Grand Theft Auto “RP” hit different..

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  • When I got the notification I though his name was “Molest Pelican” I need some water

    JesterJesterMåned siden
    • Hydration is a requirement

      RovispudRovispud6 dager siden
    • Yes yes MOLEST PELICAN

      Cash BowmanCash Bowman15 dager siden
    • That’s an amazing comment 🤣

      Clickit- YTClickit- YT23 dager siden
    • @George MacCallum be careful you don’t wanna split another wound

      JesterJester25 dager siden
    • Bro I’m in hospital and I laughed so hard at this I split a wound💀💀

      George MacCallumGeorge MacCallum25 dager siden
  • Lulu thicc tho

    Ultimate IronbroUltimate Ironbro5 dager siden
  • please dont stop the gta rp content

  • It’s not good to make bomb jokes in airport

    Kaleb PartelloKaleb Partello7 dager siden
  • “He gave me the meth” pretty weak defense

    BlightBlight8 dager siden
  • We want the “boys, boys, boys” intro

    Harsh RanwaHarsh Ranwa8 dager siden
  • leave my girl alone

    Dustin VasquezDustin Vasquez9 dager siden
  • peli are u still my dad

    sextioniosextionio10 dager siden
  • This was very enjoyable content, as per usual.

    ItsStillPastaItsStillPasta11 dager siden
  • barry sounds like borat

    StultusStultus11 dager siden
  • First thing i witnessed was a pelican wjith a gtr and a rx7

    Oscar BallinasOscar Ballinas11 dager siden
  • wait can you do this on Xbox?

    traveechtraveech12 dager siden
  • If only i have gta 5 in steam huhu

    Blue 466Blue 46613 dager siden

    j-Desktopj-Desktop14 dager siden

    Ben dot comBen dot com15 dager siden
  • How do I play this lol 😆

    Highlander DadHighlander Dad15 dager siden
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Jamie FisherJamie Fisher18 dager siden
  • 10:59

    Daemion AdamsDaemion Adams20 dager siden
  • I pretended to have a heart attack and now I´m facing jail time! Thx. a lot!

    PokerNickPokerNick21 dag siden
  • Barry is a proper legend. We all need a Barry in our lives.

    cyberpokeycyberpokey22 dager siden
  • Need more This is amazing

    Rownen DeguaraRownen Deguara22 dager siden
  • I loved this

    Bob RodgersBob Rodgers22 dager siden
  • Damn man you turned on lulu?! She tried to save ur ass.

    bwcibwci25 dager siden
  • The chats between other players makes this way better than normal GTA

    Eric PercoskiEric Percoski25 dager siden
  • "Get in the car Geoff" oh my lord that sequence was insane

    SmeaGolluMartinSmeaGolluMartin25 dager siden
  • Barry would have folded that man☠👊🏽👅

    Cheeseboii69Cheeseboii6925 dager siden
  • One how do I join this role-play to please add me Webbmvp

    Frank HorriganFrank Horrigan26 dager siden

    RobloxBodycamsOfmallarstoneRobloxBodycamsOfmallarstone26 dager siden
  • Nice video :) you’re biker guy reminded me of Jax Teller from SOA :)

    TheeClarkTheeClark26 dager siden
  • Yo so one of my patients said that they wanted me to watch your channel?

    Lord TachankaLord Tachanka26 dager siden
  • mullet man lol

    Cheese ball gaming 47Cheese ball gaming 4727 dager siden
  • I need to get on to this! I don’t know if any one remembers the SA:MP That was the last time I played role play

    reddy92umdreddy92umd27 dager siden
  • 8:56 ey yo he dead

    Samuel SuchySamuel Suchy28 dager siden
  • When the sons of virgins get cancelled for being the “sons” of virgins rather than fluid offspring of binary individuals.

    Trevdawg mTrevdawg m28 dager siden
  • It pisses me off so much how butthurt they get like it’s a 2nd job but then again if they didn’t there wouldn’t be content like this so

    EpsaEpsa28 dager siden
  • When dealing with a sick (unhydrated) patient replace their blood bag with a bag of water and make them subscribe to modest pelican gaming to give it back

    Igo GamingIgo Gaming28 dager siden
  • What are you gonna do to people that won't drink water

    kermitkermit28 dager siden
  • id invite you to RetroM butt the one you are in looks way more populated

    J-BladeJ-Blade28 dager siden
  • Part 2 please

    silly sausagesilly sausage28 dager siden
  • Pls more

    Nathaniel RobbinsNathaniel Robbins29 dager siden
  • what sever is this

    Cutlus XCutlus X29 dager siden
  • How do you get on his RP server

    Greysen PolandGreysen Poland29 dager siden
  • More please.

    Cody MajorityCody Majority29 dager siden
  • Your a terrible criminal.... Calling the cops for help multiple times... Betraying your friend. Great content, though! 😂

    CharlesCharles29 dager siden
  • Do more of these mate, really funny 👍

    Harrison LoftusHarrison LoftusMåned siden
  • Papa peli I have a confession, I did the sin of premarital hand holding please guide with your hydration wisdom

    Pun CityPun CityMåned siden
  • Benny's "What the fuck" got to me so hard

    BaZZ GamezBaZZ GamezMåned siden
  • I like Barry’s response to when walking into the basement

    Phantom PlayzPhantom PlayzMåned siden
  • #hydrationnatiooon

    Eliot ElyEliot ElyMåned siden
  • Get your 69 e-girls and go to your magic church then see Pete and tell him that modest pelican uploaded because that really spreads the good word of my Channel

    MemeoltMemeoltMåned siden
  • I demand more Barry

    Ken DDYKen DDYMåned siden
  • A wise man once said-“Only when a mosquito lands on your testicles will you realize violence isn’t always the answer”

    Darth HuttDarth HuttMåned siden
  • snitch

    FiveM ShenanigansFiveM ShenanigansMåned siden
  • If you enjoy this video please become a judge and find everyone immediately guilty unless they subscribe to modest pelican as this really helps spread the good word of my channel

    Ollie MaleOllie MaleMåned siden
  • Which gta is this

    Random GamesRandom GamesMåned siden
  • Can you do a turorial on the graphics

    DadrifterDadrifterMåned siden
  • I enjoy your GTA videos just not the rp ones so pls can u do a normal one?

    Dick the catDick the catMåned siden
  • Bro, love that background music

    Ndzalo NgobeniNdzalo NgobeniMåned siden
  • Plz post another gta san Andreas video plz🥺

    zion 69zion 69Måned siden
  • Papa peli, where can I find your merch?? I’d like to rep my pelican pride

    John BrooksJohn BrooksMåned siden
  • 1:07 is that a ve commodore?

    idonthaveanameidonthaveanameMåned siden
  • You need to get lulu on the rebound

    V ZunigaV ZunigaMåned siden
  • I’ve been subscribed since I think 400k-800k subs

    Television 17 yearsTelevision 17 yearsMåned siden
  • why do i read the comments in his voice

    James McStrawJames McStrawMåned siden
  • Your lack of a proper uploading schedule makes me want to create dehydration.

    SM_worrellerSM_worrellerMåned siden
  • Hello modest pelican my friends never want to play gta so I was just wondering if I could join the sons of virgins I love to stay hydrated and I don’t love premarital hand holding as I am not a simp so in conclusion I would be honoured to join the sons of virgins if that’s ok with you

    Lochyb GamesLochyb GamesMåned siden
  • Now I'm addicted to water, great job mate

    Jude VincentJude VincentMåned siden
  • Ok I'm gonna do what's called "a gamer move"

    Call Me SlimCall Me SlimMåned siden
  • BRO how the fuck are you still making content about bs gta

    Eli REli RMåned siden
  • Can I join my name is the samson0798 btw stay hydrated kids

    Element DragonElement DragonMåned siden
  • Thank you for showing me the Christian ways I will now drown people in the modest pelican gamer bath holy water

    King_of _Florida2King_of _Florida2Måned siden
  • Stayin Hydrated?

    Stay HydratedStay HydratedMåned siden
  • The Lulu girl was actually a dude LMAO

    vSamv GamesvSamv GamesMåned siden
  • 28th K Like....!!!!!

    A JA JMåned siden
  • The devils rejects made one mistake They didn't kill him when they had the chance

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  • Broooooo, you did not just reply to my comment on tiktok! No way in heckkkkk!

    ItsYaBoyHDItsYaBoyHDMåned siden
  • hi

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  • Me missing a bunch of Vids.. “Facecam” WAIT A MINUTE

    Unknown-_-BSF_YTUnknown-_-BSF_YTMåned siden
  • I hear by think that he should start a Minecraft let’s play with the Lads and if I don’t get full credit then I’ll probably dehydrate all of the kids in my basement

    MikeAuxMidgetMikeAuxMidgetMåned siden
  • The Sons of Virgins will get Their REVENGE

    Gabe DiazGabe DiazMåned siden
  • love your vids

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  • I crippled a little kid with a shotgun and threw him in a pool to maximize hydration.

  • Barry is a legit legend

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  • Part 2 please

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    • this is like the 7th episode and all the others are on his 2nd channel

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  • I'm proud of my state our state bird is a pelican

    xd Stitchesxd StitchesMåned siden
  • pls buy pelicans and let them free so they can evolve as this really spreads the good word of my channel

    darf vaderjebaiterdarf vaderjebaiterMåned siden
  • Ngl that cop looks EXACTLY like my character lmao

    Jared Harper BeamJared Harper BeamMåned siden
  • 3:25 This is why we love Barry. That “Wat da phak?!” Was so on cue lool

    Agent PaintballAgent PaintballMåned siden
  • can you play some kiwi rp next?? I own a mafi family that I can get you in?????

    SidSidMåned siden
  • theres a scary man named billy anderson watch out for him

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  • Loved the rp stuff man

    SmokeyMcPuffnsSmokeyMcPuffnsMåned siden
  • Some thing no one else noticed was how modest pelicans intro is based off of sons of anarchy, they are sons of virgins and their logo is the same as the sons of anarchy logo

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