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Camera Settings:
FOV: 110
Distance: 270
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 1
Music from EpidemicSound.
Intro Music: Fasion - No Cry
Editor: DannyLotusTV
#Lethamyr #Leth #RocketLeague




  • my recommendation is lethamerc but the catch is you have to play as a merc but you don't have to i thought it would be funny lol.

    Jennifer SzkatulskiJennifer Szkatulski2 dager siden
  • Methamyr, lethamyr as walter white

    xLWKxLWK2 dager siden
  • 5:30 my fav part

    mayiexymayiexy4 dager siden
  • Arsenal and kuxir=Arxir

    TestTest4 dager siden
  • name mustered musty on a mustered pack

    wendy paul171wendy paul1715 dager siden
  • Woah wacky dude I thought he was talking about me but that was someone else

    Sam FosterSam Foster6 dager siden
  • Had to bring in politics eh

    iskiinthefastlaneiskiinthefastlane7 dager siden
  • Me and my boys started playing last season and we’re barely gold, we all started watching your vids and are high diamond now. You’ve helped us a lot. Keep up the great work brother

    Connor BryanConnor Bryan8 dager siden
  • Methamyr

    Vaguely unsureVaguely unsure8 dager siden
  • God loves you guys!

    G L U GG L U G9 dager siden
  • Lethamirror with you looking into a mirror

    RERL Soul_SurvivorRERERL Soul_SurvivorRE10 dager siden
  • Idea: flena an octane flicking athenas head into the crossbar

    Bohde SchultzBohde Schultz11 dager siden
  • arse mole 😳

    waitwhatifywaitwhatify11 dager siden
  • i dont think u realised that in the name arsemole was a word in between which resembles the bottom xD!

    HiemdallhGamingHiemdallhGaming11 dager siden
  • Please friend me and watch replay and help commentate pls

    Faded ShadowFaded Shadow11 dager siden
    • Love you Leth

      Faded ShadowFaded Shadow11 dager siden
  • Yo

    vMeriqvMeriq12 dager siden
  • Name Idea: "Lethamyer" Your Head On Top Of Michael Myers Body 👀

    CØRPZËCØRPZË13 dager siden
  • That name just looks more like "Arse Mole" and I can't stop laughing.

    Steven NortonSteven Norton13 dager siden
  • Did sunless eat a shoe

    Bretton BattenfieldBretton Battenfield13 dager siden

    KzcpereKzcpere13 dager siden
  • Petals (rentals but as a flower pedal)

    Saw conSaw con14 dager siden
  • Violent ‘Panda’

    Flexvoyage rFlexvoyage r14 dager siden
  • Should do Squishy Cookiez with a picture of squishy making cookies.

    JJ GamezJJ Gamez14 dager siden
  • Super sonic sega... sonic shaped into the ssl badge

    max calvertmax calvert14 dager siden
  • you should talk about how your teammates are positioned badly and what they should be doing instead not just aboht what your doing

    Nate BelserNate Belser15 dager siden
  • Okei

    Liam MoenLiam Moen15 dager siden
  • DA Baby

    Dave HagenDave Hagen15 dager siden
  • LethaMeerkat with your head on a meerkat

    Ldog.Ldog.15 dager siden
  • Tomato, torments head on a tomato

    AH_SilverbackAH_Silverback15 dager siden
  • Name idea: "Rizzle" Rizzo's face sizzling on a grill

    Vince GannonVince Gannon15 dager siden
  • I like how leth ist trying to good commentate low rank play 😆.

    OrangeX2OrangeX215 dager siden
  • Do you remember when a mere gold tried to bump king of sumo lethamyr?

    daniel choidaniel choi15 dager siden
  • That name haha... Sounds kinda kinky! 🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Nuggettis The Cranky CalabreseNuggettis The Cranky Calabrese15 dager siden
  • honestly i always see nrg or ssg every match like if same for you

    Chad CampbellChad Campbell15 dager siden
  • Congrats of a mil my guy

    VibeZ Is CrxedVibeZ Is Crxed16 dager siden
  • what is the decal name ?

    g r i f f e ng r i f f e n16 dager siden
  • 5:01 WhEn ThE iMpOsTeR iS sUs..........

    The BertinatorThe Bertinator16 dager siden
  • obamatruck, a truck with the face of obama

    lil Denislil Denis16 dager siden
  • 3:02 - 3:13 reminds me of diamond

    Noah vellierNoah vellier16 dager siden
  • squishy pancake

    Frank HaggiFrank Haggi16 dager siden
  • Sunless "can" need I say more

    Zack CraftZack Craft16 dager siden
  • Name Idea Glizzo. It's self explanatory.

    Brandon GuevaraBrandon Guevara16 dager siden
  • You act like you can’t boost In bronze or silver

    Alec MackAlec Mack16 dager siden
  • how can i see my mmr like lethamyr in this video?

    Sr.LhamaSr.Lhama16 dager siden
  • parrett g like garrett g as a bird

    SimbolSimbol17 dager siden
  • You need jesus 1:00

    Aaron CraneAaron Crane17 dager siden
  • dcarbaby pic of dababy face on car

    Bryson WilliamsBryson Williams17 dager siden
  • Nah NRG=Not Really Good

    GroguGrogu17 dager siden
  • SubMyr-Your face pointing a gun to the oponent

    Marco DamiaiMarco Damiai17 dager siden
  • Name idea : John branchman

    FRAZIX_GFRAZIX_G17 dager siden
  • Flertzy, it’s mertzy but he is like goo-goo eyes for someone

    Weirdo ManManWeirdo ManMan17 dager siden
  • how are these gold 3 as a gold those arent the golds i play against they are my tm8 but never this are golds against me

    not skeltonnot skelton17 dager siden
  • Name idea musty in a garden

    Chloe RoseChloe Rose17 dager siden
  • "Free MarMar he innocent"- Tee grizzley. If you know you know 💯

    Santana SianezSantana Sianez17 dager siden
  • How about LethaDeer

    Master ChiefMaster Chief17 dager siden
  • why is he full sweating in a low rank game

    Exno SlayzzExno Slayzz17 dager siden
  • “Arsetylenol” arsenal on some tylenol

    ChrisYTChrisYT18 dager siden
  • Musty as a cow

    w yaw ya18 dager siden
  • first

    Superstamps 9Superstamps 918 dager siden
  • The fact he didn’t realise is the best

    Seb Campers (5WWI6)Seb Campers (5WWI6)18 dager siden
  • YEET amyr man yeets Leth

    macaroni Kinkongmacaroni Kinkong18 dager siden
  • Name idea Poolesskahn

    David MartinDavid Martin18 dager siden
  • It’s inflated so that if you were to lose the rest of the games you’d end up at the mmr of the people you’re playing with

    jenson goodsonjenson goodson18 dager siden
  • Arsemole... Arse-Mole... arse mole... arse. mole. Thank you and good night.

    Sean1LimaSean1Lima18 dager siden
  • The silver in the thumbnail technically isn't wrong, you are smurfing.

    FrostFireFrostFire18 dager siden
  • Okay hear me out ... sunless don , the don from the god father’s face on sunless’ body

    ThaDrenJrThaDrenJr18 dager siden
  • Sunlessfawn

    Bill RuhbergBill Ruhberg18 dager siden
  • Leth as a log

    AWAYKEN ClanAWAYKEN Clan18 dager siden
  • Name idea: Adustycow

    XD_TYLER_XDXD_TYLER_XD18 dager siden
  • joinstickman

    synpleticsynpletic18 dager siden
  • Rizzo fox

    Hz 13Hz 1318 dager siden
  • your cringe leth look at your thumbnail and your hating on the silvers. Thats kinda sad man

    gaybe hendersongaybe henderson18 dager siden
  • Ahhhhh I keep hearing 50/50 and I'm like "that's way too slow a term for a two car pinch". If that's official / accepted terminology, then I OBJECT! I just call them "jousts". One syllable instead of four :) Plus, you can definitely play jousting with different parts of your car to make it more (or less) in your favor, so 50/50 just feels wrong, too. There's also body blocking instead of going full joust to get a favorable upward bounce. So many legit jousting strats. OK imma stop typing now whoops

    ChocoIncognitoChocoIncognito18 dager siden
  • Lethamyrtle because you're a bot

    Liam HutflesLiam Hutfles18 dager siden
  • Chickemyr

    GxbeGxbe18 dager siden
  • Why golds werent so bad when i was a gold? They were much smarter

    DanWaitDanWait19 dager siden
  • FunlessYawn

    Ryanair BrikRyanair Brik19 dager siden
  • Congrats on 1m

    Raf The gamerRaf The gamer19 dager siden
  • lethajizz

    HoladipHoladip19 dager siden
  • y do you not going swat

    Raul CajcauriRaul Cajcauri19 dager siden
  • Leth and musty in one lusty

    Snipz YTSnipz YT19 dager siden
  • Name idea Squishybuffinz squishys face on a super buff dude

    Terra MasterTerra Master19 dager siden
  • Lethamyr:"We might need to throw, so we don´t get ranked too high." Also Lethamyr: Performs super clean Backboard clear, sending the ball so far into opponent field that every silver worlwide sweats immediately.

    AusLiebeZumSpielAusLiebeZumSpiel19 dager siden
  • 7:01 boost Nice

    Lockedtarget 33Lockedtarget 3319 dager siden
  • Sunless as a possum

    shoakshoak19 dager siden
  • A musty fowl with musty as a ref with a red card

    Kingden GamerKingden Gamer19 dager siden
  • * hist the Ball towards field* yeah thats very threatening

    _qubrix__qubrix_19 dager siden
  • A MICROSCOPE!!!????

    _qubrix__qubrix_19 dager siden
  • Name idea: amustymeow musty on a cute kitten

    DimRedDimRed19 dager siden
  • Arse mole is what I saw. Lmao.

    Nate BishopNate Bishop19 dager siden
  • StalinKhan? I don't think it requires an explication

    SlapSlap19 dager siden
  • Yo pulse has to hit andresc up bro

    Rohan TantepudiRohan Tantepudi19 dager siden
  • Donald fluump: fluump on Donald trump

    TheEvilBunny42TheEvilBunny4219 dager siden
  • I love how he talks like the tm8s do everything on purpose hahahahahahah❤️

    Dm3_MpepenlDm3_Mpepenl19 dager siden
  • Instead of squishy put stiffy idk

    VOID ShelbyVOID Shelby19 dager siden
  • Arsenal kinda look like dababy!

    Justn luvs uJustn luvs u19 dager siden
  • Name idea moisty musty drenched in water

    MasterCraftMasterCraft19 dager siden
  • My name idea Is CarrotG For the yt GarretG Sheeshhhhhh...

    BaconAnglinBaconAnglin19 dager siden
  • Cardinole would be cool

    EycoEyco19 dager siden
  • UberN3rD's Guide to Having Fun: Most of your best shots are own-goals :)

    UberN3rDUberN3rD19 dager siden