HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!

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WARNING: for horse!

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    VivziepopVivziepopMåned siden
    • I'm patient but when will episode 6 come out next week 2 weeks 3 weeks hopefully it will be in the next months or so

      Zane LuevanoZane Luevano2 dager siden
    • Is there gonna be anymore episodes?

      Braxton ForbesBraxton Forbes10 dager siden
    • E

      Random FanRandom Fan15 dager siden
    • It’s A Norman Reedus No it’s a Darrel NO ITS STRIKER

      Hellhound _17Hellhound _17Måned siden
    • Just wanted to say you are doing awesome with the animation

      PokemaniacPokemaniacMåned siden
  • I love y'all's animation style

    Will BeckerWill Becker24 minutter siden
  • Can we just appreciate that blitzø took a hot second to just say that Stolas was just his key to earth. sure he's using stolas but I have a feeling blitzø will develop feelings for stolas

    LuCiFeR 408LuCiFeR 408Time siden
  • Dawm blitz is actually strong as shit and so is moxie new respects man new respects.

    Thechubbyneko-meowThechubbyneko-meowTime siden

    Mariah ScarboroughMariah ScarboroughTime siden
  • Best animated series I’ve seen on NOcds

    Jon KazamaJon Kazama2 timer siden
  • Do I hear blitz purr when he drops down from the celing?

    luke klymshynluke klymshyn4 timer siden
  • 1:26 ...XD me basically if I found something more fun to do

    Dãrk PúffDãrk Púff4 timer siden
  • Crazy how Invader Zim gotta job like that.

    Amir the Cultivated CommuterAmir the Cultivated Commuter4 timer siden
  • Bazinga

    Average star wars enjoyerAverage star wars enjoyer5 timer siden
  • Whatever happened to the Hazbin hotel episodes? I'm curious to see what's gonna happen

    Shockwave 4209Shockwave 42095 timer siden
  • So, like, is Stola the top or bottom now?

    M_ StyxM_ Styx5 timer siden
  • 11:29 striker's reflection DD=

    Sara HathatSara Hathat6 timer siden
  • Te mueres poco a poco Vivzi Jajajajaj sorry :) Pero es a verdad

    JustinReyes 911JustinReyes 9116 timer siden
  • Vivziepop when is this sixth episode of Helluva Boss?

    Podpułkownik SpielbergerPodpułkownik Spielberger6 timer siden
  • Wut happiness wen they die in hell

    Cake Boy. 2Cake Boy. 27 timer siden
  • "I like you people!" -Blitzo, 2021

    SSBkb24ndCBrbm93IHdobyBJIGFtSSBkb24ndCBrbm93IHdobyBJIGFt7 timer siden
  • I didn’t know Millie could be so savage dog dang

    Zj Zj,s worldZj Zj,s world7 timer siden
  • Porque tuviste que hacer eso??

    José carlos GarcíaJosé carlos García7 timer siden
  • I absolutely love this

    Lover boy OppsLover boy Opps7 timer siden
  • For those of you people who are commenting about Vivian being the main cause of Scott’s retirement, what about what the LGBTQ+ community did to him. They were all, as a political group, attacking Scott and you all want to cancel Vivian for going along with the herd? The real villain of Scott’s life is most definitely the LGBTQ community for discriminating against him for his political beliefs, not Vivian. Also, I haven’t found her comment that she allegedly doxxed Scott with, does anyone know what part of that was doxxing Scott?

    Alvaro GarciaAlvaro Garcia7 timer siden
    • @Athina Kokinis 。 somehow I’m not surprised by that fact, but if when you say “she was in favor of doxxing” is that what her comment said or meant, because it doesn’t sound like direct doxxing, it sounds more like how Scott supported conservative people rather than inciting it; he supported them to make changes for the greater good, but doesn’t support their views on the LGBTQ+ community. Vivian wanted to stop the hate towards the community, but I don’t think she was given the full story, or the LGBTQ+ community told her the story first, painting Scott as a homophobe(which he isn’t). All in all, it still seems that the LGBTQ+ community is still the main cause for Scott’s retirement.

      Alvaro GarciaAlvaro Garcia5 timer siden
    • she deleted the comment, "she was in favor of doxxing Scott".

      Athina Kokinis 。Athina Kokinis 。6 timer siden
  • Youre probably sick of reading this comment but... Where is Hazbin hotel?????????????????????? I miss Angel Dust:(

    The Foxy RiderThe Foxy Rider7 timer siden
  • wow i really enjoy your helluva boss cartoon it's amazing keep it up girl.

    Christian Steven GuzmánChristian Steven Guzmán7 timer siden
  • Why haven't there been any hazbin hotel episodes

    lemony anemonelemony anemone8 timer siden
  • I had no idea that was norman reedus as striker 😱😱😱

    Cam RyderCam Ryder8 timer siden
  • Oh welp plot twist his “wife” wants him dead

    Cherry -DemonCherry -Demon8 timer siden
  • What goes around comes around 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Ty HandsomTy Handsom8 timer siden
  • please make more :(

    Caleb williamsCaleb williams9 timer siden
  • When is rhe next episode coming😭

    Gon freccesGon frecces9 timer siden
  • WeOw He Nodded!

    [★$ñøwy_$tãr★][★$ñøwy_$tãr★]9 timer siden
  • Saludos desde México

    CHARLY_BOYCHARLY_BOY10 timer siden
  • Buen trabajo Vivienne, de hecho ya estoy esperando por el siguiente capítulo e incluso ya hay un doblaje en español, dejare su canal aquí por si lo quieren visitar. Canal: nocds.info/list/s82QD2JKasM9ILM9N-A2IA Piloto: nocds.info/border/video/X6yEYXyma35lmpw Capítulo 1: nocds.info/border/video/pM-ma6aIf6aTaaU Capítulo 2: nocds.info/border/video/l6-gq5Kianh7i7E Capítulo 3: nocds.info/border/video/ZsytqGmAZoyIZKk Capítulo 4: nocds.info/border/video/e5udhHyJq4Oigr0 Capítulo 5: nocds.info/border/video/mLaoiHt7ooGBedM Espero y les guste a todos.

    CHARLY_BOYCHARLY_BOY10 timer siden
  • Give us more episodess we wait 1 month

    Big cat YesBig cat Yes10 timer siden

    ❤️⚜️♠️ Mister Mafia ♠️⚜️❤️❤️⚜️♠️ Mister Mafia ♠️⚜️❤️11 timer siden
  • Aquí la que alentó a la funa de Scott Cawton

    Elias de jesus Rosario MaldonadoElias de jesus Rosario Maldonado12 timer siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/mMmGq3-onpyMZdM

    Bryan CastroBryan Castro12 timer siden
  • Scott > you

    Akizuki TakanatoAkizuki Takanato12 timer siden
  • This is why i like doom guy

    GoldenBlade8942GoldenBlade894213 timer siden
  • Se puede saber que le hizo Scott para que está tipa vaya y aliente al Hate y la cancelación que se hizo?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Vaya tipa más desagradable!!

    MizutoryMizutory13 timer siden
    • If I may point out, Between getting after a single Individual and a group of people who have done worse than what Vivziepop did, which one of these two had a worse impact on Scott’s life and mentality

      Alvaro GarciaAlvaro Garcia7 timer siden
    • @Mizutory Yeah!

      Lulu_remzLulu_remz11 timer siden
    • @Lulu_remz Exactly!! That's why you should ask her!!

      MizutoryMizutory11 timer siden
    • What does Scott have to do with this show? Get over it.

      Lulu_remzLulu_remz12 timer siden
  • What does Scott have to do with this show? 😭

    Alastor RadiAlastor Radi14 timer siden
    • @Reese Reality is often disappointing and reality hit her for playing stupid games.

      Just a CrabJust a Crab2 timer siden
    • Nothing. FNAF fan brats are harassing Vivzie, assuming she was the reason their “precious” Scott retired. When all she did was give an opinion.

      ReeseReese9 timer siden
    • nothing

      SaM_THRSaM_THR12 timer siden
  • I cant wait for ep 6

    xx\blitch•the•demon∆xx\blitch•the•demon∆14 timer siden
  • I believe this is a good movie

    dragon swag ninjadragon swag ninja15 timer siden
  • Striker is a great villian he is so hateable

    Gustavo RibeiroGustavo Ribeiro15 timer siden
  • Is there a season 2 or am I blind

    Pastel MystシPastel Mystシ15 timer siden
    • @SaM_THR ight

      Pastel MystシPastel Mystシ12 timer siden
    • na we only have 5 episodes + the pilot

      SaM_THRSaM_THR12 timer siden

    Jules LaporteJules Laporte16 timer siden
  • “Rip and tear until it is done”

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer16 timer siden
  • I can’t tell you how awesome this series is. The animating is flawless!

    Bush ViperBush Viper17 timer siden
  • This dude is rattle snake Jake in demon form

    Lisha WhiteLisha White17 timer siden
  • 4:09 he really loves horses doesn't he

    Sailor MoonSailor Moon17 timer siden
  • I freaking love the owl demon!! Uuughhh. Favorite character!

    Janelle WeedJanelle Weed18 timer siden

    Bobabeamgacha 101Bobabeamgacha 10118 timer siden
  • "Imm bread chuckle fucks" Me: My friend said "Beep Beep Chuckle fuck" once but it is a reference to this?

    Kermit the maniacKermit the maniac19 timer siden
  • Hehe I have an idea who to overpower next

    Corrupt BoyfriendCorrupt Boyfriend20 timer siden
  • Come home please helluva boss

    Nick The lucky kidNick The lucky kid20 timer siden
  • That “WHAT THE FUCK” tho 9:09

    MehItWorksMehItWorks21 time siden
  • More fucking content please or Hazbin Hotel ok shit I love this show

    MehItWorksMehItWorks21 time siden
    • Be patient😭

      Alastor RadiAlastor Radi14 timer siden
  • 0:55, didn't Blitzø run 3 rings to wrath with Verosika's car?

    dignadice nadine eunicedignadice nadine eunice21 time siden
  • I’m still waiting for ep 2 of hazbin hotel

    NaRuTo UcHiHaNaRuTo UcHiHa22 timer siden
  • Anyone else feel that striker and Blitzo - odd as it seems- seem to have some chemistry?

    Nick LaSalaNick LaSala22 timer siden

    fireballfireball22 timer siden
  • I just realized that Blitzø's lighter has an eye on it just like many that are part of inanimate objects throughout helluva boss and hazbin hotel O_O

    MAGNUMsLAWMAGNUMsLAW22 timer siden
  • The series Will have a LATAM spanish Dub?

    ErickJOJOfan(SHITPOSTING).ErickJOJOfan(SHITPOSTING).22 timer siden
  • Literally just discovered this series today, binged tf out of it and am now addicted, I'mma need more G😂

    Christopher Thomas Jr.Christopher Thomas Jr.23 timer siden
  • this was such a good episode, to be fair they're all good. but this one dude, damn

    MisterCrazyVillainMisterCrazyVillain23 timer siden
  • That’s crazy how they got Norman reedus to play striker

    Smarr kiddSmarr kidd23 timer siden
  • Please vivziepop give the fanduber FASTY DUBS a chance as the official voice of Hazbin Hotel And Helluva Boss for all of Latin America you may like them anyway it's up to you :D

    King GoetiaKing Goetia23 timer siden
    • Not related... but the Hungarian fandub should also get some recognition. The channel even got an official voice actor and voice actress for Millie's parents.

      Red pandaRed panda5 timer siden

    XXOXXODag siden
  • Octavia vibe

    Luz NocedaLuz NocedaDag siden
  • Vizziepop just wondering when you plan to release the next episode ?????

    thomasabramson100thomasabramson100Dag siden
    • I’m pretty sure she said it would take longer than normal.

      Bi PanickingBi PanickingDag siden
  • oh shit

    KingTheProtogenKingTheProtogenDag siden
  • Who else just keep watching this and knows sally Mae is trans

    Norma WatsonNorma WatsonDag siden
    • Same

      Keith NicholsKeith Nichols22 timer siden
  • I love how Moxxie talks about how good he is at singing then Striker starts singing

    phallyn penningtonphallyn penningtonDag siden
  • Viviziepop probado de su propio veneno

    Satsuma 363Satsuma 363Dag siden
    • @King Goetia sabe que la cancelaron en Twitter y ella se enojó y bloqueó los comentarios

      Satsuma 363Satsuma 3632 timer siden
    • La tipa ahora me cae re mal

      Rigteen Blue TheorisRigteen Blue TheorisDag siden
    • @King Goetia a ok

      Rigteen Blue TheorisRigteen Blue TheorisDag siden
    • Sabes que la serie va a seguir ¿Verdad?

      King GoetiaKing GoetiaDag siden

    landoverlordlandoverlordDag siden
  • For the sake of everything unholy stop say when is episode 6 coming wait dammit animations take time art design voice and everything else just stop please stop say when the next episode coming it a miracle that episodes come once a month

    Rddr ParRddr ParDag siden
  • 13:45

    eazy yee26eazy yee26Dag siden
  • Can anyone here explain how there are a royal family here and in hasbin hotel? Like are there just two royal families in hell? Are these two both in the same canonical universe or are they different? Someone please

    aurelia schroederaurelia schroederDag siden
    • Both in the same universe, but in different rings of hell.

      I comment Peoples vidoesI comment Peoples vidoesDag siden
  • Mom Can We have ratatoing No we have ratatoing Ratatoing:

    Omarri McmillanOmarri McmillanDag siden
  • 9:06 " *MOTHER FU-* " This sent me

    Michael LincolnMichael LincolnDag siden
  • it's been a month since Scott cawthon left five nights at freddy's

    boliviano pooperboliviano pooperDag siden
  • #standbyscott 🖕

    el pibe de piel amarillael pibe de piel amarillaDag siden
    • @impasta is not about the show, its about vivziepop, and i wanted to do this on her newest video in this account

      el pibe de piel amarillael pibe de piel amarilla11 timer siden
    • What does this have to do with the show?

      impastaimpastaDag siden
  • When will the next episode be released? :>

    Digital art by me ._. !!!Digital art by me ._. !!!Dag siden
  • dont make fun of us baby hands they may be small but we can still.... punch you, it wont hurt, BUT WE CAN

  • This episode seemed very framie in parts

    GeeklyDerpGeeklyDerpDag siden
  • When is ep 6 coming?

    JollyRangerJollyRangerDag siden
  • Holis me encanta helluva BOSS ... pero que paso con hazbin hotel

    durasno uwudurasno uwuDag siden
    • Vivziepop vendió la serie hacia la empresa A-24 :(

      King GoetiaKing GoetiaDag siden
  • Yikes

    KizoKizoDag siden
  • I can't wait for ep 6

    Ugly_BananaUgly_BananaDag siden
  • make animation 𝘍𝘈𝘚𝘛𝘌𝘙!

    Amela IkicAmela IkicDag siden
  • Do i have to wait 1 month for new episode?!

    Amela IkicAmela IkicDag siden
    • Yeah animations is a pain I tired once and it was a while

      Rddr ParRddr ParDag siden
    • It's either 1 or 2 but the next one is gonna take longer

      ryelabryelabDag siden
  • It’s sad how like most people either harass or bully Moxie.

    Fandomplanet_2Fandomplanet_2Dag siden
  • Its the fact she's hiring a hit on her husband infront of his face XD

    KimKimDag siden
  • I have waiting for Ep. 6 For almost 2 months I need episode 6 (Take your Time Vivziepop)

    Z-GASZ-GASDag siden
  • My man's literally got the golden rinnegan.

    EvanEvanDag siden
  • Plz add agoti to helluva boss

    Kristie RobbinsKristie RobbinsDag siden
  • Make a episode where luna fights sombody

    AHshadowdayAHshadowdayDag siden
  • A

    McLovinMcLovinDag siden
  • When’s the next Ep

    Axolotl BraydenAxolotl BraydenDag siden
  • i don't know who vivzie is but i hope she is having a great day

    some chupacabra with internet accesssome chupacabra with internet accessDag siden
  • Are helluva boss and hazbin hotel in same hell and if they are 14:35 i realy realy realy want to know how would they deal with alastor

    ring boysring boysDag siden
    • @Reese ooohhh but i think it would be amazing fight

      ring boysring boys22 timer siden
    • yes they're in the same Hell but they won't meet with each other.

      ReeseReeseDag siden