.

    Derek FullerDerek FullerDag siden
  • Economy is just like windows 95. It crashes from time to time, but once it gets running, it works somehow and sometime.

    Niko TurunenNiko TurunenDag siden
  • If this had happened in China those CEO's would be executed. In America they are roaming free. moreover they get to keep millions of dollars of bonuses.

    Winston RodriguesWinston Rodrigues2 dager siden
  • Imagine getting a bonus for stealing.

    SovaughnSovaughn3 dager siden
  • Going down the rabbit hole crazy what you dig up

    Steve GundersonSteve Gunderson3 dager siden
  • Close ur eyes and listen to this guy ,he sounds like Charlie munger

    Prajwal KorePrajwal Kore4 dager siden
  • 10:45 the bank that called people mid people is Wells Fargo

    noah wiggsnoah wiggs5 dager siden
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    Joel EruluJoel Erulu5 dager siden
  • White collar crime gets you sent to jail when you screwed over bigger white collars.

    Estefano MasferrerEstefano Masferrer6 dager siden
  • I spend way too much time wondering if America charged and sent the bankers who defrauded the people to jail, would Trump have ended up as president...?

    Andrew BensonAndrew Benson6 dager siden
  • It’s hilarious listening to people talk about a subject they know nothing about. We have a private central bank!!!!!!!!!!! That in itself is unconstitutional!!!!! Morons

    Victor LopezVictor Lopez10 dager siden
  • THIS IS WHY WE HODL! Remember who the criminals are.

    BabakBabak10 dager siden
  • merchants need to hang

    SirFigginSirFiggin10 dager siden
  • Coming to a housing market near you 2021.

    Bob yupBob yup10 dager siden
  • Amazing disgusting fascinating story 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅

    SpecialWeekSpecialWeek11 dager siden
  • #AMC let's go #mexico

    StoreFrontFlips IncStoreFrontFlips Inc12 dager siden
  • I could listen to him talk all day.

    NoticeDesignNoticeDesign12 dager siden
  • 17:37 yeah they can do that but i literally did jail for a gram of weed before it was legal here. THIS SHIT IS WHY WERE GETTING MORE AND MORE EXTREME IN OUR POLITICS AS A COUNTRY. We see all these problems not getting fixed and us getting in trouble of crimes that are bullshit or a fraction of what the oligarchs do and they walk and we lose everything. This is what happens when problems get ignored by a government, people go more and more extreme to the left and right trying to get this shit done, im far left like kyle kulinski but im not blind and i even see this in myself. Its right and wrong in some areas like anything but anything is better than this fake Republican vs democrat charade it really is and always has been rich vs poor. The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can fix it and put these bastards in prison where they belong.

    Revolutionary Cinema ProductionsRevolutionary Cinema Productions12 dager siden
  • I wonder if the same people who lost there retirement money get hit again by COVID-19

    John ArrojaJohn Arroja13 dager siden
  • Is it happening again?! 2021?

    Eli FulanoEli Fulano14 dager siden
  • Woooow I thought that shit like Alan greenspan going and saying things like what he said Creating that mania you.kniw Was illegal? Is it not? Its just seems wrong to be manipulating the economy like that man just to make them money you know???? Don't fucking tell me that its NOT illegal and that its perfectly alright for these rich people in the know who know how this economy works And that its alright for them to go onto tv and tell everyone in america that this is the thing to do Just to scam everyone and make all the money themselves????? Because that's what I'm getting out of that? I'm gonna be so fucking pissed if its perfectly alright to do man

    oolala fuegaoolala fuega15 dager siden
  • How did ceo get their bonus? It was in their contacts.

    Sean PiacenteSean Piacente18 dager siden
  • Stock market (SPX) is up over 60% since this video, and everyone and their gen Z tik tok kid is in the market. Not a bubble :)

    Josh GainerJosh Gainer19 dager siden
  • I wonder how he covered it, because the media covered it up.

    Jeremy WattsJeremy Watts21 dag siden
  • Fuck Wells Fargo forever. Let ex employee steal 40k from my company and when I confronted them about it with proof they reported me to financial services for investigation. So yeah fuck them.

    Bryan ToledoBryan Toledo21 dag siden
  • Well that's America for you the land of the free, if your white and rich. If not hard fu*king luck...

    Ray KarenaRay Karena24 dager siden
  • I remember my 401k falling 60% and realizing I’d never retire.

    Kevin B.Kevin B.24 dager siden
    • did your 401k recover?

      BabakBabak10 dager siden
  • caused by the clintons! They also sold us to china via deals with walmart.

    tf1977sledtf1977sled24 dager siden
  • The U.S. Economy has gone through the boom/bust cycle for hundreds of years. This is how economies work. It isn't "broken", it doesn't need fixing. This is simply a reflection of the human emotional state of optimism/fear/optimism/fear.

    Jim MosesJim MosesMåned siden
  • How could you not hear about Elizabeth Holmes?

    frankpinmtlfrankpinmtlMåned siden
  • everyone : "theranos. there-a-nose." joe : "theranos. the-ray-nuss." everyone : "betsy devos. day-voes." joe : "betsy devos. betsy deh-vaehwss."

    deep citrusdeep citrusMåned siden
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    Alex SzymczakAlex SzymczakMåned siden
  • I wish people knew who the real criminals are, but they support them. Even defend them and join their cause.

    Sleepy TVSleepy TVMåned siden
  • Welcome to America!

    Les MorosiLes MorosiMåned siden
  • I still don’t know how George bush hasn’t been arrested and thrown in prison for the shit he did as president. The financial crash was obviously orchestrated by that despicable administration. Bush ought to be mowing my lawn and cleaning my toilets every weekend for the rest of my life.

    Jimmy DJimmy DMåned siden
  • I hate when people say how complicated it is when it isn't. If someone told you that you have a choice between a fixed rate of interest that can't change for the life of the loan so your payment can't ever go up, or, you can get a flexible rate that can go up later to make your payments go up, sometimes double or more, no one with the brain the size of a turnip would pick the one that could make their monthly payment go up someday to a payment they might not be able to pay, they would all want the payment fixed at the same payment for 30 years or whatever. That's about 99% of the problem right there, fixed or flexible. Unfortunately some people are so stupid, they can't plan three days in advance and those people believe a lower payment at first is somehow a good deal, even though the payments could go up, instead of the higher monthly payment that can never go up. Anyone that is so dumb they can't make the right decision, probably would lose all their money some other way than with a banker. I think by the 4th grade, most people would be smart enough to know you don't risk your house and life savings on payments that could go up anytime, or amount vs payments a little higher that could never change or go up. recommendedcontracts, pay now a little, or skip that and pay everything you own, later. It's expensive to be a cheapskate. Unfortunately, some dummies should just pay rent their whole life to stay out of problems if they can't decide between fixed payments or changing ones.

    Bill MacKinnonBill MacKinnonMåned siden
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    Celesta CarlosCelesta CarlosMåned siden
  • It was Ben Bernanke the fed chair who increased the interest rate which anyone with an arm loan now owed more they owned. This is called being under water and when everyone tried to pull out and sell at once, the inflated market corrects itself by returning to real value. This is called a correction or a balloon burst.

    big picbig picMåned siden
  • You srsly think warren got scammed on 125m dollars? What if he made the investing sound reliable and done it to get other pricks scammed?

    DisasterDisasterMåned siden
  • imagine world with no stock market

    DisasterDisasterMåned siden
    • no thank you - its the only way out for some people. You think a $20 hr a job is enough to live off in a major city?

      BabakBabak10 dager siden
  • Matt is the stuff!!!

    MdrnsamuraiMdrnsamuraiMåned siden
  • Big techs are pile of similar shit, they too are paying big bucks to politicians to do illegal stuffs and overblown

    A SinghalA SinghalMåned siden
  • call varoufakis in.

    Denis DražetičDenis DražetičMåned siden
  • Someone needs to tell Joe to talk about the crypto bubble

    Sergio LagunaSergio LagunaMåned siden
  • and no one got punished for it. You gotta love America! Morons who could barely read got rich.

    Mike MolossiMike MolossiMåned siden
  • This is very biased reporting and makes no mention of Janet Reno and the Fair Housing act. Reno forced these banks to make loans to people that couldn't qualify through the normal process and threatened the banks with federal investigation of racial bias unless the banks loaned money to people that could never pay back the mortgage.

    johnnyok317johnnyok317Måned siden
  • ... looking for a comment

    SonnyG -SonnyG -Måned siden
  • didn't have to refinance your home, right? In fact, if you didn't have enough money to buy a house outright, you could just wait and save up. Right?

    AkusAkusMåned siden
  • I remember when I was 4-8 my parents finally were able to open up a business after immigrating here working 60 hour weeks to make ends meet. They saved enough money to open a nail salon business. successful for a couple of years right until 2008 where everything when down.

    TommyTommyMåned siden
    • I am so sorry

      Katie.L HallKatie.L HallDag siden
  • 10 years down the road, - lets talk about crypto currency scam

    Maxim OssipovMaxim OssipovMåned siden
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    kaysom liaokaysom liaoMåned siden
  • The dems don’t put dems in jail

    benjamin resterbenjamin resterMåned siden
  • "Mud people" systemic racism much?

    Josh HightJosh HightMåned siden
  • Matt is what journalism is supposed to be

    Josh HightJosh HightMåned siden
  • This guy would make an amazing pilot , “so uhhhh, the banks were ahhhhhhhh, laundering drug money.”

    Hamish IHamish IMåned siden
  • Why are these banks paying the government fines and not paying the people that they defrauded?

    Ricky HallRicky HallMåned siden
  • Crazy I’m listening to this now and a lot makes sense. I’m seeing crumbs of what’s coming next

    Stephanie BolivarStephanie BolivarMåned siden
  • Turns out, Matt. You're the person who is corrupt in covering elections. You are a fucking fraud

    M SM SMåned siden
  • Bush's big business corporate deregulation idea. Great idea. Started a war under false pretenses and then partly responsible for the collapse US economy

    JohnDoe123JohnDoe123Måned siden
  • Neoliberal Economics caused the last Crisis and it will cause the next. It’s a flawed concept. I would advise anyone remotely interested in why to go check out Australian Economist Professor Steve Keen who was among a select few who predicted the 2008 crash long before it actually happened. Neoliberal Economics continues to ignore the importance of the time bomb that is Private Debt.

    Brown WarriorBrown WarriorMåned siden
  • People should take all their money out of Wells Fargo .. shocking

    William Joseph 67William Joseph 67Måned siden
  • C’mon now, I don’t believe anyone is stupid enough to not know that there is risk in converting your fixed rate mortgage into a variable rate! These folks just didn’t think the bubble would burst when it did. They saw an opportunity to have more disposable income for more goodies. There is such a thing as personal responsibility. They weren’t victims, they were greedy and all the rest of us ended up paying for it. I was a young single mother who purchased a modest starter home two years earlier and even I knew to stay TF away from that variable rate shit. I still live in the same house today. These idiots wanted to live in something nicer than they really could afford. It isn’t rocket science!!!

    Wendy HutchinsonWendy HutchinsonMåned siden
  • It was proven that Wall Street dragged the U.S into WW1.

    Ryan DRyan DMåned siden
    • The American people unfortunate as that sounds...the people need to keep a check on power, especially finance. Apparently, U.S banks gave the U.K 2.5 billion dollar loan. Germany, 27 mill. Financial motives were paramount. JP Morgan and Du Pont were the main beneficiaries of WW1.

      Ryan DRyan DMåned siden
    • @Charles 8777It seems everything has a price. How sad humanity has become.

      Ryan DRyan DMåned siden
    • Congress could have simply rejected that idea. And Who the hell gave the right to Wall Street to run USA?

      Charles 8777Charles 8777Måned siden
  • This guy is lost. Anyone can explain this better than him

    Eric GroovenhoffEric GroovenhoffMåned siden
  • Nine people in Manhattan.

    DanDeon 77DanDeon 77Måned siden
  • The 1% will burn in hell.

    Chris HannivanChris HannivanMåned siden
  • I worked for 2 large banks during this crisis. SMH. Crazy. If one had a pulse they could get a mortgage. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are to blame period, They set the guidelines folks. People that could not speak English and were clueless about finance and having a mortgage were getting homes. Its all about numbers. It's what makes the world go round and round. Its not rocket science. America is not the land of the FREE, its the land of the GREED. People with credit scores of 400 were getting must say, the underwriters that approved those loans went bye bye, they were ll fired.

    julie shelleyjulie shelleyMåned siden
  • It should not in any way shock people that people who target elderly people and bankrupt them are also racist.

    Flip MoreFlip MoreMåned siden
    • Easy there buddy, criticizing reprehensible banking practices is antisemitic hate speech.

      CoreyCoreyMåned siden
  • Buy BTC and fuck these Banks

    Mjd ThifMjd ThifMåned siden
  • Guy: Where's the floor? TEN MILLION

    bakebakebillyboobakebakebillybooMåned siden
  • he has the cutest lisp....

    Skip BoSkip BoMåned siden
  • UHHHH UHHH.. omg I can't watch this anymore, bye

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • Hope not yellowstone explodes....

    Eduardo EspinozaEduardo Espinoza2 måneder siden
  • We need one more financial/economical crisis, and then its done - Me.☺️🙏😇

    Eduardo EspinozaEduardo Espinoza2 måneder siden
  • All backed by the U.S. government and supported by tax dollars. Who's responsible again?

    David DiazDavid Diaz2 måneder siden
    • still the banks

      Swift HegelSwift HegelMåned siden
  • The federal government was partly to blame as well - forcing banks to give mortgages to people in the name of more home ownership. Later when a lot of them defaulted and lost their homes, the same government accused/sued them for giving out bad mortgages. All this because society can't admit that a lot of people are better off renting.

    Charlie GCharlie G2 måneder siden
  • Always good seeing episodes from way back before Joe drank the nepotism kool-aid

    Rob ERob E2 måneder siden
  • This fella has resting sneer face

    andrew obrienandrew obrien2 måneder siden
  • This was the perfect example of government and corporate collusion. Not only did government not hold anyone’s feet to the fire they encouraged lending that shouldn’t have been done in the first place and then bailed them out on top of everything else. We have a different version of this today.

    Matthew AndersonMatthew Anderson2 måneder siden
  • Idc what anyone says anytime joe has a fellow bald man on his podcast they have this chemistry together like they know each other forever

    John HatzingerJohn Hatzinger2 måneder siden
  • So...the banks were laundering drug dealer money, but we got commercials about how using recreational drugs was supporting terrorism? F*** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

    Dr. Christopher DiazDr. Christopher Diaz2 måneder siden
  • Sad that It will happen again but worse in 2021

    ..2 måneder siden
  • Take a shot every time Joe *sighs* to express how heavy it’s getting

    Andrew LeeAndrew Lee2 måneder siden
  • bitcoin baby!

    Robbie MerrillRobbie Merrill2 måneder siden
  • AMERICA is a Scam state....

    zicozico2 måneder siden
  • It's happening again. USA and most European countries are billions in depth, governments are allowing it to happen because the next crash will be used to create a cashless society.

    mark hmark h2 måneder siden
  • I think at 10:30 he is talking about Bank Of America.

    Sadhitra BiswasSadhitra Biswas2 måneder siden
  • Bill Clinton caused the whole thing by changing the lending rules. Barney Frank Fanny may Freddy mac All crooks and all should be in prison for life. Millions lost so much. No excuses.

    eric deborderic debord2 måneder siden
  • .....I still don't get it We're 28 TRILLION in debt Nobody should be enthusiastic about anything The Stock Market makes no sense

    Victor KuhnVictor Kuhn2 måneder siden
  • Every country has stories of corporate greed and illegal activity. Government being complicit in the illegality doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Shannon PincombeShannon Pincombe2 måneder siden
  • All happened under Obama’s America.

    Stephen LacazeStephen Lacaze2 måneder siden
  • 'magic' Barack got 1 trillion dollars from da chinese n gave to his friends from da bank n auto industry, and was still hailed as a 'savior' from da demokratik 'party on baby'

    alex dornellialex dornelli2 måneder siden
  • That annoying crackling voice...

    bgpolakbgpolak2 måneder siden
  • he can’t explain what a CDS is... wtf

    ElleNYCElleNYC2 måneder siden
  • Hummm, I guess they have removed the full version of the video.

    KELViN LOOKELViN LOO2 måneder siden
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    Joshua KimJoshua Kim2 måneder siden