How's That For An Identity... | Stephen Howson | Man City 0-2 Man United

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  • Howson Review / Patreon:

    Stretford PaddockStretford PaddockMåned siden
    • How many you had to drink Howson? Aguero? Never in a million years. Why? Another old injury prone player on big wages. We got Cavani who fits that bill and probably stay another year. He a City legend and himself wouldn't want to damage that legacy. This isn't a hargreaves or tevez trying to get one over there former club. It's going to be Haaland or similar stats type player.

      Matthew MatthewMatthew MatthewMåned siden
  • another mufc press release

    alex fountainalex fountain12 dager siden
  • This aged well

    Reece McArdleReece McArdle22 dager siden
  • Stephen these days looks like a old geezer that never gets excited ,too grumpy ,the smile form 3 years ago is gone

    Rock girlRock girl28 dager siden
  • Stephen these days looks like a old geezer that never gets excited ,too grumpy ,the smile form 3 years ago is gone

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu29 dager siden
  • Top class from martial today, done everything so well other than that one chance he should have finished. The ball sticks when it’s played to him and the attacks start from the

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytMåned siden
    • He last to Sheffield, and a lucky1-1 vs WBA.

      Rock girlRock girl28 dager siden
  • What boring defensive hang on football

    Berry DriverBerry DriverMåned siden
    • For everyone whose worried about Howsons Anti Martial agenda, remember he said Brandon Williams is hands down Clear of Luke Shaw 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu29 dager siden
  • starting to do my head in how howson is constantly referencing rio his relationship with rio. we get it lad.

    TheJofussTheJofussMåned siden
    • 😂😂

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytMåned siden
  • It sounds like Howson don't Know ball. United would not have won without Martial

    Mads HansenMads HansenMåned siden
  • Thanks for the review BUT I was REALLY looking forward to an Adam and Steve interview after this big win! I couldn't get through this... this low energy is better for a pre match analysis..

    Richard D'SouzaRichard D'SouzaMåned siden
  • Martial isnt a no9 ... hes lazy ... not a utd striker

    Pirate ArghPirate ArghMåned siden
  • I'd definitely get Aguero if we could!!!

    Luke GoatholdLuke GoatholdMåned siden
  • This takes a lot of beer and it lets it get to him. His hatred on shaw and martial is stupid

    franklin cassidyfranklin cassidyMåned siden
  • Spot on Steve, thought MOM should have been Shaw

    The Asylum T1aThe Asylum T1aMåned siden
  • Howson as an agenda against Anthony martial and Luke Shaw this guy guy is clueless brother knows nothing about football he only cares about passion.

    vivbo 112vivbo 112Måned siden
  • i actually came to here for the 'Howson's Martial Agenda' show & boy he didn't disappoint hahahahaha!

    ZizoureemZizoureemMåned siden
  • Signing Aguero would be payback for Teves but I highly doubt it would happen

    Harry HendersonHarry HendersonMåned siden
  • Ste is pretty blind and honestly annoying when even at such a game he still 'isnt impressed' man everyone has an opinion but obvious good performances are obvious, chill the fuck out

    Δelta Is goneΔelta Is goneMåned siden
  • Ste is borderline unwatchable lately with his ludicrous takes

    Praveen KrishnanPraveen KrishnanMåned siden
  • How much of that rum have you had Steve? I stopped watching this channel some time ago because I couldn't take anymore of your lack of objectivity and bias against Shaw. Hearing you say Martial didn't deserve MOTM today just makes you look incredibly inept at analysing a game for what it is. You're losing credibility here mate.

    Tawanda MawusheTawanda MawusheMåned siden
  • For everyone whose worried about Howsons Anti Martial agenda, remember he said Brandon Williams is hands down Clear of Luke Shaw 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    Russell NyoniRussell NyoniMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂 Ste saying he doesn’t see why almost everyone gave Anthony Martial Man of the Match is incredibly satisfying 😂 It’s ok to be a football thicko ste, keep the hate coming 😂😂😂

    Russell NyoniRussell NyoniMåned siden
  • Statsford Paddock

    Benji DanquahBenji DanquahMåned siden
  • High level tactical breakdown with the pint glasses hahaha well done lads. Think Fred deserves more credit when he plays in these types of games despite the amount of times he gives away possession. Against a top side like City players like him are needed I feel

    Jeremy BrakeJeremy BrakeMåned siden
  • Agree about Martial...played quite well but was never MOM as missed a great chance, loose a few times, etc. Perhaps glimpses of his last season self made Gary Nev want to give him a bit of confidence and call him MOM. Any of defence MOM really - prob' Shaw. McTominay was very good composure-wise. Fred loose (shock), Bruno worked hard and tidy on the ball - gave away 2 chances that he would normally make though. Rashford lively and not running up blind alleys quite as often. James superb doing what he was asked to do.

    M MM MMåned siden
  • McTominay didn't give the ball away "a lot"? He actually was very composed again in most circumstances

    M MM MMåned siden
  • Wasn't MOM or anything like that, but massive well done to Dan James. Offered a threat, very tidy on the ball, worked his socks off as ever. Very impressed today. p.s. yes I know (before anyone says!) we need better quality wise, but as a sub player if he can play like that he is a great option squad player

    M MM MMåned siden
  • Aguero isn’t happening

    Seán RalphSeán RalphMåned siden
  • Martial should have made it 3. That’s the thing.

    Fire DrakeFire DrakeMåned siden
  • The man of the match is definitely Luke Shaw. Any other is downright cheating.

    Bijay MallaBijay MallaMåned siden
  • One good thing a out shaw and everyone is praising him like no other player, never has reached the form prior to his leg break.

    Kamran KhanKamran KhanMåned siden
  • It absolutely does my head in how we can lok so legged and lacklustre in one match and then so solid, on the ball and eneretic in the next. What was that about us being bad against the top 6 and stronger against the mid/bottom table teams?

    Kasper PedersenKasper PedersenMåned siden
  • Btw, Lindelof didn't start in the 6-1 game

    Anant MehrotraAnant MehrotraMåned siden
  • I think not pressing their CBs was intentional. There are different styles of pressing lol

    orrin mooreorrin mooreMåned siden
  • Bitching about Martial straight off the bat 😂

    Kamran KhanKamran KhanMåned siden
  • I can't believe Ste just say what i was thinking yesterday too. If they dont want Aguero anymore we should go and get him

    E'sE'sMåned siden
  • Imagine if Rashford or Cavani put in that Martial performance fuck me wouldn’t hear the end of it from Howson, if you don’t rate him that’s your opinion but not recognising when he plays well is just childish

    Spencer MorganSpencer MorganMåned siden
  • Aguero ? Great

    subbu nairsubbu nairMåned siden
  • Awful analysis - CLEARLY Maguire is a Rum and Coke and Lindelof is a can of Heineken. And as for Fred, he's more of a half-pint glass :')

    Liam AllenLiam AllenMåned siden
  • This Baggers guy is literally just there to agree with everything Howson says 😂

    JavJavMåned siden
  • Howson just annoyed that Shaw is a bit big but can still run like the wind and he can't. Get over it. Stop the hate. He's been on his case since Shaw was pictured holding a pint years ago.

    nishantabrahamnishantabrahamMåned siden
  • Don't know what Howson was watching. I'm not a Martial fan and think we should sell him in the summer but he was easily the best of the front 3. Rash was easily the worst, incredibly wasteful once again. James was ok I thought, did the basics well.

    Sho RahmanSho RahmanMåned siden
  • Agenda Howson

    RavensclawedRavensclawedMåned siden
  • I can guarantee that if you were to go off stats Bruno would look like the worst player in the league. Pretty sure he’s top end for giving the ball away in almost every game. But you watch the game with your eyes, not with your pencil

    WarrenJengaWarrenJengaMåned siden
  • Cavani is showing only having 1 player with decent movement vs a low block is pointless, you need 3/4 dragging players out of position and working together

    Duncan ClowesDuncan ClowesMåned siden
  • Less Howson, more Mckola please

    Hossam AbouzeidHossam AbouzeidMåned siden
  • Martial made incredible runs and movement which unsettled the city defence. Ste doesn't watch matches. Stat prat😂

    Brian PedronBrian PedronMåned siden
  • Tbf I agree with the point about Tony. If he scored that chance then I’d fully back him been motm

    MexicanCarWashMexicanCarWashMåned siden
  • I beg Howson uses glasses and cups whenever he talks about the shape of the team

    Barry From stockportBarry From stockportMåned siden
  • Martial was immense. Incredible holdup play and decent runs. If he put it away on that gift we would be calling it an absolute masterclass.

    Gershom TanGershom TanMåned siden
  • great win martial was back to what he can do today hopefully he can kick on

    David StockwellDavid StockwellMåned siden
  • Winning the title with Rangers while Celtic have collapsed is no more of a feat than winning the Norwegian title with mid table Molde. Change my mind.

    S.S.Måned siden
  • We have an injury striken cavani and howson wants us to buy Kun.

    Barry BlackBarry BlackMåned siden
  • *Howson* to *Shaw* *=* *Souness* to *Pogba*

    Jamie SimmsJamie SimmsMåned siden
  • Beating city is great but we are gonna finish 20 points behind them at the end of the season. Where's the progress?

    Sudeep PednekarSudeep PednekarMåned siden
  • They must've asked AWB to empty his pockets leaving the Etihad ....sterling was missing on the right hand side thanks to his defending. Southgate is mad if he doesn't rate him.

    beefybreakerbeefybreakerMåned siden
  • I was thinking that about Aguero. He would have buried their chances yesterday. We owe them for Tevez too!

    peejay88peejay88Måned siden
  • Can we have a show on the Liverpool subject you were about to go deep in

    twaldytwaldyMåned siden
  • Where are you watching player stats from the game? GGMU

    Rasmus HøjRasmus HøjMåned siden
  • I’m not a United fan but ste doesn’t have a clue about football everything is stats and more stats and he has weird agenda’s such as against luke shaw and he won’t back down from them. Also he has never watched la liga because elche and getafe aren’t anywhere near league 2 level, they give most teams in the bottom half a good game and even beat some of them just like the bottom prem sides beat other midtable teams in the prem

    Sean McMahonSean McMahonMåned siden
  • I agree, I thought I was going mad when I heard people say martial was good today. Lost it loads still, looked lazy. Only decent was he won it 2 times on half way line. Pundits give MOTM and everyone jumps on the band waggon saying how good he was

    mine jakmine jakMåned siden
  • Martial pulled a performance when he needed it most last night, happy days. woke up this morning feeling fine

    Big DuskyBig DuskyMåned siden
  • I feel lik Henderson should be number 1 now until end of season..the most important part of the season really..this way you get to see if he truly is our new number 1

    Rav HiraniRav HiraniMåned siden
  • Small team mentality.stop telling us about has evolved.stop living in the past...when Jose was playing like this we wanted his head.keep the same team at the moment wins anything without being dominant on the ball.don't fool urselves.

    kimane sefakonyanakimane sefakonyanaMåned siden
  • Stephen does not know ball if he still hasnt seen that martial is better than rashford on the ball.. Used to rate the guy's opinion.but now im woke.

    kimane sefakonyanakimane sefakonyanaMåned siden
  • Mr. Howson, after the "Martial didn't do enough" line, trust me, you have lost your credibility. What tactical analysis are you doing with the glasses when you don't even understand the game. Your agenda against our own players Shaw and Martial is actually weaker than you EGO. Your agenda can be quashed but not your ego. I started watching this channel because other channels were overeactionary and agenda-based but you are no different. You ain't the KING and you are clueless. Get out.

    Tejas VenkateshTejas VenkateshMåned siden
  • They have just won the Derby you KNOB. Martial gets MOTD off a variety of pundits, scholes, Neville oh yes and his manager. Yet the armchair howson says martial was poor. Stop playing FIFA and grow up.

    Bez M30Bez M30Måned siden
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Stretford PaddockStretford PaddockMåned siden
  • I think martial is our false 9 , great linkup and hold up play

    Amin ZaharimAmin ZaharimMåned siden
  • So Adam was right after all, 21 was coming, just not in the way we thought.

    Shaheen JohnsonShaheen JohnsonMåned siden
  • Yet again another armchair United. Never been seen at OT or away games.......bullshit stats as ever.....week in week out you change your ethos in the reds.

    Bez M30Bez M30Måned siden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Stretford PaddockStretford PaddockMåned siden
  • How do you watch that game and not rate martials performance ?? He was our best player after Luke Shaw

    Ryan EvansRyan EvansMåned siden
  • I thought Martial was okay but Dan James was brilliant. accurate passing under pressure good press and kept making run after run both to stretch them and defend

    EyosiasEyosiasMåned siden
  • I thought the aguero thing today with him sitting on the bench looking sad

    Dean ThomsonDean ThomsonMåned siden
  • I remember Mr howson always running Shaw down. It's great to see massive egg on his face because Shaw is different class. Best in the league.

    andrew johnsonandrew johnsonMåned siden
  • Finish was just decent and the link up play with Rashford wasn't good? I'm done lol, Ste is losing it with his agenda.

    Marlon Kirk FernandesMarlon Kirk FernandesMåned siden
  • Why is Stephen Howson wearing 2 watches??? I have seen him wear them in a few videos 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    sumet khadgisumet khadgiMåned siden
    • Think one might be a Fitbit watch

      Mike FischerMike FischerMåned siden
  • All those who are shitting on fred or mctominay, must know That both these guys kept de bruyne and gundogan off the bay

  • Howson is an embarrassment to our fanbase

    Rob TippleRob TippleMåned siden
  • Howson’s Martial agenda is real. We literally control that game because of... 1. That penalty 2. The hold up play from #9 Come on man...... you can’t be so blinded by “identity” that’s all in your head mate. Yeah, bro you have nurtured close contact at Old Trafford, but we’ve all played the game buddy. You are almost looking mental with that “agenda”

    D. BujD. BujMåned siden
  • Yeah getting tired of Steve now. Its good that this channel has other objective people to listen to.

    Anup KhanalAnup KhanalMåned siden
  • luke shaw de gea and martial out

    elvis odhiamboelvis odhiamboMåned siden
  • Lindelof didnt play in the 1-6 humiliation against Spurs.

    Rainizaz Mohd RazaliRainizaz Mohd RazaliMåned siden
  • Martial on the transition was very good which was clear to see. He attracts so much attention as a number 9 which allows for other players to have more space. Martial doesn’t do what a typical number 9 does but he makes up for it by his link up play.

    That Fake American DudeThat Fake American DudeMåned siden
  • Lmfao..... congrats guys on winning the we stopped man city winning streak trophy 🏆

  • Genuine question - is Ste a Cancerian? Coz once he gets hold of something he just CANNOT let it go!

    A JA JMåned siden
  • Martial is really good when we play counter attack. Needs to figure out how to play when we have possession.

    zibeddyzibeddyMåned siden
  • Loving the 3d tactical analysis technology

    C TBC TBMåned siden
  • There's no coincidence that Henderson starts and the defenders play well. Henderson communicates and dictates to the defenders better than de gae, plus he is more commanding of his area putting the defenders at ease as they know they can trust him 👍🏻

    ziganzag1ziganzag1Måned siden
  • Would be much better to scrutinise the stats tonight (off camera) and give us the relevant stats tomorrow. All for an emotional response video to the game tonight but I hate seeing people on their phones while people are talking

    James SteadJames SteadMåned siden
  • We need someone with the tenacity of Fred but a more intelligent and composed one on the ball after the ball is won back and can play through the press and get out of tight positions and get out attackers going more quicker. Fred is some player BUT the sloppiness is not worth the risk. We’re not always going to be lucky. Thank goodness we didn’t get to pay for any of the passes he gave a way time and again. It’s so annoying. Places Ed Woodward. Bring out the money and go get Dennis Zakaria.👌🏾💯

    Oneil ForsehOneil ForsehMåned siden
  • On debt.... Don't forget, they got the club basically for free, the club had on the books, a development fund account which had just over 800m for expansion and redevelopment.... then pocketed the whole lot.... easy..... near 150-200m .... It's quite upsetting..

    FC United ForeverFC United ForeverMåned siden
  • Steve's pissed..his voice keeps times hes almost shouting..

    Karl ElphickKarl ElphickMåned siden
    • he’s drunk

      blue edmondsblue edmondsMåned siden
  • Hopefully MU can build on this win for the rest of the season

    Frank RybickiFrank RybickiMåned siden
  • Where was this performance in the last 4 or 5 games when we needed it?

    orangemountainorangemountainMåned siden
  • Cheeeers 🍻🍻

    S I C A R I OS I C A R I OMåned siden
  • Robson, Ince and Keane were not holding midfielders they were box to box midfielders!!!

    Chris LeeChris LeeMåned siden
  • We won because of tactics of ole. We defend well and attack football. But we can't win Premier league

    Ahmed MohammedAhmed MohammedMåned siden
  • Imagine if fred was more compose and could pass the ball and score goals think he would be world class

    Micheal WattMicheal WattMåned siden
  • Missed you Howson. No one else talks football knowledge like yourself

    Connor MossConnor MossMåned siden
  • Howsons agenda against certain players like Shaw and martial is making the Stretford Paddock hard to watch.

    usman chaudhryusman chaudhryMåned siden