I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan

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  • おめこ 時計 lmao

    GraceSkateGraceSkate2 timer siden
  • 人と喋ってるときにたばこ吸ってるやん笑

    Shinyu TayaShinyu Taya2 timer siden
  • Very impressed you pulled this off. Congratulations

    N NN N3 timer siden
  • Oh.. Shit An Ex member of The Japanese Mafia

    Alpha Dragon QueenAlpha Dragon Queen4 timer siden
  • America has their own scary Tysons too.

    Riz FlunkiRiz Flunki7 timer siden
  • "I beat the guy half to death" ❤

    AndiAndi8 timer siden
  • why the ex- Yakuza member is exposing himself? Is it safe for him to do that?

    SuperCaterinaSuperCaterina9 timer siden
  • LOL

    MM9 timer siden
  • A lot of people In these comments don't seem to get the fact that respect Is a really big thing In japan and think he's scary or rude that he's asking for respect, like he showed respect to Joey so Joey should respect him. It's not got much to do with him being a former Yakuza.

    NullonosNullonos9 timer siden
  • Logan Paul was lucky he didn't encounter a Yakuza member when he was in Japan doing Logan Paul things.

    PIRATE王PIRATE王10 timer siden
  • Even without presumption of Yakuza affiliation, Tyson-san is easily THE most gangster looking Japanese guy Ive seen.

    Noise Continuum Rec.Noise Continuum Rec.10 timer siden
  • Of course he speaks Japanese, of course...

    D_ansD_ans12 timer siden
  • Why this interview feels like the yazuka member is more educated that the interviewer. He even abide basic japanese rules. What a shame for a japanese interviewer.

    jesus jericho sebastianjesus jericho sebastian15 timer siden
    • stop expecting joey to be some journalists of course he’s gonna make anime reference this is his channel

      Testo to EmaneTesto to Emane9 timer siden
  • he's like rude but super well mannered, street smarts on point damn this guys is so interesting

    Felipe PelaezFelipe Pelaez15 timer siden
  • Joey got schooled on manners real fast. Only 5 minutes in and I'm already like "you fucked up dressing like an idiot when you're dealing with this guy" lol Edit: I thought he was about to get his ass beat when he said "Yakuza lingo is so cool!" and Tyson calls him out on his bullshit.. I dunno how this guy still has all his teeth.

    DrHappyboneDrHappybone15 timer siden
  • why he cant cross his hands im wondering what is the meaning of that.

    DATDAT17 timer siden
    • i think he just claimed it’s disrespectful as if you’d completely ignore the conversation but maybe theres a deeper meaning

      Testo to EmaneTesto to Emane9 timer siden
  • wtf pri thi watch 17900 EUR

    amine akitoamine akito18 timer siden
  • gawd... i saw Tyson's face and i was scared... how you dare to tell him that? big pp dude!

    Marco LiraMarco Lira19 timer siden
  • hahaha, I like this interview. I mean he do a lot of red flag when interviewing that somehow disrespects the ex yakuza, but wth, he just wants to give us entertainment! :) two thumbs up to you bro!

    OneCreates OneDestroyOneCreates OneDestroy19 timer siden
  • I can truly feel the resolve emanating from Mr Tyson. I think this is the spirit that entices most people to the Yakuza culture. Thanks the the video.

    ZackAerithZackAerith21 time siden
  • Dude, you have not much social talent XD Why are you insulting the proudness of an ex-Yakuza member? You shouldnt have told him that he does not look intimidating. That's why he got more bossy afterwards

    Rubinski G. S.Rubinski G. S.21 time siden
    • @pog eren well, yes, in general, you can never be proud of something what you did not actively cause. But in reality we all have this proud in us, which makes us vulnarable and emotional. So, key is to know the values of your conversation partner to avoid conflicts. Joey was too nervous to focus on this aspect and made many mistakes, but still quickly compensated them with his fast and polite behavior. Is easy to judge from the couch, I know...

      Rubinski G. S.Rubinski G. S.18 timer siden
    • whats there to be proud of lol, being an ex gang member criminal, joey handled this well

      pog erenpog eren20 timer siden
  • He's scary 😂

    Wan Hamiz OzaiWan Hamiz Ozai23 timer siden
  • 17:37

    WelshieWelshie23 timer siden
  • tokyo manji gang lmaoo

  • he crap him self 99999 time i bet

    Evil_eyegaming dEvil_eyegaming dDag siden
  • 6:46 FACT

    Glyann AbarquezGlyann AbarquezDag siden

    Bibhudendu PandaBibhudendu PandaDag siden
  • idek what to say im just in awe. this video was amazing!! haha I love Tyson and all the things he said. thanks joey

    Lamin SmetsLamin SmetsDag siden
  • he's half shitting his pants and half trolling the yakuza member holy shit haaahahaha " I don't actually think it's cool. " HAHAAAHA

    sagesysagesyDag siden
  • Holy shit when he told Joey not to cross his arms i got literal chills. The awareness to body language is frightening. The guy has almost a sixth sense and his adherence to respectful posture proves his credentials in my eyes as a real former member of a criminal organization.

    Alex palmerAlex palmerDag siden
  • I feel like Tyson was a bit insulted by the Tatsu getup. Pretty sure you were close to death multiple times in this video.

    jslacsonjslacsonDag siden
  • Barely could get pass the Joey not introducing himself tantrum, because that's all it was, a childish tantrum. Anyone defending his unhinged behavior behind the "it's a different culture" should check other Yakuza and similar Japanese crime organizations videos and see what I'm talking about, I get Joey siding with his interviewee out of courtesy but there a plenty of testimonials from as rough or rougher backgrounds as Tyson that wouldn't be so mercurial and perhaps even take a joke like the dumb cosplay.

    Karlos P. CabelloKarlos P. CabelloDag siden
  • man you are too submissive, you need some chad energy

    Andrea FerraroAndrea FerraroDag siden
  • "all for the content"

    merusmerusDag siden
  • I’m wondering if Tyson felt disrespected by Joey because Joey didn’t dress up properly for the occasion like how Tyson put energy and effort into his appearance. I would be nervous too!! 😂

    Sage & PageSage & PageDag siden
  • Nobody is pointing it out but he got the math wrong. “I was in for 1 year and 4 months but I was supposed to be in for 11 months, I cause trouble so it got extended by 3”

    Joe JoeJoe JoeDag siden
  • some dudes I know in my middle school became yakuza members and they were pretty much nothing but just jerks lol like don't get it twisted man yakuza ain't justice the law is justice they ain't got no education nor brains so they be quick to throw fists with someone. 日本にヤクザは要りません🙅‍♂️

    ばえずばえずDag siden
  • The better title would have been: Mangaboy scared shitless by former yakuza member.

    SandmanSandmanDag siden
  • Real life yakuza meets weeb.

    KrampusKrampusDag siden
  • This guy forces you to be honest and serious throughout the entire conversation. Its like being in the Yakuza has termed him into a full time professional in all aspects of his life. I wish I could meet this guy in real life.

    Robert MackayRobert MackayDag siden
  • 12:16

    warmurwarmurDag siden
  • -sussy

    Warrior_KidWarrior_KidDag siden
  • I dont know why he is scared to sit next to him. You bump into so many people in your day to day life you never know if they are someone important, avarage or even a psycho killer.

    Gumba ChrisGumba ChrisDag siden
  • joey: ill flex on him with my anime cosplay joey 2min later .. okay bad idea

    lootmaster1337lootmaster1337Dag siden
  • The moment I would've forgotten to introduce myself and Tyson telling me that, would be the moment I died. XD

    Ice QueenIce QueenDag siden
  • Am I the only one who was waiting for him to wear the white and res suit?

    Armando JosèArmando JosèDag siden
  • He play in drama call "hakozume tatakau kouban joshi" as a cop 🤣

    toro torotoro toroDag siden
  • Tyson is from Fukuoka, right? He speaks Hakata-ben! hahah

    Rocco RizzottoRocco RizzottoDag siden
  • I subscribed as soon as I heard Led Zeppelin haha

    Lmr.ZeppsterLmr.ZeppsterDag siden
  • I dont think I can watch this beyond the part where Tyson called him out on not introducing himself lol. These are the kinds of people that normally don't take disrespect well, and while not intentional, it is a deviation from basic etiquette in the culture. Makes me feel like the whole thing is gonna be hostile and awkward after such a flounder

    Bill SmithBill SmithDag siden
  • nya

    Nurse__AkaliNurse__AkaliDag siden
  • dude never keep sunshades on when talking yo someone, it can be seen as rude even if you had no such intentions

    Zak ZakZak ZakDag siden
  • He picked up on the no name given, crossed arms, messy questions and foot fidgeting...Hmm was he trying to reasure Joey or give him a heart attack...can't decide

    Francesca M.Francesca M.Dag siden
  • Every time Joey laughs he gets this death stare from the yakuza guy, as if to say "keep laughing for 2 seconds longer and see what happens"

    Veng43Veng43Dag siden
  • I had the opportunity through an acquaintance to go out and hashigo with one of the managing class yakuza a couple months ago at one of the 4 or 5 bars he oversees through an acquaintance. To be honest, I never thought someone who isn’t 100% Japanese, clean cut with non visible tattoos would be that high up. Just really shows that people with a clear head and good business management skills & physical attributes can really work up the ladder.

    Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback]Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback]Dag siden
  • Joey mate your CC are fucked wants to teach voodoo , if you have facebook messenger i can send you the pics of what it was trying to say , i think its half french half Japanese

    Lincoln HodgeLincoln Hodge2 dager siden
  • 23:38 "Yakuza really keep up with the times" . His Statement about 3D printer weapons. just a modern high-tech company with its finger on the pulse :-)

    Ghost WriterGhost Writer2 dager siden
  • I was so scared when he told Joey not to cross his arms. I’ll never cross my arms in Japan now

    Jo-DJo-D2 dager siden
  • This reminds me of Jake Adelstein, who wrote a book on the Yakuza called Tokyo Vice. He had three superiors play Yakuza 3 to get their impression from it. They all agreed that Kiryu embodied the original spirit of the Yakuza that Tyson mentions: bend the strong and help the weak. From the interview: "Kiryu is the way yakuza used to be. We kept the streets clean. People liked us. We didn't bother ordinary citizens. We respected our bosses. Now, guys like that only exist in video games." They also pointed out that Kiryu dresses like a fucking idiot.

    MachintoshhaterMachintoshhater2 dager siden
  • jesus christ he only did middle school and has more manners than a lot of people

    IMI TFDXIMI TFDX2 dager siden
  • damn he pressed him hard to say his name. got my ass red all over the face just listening to him talk he look and sound scary af

    IMI TFDXIMI TFDX2 dager siden
  • 日本語ペラペラやな(笑)

    Delta 4orceDelta 4orce2 dager siden
  • he almost in danger when he introduce himself as a "immortal tatsu" lmao

    melxbearmelxbear2 dager siden
  • I read the comments before watching the video but I was still not prepared for Joey to be absolutely slaughtered like that LOLLL

    Yuvia MendozaYuvia Mendoza2 dager siden
  • Oof

    Ellie RahEllie Rah2 dager siden
  • Very good!

    Kamila RosińskaKamila Rosińska2 dager siden
  • He is letting you know you NEED YOUR MANNERS, SIR!!! lmao.

    Berrien LuciusBerrien Lucius2 dager siden
  • He forgot basic etiquette. When a former yakuza member has to reprimand you for it I'd be praying to what ever religious figure would listen.

    GhostGhost2 dager siden
  • Joey and aki might have to move after this

    William Bigwill86William Bigwill862 dager siden

    Pedro GPedro G2 dager siden
  • Joey is really lucky that this man was kind enough to finish the interview after being disrespected the whole time. Cringe

    Andrew KingeryAndrew Kingery2 dager siden
  • Hi, I am an italian living in one of the city mostly known for mafia. We call it Camorra. I find it very shocking you can go and interview a Yakuza like this, as they were common people. If you just even TRIED to get close to one of the mafia guy in my town, they would: 1. Deny it with a laugh 2. threat you; people around here just deny they know anything, because afraid to get killed. Mafia guys here do not do anything for society, unlike Yakuza - if I got it well - and they hold guns. They fight with guns, killing each other and even innocent on the street. I come from a quiet neighbour, but if you just go a little downtown, you would see a different reality. It is thrilling you can actually discuss with one of them. This dude seems kiiiiiiiinda nice; mafia guys here are known to be cruel and merciless. I cannot tell you specifically what they did to a kid, or I would hurt many people reading, but It is something above every pure evilness. No matter who you are, an innocent, a child, an old man, a woman, they will cut you out if you stand between them. Once I was a teenager and I was walking downtown with my best friend, she was a punk. Those kids started to mock her and push her, I pushed them back and they threatened me to call their brothers - intending they were into a "not good" family. And I was a petite girl XD those dudes are taught since kids to be like this.

    D GD G2 dager siden
  • Smh Joey really out here not introducing himself

    whipper snapperwhipper snapper2 dager siden
  • the name "tyson" itself is already intimidating

    JedJed2 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ this was hard to watch, You are the literal definition of a beta....get a sex change already, wow.

    Hellas BoyHellas Boy2 dager siden
  • I like how he taught Joey how to be polite while talking to people XD

    FlutterinFlutterin2 dager siden
  • Dang...Joey's leg is twitching hard. It's like it's telling him to GTFO XD. Of course it is to be expected considering his guest is a former yakuza that has admitted to beating someone half to death... So cant blame him for being nervous...

    Nikkei CanadajinNikkei Canadajin2 dager siden
  • Dawg

    Ophris KaishiOphris Kaishi2 dager siden
  • He has all his fingers, that means he was a good soldier

    Ledian XhyraLedian Xhyra2 dager siden
  • Don't cross your arms when talking to someone *my pops use to always say that too*

    a gengar with a sexy smilea gengar with a sexy smile2 dager siden
  • That dude straight up called joey a pussy, indirectly with the gift 💀💀.

    iPewPewUiPewPewU2 dager siden
  • why not take the glasses off??

    Manu KManu K2 dager siden
  • I just can't watch the vid... its really uncomfortable to watch

    Emanuel QuiñonesEmanuel Quiñones2 dager siden
  • 'Omeko' apparently means sexual intercourse. Indeed a very unique name for a watch brand.

    Partho SenPartho Sen2 dager siden
  • Producer: Uhh.. sir, smoking/vaping is not allowed on set Yakuza: *continues to vape while staring through the producer's soul* Producer: uhm.. carry on.. *gulp* Yakuza: *vapes for the rest of the show*

    MigzyQueMigzyQue2 dager siden
  • To avoid any awkward topic, Usually japanese use a Question card or a list regarding about Yakuza. I can't bare this awkwardness

    まくしえんMcshane•まくしえんMcshane•3 dager siden
  • I paused the video and took a moment of break.

    まくしえんMcshane•まくしえんMcshane•3 dager siden
  • A yakuza who take the conversation seriously and avoid any irrelevant topic

    まくしえんMcshane•まくしえんMcshane•3 dager siden
  • Damn, this is kinda... intimidating

    まくしえんMcshane•まくしえんMcshane•3 dager siden
  • Shockingly patient and tolerant of him to put up with your bs, very grateful for the interview.

    Drifter ZeroDrifter Zero3 dager siden
  • Waaaait, now I'm curious what Tyson does now. (Apart from the last bit Joey said 28:02) or maybe that's one of the off camera things he preferred not to share?

    edrickz101edrickz1013 dager siden
  • This clown was never even close to yakuza

    Naveen SNaveen S3 dager siden
    • How you know? You met the guy before

      a gengar with a sexy smilea gengar with a sexy smile2 dager siden
  • I feel like Joey could have done a little research other than just games and manga before this

    LakeBreezeLakeBreeze3 dager siden
  • He sounds like a very sharp person. He notices things a lot of people would miss or let slip.

    Michael MargonoMichael Margono3 dager siden
  • bro, i hope he is going to be OK, now he might be considerd a "snitch"

    adgemoadgemo3 dager siden
  • japan rules when talking to someone 1 dont be late 2 put both arms on table 3 only one topic 4 eye to contact 5 crossed arms not respectable ok thats what i can help a bit XD

    MrBrauzaグーグ MrBrauzaグーグ 3 dager siden