i played the pokémon theme song, but put way too much effort into the video

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hey guys i started working on this video in 2018 haha here's a tweet i made back then SethEverman/statu... this has been a long pain thanks for watching

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  • hey guys thank you for always supporting my videos even tho uhhh

    SethEvermanSethEvermanMåned siden
    • Wot

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    • Lol

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  • I miss my time in Pokémon Stadium :D

    NightfreezNightfreez10 timer siden
  • I can only hope to reach this level of fat pikachu

    LuminousMagicLuminousMagic11 timer siden
  • You are a living meme 🤣 ty

    Grey Code AssasinGrey Code Assasin20 timer siden
  • This man just artificially inflated the value of the fat Pikachu card for the sake of a video. What a legend.

    MishaFaceMishaFaceDag siden
  • Serious hoarding energy in this video. I love it.

    Oscar RussellOscar RussellDag siden
  • One of the greater entertainers of our time

    boRegahboRegahDag siden
  • Wtf Seth hahaha

    princelucisprincelucisDag siden
  • Ok but where can i buy all those cards? Asking for a friend

    E. PalloE. PalloDag siden
  • What if one of those is like ditto pikachu or something?

    KaseyJoesKaseyJoes2 dager siden
  • And now that Pikachu card Is worth more than any Charizard thanks to a bald guy named SethEverman (the bald Saitama hero). Great theme

    Mr RedMr Red2 dager siden
  • Damn now I want this in my playlists (please tell this is on Spotify)

    MikazukiMikazuki3 dager siden
  • Faaaaaat pika pika

    Super WizardSuper Wizard3 dager siden
  • This bring me back to my childhood and I love it

    Whimsicle The fireflyWhimsicle The firefly5 dager siden
  • Setheverman can u help me likes your a god at it

    Whimsicle The fireflyWhimsicle The firefly5 dager siden
  • Too many Pikachu's

    Mr. PopoMr. Popo5 dager siden
  • Fat Pikachu Be Like: FAT F**K!

    TyranitarTyranitar5 dager siden
  • Dat dude iz crazy

    MIDO2802MIDO28025 dager siden
  • This went harder than life's last curveball for me.

    lotusdragonjbhlotusdragonjbh5 dager siden
  • How many happy meals are now sad meals because of this. Jolly good show.

    Cordrell ColbertCordrell Colbert5 dager siden
  • His smile is brightly shiny.

    rizerurizeru5 dager siden
  • 0:40 ALL HAIL FAT PIKACHU! I AM NOT WORTHY OF THY PRESENCE, I AM NOT WORTH OF THY PRESENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roshan HayreRoshan Hayre6 dager siden
  • And that's how to ruin fat pikachu traffic

    T0myGamerT0myGamer6 dager siden
  • Damn, nice 5% roll on the pikachu

    Rebecca ConlonRebecca Conlon6 dager siden
  • Petition to make this the official Pokémon theme song, anyone?

    Pancho_BBXPancho_BBX6 dager siden
  • Someone needs to get this man the new fat gay pikachu card from this year.

    YokoChanNeYokoChanNe6 dager siden
  • That tambourine part was sick

    Nathan BurrisNathan Burris6 dager siden
  • No Pikachus were harmed in the making of this videos.

    HomesizzleHomesizzle7 dager siden
  • the absolute chad

    Cameron The NekoCameron The Neko7 dager siden
  • Nice Sea Foam

    fabulous_finnfabulous_finn7 dager siden
  • I truly enjoy listening to this

    Luca DrugliLuca Drugli7 dager siden
  • I have seen your cat for 1 second and I would die for him

    Sir PuffballSir Puffball7 dager siden
  • What in the Gods is he playing guitar on? Must have.

    Matt BaumannMatt Baumann7 dager siden
  • This is where the youtube money goes

    CalciferCalcifer7 dager siden
  • Holy. Fucking. Shit. Bra jobbat.

    Marcus KrolMarcus Krol7 dager siden
  • 50german pound dollar literally 70usd....for that many pieces of card...i wonder how much did he spend on this video

    981 Gaming981 Gaming7 dager siden
  • What about fat gay pikachu?

    TheRageBoiTheRageBoi7 dager siden
  • Gotta catch them all…

    Sergio RivasSergio Rivas7 dager siden
  • Cute cat

    Mr.BaseballMr.Baseball7 dager siden
  • This is the best cover I've ever heard

    BaylorwaveBaylorwave8 dager siden
  • This does puts a smile on my face

    Comedia:DComedia:D8 dager siden
  • posted may 10th, best birthday gift anyone got me

    Fadedglory343Fadedglory3438 dager siden
  • Phat Pikachu

    Олег ГрицакОлег Грицак8 dager siden
  • Darn 🔥

    Justin Seligius NgahiJustin Seligius Ngahi8 dager siden
  • fear the richest man of the pikachus

    DrFeast 3000DrFeast 30008 dager siden
  • How many Pikachus did you buy?

    x yx y9 dager siden
  • I want this to be the very best

    Tropical NayrTropical Nayr9 dager siden
  • Hmm

    RiftAtomRiftAtom9 dager siden
  • Fat pikachu :3

    UniQueLyEviLUniQueLyEviL9 dager siden
  • Just added this to my workout playlist

    John NolteJohn Nolte9 dager siden

    yoan bosnjakyoan bosnjak9 dager siden
  • Belongs in the Pokémon content hall of fame. Truly a masterpiece

    Noah InatsukaNoah Inatsuka9 dager siden
  • Having a deck filled with fat pikachu be like "oh no you defeated my pikachu! I guess I have no choice but to play PIKACHU!! OH NO YOU DEFEATED MY PIKACHU!!!..."

    ElementKingamingElementKingaming9 dager siden
  • Thanks I guess

    TheHandyGuyTheHandyGuy10 dager siden
  • Message from an secret organization: This video is from an alternate timeline where subject Too tall, big and bald A.K.A. SethEverman smiled and changed expressions.

    Satwik NeeliSatwik Neeli10 dager siden

    Gabriel the dudeGabriel the dude10 dager siden
  • He clearly likes it!!

    Scuba MooseScuba Moose10 dager siden
  • X D

    Mora TorinoMora Torino11 dager siden
  • 0:41 that damn smile

    LRFLRF11 dager siden
  • He even smiled! Calm down, man, don't overexert yourself, now!

    Akenani MenatseahAkenani Menatseah11 dager siden
  • The cat is sooooo cute 🥰

    EisteeEistee11 dager siden
  • I never knew Seth had a roli like dang

    JK JoshuaJK Joshua11 dager siden
  • Could you pretty please do the halo theme?

    TheCrazyOutdoorsTheCrazyOutdoors12 dager siden
  • This man works on a video for 3 years and gets only 3m views, SMH!!!!!!!!!!

    Firopense ✔️Firopense ✔️12 dager siden
  • Top rarest things on you tube 1. Seth everman smiling (1 on 1000000 videos) 2. Seth everman talking ( 1 in 100 videos)

    Sadeesha TantiriwattaSadeesha Tantiriwatta12 dager siden
  • Subbed

    Mr. CroasantMr. Croasant12 dager siden
  • 0:20 OH YEA WAYY

    Suka TebuSuka Tebu13 dager siden
  • I would kindly like a fat pikachu card

    Robert CheungRobert Cheung13 dager siden

    NiclasNiclas13 dager siden
  • *searches pikachu and goes to images* oh dear god...

    SquidyySquidyy13 dager siden
  • damn wasnt expecting it to be this good

    RikRik13 dager siden
  • fuckin beautiful

    Hunter AftonHunter Afton13 dager siden
  • Money well spent, kompis. 😂

    i_melonologyi_melonology14 dager siden
  • Oh hey, I have that same game boy and cartridge!

    LumyTheQueenLumyTheQueen14 dager siden
  • Does he know every instrument in existence!?

    r3tr0 h4ckzr3tr0 h4ckz14 dager siden
  • Does anyone know what kind of synth he was using (the all black one)

    nomycatnomycat14 dager siden
  • Seth flexing his Roli product

    Duckling ChiefDuckling Chief14 dager siden
  • this is art, what a masterpiece!

    Meh ehMeh eh15 dager siden
  • Step 1: Buy as much fat Pikachu Cards until their ultra rare Step 2: get rich

    crustySenpaicrustySenpai15 dager siden
  • This could be his best ever video

    MuziBytesMuziBytes15 dager siden
  • godsdammit

    AkeesaAkeesa15 dager siden
  • Total NILF.

    Mister MichaelMister Michael15 dager siden
  • Ronald

    Jumbo KazooieJumbo Kazooie16 dager siden
  • Finally, I found my way back to the normal part of NOcds.

    William ShreckengostWilliam Shreckengost16 dager siden
  • Something tells me he like fat pickachu...

    IrishIrish16 dager siden
  • pikachu is like cheese. no, not the color. "never enough of it"

    Doc MaggieDoc Maggie16 dager siden
  • I like how Seth didn't heart any comment here but his

    Vacc MakesVacc Makes16 dager siden
  • I used to have a Pikachu card like that until my dad destroyed my card collection.

    durkadur27durkadur2716 dager siden
  • Fat pickachew is best

    Space CadetSpace Cadet16 dager siden
  • I was just thinking to myself, what happened to the phone trick guy? I am not disappointed

    The WardogsThe Wardogs16 dager siden
  • #notmypikachu

    vknovkno16 dager siden
  • This is so cooked I love it.

    AlecAlec16 dager siden

    marquimarqui16 dager siden
  • Also... KITTY!!!

    Adrian WalkerAdrian Walker17 dager siden
  • you and NakeyJakey should hook up.

    Adrian WalkerAdrian Walker17 dager siden
  • Legendary

    Lieven HeirbautLieven Heirbaut17 dager siden
  • Is very good!

    KoSt1KoSt117 dager siden
  • Sein Leben muss hart sein

    Patrick NonamePatrick Noname17 dager siden
  • how can you not like fat pikachu, thats like the worst possible crime

    Nejc VrhovecNejc Vrhovec17 dager siden
  • What I see from this video ? A smart blad business man 🤣 This called Monopoly , From now on, if you want a " FAT Pikachu " you know who to call 😏

    Gavin GoogleGavin Google17 dager siden