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Today we do something good Opie Winston saves Apple Car! Apple car was being held hostage in some nerd cave. We set it free out in the world and become best friends with the brand NEW apple car.
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  • it would be called siri🌚

    Axel SolanoAxel Solano3 timer siden
  • Is ur dad Steve Jobs This guy: STEVE BUT NO JOB 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    X Plajari YTX Plajari YT4 dager siden
  • Trey rn:he Copied my idea its going to go bad :-)

    RGshadowRGshadow10 dager siden
  • Lift the Apple car. Now

    Johnathan SJohnathan S13 dager siden
  • 14:32 XD "dis some gangster stuff"

    Shiloh JenkinsShiloh Jenkins15 dager siden
  • is there a way i can join redline on gta?

    Shiloh JenkinsShiloh Jenkins15 dager siden
    • Join the discord and apply through there

      wolfwolf2 dager siden
  • I like you making self driving cars hope you made more :)

  • the bady of that appeal car looks like dababy

    Josue GarzaJosue Garza16 dager siden
  • Is heusinv t a self driving mod or is there in there using a invisible mod so if he's driving u can't see him witch is kind cool

    Metron Gaming ytMetron Gaming yt18 dager siden
  • What did George do to you?

    Jesus AngelJesus Angel18 dager siden
    • Anyways fuhh george

      Jesus AngelJesus Angel18 dager siden
  • Make a aurmoredo apple

    Tania JansenTania Jansen18 dager siden
  • I loved and enjoyed this vid

    RACE IO GAMERRACE IO GAMER19 dager siden
  • Bro pls use that gun all the time instead of pistols actually hv pistols and for in case that 1 then if it's really dangerous use rifles😁❤

    RACE IO GAMERRACE IO GAMER19 dager siden
  • Bro how much u stole from the big bank

    RACE IO GAMERRACE IO GAMER19 dager siden
  • sino pilipino dito

    Inf AstraInf Astra19 dager siden
  • I'm here for the flat tires

    Michael HoffmasterMichael Hoffmaster19 dager siden
  • Staged obviously you were driving it

    CrīllīxxCrīllīxx19 dager siden
  • Why does it have windows

    PiXeLPiXeL20 dager siden
  • What the hell apple car has windows??

    RenegadeESTRenegadeEST20 dager siden
  • Pretty sure the way you do this is that you have someone in visible drive the car because I ask my five M friend thing and he said that is how you do it lol

    ROYALROYAL20 dager siden
  • If apple made their first car

    Tristan YZYTristan YZY20 dager siden
  • my idea for an episode is: a monster truck tank.

    Devin RoseDevin Rose20 dager siden
  • Video idea: being a Karen in the game

    ghostifyghostify20 dager siden
  • Self driving devel16!!!!!!!

    spencer hoytspencer hoyt20 dager siden
  • I didn't expect apple to have windows

    Mario MarksMario Marks20 dager siden
  • For anyone that wanna knows how it self drives his friend is in the driver seat but hes invisble

    ELEKOPGELEKOPG21 dag siden
  • Apple car with spike mines

    __dylan__dylan__0 DYLAN__dylan__dylan__0 DYLAN21 dag siden
  • Yo when he was breaking into the life invader office was that Ricky from story mode?

    Jack WaiksnisJack Waiksnis21 dag siden
  • You have to do a Apple car vs Tesla

    Alex VelazquezAlex Velazquez21 dag siden
  • I would of laughed so hard if it would of drove off with out u lol

    Grizzly AddamsGrizzly Addams21 dag siden
  • Do they never learn not to insulate the self driving cars cause everytime they do they ened up all getting killed lol I fell like the cars alwayse have hard ons for frenchy boldy and elite it kills them more they any other cop lol I wanna see it kill the annoying girl cop lol

    Grizzly AddamsGrizzly Addams21 dag siden
  • Thee mystery was solved!!! The “Apple” car has “Windows” :D Hahhahhaahahhahahhahahhahaha

    Penguins TK-OVERPenguins TK-OVER21 dag siden
  • the invisible guy in the driving seat: ok

    WakandaWakanda21 dag siden
  • Can you bring back the rc cars

    Janine CrainJanine Crain21 dag siden
  • i can’t tell if elite Driving The Apple car

    OwOOwO21 dag siden
  • Opie. Are there any requirements to be able to join recline rp? Because I really want to join?

    Noah MartinNoah Martin21 dag siden
  • Try one disappearing car that no can see...... Amd vanish

    Comedy TalkiesComedy Talkies21 dag siden
  • Plot twist: the car is actually a self driving car

    19 1719 1721 dag siden
  • How do charge a apple car

    Amonte MooreAmonte Moore21 dag siden
    • Apple juice

      Amonte MooreAmonte Moore21 dag siden
  • You should troll the cops with a kit car called a DF Goblin based off the Chevy Cobalt, check it out it looks awesome

    Rikhil ChandaranaRikhil Chandarana21 dag siden
  • Apple car with windows?

    Kristien HunlockKristien Hunlock21 dag siden
  • Hey opie where is officer Za5teesh btw i haven't seen him in a while..

    Kyle MagtibayKyle Magtibay21 dag siden
  • There was actually someone driving the car. At a point you could actually see the username. Same as the one with the sybertruck.

    SpeedyRBLXSpeedyRBLX21 dag siden
  • Yooo

    Myst SvanMyst Svan21 dag siden
  • Iggy fresh stole it before u , lol

    WAN KIN LONG尹健朗WAN KIN LONG尹健朗21 dag siden
  • Did you know ryanNOTbrian watches your vids

    Lord Sir HamWalletLord Sir HamWallet21 dag siden
  • I’m ur biggest fan I watch u everyday when I eat when I’m at the doctors everywhere pin this if u love ur fans

    GamerFlamer FlamerrrGamerFlamer Flamerrr21 dag siden
  • I'm here for the flat tires

    Crystal HoffmasterCrystal Hoffmaster21 dag siden
  • If it’s a apple car why does it have windows

    Zombie MangoZombie Mango21 dag siden
  • This dude was on his Call of Duty shit from like 16:11 to the fuckin end😭😭😭 he went out wit a bang gg's man🤣

    ¡zoro!¡zoro!21 dag siden
  • This car going to make you hot a hell this don't got no air you got to pay for it...😂😂😂

    nfjaynfjay21 dag siden
  • Elanip you should have a rc car with remote bombs

    Javon SmithJavon Smith21 dag siden
  • me watching asking why its name got to be george

    BrolyBroly21 dag siden
  • Elanip makes me laugh every video and let’s appreciate how he uploads every day.

    Mateus AMateus A21 dag siden
  • Android gang

    LORD xDLORD xD21 dag siden
  • If it’s an apple car why does it have windows

    Liam JessupLiam Jessup21 dag siden
  • how do i join redline

  • apple vs tesla

    Noah SuarezNoah Suarez21 dag siden
  • Oppie: "Its not Tesla its Apple" Me: "Whats the difference?"

    GWDGWD22 dager siden
  • Dog water was elite's mom name

    skull adu x TNTskull adu x TNT22 dager siden
  • Become a Uber driver and lock people in your car on train rail then watch how they scream in terror until death comes for them

    D A B A B YD A B A B Y22 dager siden
  • You should do Tesla vs Apple

    Perky On the keysPerky On the keys22 dager siden
  • i just watched elites video on it lol

    swaggyxcindyyswaggyxcindyy22 dager siden
  • Do a 360 tank with your Friends Elanip ???

    leah velezleah velez22 dager siden
    • With lemon elite and you and whoever you wanna recruit lol

      leah velezleah velez22 dager siden
    • Or self driving tank

      leah velezleah velez22 dager siden
  • Can u do more

    Fernando MartinezhernandezFernando Martinezhernandez22 dager siden
  • Late

    Dailyweaboo LifeDailyweaboo Life22 dager siden
  • APPLE for life!!! Lmao

    Bryon RobertsBryon Roberts22 dager siden
  • So it is confirmed if apple made a car it would still have windows

    ꧁Zero two꧂꧁Zero two꧂22 dager siden
  • Tesla 4 life

    Qaiser SalimQaiser Salim22 dager siden
  • How many Frenchmen does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Five. One to hold the light bulb and four to turn the house.

    Slavic potatoSlavic potato22 dager siden
  • Watching you always makes my day. say hi to frenchy for me

    Nichole FulcherNichole Fulcher22 dager siden
  • If its apple why does it have windows 😂

    SlushySlushy22 dager siden
  • Broke and glitched right after getting out of the store in true apple fashion

    christian winbergchristian winberg22 dager siden
  • 14:20 leaving the big bank getting into the car he said Tesla and then again but caught himself😂

    Shan BatejShan Batej22 dager siden
  • Nice

    STAR BOYSTAR BOY22 dager siden
  • Fist

    Sourz _ytSourz _yt22 dager siden
  • love the way you it's not Tesla it's Apple like it's any better lmao

    Jadee PaceJadee Pace22 dager siden
  • Good one

    Kahil BellamyKahil Bellamy22 dager siden
  • You have to say hey siri

    Charlie KeublerCharlie Keubler22 dager siden
  • It would be hilarious if elanip had an android IRL

    DW BROTHERSDW BROTHERS22 dager siden
  • Is no one else gonna talk about him doin a flip off the rail😐

    TightyWhiteyTightyWhitey22 dager siden

    Tyrone CaldwellTyrone Caldwell22 dager siden
  • Why does it have windows?

    Apollo_GGApollo_GG22 dager siden
  • James is back on redlin

    Isaac JimenezIsaac Jimenez22 dager siden
  • Apple car

    6667 66676667 666722 dager siden
  • The intro😂

    Austin aboyyAustin aboyy22 dager siden
  • intro is still going

    gamergamer22 dager siden
  • Hi elanip

    Bohlale RachoshiBohlale Rachoshi22 dager siden

    Chris MontanezChris Montanez22 dager siden
  • this man so funny he said dumb baboon

    Aymirez ThomasAymirez Thomas22 dager siden
  • Apple:eh, free add

    bryce curingabryce curinga22 dager siden
  • Make a apple flip car

    TEEK ZIETEEK ZIE22 dager siden
  • I have a very epic idea. Those cars with a handheld turret on top, in which you need two people, one to drive and the other to shoot the turret. Add a self driving system on it. So you can shoot and the system can drive.

    Ryan BrisbinRyan Brisbin22 dager siden
  • Just created new account on my other phone and im subscribed

    Sithembile MambilaSithembile Mambila22 dager siden
  • At 6:18 opie says kill him so turn your volume all the way up also I think he has someone who did a mod and now he is invincible to do the driving

    Timothy SmithTimothy Smith22 dager siden
  • You should make it fly and trool the cops

    Sebastian OlivaresSebastian Olivares22 dager siden
  • apple car with drag engine

    BL4Z3THEGAMER90BL4Z3THEGAMER9022 dager siden
  • You should get a self driving tank

    Nils PiokNils Piok22 dager siden
  • Apple tank next

    ll CHA0Sll CHA0S22 dager siden
  • if its an apple car, why does it have windows?

    Irish WannabeIrish Wannabe22 dager siden