I Play Geoguessr Again

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  • *I can’t believe he pronounced Leicester Square like that*

    Lydia SalmonLydia Salmon14 timer siden
  • It would be really cool if they had mountains in DC

    PPumpkin DukePPumpkin Duke14 timer siden
  • I just realised I’m very good it’s this bc I always guess the right country even though Cody don’t..

    Sigrid Lind HjetlandSigrid Lind HjetlandDag siden
  • me hearing 918 “hey that’s my area code!” cody saying “we were in tulsa” that’s literally where I live but i’ve never seen that walmart before.

    Mackenzy MurrayMackenzy MurrayDag siden
  • can we revoke Cody's Canadian citizenship if he becomes and american citizen? Something doesn't feel right about him having both...

    Jordanne MarieJordanne Marie2 dager siden
  • I’m from east Tennessee and it killed me when he couldn’t find “Seeverville”

    81812 dager siden
  • cody celebrating that hard after saying leicester that wrong (chefs kiss)

    nicolegendnicolegend3 dager siden
  • "leech ester square" what

    Alicia MayneAlicia Mayne4 dager siden
  • Leechester square 😐

    R DowR Dow4 dager siden
  • He really put Mount Rushmore in DC .. 1 a non mountainous area .. 2 a city

    Alexis PAlexis P4 dager siden
  • “It’s so humid out trees are DRIPPING” 💀

    Charlie GillerCharlie Giller5 dager siden
  • Cut your ahir

    Daredevil WrestlingDaredevil Wrestling5 dager siden
  • I live in washington state & CRYING that he thought mount Rushmore was in Washington. I didn't know where it was either though so

    BreezeBreeze5 dager siden
  • cody pronouncing Leicester square like that makes me uncomfortable

    natalienatalie5 dager siden
  • The ONLY reason I got Mount Rushmore is bc I got taken to Wyoming (Yellowstone) in an RV camping trip with my family FROM BOSTON when I was 14 for a MONTH LONG VACATION. honestly tho amazing time. Wish I could rewind time honestly. I didn’t know how lucky I was !!

    Nicole SNicole S6 dager siden
  • Sign: Knoxville 44 miles Cody: We are in Knoxville!

    Andrew JuglerAndrew Jugler6 dager siden
  • has Cody ACTUALLY travelled??? i feel like he's lying to himself.

    Simphiwe MabasoSimphiwe Mabaso6 dager siden
  • Cody: Where's Bristol? Me: *Cries in NASCAR fan*

    xRisingWolfxxRisingWolfx6 dager siden
  • Right before this video I literally turned my mattress around because the springs near the top of my mattress have been digging into my back at night lmao what are the odds the sponsor would be for a mattress company crazy

    MissMMissM6 dager siden
  • i thought cody was smart. i was wrong

    Josh CSJosh CS6 dager siden

    Musically LivMusically Liv7 dager siden
  • does anyone know where mount rushmore is ?????

    Calli RemillardCalli Remillard7 dager siden
  • 0:35 it’s still America????? He’s not wrong at all Canada is still America 🤦‍♂️

    SonnenmoserSonnenmoser7 dager siden
  • Video starts at 4:10

    Eliot NouwenEliot Nouwen7 dager siden
  • This guy loves South Carolina lmao

    FLOWZFLOWZ7 dager siden
  • The beginning of the mattress add was bright af. I was not prepared lol

    Adrian WilliamsAdrian Williams7 dager siden
  • woooooooow. first edmonton now mount rushmore?? we should kick you outta the north west

    Amanda McBeanAmanda McBean7 dager siden
  • it makes me happy when you don’t use Gods name in vein ❤️

    Tess LindermanTess Linderman8 dager siden
  • The 'leechester' takes me out

    a-yoa-yo8 dager siden
  • Hha

    M2campy CampM2campy Camp8 dager siden
  • coming from Australia, everywhere in the world looks like Australia

    Cordesk._.Cordesk._.8 dager siden
  • This was insanely funny

    Bully MadisonBully Madison8 dager siden
  • my mom said you look like brad pitt

    Olivia RossmanOlivia Rossman8 dager siden
  • the mexico guess sniped me

    leyna arroyoleyna arroyo8 dager siden
  • A South African yard is so recognisable

    Oyama PlatiOyama Plati9 dager siden
    • To myself, a South African

      Oyama PlatiOyama Plati9 dager siden
  • 11:50 immediately recognized that place and no it doesn’t involve call of duty

    DingDongDingDong9 dager siden
  • Maybe you should work on season 4 of real bros

    ChefChef9 dager siden
  • Washington lmaoooooo

    Will MoonWill Moon9 dager siden
  • Me: I’ve been to this Walmart I know I have Cody: oh we’re in tulsa Oklahoma Me: goes crazy!

    Madison BowmanMadison Bowman9 dager siden
  • Why the fuck did he put a his guess in a city for mount Rushmore a MOUNTAIN. Thing is he's terrible like Ludwig was at very start

    AntiadamAntiadam10 dager siden
  • I guessed the South Africa one right away because the house with barb wire when I went down there I saw a lot of that

    Malikai HillMalikai Hill10 dager siden
  • Bro really picked Washington DC for Mount Rushmore

    AaustinhhAaustinhh10 dager siden
  • Leechester made me cry thanks Cody

    maisie shepherdmaisie shepherd10 dager siden
  • why don’t u spoon kelsey 😭

    aly daileyaly dailey11 dager siden
  • I’ve literally been to that exact spot on the Grand Canyon!!! It’s where we got off the mules for a lunch break, it was like 13 years ago or so lol

    Matthew McGuireMatthew McGuire11 dager siden
  • How old is chili

    Riley LemireRiley Lemire11 dager siden
  • The way he pronounced Leicester Square as Lee-chester

    JNCraneJNCrane11 dager siden
  • i can't wait until him and kelsey have kids and their kids watch these vids

    Emma ArvoyEmma Arvoy12 dager siden
  • it's pronounced LESTER

    RoyaRoya12 dager siden
  • Petition to strip Cody of his US citizenship after not knowing where Mt Rushmore is

    Brooks McClintockBrooks McClintock12 dager siden
  • What happened to that guy at 12:58?

    Jameson McCuinJameson McCuin12 dager siden
  • ok but to be real him guessing the stony brook location was pretty good

    Jordan WilsonJordan Wilson12 dager siden

      Jordan WilsonJordan Wilson12 dager siden
  • If a normal truck is a 4x4, why on earth would a truck with 2 more wheels be a 3x3 lmfaoo

    Luke WilliamsLuke Williams12 dager siden
  • Giant mountain. ok. Big enough for four giant heads to be carved in it. Alright. so must be in the 100 square mile city state makes sense.

    aya salemaya salem12 dager siden
  • “lee chester square?!”

    Sarah CoetzeeSarah Coetzee12 dager siden
  • Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

    Bennett HarrisonBennett Harrison12 dager siden
  • Me watching as someone who was never taught geography in school.

    SoySoy BeansSoySoy Beans12 dager siden
  • Who else knew Piccadilly right off the start 😂

    Itz JuiceItz Juice12 dager siden
  • I didn't know Rushmore was in South Dakota until I moved to South Dakota

    Adip0cereAdip0cere13 dager siden
  • why did i know the south Africa one lol

    Sabrina WilliamsSabrina Williams13 dager siden
  • I live near stony Brook 😭

    Nick GeorgeNick George13 dager siden
  • “oWr i fink irm in nirobeE”

    idiotidiot13 dager siden
  • It's pronounced "Lester square" not "Lichesester square".

    Aneetah.B. RobertAneetah.B. Robert13 dager siden
  • just sayn 300 yards=3 football fields

    WandeReRWandeReR13 dager siden
  • scoate in plm webcamu ala ca nu inteleg engleza

    alex popaalex popa13 dager siden
  • I was about to roast cody for not knowing where Mount Rushmore is until I remembered he grew up in Canada (probably is better for it tbh) and the whole story of Mount Rushmore is fucked up anyway

    Faith EvolvingFaith Evolving13 dager siden
  • "leesher square" hahaha

    GDMSsamGDMSsam13 dager siden
  • He looks like a clash of clans wizard in casual clothes when he backs up

    SaggyP 3865SaggyP 386513 dager siden
  • “it’s so humid here our trees are melting” Cody pls tell me that was original

    ellen brooksellen brooks13 dager siden
  • I was literally saying Edmonton cause I’ve been there

    Feeley53Feeley5314 dager siden
  • Geo wizard is the only other person I’ve watched play this game, and the astounding difference in skill is fuckin amazing. I’d honestly be just as impatient and horrendous at the game as Cody but that doesn’t make the difference any less hilarious. Ps an edit, native Texan and def didn’t know where Mount Rushmore was

    noah4mannoah4man14 dager siden
  • Homie knows the exact place and picks Leicester Square

    L WyattL Wyatt14 dager siden
  • cody exactly where in washington d.c. would you expect to find a fucking mountain

    mya rowanmya rowan14 dager siden
  • Hey I got one right! I'm amazing! Also I was there before, but just focus on how I got it right.

    Michael #5679Michael #567915 dager siden

    EPTUSEPTUS15 dager siden
  • FUCK yeah I got the South Africa one. (I lived there for 6 months in my early teens and it had ~the vibe~)

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla Jefferson15 dager siden
  • my new biggest flex is that i know where mount rushmore is and cody doesnt.

    StreliiziaStreliizia15 dager siden
  • "Seever-ville".😁😁😁 It's pronounced "Suh-veer-ville". "Lee-chester".😵 Seriously? From my first comment, I'm assuming y'all know that I'm not only American, but from Tennessee. But even I know that it's pronounced "Lester-sher".

    Nayr EcitsujNayr Ecitsuj15 dager siden
    • I woulda said Lee-Chester Spell your names right Britain people

      Adip0cereAdip0cere13 dager siden
  • Recognizes mount Rushmore, zooms into Atlanta and then Baltimore

    Cassian BakerCassian Baker16 dager siden
  • The way you say WisCAWNsin 🤢🤢🤢

    JumpinJJumpinJ16 dager siden
  • the way he pronounced Leicester hurt my soul

    cataclysmic biscuitcataclysmic biscuit16 dager siden
  • Mount Rushmore is in the Marshlands of Maryland

    Bryce HoagBryce Hoag16 dager siden
  • I've driven through Sevierville and let me tell you- the only things you see for miles are grass, trees, mountains, and signs for Cherokee Trading Post.

    Lauren WolffisLauren Wolffis16 dager siden
  • where the fuck are the mountains in DC, cody?

    ashlyn phippsashlyn phipps16 dager siden
  • I live right next to Tulsa hills where it took you to in Tulsa wtf

    Henry ErdmannHenry Erdmann16 dager siden
  • "lee-chester square"

    Zoe VanderGastZoe VanderGast16 dager siden
  • 4:22 that looks like the place where heiter shot down the Dutch man in human centipede

    Daeva PathDaeva Path17 dager siden

    Avery StuhrAvery Stuhr17 dager siden

    Avery StuhrAvery Stuhr17 dager siden
  • Holy shit I got Tennessee right off the bat

    PlayerPlayer17 dager siden
  • Holy shit I live in sevierville!!!!!

    Maverick TrentMaverick Trent17 dager siden
    • @Den Den the saggy sumo *too

      Maverick TrentMaverick Trent17 dager siden

      Den Den the saggy sumoDen Den the saggy sumo17 dager siden
  • BRUH wait i literally passed that Cherokee trading post billboard last week Cody btw Sevierville was on the map right in front of you.

    Mary GordonMary Gordon17 dager siden
  • Cody’s bed head pisses me off

    The SprokeesThe Sprokees17 dager siden
  • 11:11 called it :)

    Han75Han7517 dager siden
  • A little disappointed he didn’t know Mount Rushmore was in South Dakota. Still a pretty impressive performance overall though.

    Spencer ReidSpencer Reid17 dager siden
  • look at the license plates

    Rowen ChapmanRowen Chapman18 dager siden
  • Don't ever buy a mattress in a box

    James NorthJames North18 dager siden
  • I’ve been to the exact first place TONS of times

    Kaley DixKaley Dix18 dager siden
  • I just played my first game and got within 3.7 km on the first try.

    JayDHDJayDHD19 dager siden
    • Next Round: 2 yards (near the Dodger's Stadium in LA)

      JayDHDJayDHD19 dager siden
    • Next Round: 25m

      JayDHDJayDHD19 dager siden
    • Next Round: It put me on the highway next to Sea World and I got it 19m away. I maxed out the game in two tries.

      JayDHDJayDHD19 dager siden
  • mount rushmore and zooms in on baltimore lmaooo

    ben tateben tate19 dager siden