James May's Raging Insults

Here is a relatively short compilation of some of the times James May shouted raging comments at Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Enjoy!


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Top Gear - (BBC)

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  • Any idea what episode 6:38 is from?

  • Jeremy and James competing to be who's the coldest perfectly describes their relationship

    josh jo23josh jo232 dager siden
  • Brits are angry

    ChaplinChaplin3 dager siden
  • Has anyone else noticed how James May keeps shaking his head like he has early onset Parkinsons Disease? For example 1:58 he looks up to the sky and then shakes his head left & right, and the clip quickly cuts back to Clarkson and Hammond.

    LukeyLukey4 dager siden
  • He's so petty. It's great.

    Cosmic TurbanCosmic Turban4 dager siden
  • I miss these three.

    AriochStarrAriochStarr5 dager siden
  • May is the only sensible person in this show 😂

    Jussi RaitoniemiJussi Raitoniemi6 dager siden
  • “Aaahh, me testicles are retreating” -James ‘Captain Slow’ May

    Jake BakJake Bak7 dager siden
  • I like how he goes from completely calm to absolutely quelling murderous rage. Also when he throws something he is dead on.

    hotthornshotthorns7 dager siden
  • This is exactly what completed this infamous trio

    Ken Raihan GardiaKen Raihan Gardia7 dager siden
  • You forgot the Patagonia Special, when Hammond arranged them to sleep in a campsite. He was already pissed off enough because the road Hammond took was ruining his Esprit. Word by word, "You might find one of your tent poles is missing, but don't worry, I'll know where it is, I'll have it shoved UP YOUR ARS-"

    John DoeJohn Doe8 dager siden
  • For being something that is supposed to drive on land they sure drive it into a lake a lot

    GrizzlyClawsGrizzlyClaws8 dager siden
  • Fake

    PingPing9 dager siden
  • funny most of these happen to involve water i think James isnt fond of water

    Big LubeBig Lube9 dager siden
  • James May is the best drive by shooter

    cogtropercogtroper9 dager siden
  • 7:25 🤣🤣🤣

    CharlieCharlie9 dager siden
  • You might be cool. But you'll never be as cool as James May eating ice cream and smoking a pipe cool.

    Kristian LeyKristian Ley12 dager siden
  • In the second clip he sounds like jack sparrow

    SomethingsaucySomethingsaucy12 dager siden
  • British cussing: Muppet Insufferable oaf Imbecile Fatuous Bugger off Bastard I hot too bored to add the rest just do them in the comments lol

    Tucker MitchellTucker Mitchell12 dager siden
  • Fact: When James balls are submerged in gelid waters his voice changes to Jeremy's. 5:40

    Hunter Killer - Naval VideosHunter Killer - Naval Videos14 dager siden
  • Of all the insults, not making them breakfast was a wee bit too harsh.

    Origami Chik3nOrigami Chik3n14 dager siden
  • When car buds hit retirement

    E LZE LZ15 dager siden
  • did anyone else coincidentally get a grand tour official trailer ad?

    carbon isotopecarbon isotope17 dager siden
  • Can somebody tell me if that car drop on the reef was scripted and there was no reef or was it actually by accident and they destroyed hundreds of coral and fish.

    Kyle BruhKyle Bruh17 dager siden
  • Y o u m u p p e t

    PeanutPeanut18 dager siden
  • 03:47 I love he just goes "why are you there?"

    SaturdazeSaturdaze18 dager siden
  • May is too good for these clowns.

    KlaxonCowKlaxonCow18 dager siden
  • 3:48 "Why are you there?"

    TikoluTikolu18 dager siden
  • Imagine if he put this rage into his driving he would no longer be Captain Slow he would be Captain Angry.

    speedwaynuttspeedwaynutt19 dager siden
  • when you on the last place in racing game with a steering wheel controller 9:52

    こんにちはこんにちは21 dag siden
  • 5:12 is the most accurate thing ive ever heard. love morecambe tho

    dxlphin.dxlphin.23 dager siden
  • Poor james

    Driver NephiDriver Nephi23 dager siden
  • Fuckin’ hell May’s a good shot

    LizardBoiLizardBoi24 dager siden
  • "Oh Crikey it's the Rozzers!"

    MAY TVMAY TV24 dager siden
  • it's a love hate relationship really

    Mainly things with wheelsMainly things with wheels25 dager siden
  • 4:15 - May has the perfect description for a generator: "Someone snoring but without the pauses in the breath."

    tubularAptubularAp25 dager siden
  • It's a miracle that he hasn't killed either of them yet.

    PixelParasitePixelParasite26 dager siden
  • 7:25 The way that Richard just pulls up so casually. 🤣🤣🤣

    PixelParasitePixelParasite26 dager siden
  • "Why did I listen to you, you imbe-SEAL."

    PixelParasitePixelParasite26 dager siden
  • 2:30 this is what happens when you have idiots operating a fucking crane and don't know what they are doing... that shit could have killed someone... and also they just fucking littered into the ocean... Great job boomers!

    Greg BrownGreg Brown26 dager siden
  • wait is that hammond in a challenger in the first clip?

    NH the IntrovertNH the Introvert26 dager siden
  • Do cranes have "quick release" cords that dangle down at hammond head height 🤔

    all graveyall gravey26 dager siden
  • what episode is the first clip from?

    DKMDKM26 dager siden
  • That one always kills me “ breakfast is reserved for my friends and non of them are here” savage 😂😂

    ProeliteProelite27 dager siden
  • What episode is 1:34

    MR BLACKMR BLACK27 dager siden
  • And to think, they said that Hammond was the “World’s Angriest Man” x3

    Jake B.Jake B.28 dager siden
  • 6:35 Jeremy:” This made James very unpleased….. Angry James on radio: YOU BASTARDS!!! I HATE YOU!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! YOU ATTA BASTAAAARDS!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    David RileyDavid Riley28 dager siden
  • the breakfast one is a vio

    T EduardoT Eduardo28 dager siden
  • crikey its the albanian rozzers!

    Boooyy BoooyyBoooyy Boooyy29 dager siden
  • James the type of guy to call a loooooooong rope a piece of string😂

    Amogh HampiholiAmogh Hampiholi29 dager siden
  • So funny

    Robot Bender RodríguezRobot Bender Rodríguez29 dager siden
  • Clarkson and Hammond looked so depressed that James didn't make them any breakfast LMAO

    Budo the PaladinBudo the PaladinMåned siden
  • 1:47 the way Hammond casually says ooooohhkeyyy 😂

    I’m cutting people with pre existing conditionsI’m cutting people with pre existing conditionsMåned siden
  • Mr car bloke is such a Chanel

    I’m cutting people with pre existing conditionsI’m cutting people with pre existing conditionsMåned siden
  • 4:42 that’s not true, sea salt is the same as any old sodium chloride

    Nocturnal PyroNocturnal PyroMåned siden

    MidlifeHemi88MidlifeHemi88Måned siden
  • Whats wrong? Clarkson? Clarkson!? CLARRRRKSOOOOON!!!

    {micro{}wave}{micro{}wave}Måned siden
  • his burger king clip is missing

    roku the dogroku the dogMåned siden
  • you muppet

    GiuGiuMåned siden
  • Confirmed what I always thought. Clarkson was never toilet trained.

    Bao BoBao BoMåned siden
  • a lot of it's scripted but still so hilarious

    Dizzle PizzleDizzle PizzleMåned siden
  • You disrespect may and the resulting insults are a proper british dictionary

    NavtejNavtejMåned siden
  • 0:00 this one is too funny.

    Jason AdamsJason AdamsMåned siden
  • Ah yes the real Top Gear

    Nugget The RabbitNugget The RabbitMåned siden
  • I think James has the least convincing acting skills than the others. Go as far as to say his acting ability is pretty rank tbh. Jeremy and Hammond pull him through every time.

    William TurnerWilliam TurnerMåned siden
    • 5:16

      RENOWN AURENOWN AUMåned siden
  • I think your following him to closely.

    Krish ChauhanKrish ChauhanMåned siden
  • 3:04 POV: you're holding the flashlight while your father is trying to fix the car engine

    Big SmokeBig SmokeMåned siden
  • "its like being guided by the village people"

    XenophonXenophonMåned siden
  • 0:20

    NiopfnNiopfnMåned siden
  • 1:25 i love how clarksaon was childish enough to start a competition about whos the coldest and may was mature enough to just continue with the most important problem at hand

    Anarghiros DumitracheAnarghiros DumitracheMåned siden
  • Legend has it that James may used to be a drive by shooter in his past life 🤣🙃

    ReclusivReclusivMåned siden
  • It's like being guided by the village people 😄😄😄😄😄

    kisbey drones and cars .kisbey drones and cars .Måned siden
  • Love how he seems like the only normal one

    zoombinizoombiniMåned siden
  • We modified his car *slightly*

    Ivan CIvan CMåned siden
  • What episode is 4:05 from about the salt & fish?

    SimonSimonMåned siden
  • *This man is basically me in a forza lobby*

    spaceboypurpspaceboypurpMåned siden
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    Evan OukEvan OukMåned siden
  • I understand the things James has to deal with, but he's so petty.

    Joshua MooreJoshua MooreMåned siden
  • 8:41 damn

    j o n a hj o n a hMåned siden
  • Great job.

    thanksfernuthinthanksfernuthinMåned siden
  • huh..

    Kajetan MiliankovicKajetan MiliankovicMåned siden
  • @ 2:23 which show/episode is this?

    Nick KirbyNick KirbyMåned siden
  • These guys are the best trio. Feels like we'v been keeping up with them since they were kids. xD

    Hale TorranceHale TorranceMåned siden
  • 'You complete moron, i hope you get bilharzia of the ballsack' best line James has ever said

    Xizies_Xizies_Måned siden
  • I was standing up watching the video and when he yelled "THE TESTICLES HAVE RETREATED" i literally got so weak from laughter i layed on the floor

    SemtuxSemtuxMåned siden
  • It’s scripted but their arguments are gooood lol

    Camo_CookieCamo_CookieMåned siden
  • I miss the old topgear blokes. Topgear is now a massive piece of shit and the grand tour just doesn't have the same budget also they're old now and cant do the stuff they once did.

    ShotzShotzMåned siden
  • Jeez, overreaction most of the time.

    Agora SageAgora SageMåned siden
  • Hammond was such a pain to watch.. That guy tried so hard to fit in but just didn't

    Blaž BohincBlaž BohincMåned siden
  • 7:38 yeah, throwing thing from windows when the front already gone

    Dicky ArisandiDicky ArisandiMåned siden
  • James and water don’t seem to mix well

    TiefjgfufTiefjgfufMåned siden
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    Sherrie PhillipsSherrie PhillipsMåned siden
  • I'm honestly surprised that they are all still alive from being around each other all these years

    ivan rodriguezivan rodriguezMåned siden
  • Colck

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    Agustin MalikAgustin MalikMåned siden
  • I'm not joking the whole scene from 6:56 has me crying. I have never laughed at a video this much in my life

    Rose IsabellaRose IsabellaMåned siden
  • You muppet! What was that! Lmaooo

    DC DialDC DialMåned siden
  • I don't why, but one of my biggest fears is James May to express how disapointed is he from me.

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristMåned siden
  • This is the legend that beat gordon ramsey in a cook off.

    Aniket LutherAniket LutherMåned siden
  • i reckon there is WAY more then 10m worth of content of insults from james may. well done tho for getting all of that :)

    The Casual GamerThe Casual GamerMåned siden