I killed HALF of the Lobby with the BEST NEW META!! 🤯 (COD COLD WAR)

I killed HALF of the Lobby with the BEST NEW META!! 🤯 (COD COLD WAR)
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  • Bruh I wonder how much records Aidan owns

    Freeze_KipzyFreeze_Kipzy9 dager siden
  • Settings update plz

    Erik ToftErik Toft10 dager siden
  • The thumbnails and intros are all the same from everyone 😭😭😭

    Michael StillMichael Still11 dager siden
  • Bronze lobbie

    Jace .BJace .B12 dager siden
  • Does anybody know that operator and how to get it

    Sergio CuelloSergio Cuello13 dager siden
  • Professional NOcds Gamer who played with Nick Merccs and is in FAZE & he gets Bronze Lobbies how? Why am i in Diamond Lobbies and this kid plays against Bots? WarZone is done with all of these kids cheating the game

    tom stom s13 dager siden
  • This guy says that 27 isn’t that impressive that’s litterally higher than my pr

    Andrew ColemanAndrew Coleman14 dager siden
  • Aimbot?

    Johny DangJohny Dang14 dager siden
  • Hey Aydan i watch many of your videos but i am still asking my self the same question on and on how do you connect your PS4 controller to a pc (Warzone) Can someone pls show me how thank you

    Vivd SukVivd Suk15 dager siden
  • I wonder what that end game lobby sound like

    Solo DoloSolo Dolo16 dager siden
  • Bro like do u ever leave your chair???

    Benny_trippen21Benny_trippen2116 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me the outro song ?

    Sergiu OnisorSergiu Onisor19 dager siden
  • so savage!

    Chris CurtisChris Curtis19 dager siden
  • Now do it without that gay class

    Nacho LunaNacho Luna20 dager siden
  • Ma savyultras90?

    Giuseppe CasGiuseppe Cas20 dager siden
  • controller ftw

    biggat4biggat420 dager siden
  • This dudes movement makes me feel like a bot and I have a 2kd 😂😩

    TriikTriik20 dager siden
  • What? Walls. FOR SURE.

    Tam SalihTam Salih20 dager siden
  • missed armor satchel 4:55

    Marcos sanchezMarcos sanchez20 dager siden
  • bruh he was playing absolute trash cans... obvi hes amazing but these kids couldnt hit water if they fell off a boat

    sneezylou2sneezylou221 dag siden
  • my dawg aydan really nice no kizzy

    YETTYYETTY21 dag siden
  • ur just the best like thats it

    FaTaL AgeFaTaL Age21 dag siden
  • 7:09 no way you tapped and hit that dude

    James SnapeJames Snape21 dag siden
  • Aydan talks like a valley girl

    Jay QuitJay Quit21 dag siden
  • stfu aydan fatstard, bot lobby and controller

    BaseroBasero21 dag siden
  • Bro you are the best player in the world love ur videos

    mario armaniomario armanio21 dag siden
  • Props to the team mate too, greats coms

    Nathan BeckBodybuildingNathan BeckBodybuilding21 dag siden
  • Why does it look like he is cheating he shot a person through a tree in a car then he shot through the wall and killed a person

    Rapheal JohnsonRapheal Johnson21 dag siden
  • Bot lobby my lobby has no one on the uav with 60 people left when he pops it and sees everyone on the map with 20 people left

    Anthony ZaffutoAnthony Zaffuto22 dager siden
  • 🐐

    Ernest Frierson, Jr.Ernest Frierson, Jr.22 dager siden
  • Hacking 😂

    Ray LeachRay Leach22 dager siden
  • damnn

    Mootje MootjeMootje Mootje22 dager siden
  • Bravo you are good cheater

    Spartacus legendsSpartacus legends22 dager siden
  • The good webcam is back

    george nikasgeorge nikas22 dager siden
  • So the class is ?

    Leigh NicholasLeigh Nicholas22 dager siden
  • Aydan: proceeds to insta delete player with 9 bullets left on ffar with 100 ping. Me: proceed to empty entire ffar clip on enemy point blank 60 ping and still get killed.

    m4num4nu22 dager siden
  • What is the name of his operator?

    Dániel FrónaDániel Fróna22 dager siden
  • Jesus loves whoever reads this

    jcrxbsjcrxbs22 dager siden
  • Sbmm off now every youtuber is mega pro 44 kills in lobby where average kd is 0.40, nonone plays eu lobby cause they wouldn't be able to do 6-10 kills. Unsubscribed every yter when u found out they are playing in sud America, africa lobby so lame

    Dejan MajdandzicDejan Majdandzic22 dager siden
  • the lobby is full bot

    matteo fraticellimatteo fraticelli22 dager siden
  • Your relatable in so many ways bro. So happy too see how successful you've been the last three years. All the best for the future man you deserve it all

    Paul HannaPaul Hanna22 dager siden
  • Why are some youtubers putting ( Cold War ) as the game they're playing. Is it some kind of a promotion to the game, cuz they clearly are not playing CW.

    MothmanMothman22 dager siden
  • Outro Song?

    Kay DeeKay Dee22 dager siden
  • How can i get that skin of Woods?

    Xenviety_-xl -Xenviety_-xl -22 dager siden
  • one thing is actually legit skilled here and that is hiding hacks

    Dritan priftiDritan prifti22 dager siden
  • This Pad aimassist is so stupid.

    Aalkai FleischkäseAalkai Fleischkäse22 dager siden
  • What server are you playing in? You said that you have fiber internet but still at 100ms ping...

    Xeng KhangXeng Khang22 dager siden
  • Yeah...a lobby full of noobs,you are fake

    Omar SuiraOmar Suira22 dager siden
  • Hey aydan love the content keep it up but I have 1 question if this video is about the new mega why aren’t you showing the ffar build

    Raidercoop2Raidercoop222 dager siden
  • id give you a kith if i could!

    Tim MeinshausenTim Meinshausen22 dager siden
  • WTF 9 FFAR ROUNDS and 6 M16 ROUNDS…. and you destroyed a kid lol

    Zachary SundaraZachary Sundara23 dager siden
  • And the reason he was not streaming there for awhile is he got banned and it took him a while to get his new account back up to the level he was at when banned..

  • These guys acting like 105 latency is low lol I got charter. My latency is always around 30. On my Hotspot it's only in the 70s lol

    Justin MillsJustin Mills23 dager siden
  • half a bronze bot lobby >.< seems like this dude is know for bot lobbies almost every game he plays is bots xDD

    Macauley ParlatoMacauley Parlato23 dager siden
  • tas enfermo pa

    Juan ruizJuan ruiz23 dager siden
  • I swear your just like iferg for warzone but 2.0 version better.

    daDDy ChILldaDDy ChILl23 dager siden

    Ezaf_azazelEzaf_azazel23 dager siden
  • 6:55 how did he know There is someone behind.. the guy shoot with silencer

    Yunus EmreYunus Emre23 dager siden
    • Because he knew he was on the roof because of the shot. And its all about pre-aiming where people could be. Also you can hear how far away he is because of the guys footsteps

      CamelhairsCamelhairs22 dager siden
  • What happened to fortnite☹️

    T0xic SxpremeT0xic Sxpreme23 dager siden
  • This is a pretty “nooby” question but I’m just now getting into war zone.. so does war zone have Cold War movement or modern warfare’s movement ?

    OmniOmni23 dager siden
    • @Thee chosen1 I appreciate the replies. Ive been on apex for a year and trying to transition to warzone, it’s a big difference in every aspect between the 2 games.

      OmniOmni22 dager siden
    • @Thee chosen1 true the movement in cold war is ass. Modern Warfare is based alot more upon movement than cold war is.

      CamelhairsCamelhairs22 dager siden
    • It has modern warfare movement i wish Cold War had the same movement bc it kinda sucks

      Thee chosen1Thee chosen122 dager siden
  • Aydan: I use the M16 and FFAR Me:I use the kar98 and the gallantry (mac10)

    Joseph JonesJoseph Jones23 dager siden
    • Ok? Who asked?

      TheRat SuperiorTheRat Superior21 dag siden
  • cheater

    Gomi 87Gomi 8723 dager siden
  • That movement is crazy, we need a guide 🙏🏻

    Roymario GamingRoymario Gaming23 dager siden
  • You both have high pings because you put yourself in bot, foreign lobbys. i legit counted 20+ mil sim skins on top of several players running into walls with zero awareness. I promise you aint dropping these kills in my lobbys as me and my squad smoked your squad in a match a few weeks back. you only had 13 kills.

    L3git MercsL3git Mercs23 dager siden
  • You can think what you want or refuse, but I guess you already know why when u die you can't believe yourself and the opponents can play like they shoot in the lift oda ka 1-5 opponents can possibly not handle so well but with the time they also get better aba that many are like the others strange youtubers can no longer believe i like to watch your videos but please don't be offended it is what the ffar is so precise aimbot and but when you are playing yourself completely different says just dientruth, thank you Pls no comment‘n!!!!!

    Muhammed Ali YaylaMuhammed Ali Yayla23 dager siden
  • This kids incredible

    MELOdious GAMINGMELOdious GAMING23 dager siden
  • Nice vpn bro👊🏻😌

    Muhammed Ali YaylaMuhammed Ali Yayla23 dager siden
  • Bro everyone look @7:06 do you need more proof or what?

    Johnny Da Knif3Johnny Da Knif323 dager siden
  • Bro my Boi bodied you yesterday and clipped it on stream but good stuff man👍

    R Gaming&ThatR Gaming&That23 dager siden
  • cracked

    Znq_ViveZnq_Vive23 dager siden
  • Bronze lobby....

    József TompaJózsef Tompa23 dager siden
  • What are you using for your ffair

    King LiveKing Live23 dager siden
  • Literally gets reported every time he gets a kill every day

    Infernal GooseInfernal Goose23 dager siden
  • 11:09 Me: This kid is a pro.

    Bryant JacksonBryant Jackson23 dager siden
  • he killed half ot the bot lobby

  • Damn these people put down 250$ just to suck at the game

    SubChronic RiddimSubChronic Riddim23 dager siden
  • It would take me probably 12 rounds to get 40 kills, this is just insane

    LeadfootAerialsLeadfootAerials23 dager siden
  • Ffar build ?

    Dylan FosterDylan Foster23 dager siden
  • What’s this FFAR build??

    Ryan MadgeRyan Madge23 dager siden
  • At 4:00 did he run right through a dude?

    Christopher BraswellChristopher Braswell23 dager siden
  • That guy that had the plane in prison re-enacted 9/11

    ThatboiidariThatboiidari23 dager siden
  • it's the first time I've watched your video. you're amazing

    Ramses IgrokRamses Igrok23 dager siden
  • you should go outside for once dude jesus.

    KJD grupa 187KJD grupa 18723 dager siden
  • GG for your record in a bronze lobby 🤣 Give me your lobby and i make the same record, you can bet on it

    Sergio SchiavoSergio Schiavo23 dager siden
  • How did he see that guy on 7:30 luck wal banging or something shady ?

    ralph laenenralph laenen23 dager siden
  • Your so late kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Daboy ZAYYYDaboy ZAYYY23 dager siden
  • I would love to see how he plays in a EU lobby

    adeel sadiqadeel sadiq23 dager siden
    • @Andy Garcia EU lobbies are aggressive as fuck,do you even play in EU?

      PidrelasPidrelas18 dager siden
    • EU lovbies are easy, only problem is ping

      Andy GarciaAndy Garcia20 dager siden
  • legendary

    Mahmoud YassinMahmoud Yassin23 dager siden
  • Okay so basically he uses some kind of router that acts like a vpn to make him play through other servers, during the video he killed some of my friends that were playing on saudi server. Lobbies in saudi servers or countries like that are usually bronze lobbies, one sweaty squad or two and the rest of the lobby doesnt shoot back you’d be surprised at how easy it is compared to north america server u can push squads while being a solo and barely get shot back and thats how he managed to get 40 kills... during his stream he plays a few matches on regular north america server to show how sweaty they are and how normal his lobbies are and then he activates the vpn to change server and says “this is the lobby” while he could have it on the whole time and have “the lobby” everysingle game, when i was in saudi, the hardest lobby i ever got was gold lobby and they still sucked

    Abdulrahman Ahmed SeifAbdulrahman Ahmed Seif23 dager siden
    • Omg makes so much more sense now!!!

      Abdulrahman AlharbiAbdulrahman Alharbi23 dager siden
  • Aydan you are very good but try play EU server😂

    yesNikoyesNiko23 dager siden
  • This guys easily one of the best but you can just tell with the recoil patterns that he's using cronus when he really doesn't need it. Shame

    jiy frounksjiy frounks23 dager siden
  • You mean you killed half lobby with bots CHEATER!!!

    Kenn ich NichtKenn ich Nicht23 dager siden
  • n1 in this vpn noob lobbies... 101 ping..

    Adrian CasparAdrian Caspar23 dager siden
  • So when is half of 149 40 kills as he said he killed half of the lobby

    VesperVesper23 dager siden
  • hes clearly cheating 😭

    Jay brimJay brim23 dager siden
  • LOL "NEW" meta. Not exactly "NEW" anymore

    Michae7Michae723 dager siden
  • I want the ffar class setup

    Mr. hunterMr. hunter23 dager siden
  • Attachments used??

    Studio World JZStudio World JZ23 dager siden

    Ale domenzain tovarAle domenzain tovar23 dager siden
  • Aydan, we share a same name and you disgrace it. You have sat on your fat booty for too long. Video Games are boring after, say idk, 24/7. Get a life bro. Gaming is a losers career. There are some of us who work for what we have. And I mean, real work. Not games

    AIDAN_ELITE XAIDAN_ELITE X23 dager siden